Preparing planters for storage

Once spring planting has been completed and the planter has been put away in the shop or machine shed, it may be tempting to let it sit there until next season since there’s other work to be done. Planter experts, however, say that could risk having problems next spring.

“For your planter to run at peak performance, efficiency and accuracy, what you do now to properly store it is just as important, if not more important, than how you prepare for planting next spring,” said Brad Niensteadt, lead product specialist with Kinze Manufacturing.

Niensteadt offers this checklist for putting away the planter properly. Depending on planter type, not all items may apply.

• Store the planter in a sheltered area if at all possible. Moisture and planters are not a good combination. Plus, the trade-in value will be much better if you keep it inside.

• Remove all dirt and trash wrapped on sprockets and shafts.… Continue reading

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Drainage, water recycling, and soil health field day at OSU Lima Campus

By Vinayak Shedekar and Nic Baumer, The Ohio State University

Drainage installation, drainage water recycling, and soil health will be the focus of a field day being held on July 24 at the Ohio State University at Lima Campus.

The field day will take place at the Ohio State Lima regenerative agriculture farm (LRAF). The LRAF initiative started in 2020 and aims to provide research and educational opportunities focused on regenerative farming practices. The farm at Ohio State Lima is a learning laboratory for farmers to see how regenerative ag can work in the real world and how conservation practices can improve outcomes both on individual farms and collectively. 

Adequate drainage is a necessary step in the transformation of the farmland towards a regenerative farm. The team envisioned a project to implement farm drainage and associated conservation practices on about 120 acres in 4 years as part of a project funded by the OSU Sustainability Institute.… Continue reading

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Drones find niche with seeding cover crops in Ohio

By John Fulton and Alex Thomas

Cover crops are crucial in sustainable agriculture by improving soil health, preventing erosion, and enhancing nutrient cycling. However, timing and logistics can be challenging when seeding cover crops. Traditionally, cover crops have been seeded using conventional drills once a crop is harvested, using high clearance machines retrofitted to apply cover crops or aerially. The challenge has been seeding cover crops in the early fall providing time for emergence and biomass growth before the first frost. Enter the drone — a versatile tool finding its niche in cover crop applications across Ohio. In fact, 2024 will serve as the third year for using drones here in Ohio as a popular option to spread cover crops.

Drones, also known as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), have gained popularity across various industries, including agriculture. Their ability to fly autonomously, capture high-resolution imagery, apply crop protection products, and precisely distribute seeds makes them an ideal tool for cover crop seeding.… Continue reading

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H2Ohio: What is a Voluntary Nutrient Management Plan?

In this Ohio Field Leader video, Bill Beckman of the Ohio Department of Agriculture talks about the Voluntary Nutrient Management Plan – the cornerstone practice of the H2Ohio program. We also hear from farmer Kevin Thierry about his experience with the process and how he is utilizing the H2Ohio program on his operation.

Learn more about H2Ohio online at reading

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Corn Planting Cab Cam with Casey Niese, Niese Farms

Ride along in our latest Cab Cam as we follow Casey Niese of Niese Farms as he plants corn in Hancock County. Ohio Ag Net’s Joel Penhorwood joins Casey to talk about their impressive tandem planting setup as well as the the challenges and strategies that are defining the 2024 planting season.

The 2024 Cab Cam series is sponsored by Precision Agri-Services Inc. More information at… Continue reading

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Farmer forum on weed management with drones

By Eugene Law, Ohio State University Extension

Does it seem like a new precision weed management technology is popping up just as frequently as weeds do in your fields? With the rapid pace of innovation in this area, it can be hard to stay informed of the most recent developments. In response to frequent questions about drone technology, the GROW network is hosting its first Farmer Forum of 2024 on Monday, April 15th at 2 pm ETto provide some insight into how drones are being used for weed management.

Listen in – and bring your questions – as panelists from across the country speak about their experiences managing weeds with drones and following best management practices for this developing industry. Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) CEU credits will be available.


Rick Jordan, Operations Manager, CNY Drone Services, NY

Tyler Mudd, Farmer and Drone Operator, Monroe City, MO

Moderator Dr.Continue reading

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Hardin County’s Austin Heil brings personal touch to farm machinery

Ohio Field Leader Dusty Sonnenberg travels to Hardin County in the latest Ohio Field Leader Roadshow to the farm of Austin Heil. The conversation goes into Austin’s unique custom machinery solutions that take advantage of the latest technologies with plenty of on-farm knowhow to plant corn and soybeans. Ohio Field Leader is brought to you by Ohio soybean farmers and their checkoff.… Continue reading

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Strip-till and sub-surface nutrient placement in Ohio

By John Fulton

Strip-till and subsurface fertilizer placement has become a common conservation practice for both no-till and conventional tillage systems here in Ohio. Programs like H2Ohio support subsurface nutrient placement since it can provide production and environmental benefits here in Ohio. Benefits for sub-surface placement of nutrients in Ohio could be:

  1. Place fertilizer in a position readily available for crop uptake,
  2. Potentially reduce pre-plant field passes to a single operation, thereby conserving fuel and reducing compaction,
  3. Strip-till sub-surface placement equipment creates a more uniform seed bed with better seed-to-soil contact and less trash in the furrow, improving planter performance and emergence,
  4. Sub-surface placement can reduce fertilizer loads in overland runoff, and
  5. Banded fertilizer increases the concentration gradient reducing soil absorption and improving P and K movement to crop roots through diffusion.

However, selecting the right tool and nutrient placement strategy is important for successful adoption on Ohio farms. There exists a variety of implements to inject fertilizer and perform strip-till.… Continue reading

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Geothermal heating and cooling on the farm

By Q. Victoria Chen, Ph.D., LEED AP BD+C; Patrick Nortz, CPG, PE; and Gregory Nortz, PE

Geothermal heating and cooling systems offer farmers, rural businesses, and homeowners an opportunity to realize long-term energy savings, particularly if currently relying on energy sources such as LP Gas, fuel oil, or electricity, all which are more costly than natural gas. Most farmers are in business long term. Therefore, the payback of a geothermal system can be significant over the working life of a farm.

What is a geothermal heating and cooling system?

A geothermal system can be designed and installed in many ways. To keep it simple for this article, let us assume we are talking about a “closed ground loop” piping system that circulates heat-exchange fluid through a piping system in the ground to enable summer cooling or winter heating of a building.

In addition to the “ground loop” piping, geothermal heating and cooling systems contain the following:

  • Geothermal heat pump, which captures the heat or loses the heat, depending on the season, and is similar in cost and size as a conventional gas furnace.
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SafeGrain launches new products to boost efficiency

SafeGrain, a leading innovator in grain monitoring solutions, announces the launch of a groundbreaking suite of products designed to elevate precision and efficiency in the agricultural sectors.

The new product lineup includes:

  • Fan Automation: SafeGrain introduces advanced fan automation technology, streamlining ventilation processes and ensuring optimal storage conditions for commodities.
  • All-in-One Sensor Cables: A cutting-edge solution for simultaneously monitoring temperature, moisture, and CO2 levels, providing comprehensive insights for enhanced inventory management.
  • Digital Temperature Sensor Cables: SafeGrain’s latest addition to its sensor cable range offers digital precision in temperature monitoring, setting a new standard for accuracy in grain storage.
  • Dashboard Manager and Smart App: Operators can now access on-demand data through SafeGrain’s intuitive dashboard manager and smart app, facilitating real-time decision-making for precise inventory management.
  • RadarMax Plus: An advanced radar tool designed to meet the diverse needs of the agricultural and industrial sectors. With a measuring range of up to 180 feet, precision accuracy, and multi-commodity capabilities, RadarMax Plus ensures optimal monitoring for ample storage and processing facilities.
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Drone clinic at Apple Farm Service

Famous test pilot Chuck Yeager once said, “The sky is not the limit, it’s just the beginning.” His words ring true as agriculture continues to turn to aviation and new technology. Local equipment dealership, Apple Farm Service, has accepted this change as the area’s only dealer for Hylio Ag Spraying Drones.

Hylio Ag Spraying drones are a new tool on the farm. Headquartered and built in Texas, these drones range from 2.6 to 18 gallons and spray between 20 to 40 feet wide.

“There’s a lot to learn with these new drones,” said Matt Apple, VP of Apple Farm Service. “That’s why were offering a free educational clinic so you can learn about sprayer drones and the future of drone spraying.”

Apple Farm Service is excited to announce their first Hylio Educational Clinic. The clinic will be on Wednesday, March 20at 10 a.m., at their Covington location (10120 W. Versailles Rd, Covington, Ohio).… Continue reading

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John Deere introduces new S7 Series combines

John Deere introduced the new S7 Series of combines at Commodity Classic, a family of harvesters designed for efficiency, harvest quality and operator friendliness. Harvest time is no time to let up in the chase for efficiency. The new S7 Series of combines helps farmers and custom operators perform at the maximum to make the most of the season’s efforts.

“While we’ve made very visible updates to the cab and exterior styling, the real performance, efficiency and harvest-quality improvements come from the new engines, updated residue-handling, grain-handling and loss-sensing systems, new automation options and more,” said Bergen Nelson, John Deere go-to-market manager for harvesters. “With the S7 Series, farmers can reasonably expect productivity gains of up to 20%, with 10% less fuel used.”

The new S7 Series combine family includes four models:

  • S7 600: 333hp/249kw rated power; 367hp/274kw max power
  • S7 700: 402hp/300kw rated power; 460hp/343kw max power
  • S7 800: 473hp/353kw rated power; 540hp/402kw max power
  • S7 900: 543hp/405kw rated power; 617hp/460kw max power

New engines, new grain-handling and new residue management features

New S7 Series combines will be equipped with either the JD14 13.6L engine, or the JD9 9L engine, both in Final Tier 4 configuration, from John Deere Power Systems.… Continue reading

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Mahindra unveils new line of compact, subcompact tractors and utility vehicles

Viren Popli, CEO of Mahindra Ag North America visits with Ohio Ag Net’s Joe Everett about their new compact and sub compact tractor lineups. Popli talks about how this new line is more comfortable, easier to operate, and lists some of the newest features. Listen to the full interview in the audio player above, or read the article below for more information.

Mahindra’s newest compact and subcompact tractors were unveiled at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville.

More power, more comfort and cutting-edge intelligence that targets the needs of operators in rural, farm and ranch settings — these are the features of Mahindra’s newest compact and subcompact tractors unveiled at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville.

The new design, engineering and technology platform on which its new tractor models are built has been dubbed “Powered by OJA,” from the Sanskrit word “Ojas,” which symbolizes energy and strength. For Mahindra customers, that means a powerful, reliable and easy-to-operate tractor.… Continue reading

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Great Plains offering narrow transport options

Tony Wisker Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Great Plains visits with Ohio Ag Net’s Joe Everett about their new narrow equipment lineup making it easier for farmers to transport. He also talks about some of the new technology and equipment options. Listen to the full interview above, or read the article below to learn more.

Great Plains is expanding its BD Series drill lineup with a new, narrow-transport model, the BD7410. This 13-foot min-till drill follows in the footsteps of the BD7600, offering the same seeding consistency and durability, while filling the void for producers who need a smaller drill that is simple to operate and transports easily. With a transport width of under 10 feet, the BD7410 maneuvers narrow roadways, bridges, field entrances, and gates.

“The BD7410 brings our 1300 drill into the BD era, making transport easy with excellent ground clearance and a simple folding process. Once the two transport locks are released, the drill folds and unfolds with a lever in the tractor cab.… Continue reading

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Apple Farm Service Spring Sale

Apple Farm Service is excited to announce savings, helpful educational clinics, and time for the community to prepare for another year of productive farming with the upcoming annual Spring Super Sale.

This year’s Spring Super Sale will run Feb. 19 through March 8 at all five locations. As always, Apple Farm Service will be offering a 10% discount on parts when customers purchase with cash, credit card, or check. The annual sales catalog is available at The event also includes free educational clinics offered to all area farmers.

“The best part of our Spring Super sale is always getting area farmers connected to learn together for a more worry-free season. This year we’re eager to bring back the popular hay clinics, planting clinics, and a new telematics clinic,” said Kent Holmes, Marketing Manager.

Apple Farm Service will be offering a free educational clinic for those who own the following:

• New Holland Hay Equipment

• Kinze Planting Equipment

• Case IH Planting Equipment

• Telematics for 2018 and newer Case IH or New Holland tractors & combines.… Continue reading

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North Star Hardware & Implement Co. opened new service shop expansion

Dan Creager, Vice President and Service Manager of North Star Hardware & Implement Co., announced the new service shop is officially open and welcomed its first customer on January 18, 2024.

In May 2023, North Star Hardware & Implement Co. began constructing a service shop expansion to increase productivity and storage. The expansion includes a new 100-foot by 200-foot shop to house all service employees, an indoor pressure washing room, service offices, and a 90-foot by 100-foot warehouse to store parts and equipment.

“We are excited to start utilizing the new shop,” said Dan Creager, North Star Hardware & Implement Co. Service Manager. “This expansion will allow us to be fully equipped with up-to-date tools and technology to continue to provide top-tier service for our customers.”

North Star Hardware & Implement Co. is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

“Times are always changing, especially from 100 years ago to today,” Creager said.… Continue reading

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North Star Hardware & Implement Co. becomes a Fendt dealer

North Star Hardware & Implement Co. recently signed a contract with AGCO Corporation to become a dealer of their Fendt product line.

North Star Hardware & Implement Co. is one of a handful of dealers in Ohio that now carries AGCO’s Fendt brand. North Star Hardware will now be selling and servicing Fendt tractors, Ideal Combines, RoGator equipment, and Hesston hay and forage equipment in addition to their already diverse equipment options.

“We’re excited to expand our line of products for our customers,” said Kevin Selhorst, North

Star Hardware & Implement Co. Sales Manager. “We are getting ready to celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2024, and becoming a Fendt dealer is a great way to show that we are committed to adapting to the innovations in the agricultural industry and that we plan on being a steadfast business in our community for years to come.”

For 90 years, the Fendt brand has offered and continues to provide leading products, from tractors to harvesters and planters, to make farmers more successful.… Continue reading

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