Planning for farm building repairs and renovations

Whether due to damage or simply aging, most farm buildings eventually require repairs. Spring is a popular time of year when farmers want to fix up or enhance their structures.

Jeremiah Fairbanks, general manager of repairs for Morton Buildings, said their projects typically fall into three categories:

  • An updated look — The most common need, he says, is updating a building, giving it a fresh, modern look. Examples include replacing faded or rusted steel on the roof and sidewalls, installing skylights or renovating structures that otherwise might be torn down.
  • Functionality — Many farmers want to add new features that enhance the performance of their buildings or make them more versatile. “Examples include a porch addition, new windows, large sliding doors, interior installation and building extensions,” Fairbanks said.
  • Damage repair — He notes that well-used farm shops and garages can take a beating, whether due to storms, equipment mishaps or simple wear, which in most cases can be addressed with a variety of minor or major repairs. 
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New ag drones hope to make big difference for farm production, data security

Drones have been long-promised to make an impact as a piece of routine equipment on farms. The new American-made Hylio ag drones, now offered to Ohio farmers by Apple Farm Service, are hoping to make that promise a reality with availability in 2023 that looks to impact aerial application and data security. Ohio Ag Net’s Joel Penhorwood caught up with a variety of sources at the one-of-a-kind kickoff event for the new technology by Apple Farm Service in early April.… Continue reading

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Time to stock up on the right nozzles for the operation

By Erdal Ozkan

This is the time of the year you must complete shopping for nozzles because the spraying season is just around the corner. Although nozzles are some of the least expensive components of a sprayer, they hold a high value in their ability to influence sprayer performance. Nozzles meter the amount of liquid sprayed per unit area, controlling application rate, as well as variability of spray over the width of the sprayer boom. Nozzles also influence droplet size, affecting both target coverage and spray drift risk. Nozzles come in a wide variety of types and sizes. The best nozzle for a given application will maximize efficacy, minimize spray drift, and allow compliance with label requirements such as application rate (gallons per acre) and spray droplet size. Selecting the best nozzle requires careful consideration of many important factors including: sprayer operation parameters (such as application rate, spray pressure, travel speed); type of chemical sprayed (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides); mode of action of chemicals (systemic, contact); application type (broadcast, band, directed, air assisted); target crop (field crops, vegetables, vineyard, shrubs and trees, etc.);… Continue reading

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Fungicide application in corn with ground machines and spray drones

By John Fulton, Alan Leininger, Cori Lee

Spray drones have become a hot topic not only in Ohio, but globally. In 2022, the number of spray drone application services grew substantially across Ohio. The main focus has been on application of fungicides in wheat, corn, and soybeans along with the application of cover crops using the dry spreader box option in the fall. With labor shortages and other challenges, spray drones have become a tool to complement the existing ground and aerial application equipment. To date, there has been limited deposition testing of this new spray technology but there are researchers at U.S. institutions and agencies researching drift and efficacy.  

At The Ohio State University, we initiated deposition testing in 2022 to address questions around this technology. A couple of projects were conducted at the field scale level with one occurring in central Ohio partnering with Integrated Ag Services and Syngenta to look at fungicide application in corn to understand coverage and droplet size from the two different modes of application.  … Continue reading

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Great Plains partners with Bayer in supporting regenerative agriculture

Great Plains Mfg. is teaming up with ForGround by Bayer to support the adoption of regenerative ag practices. Great Plains and ForGround by Bayer are committed to helping growers overcome barriers, reduce risks, and provide tools and resources to assist in the successful adoption of these practices. Great Plains was strategically selected to join ForGround by Bayer’s “grower support networks” alongside other innovative companies in the agriculture space. 

With over 45 years of experience manufacturing quality equipment, Great Plains has a strong focus on providing producers with a holistic, systems-based approach to soil management by offering innovative, agronomic solutions that support profitability, sustainability, and regenerative agriculture practices. Great Plains is helping producers adopt regenerative agriculture practices by: 

• Supporting soil health — Great Plains encourages producers to plant cover crops and companion crops to promote soil health and sustainable cropping systems. By utilizing tools such as the BD7600 Box Drill or the Turbo-Seeder attachment on a true vertical tillage tool like the VT1100 Turbo-Max, operations can successfully establish cover crops to sustain soil microbial life, armor the soil surface from extreme temperatures and intense rainfall, cycle nutrients, and begin to regenerate soils for future generations. … Continue reading

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Update on automating the farm in Ohio

By John Fulton, Elizabeth Hawkins, Amanda Douridas, Ken Ford and Amanda Bennett

Autonomous farm equipment was a hot topic this past year here in Ohio and continues to be gaining some interest from farmers going into 2023.  One of the top reasons adoption of autonomous technology is being considered by farmers and even Ohio retailers has been the challenges around labor.  Labor shortages, along with retirements, leave a gap for how to complete tasks and field operations in a timely and efficient manner.  

While there has been plenty of farm press the last couple of years on farm equipment autonomy, there remains limited commercially available options here in the U.S. That may change soon as OEMs and agriculture technology companies are likely to provide commercial options to Ohio farmers within the next two to four years.  Drones are a step into autonomy with use in 2022 for scouting, spraying, and applying cover crops within Ohio. These… Continue reading

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Unverferth announces purchase of Orthman Manufacturing Inc.

Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc. is excited to announce the purchase of Orthman Manufacturing’s agricultural product lineup and the two manufacturing locations based in Lexington, NE. Manufacturing personnel and various support people will be offered employment with the new ownership. 

Unverferth Manufacturing has a well-known reputation for building upon the several businesses it has acquired over the last 75 years. With that growth comes a commitment to the employees through industry-leading wages, health care and other benefits along with positive impacts on local communities. Unverferth Mfg. saw a natural fit with the culture, the people and the innovative, well-built products at Orthman Manufacturing. Major equipment and facility investments have been made at the Lexington locations over the past several years that present great opportunities for increased production. 

“I have the utmost confidence that Unverferth Manufacturing will continue growing the Orthman name and most importantly take care of the respective employees. The culture and innovative drive at Orthman is very similar to that of Unverferth Manufacturing,” said John McCoy, Orthman preceding owner and company president.… Continue reading

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Apple Farm Service tractor donation to Union County Fairgrounds

Amid the barns, grandstands, and pathways at the Union County Fairgrounds, you might also find a blue tractor making it’s rounds. A blue New Holland machine was donated to the fairgrounds by the local dealership, Apple Farm Service.

On Saturday, Jan. 21 Apple Farm Service dropped off a 2023 New Holland T6.160 at the grandstand entrance of the Union County Fairgrounds in Marysville. The tractor will be used by the fairgrounds for up to a year with a set maximum of hours.

“We can’t wait to start using this machine,” said Trent Judy of the fairgrounds. “It’s a great tractor for us to mow our grass and help maintain our track. Having the cab on hot and cold days is going to make chores so much easier.”

The free rental program is a partnership between New Holland Agriculture and Apple Farm Service. The tractor will be available to sell after the rental with a new warranty and discounts for the low hours added to the machine.… Continue reading

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Big Bud announces new offering for 2023

Big Equipment Co., LLC Havre, Mt. has partnered with Rome Agricultural and Construction

Equipment out of Cedartown, Ga. in building a new HD Big Bud Tractor to be released in March

of 2023.

The new Big Bud will be featured at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG International Construction Trade

show in Las Vegas this March.

The new 2023 640 Big Bud will house all Caterpillar drive components to include:

* 1.5-inch thick frame with an approximate weight of 70,000 pounds

* C-18 Engine with a capable horsepower range between 640-750HP

* CAT TA22 HD 18 speed power shift transmission

* CAT 988 HD Axles (the largest of any Big Bud Tractor or other tractors built).

There will be various wheel/tire options, including Titan LSW 1100/45R 46 Tires.

One of the primary objectives of this project is to provide a tractor that has components that

can be repaired by farmers, general mechanics or dealerships without restrictions.… Continue reading

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Ohio Field Leader Roadshow | John Buck – Buck Farms, Marion County

Ohio Field Leader’s Dusty Sonnenberg visits with John Buck of Buck Farms in Marion County. This video, originally shot this past fall, discusses the application of many different agricultural technologies at Buck Farms. The full in-depth discussion can be heard in the Ohio Field Leader Podcast.

Ohio Field Leader is a project of the Ohio Soybean Council and soybean checkoff.… Continue reading

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GrainVue Management System protects grain quality and profitability

GSI’s new GrainVue grain management system helps farmers efficiently monitor their bins to protect the quality and value of stored grain. 

Greg Trame, director of technology sales for GSI, said GrainVue utilizes the latest digital cable technology to accurately check grain temperature and moisture, automatically activating fans to help prevent out-of-condition issues. Farmers can also use the system to keep track of grain inventory. 

“With 24/7 monitoring, automated aeration settings and an easy-to-use interface, farmers can have peace of mind that their grain is in ideal condition,” Trame said. “GrainVue takes the guesswork out of cooling, drying, storing or even rehydrating grain with a push of a button.” 

The system uses cloud-based connectivity that enables remote management using a mobile or desktop device, reducing the need for farmers to make trips up and down a ladder taking grain samples. With automatic updates and alerts, one person can manage multiple bins at multiple sites. … Continue reading

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Bane-Welker to expand in Plain City

Bane-Welker is pleased to announce the addition of the Ashland construction brand in Plain City. The company has a super center in Pendleton, Ind. 

“We’re excited to expand the Ashland brand in our Ohio markets offering it to our construction and ag customers,” said Jason Bane, President of Bane-Welker Equipment. “Our Indiana super center has outperformed our expectations and the expansion into Ohio will be of great value to our customers in that market.” 

Adding the sales and service of this construction equipment helps expand Bane-Welker’s coverage area for service. 

Ashland Industries’ motto is Do More. From maximizing the productive capabilities of customers’, to providing uncompromising customer service; every strategy and tactic is first passed through that mantra. If it doesn’t allow customers to Do More, it’s not a priority. The customer is our north star, and they are guiding us towards exciting new opportunities and products.

“It’s important that we continue to be able to provide top-notch service and sales for all brands we offer to our valued customers,” Bane said.… Continue reading

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Apple Farm Service breaking ground

Excitement was felt through West College Corner on Dec. 6 during the ground-breaking ceremony for Apple Farm Service. The official announcement was made and Apple Farm Service Inc. is expanding in West College Corner. 

“We love this community and can’t wait to continue to bring growth and employment to College Corner, Union County, and the surrounding areas!” said Matt Apple, vice president of Apple Farm Service.

Apple Farm Service employees, local officials, and associates were present to help celebrate the special occasion.

“We want to thank Apple Farm Service for their belief in Union County. Rather than building a new store in a new location, they decided to extend their roots even deeper and make this large investment to our community,” said Melissa Browning, director of the Union County Development Corporation.

Justin Moorman from Game Construction explained the scope of the project and stages of construction.

“Apple Farm Service will be more than doubling their current size with this project.… Continue reading

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Winter planter maintenance pays off

By Matt Hutcheson, CCA, Product Manager, Seed Consultants, Inc. 

Have you ever heard someone say, “What do farmers do in the winter?” As you are aware, there are many answers to this question. Winter is a great time to get ready for spring planting, which will be here before we know it. One of the most important parts of the growing season is planting. It’s crucial that your crops get off to a good start and it’s important to make sure that your planter is field-ready when the time comes. Planting seed into the best possible growing conditions is a one of the most important tasks of spring field work. A planter in need of some adjustment can result in varied seed placement, uneven emergence, and ultimately a reduction in yield potential.

Check for and replace any parts of your planter that are excessively worn. No-till coulters or disk openers that are worn out will not create the proper seed furrow and may cause poor seed placement.… Continue reading

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Apple Farm Service Precision Academy

Are you interested in learning more about the future of precision agriculture? Apple Farm Service is honored to be hosting the Precision Academy on Jan. 6 at the Hueston Woods State Park Conference Center in College Corner, Ohio.

The Precision Academy is a day of learning and networking for all things precision ag.

“We can’t wait to host this academy!” said Alex Ryan, Precision Manager for Apple Farm Service. “It’s going to be a great day packed with industry experts, new technology, and opportunities for learning and networking.”

Those who attend the academy will hear from a large panel of regional and national experts, have time for open discussion and round tables, and enjoy a complementary catered breakfast and lunch.

This large panel of experts include; Tracy Intihar (Assistant Director of the Dept of Ag for Ohio), John Fulton (Professor at College of Food, Ag, and Bio Engineering at the Ohio State University), Jim Love (Light Robotics Manager & Herbicide Specialist at Beck’s Hybrids), and many others.… Continue reading

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Make sure to properly winterize sprayers

By Erdal Ozkan

It is very likely that you will not be using your sprayer again until next spring. If you want to avoid potential problems and save yourself from frustration and major headaches next spring, you will be wise to give your sprayer a little bit of TLC (Tender Loving Care) this time of the year. Yes, there may be still crop to be harvested, and you may still be busy. However, do not forget about winterizing your sprayer. Do not delay it too long, if you already have not done so. You don’t want a pump that is cracked and/or not working at its full capacity because you did not properly winterize it before the temperature falls below freezing.  Here are some important things you need to do with your sprayer this time of the year.


It is very likely that you did the right thing when you used the sprayer the last time: you rinsed the whole system (tank, hoses, filters, nozzles) thoroughly.… Continue reading

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Winter Fix program

Apple Farm Service is excited to announce their continuation of the Winter Fix program. This program offers area customers an opportunity to get ahead on their equipment maintenance with discounts from the dealership.

“The Winter Fix is a way we can say thank you to our customers,” said Tom Myers, Corporate Service Manager. “You want your equipment to be ready for the next season, and we want to make your next season as worry free as possible. Having annual repairs and inspections is the best way to accomplish this.”

To say thank you for scheduling ahead, Apple Farm Service is offering a few discounts to those who call in before December 31st of this year. They are offering free pick up and delivery of equipment for the first thirty miles. They are also offering 10% off any parts that need to be installed.

“We get busy during the planting, mowing, and harvest seasons, just like you do,” said Kent Holmes, marketing manager.… Continue reading

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Supply chain issues continue

By Matt Reese and Joel Penhorwood

While some of the challenges in the big-picture supply chain have been corrected since 2020, they have certainly not disappeared. As farmers look to the 2023 growing season and beyond, planning for the necessary inputs, supplies and equipment should begin sooner, rather than later. 

“Certainly, it has made growers look further and further out for everything. You’d better be planning at least a year out and it better be more the 2- to 3-year time horizon if you’re evaluating all the contingencies that you might have to deal with,” said Barry Ward, Leader for Production Business Management for Ohio State University Extension. “You are going to need to price and pay for some of this product early so that you have some guarantee, or take delivery earlier. We’re seeing some growers investing in a little bit more storage space for seed and chemical but also fertilizer storage and making some strategic choices.… Continue reading

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