Behind the scenes at set-up for the National Farm Machinery Show


For many people mid-February is a time for kisses and valentines, but for a select (and very large) group of people who will be congregating in Louisville next week, the focus is squarely on farm machinery. The National Farm Machinery Show is a massive event that draws visitors from around the world. While those visitors are eagerly awaiting the show’s arrival next week, farm machinery manufacturers are scrambling to get that equipment in place and looking perfect for the show.

DonohueHere is a conversation with Dave Donohue, project manager for JD Equipment, about what goes on behind the scenes during what is always a crazy set up for the big show in mid-February.

OCJ: When does planning for a show like the National Farm Machinery show get started?

Dave: I used to plan the National Farm Machinery Show for John Deere and we generally started planning a full year in advance.… Continue reading

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Case IH introduces Maxxum tractor with aggressive new look

A bold new look exemplifies the enhancements to the new Case IH Maxxum series tractors and their reputation as versatile workhorses for the field and livestock operations. Fittingly, Case IH introduced the five new models with their new aggressive appearance at the 2015 Cattle Industry Convention in San Antonio.

With its redesigned hood and roof, the new Maxxum line foreshadows an updated, dramatic new styling coming soon to the Case IH high-horsepower families of tractors. But the improvements extend well beyond cosmetics.

“The Maxxum tractor series are exceptional tractors now made even better,” said Dave Bogan, Case IH Marketing Manager. “The new line encompasses product features that help livestock operators and specialty farmers achieve financial success and production efficiency.”

Performance. The new Maxxum series features an improved performance cooling package. They are also equipped with the fuel efficient Tier 4 B/Final SCR-only technology that meets current EPA requirements with less complexity and components than other emission systems used in the industry.… Continue reading

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Planter precision can add value to the most important trip over the field

Improved precision is starting to show up more often on the planters, which is one of the most valuable places to invest in new technology.

“Grower margins have decreased significantly this past year. Profits made in the upcoming seasons need to be placed where they can expect the greatest return. The planter pass is the most important pass a grower makes in his field and it is important not to lack on the investment for this pass,” said Charlie Troxell, precision ag specialist for Precision Agri Service, Inc. “There is a systematic approach to this and one size does not fit all. Every farmer’s planter is set up a little differently and it doesn’t make it right or wrong. If they are happy with their planter then a lot of times there is no need to re-invent the wheel. But, with the technology available today, a grower can get much more detailed information on how their planter is performing, allowing them to make simple changes in-season to correct any problems that may occur.… Continue reading

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Innovative remote over center PTO introduced

For nearly a century, Twin Disc has been the industry leader in power take-offs. Adding to its arsenal of rugged-duty products, the company introduces its RO 111/211 “Remote Over Center” PTO. This groundbreaking unit leverages a patent-pending design to remotely engage the over-center mechanism in the time-proven, best-selling Twin Disc SP 111/211 PTO.

When complex machinery configurations or location hinder easy access to activation, the RO 111/211 can be engaged and disengaged remotely via a control valve and/or electronic control. Hydraulic or pneumatic actuation is achieved through ports, making access to the fittings uncomplicated and straight-forward.

Hydraulic or pneumatic pressure is required only to engage or disengage the PTO, the fluid or air supply can be shut off when not needed. Without the constant hydraulic or pneumatic flow of other designs, the unit is far more efficient and cost-effective than that of its competition.

The RO 111/211 is dimensionally identical to Twin Disc’s current mechanical SP 111/211 and continues to utilize one 11″ friction plate in the 111 and two plates in the 211.… Continue reading

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Devastator receives National No-Till Award

The 5000 Stalk Devastator, released by Yetter Farm Equipment, recently received recognition from an industry-leading news organization. On Jan. 15, 2015, at the 23rd annual National No-Tillage Conference, No-Till Farmer recognized the Stalk Devastator as No-Till Product of the Year for 2014 in the residue management category.

“We are once again honored to have the Devastator recognized for its performance in corn fields across North America,” said Derek Allensworth, marketing manager for Yetter Farm Equipment. “Each year a growing number of farmers experience how it effectively reduces damage caused to tires and tracks, leading to less downtime and expensive equipment replacement. And the importance of residue management is more evident than ever. The Devastator has proven it provides the first step to effectively manage corn stalks in no-till and tillage operations by flattening the corn stalks to come in contact with the soil.”

In the past, Yetter’s 5000 Stalk Devastator has received several honorable mentions and recognitions.… Continue reading

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Can precision pay?

With margins likely slimming for corn and soybean production in 2015, most crop farmers are not looking to spend large sums of money on new, or upgraded precision equipment. In some cases, though, tough times are exactly when the most up-to-date precision technology can make the biggest difference on the fine line between profit and loss on a farm.

“The potential for precision ag is more important as profit margins tighten. Precision ag technologies afford the ability to improve input management, better manage or understand risks, and evaluate practices and decisions,” said John Fulton, Ohio State University Extension agricultural engineer. “Precision ag technology permits on-farm research and considering input costs, in particular seed. Farmers need to ensure they are making decisions for their operation that maximize profit. Savings do exist with the adoption of guidance, automatic section control and variable-rate technology. Having the ability to evaluate hybrid performance, seeding populations, fertility, and much more become more important as margins narrow.”… Continue reading

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New 50′ All Plant Drill by CrustBuster / Speed King, Inc.

CrustBuster’s new 4750 three-section 50′ All Plant Drill will help you finish your planting season sooner by drilling fields in 50′ widths with each pass.

Besides providing a time saving drilling width, this drill is supported with a heavier solid frame and tandem wheels.  A heavy-duty hitch is included to withstand hard working field conditions.  This drill will quickly fold down to a narrow road width for easy transport.  A choice of  7 1/2″ or 10″ spacing is available.

The 4750 has all the proven and reliable All Plant Drill standard features including the essential Parallel Linkage Opener that maintains constant down pressure throughout its 10″ of operating range and the Wobble Slot for correct  placement of various kinds of seeds and sizes. Also standard on the 50′ is CrustBuster’s Hydraulic Seed Drive which gives you variable rate control, individual section shut-off control and reduces need to change sprockets.

For more information on the 50′ drill and other CrustBuster/ Speed King, Inc.… Continue reading

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Ag Leader introduces AgFiniti Map View

Ag Leader Technology, Inc., a premium provider of precision agriculture hardware and software, announced a no cost supplemental feature called Map View, for the AgFiniti cloud-based platform. AgFiniti Map View will be used in conjunction with SMS™ Basic and Advanced desktop software programs and AgFiniti to allow maps, field statistics and other data to be viewed on any web enabled device such as tablets, laptops and phones, accessible from any location. Map View will also allow the user to view their current location and compare statistics relevant to that GPS location while in the field, when used on compatible devices.

Available free of cost to all current SMS Basic and Advanced maintenance subscribers, Map View offers the versatility to not only view maps and other data on the go but also allows simple data analysis such as viewing statistics for multiple maps via GPS location or manual selection on your favorite mobile device.… Continue reading

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Custom manufacturing broadens ANBO product line

ANBO Manufacturing has announced a broad expansion of its grapple product line offering custom manufacturing options for customers seeking solutions for specific applications.

“This new capability allows ANBO customers to get the grapple that will best meet their specific needs,” explained Chris Newman, ANBO president. “It expands on one of the most renowned USA made, industry leading product lines available today.”

The new product selection and customization allows a buyer to select the most applicable grapple model and then fine tune the grapple to the application.  From a long list of options customers can select size, width, tine spacing, mounts, cubic yards, and in some cases, material. The expansion provides the customer an easy path to tailor their purchase to get the best possible grapple for their needs.

“With greater versatility and efficiency than almost any other attachment, there are so many jobs that are perfect for a grapple,” noted Newman.… Continue reading

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Ag Leader announces new ISOBUS liquid control module

Ag Leader Technology,Inc. announced that it is expanding its ISOBUS offerings with a new Liquid Control Module that works with Ag Leader displays, as well as other brands of ISOBUS compatible displays.

The module is configurable for the user’s choice of sprayer, liquid fertilizer, anhydrous and manure application with features and interactive controls optimized specific to each of those equipment types.

“Our Liquid Control Module is compatible with ISOBUS standards for virtual terminal and task control,” explained John Howard, Ag Leader’s DirectCommand Product Manager. “This functionality allows using the system with other brands of virtual terminal/task control compatible displays.”

Physical components of the system are a rate control ECU, one or more boom section control ECUs and an auxiliary input switch console that is designed specifically to meet liquid application control requirements.

Features of the system include:

  • Easy-to-use, structured methods to calibrate the flow, pressure and ground speed sensors that are critical to accurate system performance.
Continue reading

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Bane-Welker Equipment announces purchase of two Ohio locations

Bane-Welker Equipment, LLC has announced its purchase of The Equipment Superstore, which has two locations in Ohio.  The Wilmington and Georgetown Ohio stores will change names and become Bane-Welker Equipment.

The purchase brings the total number of Bane-Welker locations to 12.  There are now 10 stores in Indiana and two stores in Ohio.  All locations offer parts, sales, service, and precision farming for Case IH products as well as a variety of other brands and short lines.

“We are very excited about this new venture in the market,” stated Phil Bane, CEO of Bane-Welker Equipment.  “With the addition of the Ohio stores, we now have a larger selection of new and used equipment, as well as wider variety of apparel items, accessories and toys.  This opens up a whole new market which we are excited to serve.”

New and current customers can count on the same top-notch service that all Bane-Welker Equipment locations provide; a large selection of short line and complimentary equipment offerings, a dedicated grower spray center, an in-house RTK network, and the addition of the Bane-Welker Select brand.  … Continue reading

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Ag Leader yield monitoring system offered on North American AGCO Combines

Ag Leader Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce their collaboration with AGCO in offering precision technology on AGCO Combines. For model year 2015 Gleaner S8 Series combines, Massey Ferguson 9505 Series and Challenger 500E combines, the option is now available to have an Ag Leader yield monitoring system factory-installed. Ag Leader® Integra and Versa displays are also available to be ordered separately.

“Adding a yield monitoring system with Ag Leader display to your combine allows the operator to view yield and moisture maps in real-time for instant feedback on yield performance while in the field,” said Roger Zielke, Product Manager. “Our time tested yield monitor will be a perfect addition for growers purchasing an AGCO combine.”

Ag Leader’s founder and owner, Al Myers, is credited for developing the first widely used yield monitor just over 20 years ago and has led the industry in developing precision technology. Today Ag Leader offers a complete line of precision farming products from planting through harvest through a global dealer network.… Continue reading

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New 625 Twin Auger Vertical Mixer

Roto-Mix announces their new model 625 Vertical Mixer. This twin, single flighted model offers dairies, cow/calf and heifer operations an efficient, durable, feed mixer that delivers a high quality TMR. The 625 is equipped with a 42″ wide chain conveyor with a choice of either left or right side discharge.

It’s available in either trailer, truck or stationary and has a mixing capacity of 620 cu. ft. and a maximum load weight with a heavy ration of 21,500 pounds. A loading height of 104″ enables several types of loaders to load feed without clearance concerns.

The trailer model can easily be operated with a 110 hp or larger tractor. The twin augers are powered by a reliable, low maintenance PTO-driven, planetary gearbox. The twin screws offer a better mixing and processing of long fiber material. For more capacity, Roto-Mix offers optional rubber extenders to add those crucial extra cubic feet.

To learn more about this new product and the entire Roto-Mix line of vertical and rotary feed mixers, contact us at 620-225-1142 www.rotomix.comContinue reading

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Combine care after harvest

As the harvest season comes to a close, now is a good time to clean and look over your combine before parking for the winter. A good post-harvest combine maintenance program can provide significant savings and make sure you are prepared for 2015. Many times, proper inspection and maintenance after fall harvest will reduce time and resources required at a later date to fix the combine and headers.

The basics of winterizing a combine involves cleaning it followed by changing the oil and filters, checking the cooling system, cleaning and possibly changing the air filters, filling with fuel and adding a fuel stabilizer, and finally greasing and lubricating before putting in the shed. Plan on at least a good half-day for conducting post-harvest maintenance and repairs.

The initial starting point for combine maintenance should be reviewing the operator’s manual. Regardless of the manufacturer, the operator’s manual will contain the necessary checklist of maintenance points and needs.… Continue reading

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The New Ace in the Hole for Auger Control

When handling and transferring grain, seed or granular fertilizer, the two key goals for farmers are speed and safety. The new 1000 Auger Ace from Yetter Farm Equipment features a hydraulic cylinder that allows for safe, quick and easy side-to-side positioning of an auger or conveyor in relation to the storage container or bin intake hole.

The Auger Ace mounts on the auger or conveyor axle, which allows the operator to control the side-to-side position by raising and lowering the axle hydraulically, allowing for placement of the auger or conveyor discharge spout over the intake hole of the bin or silo. “Because it is hydraulically controlled, you can use the tractor hydraulics to adjust the discharge position without ever leaving the seat,” said Jim Lascelles, service manager. “You don’t need to go and get a hydraulic jack when you have to side shift or reposition the auger.”

The Auger Ace features universal mounting brackets for augers or belt conveyors used in agriculture, fertilizer and other industries to transfer material into bins and silos.… Continue reading

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HarvestMaster announces new H2 High Capacity GrainGage for agricultural field research

HarvestMaster, a Juniper Systems company that focuses on agricultural data collection applications, just announced its newest harvest data system, the H2 High Capacity GrainGage.

HarvestMaster, a Juniper Systems company that focuses on agricultural data collection applications, just announced its newest harvest data system, the H2 High Capacity GrainGage. The H2 is designed to collect highly accurate data on large-plot, high-volume grain samples, such as corn or soybeans.

Available for both single and split-plot combines, the H2 GrainGage features advanced technology to provide superior data accuracy, enhanced efficiency, and reduced maintenance for users. The system utilizes patented slope and motion sensors to minimize data errors due to combine movement and ground slope. This way, the H2 may continue to collect high-accuracy data without the operator needing to stop the combine.

The H2 also features a new, streamlined design, with a new weighing system that can collect test weight, moisture, and plot weight measurements simultaneously, drastically reducing cycle time.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Equipment Acquires Jelloway Valley Equipment

Ohio Ag Equipment, a division of Ohio CAT and an authorized AGCO and CLAAS dealer for the state of Ohio, is acquiring a Knox County AGCO dealer, Jelloway Valley Equipment, effective January 2, 2015. The acquisition of Jelloway Valley Equipment by Ohio Ag Equipment will combine the strengths of both organizations to provide customers with an even greater selection of equipment, parts and services while allowing them to continue to do business with the Jelloway employees they know and trust through our Millersburg location.

“We commend Jelloway for the many years of superior service they have provided to agriculture in this area,” said Kelly Love, Vice President, Ohio Ag Equipment. “We plan to build on that reputation and make Ohio Ag Equipment your preferred choice for high quality machinery, parts and service.”

Jelloway Valley Equipment shares our core values and has an exemplary track record in this business. As the new owners, we plan to retain the Jelloway staff and the AGCO brands they represented.… Continue reading

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JD Equipment Annual Ag Auction

JD Equipment needs to clear out excess inventory to make room for newer equipment models. Because of this, JD Equipment is announcing an agricultural equipment auction. The auction will be held on December 10th at their London, Ohio store location (1660 US 42 NE, London, Ohio 43140) starting at 10 a.m. sharp. Stop by the auction and take advantage of this great opportunity to purchase quality used Ag equipment.

This year’s auction will be over 3.5 million dollars in used equipment ready to sell, with opportunities to bid on used tractors, combines, sprayers, platforms, tillage equipment, hay tools, grain handlers, steer loaders, lawn & garden equipment and gators to name a few categories.

Information on the auction and a list of equipment can be found on JD Equipment’s web site at Live online bidding is also available. Nearby hotels as well as airport / shuttle information can be found on the site.… Continue reading

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J.D. Power Systems achieves Premier dealer status

J.D. Power Systems is happy to announce Generac has once again awarded them with the “Premier” dealership status award. This is the highest status a dealership can receive, and is the third consecutive year that J.D. Power Systems has achieved this status.

In order to be designated as a Premier Generac Dealer, J.D. Power Systems had to demonstrate a commitment to superior sales, service and training among their employees and in their store. They have established a consistently high sales volume, as well as offer Generac’s full line of portable and home standby generators, parts and service kits in order to offer the best selection for their customers.

J.D. Power Systems also received this designation due to their strong commitment to customer service, evident by their 24-hour emergency customer support; numerous factory trained Sales Professionals on staff, as well as highly trained and certified Service Technicians in house. J.D. Power Systems has numerous Service Technicians available to perform maintenance, installations and repairs on generators of all sizes.… Continue reading

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Seven things to do before storing a lawn mower for winter®, the trusted online store for replacement parts and free how-to repair help for outdoor power equipment, home appliances and heating and cooling equipment, today shared tips on preparing lawn mowers for storage.

“The majority of problems lawn mowers have at the start of spring are caused by failing to care for the lawn mower before winter,” said Jeff Linderman, outdoor power equipment specialist for “Proper maintenance of a lawn mower before storage will prevent costly repairs, extend its life and ensure it works when needed again.”

Here are the seven most important to dos before storing a lawn mower for winter:
1. Replace damaged or worn parts and troubleshoot performance issues.
Inspect key components and replace as needed. Pay particular attention to the engine and blade. A damaged blade can be a safety risk.  Consider replacing the fuel filter, spark plug and air filter. Foam air filters can be cleaned.… Continue reading

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