Vermeer launches Catapult CPX9000 bale processor

Vermeer Corporation has introduced a new bale processor that gives operators the ability to process and distribute forage materials consistently and accurately at long range. The aptly named Catapult CPX9000 bale processor can accurately reach distances up to 100 feet, making it ideal for applications where height and distance challenges are present.

“The CPX9000 gives you the power and precision to control how and where the material is thrown, which is paramount for getting up and over feed bunks in a cattle operation, or distributing material for housing developments or land reclamation and erosion control purposes,” said Phil Chrisman, Product Manager at Vermeer.

The new machine gives operators the ability to process round or square bales, adjust throw distance (60 to 100 feet) and control how the crop is distributed by changing the angle of the spout. An automatic bale feed system controls bale feed rate for smooth, steady feeding, all without operator management.… Continue reading

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Case IH touts full strength of its full line for 2015

Fortifies Livestock, Hay and Forage Lineup

Promising to provide the best options to professional producers, big and small, Case IH announced its 2015 lineup of Farmall tractors and hay and forage tools this month.

“Feed is the livestock producer’s greatest expense,” said Thomas Beason, Livestock Marketing Manager at Case IH. “And hay and forages often comprise a large portion of that bill. It makes sound business sense to put up a high-quality product and then handle and feed it efficiently. The right equipment is critical.” That’s where Case IH comes in.

At the introduction of the 2015 lineup of Farmall and hay and forage products, Case IH Director of Marketing Eric Weaver emphasized the company’s complete, innovative equipment and service offering.

“We are so well-known for our high horsepower offerings,” Weaver said. “But our Farmall and hay and forage products help make us the premier full-line equipment manufacturer in North America.… Continue reading

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Vermeer introduces 600N series balers for hay, forage and cornstalk baling

Vermeer Corporation has introduced a new series of round balers that includes two models designed for high-capacity hay and forage production, and an additional two models specially designed for the rigors of cornstalk baling. The 604/605N balers and 604/605N Cornstalk Special balers deliver the strength, productivity and operating convenience of classic Vermeer Super M technology – but with added capability and enhanced performance.

“The first thing you notice about the new 600N series balers is the sleek, modern design that evokes a sense of force and motion,” said Phil Chrisman, Product Manager at Vermeer. “Upon closer inspection, you will recognize many well-designed, heavy-duty components that made Super M balers so popular, as well as several new features that contribute to the high performance and durability of this new line of balers.”

600N series balers are equipped with 5-bar pickups, a Direct Crop Feed system that enables the forage crop to be fed directly to the bottom drum and bale-starting chamber, the patented dual-stage belt tightening system that reduces the chamber size by 50 percent and allows the hay to turn quicker.… Continue reading

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Case IH introduces real-time remote dashboard with AFS Connect 2.0

Unique ‘Terms of Use’ Keeps Agronomic Data in Producers’ Control

Case IH has announced its new AFS Connect 2.0, a new farm management system that uses advanced telematics technology to help producers effectively monitor and manage their operations without compromising control of their data. The system, which will be fully available in 2015, provides a simple, intuitive view of machine location and diagnostics, with maintenance and service alerts — even allowing for two-way messaging with machine operators from anywhere.

AFS Connect 2.0 will offer more features and functionality than competitive products in a system with a straightforward and easy-to-use design. In addition, Case IH has taken special measure to offer what some may consider the most important feature — data control.

“Case IH understands the growing importance of data security and privacy,” said Mike Klein, Advanced Farming Systems North America Marketing Manager, Case IH. “It is important to ensure the producer has complete control over who accesses his agronomic and equipment data.… Continue reading

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Case IH new Magnum Rowtrac tractors


Building on its 18 years of leadership in independent-track technology, Case IH has now introduced its new Magnum Rowtrac tractor. Two new models will be welcomed by any producer who has soil conditions that require better flotation and reduced compaction. A proven Case IH oscillating rear-track system is paired with front tire options to fit virtually any row width. This system keeps the power on the ground through the tightest turns, improves maneuverability, reduces berming and improves operator control of the tractor.


“Whether raising sugar beets in North Dakota, potatoes in Idaho or rice in the Delta, farmers will find our new Magnum Rowtrac meets their unique cropping needs through a wide variety of row spacing and belt options,” explained Zach Hetterick, Case IH Marketing Manager, High Horsepower Tractors. “And customers have told us that it outperforms other two-track options with better handling and a smoother ride. The flotation provided by the tracks allows them to get into the fields sooner since it avoids ruts and compaction, and doesn’t make divots when turning around.”Continue reading

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Case IH, Precision Planting® Let Producers Customize Their Planters


Today’s planter technology allows producers to place seeds precisely where they want them. Now, thanks to Case IH and Precision Planting®, producers can take that technology to a new level by adding valuable new options that fit their individual needs.

“Producers can leave their trusted Case IH dealership with a new or used Early Riser® planter customized to their specifications — with the right amount of technology to meet their individual goals,” said Dan Klein, Crop Production Marketing Manager at Case IH. “They don’t have to buy any more or any less than they desire.”


When producers order a new Precision Planting-ready Early Riser 1255, it leaves the factory with the right components to make adapting this technology convenient and cost effective. Their new planter arrives at the dealership from the factory ready to accept the Precision Planting components the grower wants.Continue reading

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WinField introduces Answer Tech and Data Silo

A One-Stop Shop for Ag Technology

Farmers receive secure management of and easy access to an array of data-driven agronomic tools including Climate Pro by WinField — a new decision-support offering.

WinField continues to strengthen its agricultural technology leadership capabilities with solutions aimed at enabling retailers to help farmers optimize yield potential and make well-informed in-season management decisions.

Answer Tech by WinField is a web portal and mobile app store that brings together top agronomic decision-support and management applications in one complete toolbox. Answer Tech will provide education, evaluation, and access to all WinField proprietary and partnered apps.

Enabling the tools in Answer Tech is the WinField Data Silo — a secure, cloud-based data-management system created with industry-leading technologies. With the WinField Data Silo, agronomists can securely store and manage their farmers’ data for use with the tools available in Answer Tech, which includes both proprietary tools like the R7 Tool and partnered apps.… Continue reading

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New Case IH Axial-Flow 240 Series combines offer powerful, efficient, all-day harvesting

With the industry’s largest grain tanks, engines and fuel tanks to match, the new Case IH Axial-Flow  240 combines will set new levels of productivity and efficiency for 2015.

“As producers continue to achieve more yield per acre, Case IH combines match their capacity for even more efficient harvesting,” said Nathan Weinkauf, Case IH NAFTA Combine Marketing Manager. “The new Axial-Flow 7240, 8240 and 9240 combines with larger engines deliver more power, more grain in the tank, and more hours of uninterrupted operation thanks to a larger fuel tank.”

The new Axial-Flow series with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, meets Tier 4 Final engine emissions standards. The patented SCR technology allows for maximum horsepower without compromising efficiency, resulting in better performance, increased fuel efficiency, lower operating temperatures, and greater reliability and durability.

Other new features include:

  • Larger grain tank: The 8240 and 9240 combines feature the largest grain tank capacity in the industry at 410 bushels.
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Xtreme Cutting Coulter (XCC) available from Yetter for 2014

Tool takes down pressure and vertical travel to new levels

The new 2995 Xtreme Cutting Coulter (XCC) introduced by Yetter Farm Equipment is ideal for heavy residue situations and high-speed operation. The coulter’s design is capable of spring pressure up to 2,000 pounds, providing the power needed to cut through even the most difficult residue and soil conditions. The design also allows up to six inches of vertical travel, and the depth of cutting coulter can be quickly adjusted.

The XCC is available in two models: the 2995-087 and 2995-089. The 2995-087 is for 20” blades with blade options of smooth, ripple, and notch. The 2995-089 model is available with 24” smooth blade. The XCC is designed to be mounted ahead of fertilizer application equipment or on toolbar tillage equipment for cutting through residue and soil.

“The XCC,” said Yetter Product Specialist Tyler Thomas, “is designed with increased down pressure and travel, which provides our customers with the cutting action needed for large toolbars, tougher field conditions, and more acres.”… Continue reading

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J D EQUIPMENT, INC. newest dealer of Precision Drone

J D Equipment, the largest John Deere dealership group in Ohio has entered into an agreement with Precision Drone LLC to sell helicopter-style drones (hexacopters) to agricultural customers. The drones will permit customers to visually inspect field and crop conditions and permit customers to more efficiently manage their farming operations. The data collected by drones supports total precision agriculture by observing, measuring and responding to varying crop conditions, providing information to improve crop yields.

“J D Equipment is working to serve our customers both now and in the futures and we continue to support technology improvements which benefit our customers”, according to Jeff Mitchell, CEO of J D Equipment. “We constantly look for opportunities to bring value to our customers and help improve their farming operations. We have a dedicated staff of trained technology professionals and have invested in a robust network of guidance towers to support our customers.”

Using this latest technology can increase crop yields while decreasing the costs associated with walking fields or airplane fly overs.… Continue reading

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Unverferth adds new reporting capabilities to UHarvest data system

Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc. announces new reporting capabilities for the UHarvest™ data management system. The new reports, plus a soon-to-be released data transfer app for cell phones and tablets with data service, make the UHarvest system the leader in providing growers the most complete, detailed grain-cart harvest data possible for accurately determining each field’s productivity.

The UHarvest system automatically records each bushel unloaded from the grain cart by grower, farm, field, truck loaded, grain destination and hybrid or variety. An optional cart-mounted moisture sensor can also automatically calculate dry bushels.

Utilizing the secure UHarvest Cloud solution, powered by Raven Slingshot®, enables growers to save, view and create harvest-data reports from anywhere. The reports can be used for field and farm analysis, and sharing with landlords, bankers, crop advisors or insurance adjusters.

The UHarvest system is the first-ever ISOBUS- or tablet-operated system for collecting detailed harvest data with grain carts.  It’s quick and easy to install on any grain cart equipped with scales.… Continue reading

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Michelin North America to Introduce New 50-Inch SprayBib™ Tire

Bigger Tire Model Designed to Support Larger Spraying Equipment

 Michelin North America is expanding its MICHELIN®  SprayBib™ tire lineup with a new 50-inch model, the industry’s first VF sprayer tire offered in this larger size.

The new MICHELIN® VF420/95R50 177D SprayBib will share all the qualities of the current 46-inch SprayBib range in the new, larger dimension designed for bigger sprayers that carry heavier loads. It will be launched in the replacement market beginning in September 2014, and can be ordered now on the model year 2015 John Deere R4045 sprayer.

“The reputation of the current 46-inch SprayBib has created demand from farmers and co-ops as they move up to larger sized sprayers,” says James Crouch, farm segment marketing manager for Michelin North America. “Farmers want this tire because it is the first VF solution for the 50-inch sprayer tire.”

Crouch says the MICHELIN VF420/95R50 SprayBib has a D speed rating that will allow for speeds up to 40 mph at a maximum load of 16,094 pounds.… Continue reading

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Larger capacity, greater reach with patented new Seed Runner Model 4955

Unverferth Manufacturing Company, Inc. announces the introduction of the model 4955 Seed Runner patented self-filling seed tender for keeping up with today’s larger, faster planters.  The new 4955 features a 500-seed-unit capacity along with a two-stage conveyor featuring a low-profile intake coupled with a tubular-loading conveyor for 24-feet of reach and quick, gentle unloading.

In addition to the patented self-filling capability, the model 4955 conveyor features 90-inches of vertical height adjustment for easy positioning and exclusive belt designs for gently handling all seed types.  The crescent-shaped cleats in the intake conveyor gently lift the seed from the tank to the 10-inch diameter tube with 15-inch belt featuring cupped rows of offset cleats. This combination achieves unloading speeds of up to 45 bushels per minute for quickly returning to planting.

The model 4955 also features a dual-compartment design with large, conveniently placed windows and L.E.D. fill lights for easily determining the seed level whether filling or emptying.… Continue reading

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John Deere announces Certified Pre-Owned Equipment Program

Deere dealers to offer certified used machines that meet stringent quality inspections and requirements

 John Deere introduces a new Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Equipment Program to assist customers looking for field-ready used machines with the latest technology to increase overall productivity for their farm or business operation.

“Some customers have not upgraded their machinery fleet in a few years and the Certified Pre-Owned Equipment Program will allow them to trade up to later model machines with new technology,” says Bill Weber, division manager, remarketing, John Deere. “Typically, these machines have better fuel economy, comfort, convenience, and the latest technology to provide exceptional value to customers wanting to enhance and improve their overall equipment line-up.”

Every Certified Pre-Owned tractor or combine is covered by a comprehensive PowerGard™ Protection Plan that provides extra value and cost-of-ownership effectiveness. All main components are covered including engine, transmission, final drives, hubs, steering components, electronics, hydraulics, cab, and air conditioning.… Continue reading

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A Farmall F20 with a Camaro engine helps share E15 message

What do you get when you cross a 1936 Farmall F20 with a 1969 Camaro engine? Just one of the coolest exhibits you’ll find at this year’s Ohio State Fair. The fact that it is a piece of farming history is enough to place it in the Ag/Hort Building on the fairgrounds, but another reason it more than qualifies to be there is because this tractor runs on E15 ethanol with a 750 CFM Edelbrock carburetor.

“My step son, Colton Garrison and I built this for a hobby,” said Brad Moffitt of The Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association and Ohio Corn Marketing Program. “With my day job it also serves as a nice piece to use to promote the merits of corn ethanol and to help Ohio farmers increase demand for the product they produce.”

IMG_6240 (800x533)Thousands of visitors that walk through the Ag/Hort Building at this year’s Ohio State Fair will not know a whole lot about agriculture, so seeing this red relic with a classic engine in clear view will start many conversations that Moffitt sees as an opportunity for an ethanol message.… Continue reading

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Ag Leader brings new features to AgFiniti Cloud-based platform

On July 1, Ag Leader Technology announced a firmware update to the Ag Leader Integra display, which adds increased functionality to the AgFiniti cloud-based platform. A new feature included in this update is the ability to transfer Smart Report application details collected by application controllers and logged in the Ag Leader Integra display.


“In the past, Smart Reports were only transferable through use of a USB drive,” explains Dave Wilson, AgFiniti Product Specialist. “With the recent firmware upgrade, growers using the Ag Leader Integra display can now export these Smart Report files wirelessly to AgFiniti, and they can then be shared through email or other AgFiniti sharing options, which makes reporting a more fluid process.”


Additionally, AgFiniti now accommodates advanced search functions for desired files. Users can filter their searches according to date or time period, and by a particular grower or field, adding a new dimension of flexibility and customization to the AgFiniti cloud-based platform.… Continue reading

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New AGCO Global iPad App debuts featuring application equipment lineup

Other AGCO Brands Coming Soon

AGCO has launched a new iPad app that showcases the company’s lineup of application equipment, offering an interactive, three-dimensional “walk-around” of the machines, downloadable product information, video content and much more.

The free AGCO Global iPad App, which can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store at, features the full family of RoGator® self-propelled sprayers and TerraGator® high-floatation spreaders operated by professional applicators and farmers.

Key features of the AGCO Global iPad App include:

  • Rotating, 3-D product images with “hot spots” users can click to view highlights of the corresponding machine features and benefits.
  • Machine videos, product brochures and other brand information that can be downloaded to other devices for offline viewing, such as in the field.
  • Customer videos of key product benefits they experience in their operations.
  • A dealer locator for easy access to AGCO Application Equipment dealerships in North America.

The new app also provides a link to access the company’s application equipment website, www.applylikeapro.comContinue reading

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New Case IH Patriot sprayers highlighted at field day

Earlier this week, Evolution Ag, LLC held field days in Ostrander to demonstrate new sprayers from Case IH.

“We really wanted farmers in the area to get the opportunity get their hands on this new equipment and to see it in action,” said Doug Loudenslager, with Evolution Ag . “They can then take the information they get in this field and go home and see how it might work in their operation.”

Because of there being more moving parts in spraying equipment, Evolution Ag made sure that the service needs of their customers would be met.

“We decided when we took on the sprayer line from Case IH that we would have to have the personnel on staff that would specialize in that piece of machinery,” Loudenslager said. “We invested in folks that have a lot of experience in the area of sprayers and our customers appreciate that and know that our best people are coming out to help get them back up and running.”… Continue reading

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Case IH Produces 150,000th Magnum Tractor

The 150,000th Case IH Magnum tractor was recently produced at the Case IH Racine, Wisconsin, plant. Each Magnum is unique and custom-built, allowing producers to select components to best meet the needs of their operation. Today’s Magnum lineup offers 180 to 380 rated horsepower, an improved operator environment and increased fuel efficiency from the only manufacturer with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)-only solution to meet Tier 4 B emission standards.

For more information about Case IH Magnum tractors, contact your local Case IH dealer or visit… Continue reading

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Keep nitrogen in place with new attachment from Yetter

Making the most of fertilizer investments is on the top of producers’ minds as overall input costs continue to rise. The new 6200-060 N Keeper from Yetter Farm Equipment seals the slot that is opened during fertilizer application, helping ensure growing plants can take full advantage of either pre-plant or side-dress applied N.

The N Keeper is designed to attach to the Yetter 2995 or 2996 Parallel Linkage or single arm Fertilizer Coulters. “By adding the N Keeper to seal the slot cut by the coulter, growers can prevent their fertilizer from evaporating,” said Jared Head, Yetter territory manager.

The N Keeper features an adjustable down stop to set down travel of the closing wheel. The spring pressure has three settings for different conditions. The N Keeper’s closing wheel angle is also adjustable so the proper aggressiveness can be maintained in various tillage conditions.

An 11″ cast closing wheel with bevel is standard on the N Keeper; other closing wheel options are available.… Continue reading

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