Climate Corporation offers precision technology for the farm

The crowds at the National Farm Machinery Show have been very strong so far, and the Climate Corporation has been a popular stop for the impressive precision farm technology.

The Climate Corporation is integrating its leading decision support tools, Climate Basic and Climate Pro, with Precision Planting’s leading hardware and software products to better help farmers optimize production. In addition to a unified account and data service, promotional offers of Climate and Precision Planting products and services will enable growers to drive more yield from their field through better monitoring, insights and control of production decisions.

“We aim to enable greater agricultural productivity through the combination of industry-leading hardware, software and services, and are taking a unique approach with pricing to ensure more farmers have access to these revolutionary capabilities,” said David Friedberg, CEO of The Climate Corporation. “This is just the first step in our effort to simplify how farmers can make technology from soil to cab work for them in a way that delivers tremendous value with real-time, actionable insights and execution capabilities delivered via a single service offering, accessible anywhere and on any device.”… Continue reading

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Case IH Debuts Precision Hay Preservative Application System

Hay preservative application is easier and more precise than ever with the new 600 Series Automatic Applicator System for Case IH large square balers. The new system integrates seamlessly with the Case IH AFS Pro 700 control center for highly efficient and precise application of hay preservative, without the need for a separate monitor in the cab.

“The new 600 Series Automatic Applicator System is a substantial upgrade from the previous system,” says Cole Carling, Case IH hay and forage marketing manager.  “It accurately senses moisture on-the-go and adjusts the application of preservative every three seconds to match the condition of the hay. This precision lets you apply the exact amount of preservative that’s needed to keep the crop in great condition without wasting product.”

The application system uses sensors that directly interface with the baler and tractor to determine hay moisture content, speed of baling in terms of tonnage, how much preservative is being applied, and total tons baled.… Continue reading

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John Deere ExactEmerge Planter

John Deere has unveiled their new ExactEmerge planter technology at the National Farm Machinery Show.

The ExactEmerge experience pairs accuracy and speed — 10 mile per hour planting that offers accurate singulation, population, spacing, and uniform depth to maximize productivity and yield potential. Designed for corn and soybean varieties of all shapes and sizes, ExactEmerge is the row unit to push your profit margins exactly where you want them.

Brush Belt Delivery System

Brush belt delivery system

This patented technology delivers seed to the bottom of the trench at a rearward trajectory that truly matches the ground speed of the planter at any desired population. This gives you precise seed placement with no bounce as can be found in some seed tubes, and no roll in the trench, whether you have corn or high-rate soybeans. Brush bristles gently cradle the seed on all sides with full control to deliver each seed to the bottom of the trench, even in rough planting conditions, so there’s no degradation to in-ground spacing accuracy.

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SCH Pro Flex Lifter

S.I. Distributing has introduced a new product designed by the Schumacher Company; the SCH Pro Flex Lifter. This croplifter is specially designed for pulse crops such as edible beans, peas and lentils. The Pro Flex Lifter combines a simple design with durability for easier pulse crop harvesting.

The Schumacher croplifter features a compact design and easy mounting to guarantee a tight fit on all types of combine guards. The length and angle of the Pro Flex Lifter is fully adjustable to allow for optimal working conditions. The white color of the lifter finger provides maximum visibility in all crop and harvesting conditions and its high quality material ensures extended durability.

• The Pro Flex Lifter has a long slot to guarantee a tight fit on all popular guards
•The white colored crop lifter finger provides maximum visibility in all crop conditions
•The high quality crop lifter finger ensures longer life and reduced distortion
•The crop lifter finger is adjustable in length
•The crop lifter finger is adjustable for angle

S.I.… Continue reading

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New Two-Box Seed Tote with Belt Conveyor is Seed Friendly

Improved features and options make this new 2-Box Seed Tote equipped with Speed King’s Belt Conveyor in high demand for seed handling.  Now available with optional telescoping conveyor and standard rubber lined spout.

The 2-Box Seed Tote with 12′ 3-piece telescoping downspout and its 180° horizontal travel can easily fill 40′ planters in the field.  The most important aspect of a CrustBuster / Speed King seed box tote or seed tender is that they all use Speed King belt systems that are gentle with seed. The 2-Box Tote uses a crescent belt that gently carries the seed.  Belt speeds are pre-set to eliminate impact damage and will safely discharge up to 900 lbs. per minute.

There are no concerns about cross contamination because CrustBuster / Speed King belt systems perform 100% clean-out of seed varieties, which is a must for seed retailers.

The updated frame allows for easier box loading or unloading from the rear with access to seed box gates and sliding bar hold-downs.… Continue reading

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Kubota hay tools and spreaders now arriving at Kubota dealerships nationwide

First Phase of the New Product Line in Dealerships Now: Disc Mowers, Rotary Rakes, Tedders and Pendulum Spreaders

Kubota Tractor Corporation announced today the availability of its first phase of all-new Kubota Hay Tools and Spreaders in U.S. Kubota dealerships. The new machinery further expands Kubota’s strength in the agricultural market, allowing its dealers to serve as a convenient, one-stop destination for Kubota tractors, hay implements and spreaders.

“These tools are built on customer-focused thinking and deliver reliable and industry-leading quality, all carrying the well-recognized and deeply trusted Kubota name,” said Dave Palmer, Kubota’s hay tools product manager. “These are the first in a series of product developments underway that will allow us to realize our agriculture growth strategy, and we’re excited to begin delivering full-service tools to our customers.”

As announced in late 2013, the new implements will be produced by Kverneland Group, a leading international company that develops, produces and distributes agriculture machinery.… Continue reading

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Equipment Survey: Easier maintenance is tops for livestock producers, crop producers respect resale value

When it comes to farm equipment purchases, livestock producers think more about the ease of maintenance, while crop producers think more about the predictability of it, according to a 2014 survey of 800 livestock and crop producers across North America.Producers in the study, sponsored by Case IH, who reported a significant portion of their income as generated from livestock operations say they look for low maintenance and easy-to- service equipment from an innovative manufacturer. Those who reported a significant portion of their income as generated from crop operations also rank innovation near the top of their list, but reliability and resale value rate even higher.

“There is a big difference between livestock and crop producers when it comes to equipment is usage,” says Ryan Drollette, Farm Management Specialist from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. “Livestock producers run their equipment every single day, while crop producers are running them for longer periods of time during select seasons.”

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J D Equipment Annual Ag Auction

J D Equipment needs to clear out excess inventory to make room for newer equipment models. Because of this, J D Equipment is announcing an agricultural equipment auction. The auction will be held on March 4th at their London, Ohio store location (1660 US 42 NE, London, Ohio 43140) starting at 10 a.m. Stop by the auction and take advantage of this great opportunity to purchase quality used Ag equipment.

This year’s auction will be over 2.5 million dollars in used equipment ready to sell, with opportunities to bid on used tractors, combines, sprayers, platforms, tillage equipment, hay tools, grain handlers, steer loaders and gators to name a few categories.

Information on the auction and a list of equipment can be found on JD Equipment’s web site at Live online bidding is also available. Nearby hotels as well as airport / shuttle information can be found on the site.… Continue reading

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Yetter adds hydraulic compressor to Air Adjust System Series

For today’s growers, the ability to make on-the go adjustments to planting equipment leads to more acres planted per day. It can also help growers make adjustments that may not have been made otherwise. The 2940 Air Adjust series of products from Yetter, including the 2940 Residue Manager, Coulter/Residue Manager Combo, Firming Wheel, Rolling Basket, and the Floating Residue Manager Basket Combo,
allows farmers to do just that.

Integral to the Air Adjust system is the air source. Yetter customers now have three compressor options from which to choose: Hydraulic or Electric Compressors from Yetter, or your existing hydraulic compressor. The Pneumatic Hydraulic Control Kit from Yetter is used with the Yetter Hydraulic Compressor or your existing hydraulic compressor. All compressor options connect with the easy-to-read in-cab controller so growers can adjust up and down pressure without leaving the cab.

With the 2940 Air Adjust in-cab controller, the digital screen and buttons allow for precise adjustments, making it convenient to change settings between different conditions.… Continue reading

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New SpeedTube™ increases planting speed, decreases equipment costs

A new seed delivery system now in development by Precision Planting promises to allow growers to plant corn and soybeans much faster than is possible with seed tubes.

Jason Stoller, Precision Planting Engineering Product Manager for the new SpeedTube™, says, “Available time for optimum spring planting is both limited and critical, and larger planters are not the answer to growing farm sizes. But planting speed is limited by the constraints of the seed tube, because high speeds lead to poor spacing.”

Stoller explains that SpeedTube solves these problems by controlling the seed all the way from the meter to the furrow. Feeder wheels at the top grab the seed from the disk and pull it into a flighted belt that deposits it in bottom of the trench. The SpeedTube belt spins at a rate that increases and decreases with planter speed and seeding rates, ensuring that the seed placement is optimal.… Continue reading

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Salford Expands Iowa facility to keep pace with growing demand

Salford Group has expanded its US manufacturing operations in Osceola, Iowa by 36 percent to keep up with growing demand for its tillage and fertilizer application products.

This expansion is the latest of a series of capital investments Salford has made in its manufacturing operations, including a 54,000 square foot addition to the Ontario, Canada facility in 2012. The Iowa expansion brings Salford’s total manufacturing space to over 200,000 square feet in its US, Canadian and Russian production facilities combined.

The expansion will allow for increased production of Salford’s patented Independent Series tools, which are designed for high speed soil and residue management as well as fertilizer application. The additional space will also add capacity to the Iowa parts distribution center (PDC), which is one of the main hubs for the six PDCs that Salford maintains in North America.

“Phase one of the expansion has been additional warehouse space for our PDC,” says Brad Baker, Manufacturing and Operations Manager at Salford.… Continue reading

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John Deere offers complete FT4 package of DEF and related products

Dealers provide full line of DEF, fluids and handling equipment to meet customer demand

To make it convenient and easy for customers to access, handle and use Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and other fluids in their Final Tier 4-compliant equipment, John Deere is offering a full range of fluids and handling equipment. In addition to its Cool-Gard® II Heavy Duty Engine Coolant, Plus-50® II Premium Engine Oil and Diesel Exhaust Fluid, developed and manufactured to meet the specifications for use in John Deere selective catalytic reduction (SCR) engines, the company is offering a line of pump kits and portable dispensing units that make it easy to handle larger volumes of DEF.

According to Chad Smith, product line marketing manager with John Deere Merchandise, John Deere dealers are ready to be the one-stop resource for fluids and handling equipment customers will need for keeping their SCR equipment up and running. “We’ve had several years to prepare for Final Tier 4 emissions regulations to be implemented and have put products and services in place at John Deere dealerships across the country to make it convenient for our customers,” Smith says.… Continue reading

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Product Expansion of Molded Guides for Poly Retractable Fingers

Now available for John Deere, New Holland and Lexion heads

May Wes Manufacturing is now providing molded finger guides for the John Deere 600, John Deere 900, John Deere 200, New Holland 973 and Lexion Poly Retractable Finger kits. The molded guides are a direct replacement for the OEM guides when used with May Wes Poly Fingers.

Additional kits that utilize a molded guide in the Poly Retractable Finger kits include: Case IH 3020, Case IH 2020, Case 1020, New Holland 740CF and New Holland 74C, Mac Don CA25 adapter, MacDon CA20 Adapter, MacDon 873 Adapter and MacDon 8732 Adapter.
Why poly verses metal?

Retractable fingers have a tendency of breaking. The damage from a broken metal finger as it feeds through the combine can be significant. The May Wes Poly Retractable Fingers are made of poly/fiberglass material that, should it break, will disintegrate, resulting in little to no combine damage.… Continue reading

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Harvesting more high-quality grain

Every year after the harvest season, farmers are faced with the tough, but common topic of harvest loss. Experts say producers should lose no more than one bushel of corn per acre each harvest. However, some producers have reported seeing losses of three to four bushels per acre, which can have significant impacts.

“That might not sound like much, but at the price of corn today that can add up fast,” said Mark Hanna, Iowa State University Extension Agricultural Engineer. “The cost of the grain that is left in the field often rivals the cost of the whole harvest operation.”

Equipment plays a big role in overcoming harvesting challenges.… Continue reading

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Are combine fires on the rise?

Combines work hard at their job, which generates heat and some sparks. When paired with the dry, highly flammable conditions in a crop field at harvest time, there is ample potential for a fire.

“Most fires I see are usually electrical,” said Jason Damron, a Delaware County farm mechanic. “Most combines have a screen or dust sock over the alternator to keep the dust out. I blow that out every morning. You don’t want to do it when it is hot at the end of the night because you blow that hot dust around and then leave it on that hot motor. I do it in the morning when it’s cool.”

There have been a number of combine fires around Ohio this year, maybe more than usual.

“It seems like it has been overly dusty this year and there hasn’t been a lot of wind. The combine is driving around in a giant dust cloud all of the time.… Continue reading

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Case IH Quadtrac awarded “Machine of the Year 2014“

Prestigious industry award for Case IH / New Quadtrac series wins  the XXL tractor category / Leading agricultural journalists recognise the unique Quadtrac concept

The winner has been found: The Case IH Quadtrac 620 is “Machine of the Year 2014” in the XXL tractor category. On the third evening of this year’s Agritechnica exhibition in Hannover, the industry accolade „Machine of the Year 2014“ was awarded to Case IH in the presence of well over 600 participating guests. The highly coveted trophy, which has become an important recognition of achievements in the industry, was awarded because of the innovative concept of the new Case IH Quadtrac series.


In his laudation Agricultural editor Bernd Feuerborn not only acknowledged the nearly 700hp maximum and a torque of up to 3,000 Nm but also highlighted the excellent driving comfort of the most powerful series tractor produced worldwide . The Quadtrac tractors feature the largest cab in the industry and an unsurpassed surround vision.… Continue reading

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John Deere opens the MyJohnDeere platform to collaborating software developers and companies

Agricultural industry software companies will leverage MyJohnDeere to assist customers in managing machine and agronomic data.

In order to provide more value to agricultural producers, John Deere is collaborating with other businesses to deliver new applications and services that help customers more quickly turn data into management decisions. This collaboration supports improved productivity, efficiency and yield. Companies will provide software and applications to interface with MyJohnDeere, JDLink™, and Wireless Data Transfer – three important elements of Deere’s overall technology strategy for the agricultural industry.

In 2012, John Deere introduced MyJohnDeere, a comprehensive information platform to help agricultural producers consolidate the management of equipment information, production data and farm operations. This centralized, online platform allows producers to access, view, archive, manage and share a wide variety of business information.

“Our goal is to provide a preferred, safe and secure environment for these applications, while building valuable features to connect customers with trusted advisors,” said Cory Reed, Senior Vice President, Intelligent Solutions Group, Deere & Company. … Continue reading

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Landmark Services Cooperative launches YieldEDGE Viewer

New tool helps producers monitor crop yield, management and weather trends by field.

Landmark Services Cooperative introduces the YieldEDGE Viewer, a new management tool for crop growers to monitor trends by field.

YieldEDGE Viewer is a web-based program that allows crop growers who are Landmark members access to the cooperative’s data on the owner’s fields in real-time, at any time. The program is free to all Landmark members.

After logging into the system with a username and password, YieldEDGE Viewer shows the grower all of the data that Landmark has compiled about their operation, based on each field’s set boundary. This information can include: yield maps, fertilizer rates applied each year, soil test data, multi-year yield analysis, seed varieties planted, historical prescriptions by field and historical weather trends on the farm’s acreage.

Gary Myers, YieldEDGE Precision Ag Manager for Landmark, says growers are already benefiting from the recently launched program as they’re noticing trends and then making changes based on real-time information.… Continue reading

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Kinze Manufacturing continues progress on Kinze Autonomy

Kinze autonomous harvest system was leased to farmers this fall

Kinze® Manufacturing, Inc. continued its progress on Kinze Autonomy this season by leasing its autonomous harvest system to three farmers. While each of the farmers was a participant in the release preview held in fall 2012, this year Kinze representatives were not in the field overseeing operation of the system, which allowed the farmers to use the technology independently.

“Because the technology was brand new last year, we took every precaution to make sure it ran properly,” said Rhett Schildroth, senior product manager at Kinze. “We made several minor improvements, and this year the farmers ran the technology by themselves. We’re now getting very positive feedback. The system just works – the farmers keep asking when they can buy it.”

The minor adjustments made to the system for this year’s harvest include:

• The range of wireless communication between vehicles has been increased.… Continue reading

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New hand-held grain moisture tester available from John Deere

Device accurately checks moisture levels and test weights of 20 different grains

To help producers more accurately monitor the condition of their grain during harvest and in storage, John Deere introduces the GT-30300 Grain Moisture Tester. This new hand-held device provides direct readout of moisture and test weight for 20 different grains in seconds, without pre-weighing the samples, at the touch of a button.

According to Barry Deiters, product manager with John Deere Merchandise, the new GT-30300 Grain Moisture Tester is the most accurate and advanced hand-held tester available. “The tester measures the moisture of harvested or stored grain from 5 percent to 45 percent with repeatable accuracy to plus or minus 0.2 percent and test weights with repeatable accuracy of 0.5 lb. per bushel, without having to pre-weigh the samples.”

The tester also measures the temperature of stored grains from 40 to 120 degrees F with repeatable accuracy to within 1.0 degree.… Continue reading

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