Case IH expands Precision Disk 500 air drill line

Case IH introduces the availability of two new air drills in 50- and 60-foot working widths. These larger-sized Precision Disk 500 air drills help growers cover more acres in short planting windows.

“Case IH engineers have taken the best-in-class Precision Disk 500 design and made it even more productive with larger working widths and a five-section design,” said Dale Simpson, Case IH Seeding Marketing Manager. “Known for its accurate seed placement and ability to seed in diverse conditions – from no-till to reduced till to conventional till – the new Precision Disk 500 air drills are designed based on customer requests for wider operating widths to give them greater productivity.”

Seed more acres in a day

Growers can take advantage of faster fill times by pairing these larger drills with Precision Air carts. These carts are available in sizes from 280 to 430 bushels in a tow-between or tow-behind configuration or 580 bushels in a tow-behind configuration.… Continue reading

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Vermeer Corporation Announces Forage Segment Organizational Changes

Over the past several months, Vermeer Corporation has made numerous strategic moves to be well positioned for the future of the global forage market. These moves include Vermeer family succession and leadership planning along with an expanded biomass and dairy market focus.  In addition, Vermeer has restructured the Forage Solutions sales territories and developed a new training department to further support these opportunities moving forward.

Vermeer Family Succession
As part of its ongoing family succession planning and leadership development, third generation Vermeer family member Jason Andringa has transitioned to the role of President, which took effect on January 1, 2013. In his new role as President, Andringa has responsibility over the Forage and Environmental Solutions groups, reporting to Mary Andringa in her continuing role as CEO. He is working to sustain the growth and drive future investment for the company.  Another priority is to accelerate Vermeer’s momentum in the developing global biomass industry.… Continue reading

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New mobile apps hope to make farming easier

In today’s agricultural world, John Deere is being pushed by an ever tech-savvy group of farmers to design more than horsepower, fuel efficiency, ease of use and in-cab technology. As more and more producers become comfortable with their mobile devices, the need for up-to-date apps is becoming a necessity.

That is where Julian Sanchez and his team that form the John Deere User eXperience come into play. This group creates, tests and publishes some of the latest mobile technologies that John Deere has to offer, like the brand new GoHarvest app. As much as it sounds like a very techie, behind the computer kind of job, it all starts in the cab for this crew.… Continue reading

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Kubota Tractor Corporation Enters Hay Tools and Spreaders Market

First Phase in Introduction to Include Disc Mowers, Rotary Rakes and Tedders, and Pendulum Spreaders

Kubota Tractor Corporation announced today that it will enter the U.S. hay market in 2014 with an all-new line of Kubota Hay Tools. The new machinery further expands Kubota’s strength in the agricultural market, and will allow its dealers to serve as a convenient, one-stop destination for Kubota tractors, hay implements and spreaders.

The new implements will be produced by Kverneland Group, a leading international company that develops, produces and distributes agriculture machinery. Kubota Corporation completed a full-ownership acquisition of Kverneland Group in May 2012, including its factories located in Norway, Demark, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Russia and China. The Kverneland Group brings to Kubota 134 years of experience in successfully developing and producing implements.

“Kubota’s acquisition of Kverneland strengthens our global product portfolio while providing an opportunity for our U.S. dealers to expand their offerings to serve the needs of our haymaking customers,” said Todd Stucke, Vice President, Kubota Agriculture & Turf Division.… Continue reading

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Yetter Air Adjust Series Features Pneumatic Hydraulic Control Kit

Make adjustments from the cab with the 2940 system
For today’s growers, the ability to make on-the-go adjustments to planting equipment leads to more acres planted per day. It can also help growers make adjustments that may not have been made otherwise. The 2940 Air Adjust series of products from Yetter, including the 2940 Residue Manager, Coulter/Residue Manager Combo, Firming Wheel, Rolling Basket, and the Floating Residue Manager Basket Combo, allow farmers to do just that.

Integral to the Air Adjust system is the Yetter-exclusive Pneumatic Hydraulic Control Kit, which hooks into an existing or new hydraulic compressor to control air to the 2940 Series product line. This allows growers to adjust up and down pressure without leaving the cab. The Control Kit’s small dimensions, only 12” by 12” by 6”, make installation easy.

With the 2940 Air Adjust cab controller, the easy-to-read digital screen and buttons allow for precise adjustments, making it convenient to change settings between different conditions.… Continue reading

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Case IH launches state-of-the-art draper and corn headers


Case IH has announced new draper headers and corn headers that are results of a recent $60 million investment in manufacturing improvements, research and development. In addition to the new products, the venture has produced the new Combine Header Center of Excellence in Burlington, Iowa.

“We’ve invested $30 million in manufacturing improvements to create a world-class production facility, and another $30 million in research and development dedicated to header design,” says Kelly Kravig, Case IH Marketing Manager, Combines & Headers. “These new state-of-the-art headers are based on in-depth customer input and extensive competitive benchmark testing, and engineered with the latest advancements in harvesting technology.”

Kravig says the new products are backed by intense testing in the lab and on customers’ farms. “These headers have been put through the paces in all kinds of harsh, real-world harvest conditions on today’s toughest crop genetics,” Kravig adds. “They’re designed to operate at higher speeds, cover more acres in a day, produce maximum yields, minimize grain loss and provide the best grain quality.… Continue reading

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New Case IH Early Riser 5 series planters

Case IH officially launched the new Early Riser® 5 series planters, designed to help farmers maximize their yield potential and consistently produce in varying conditions with an expanding range of genetics and seed treatments.

“Every farmer knows how critical it is to plant within the optimum window to achieve maximum yields,” says Bill Hoeg, Case IH Planter Marketing Manager in North America. “Our new Early Riser 5 series planters are engineered based upon Case IH Agronomic DesignSM principles and use multiple patented features to provide accurate and consistent seed placement, moving farmers beyond picket fence stands to photocopy plants so that they can realize higher yields.

“We’ve updated the Early Riser design, including the bulk fill system, meter drives and seed monitoring, to help farmers make the most of modern genetics and seed treatments and get more done,” he adds.

Farmers will get the earlier, more uniform stands they have come to expect from Case IH Early Riser planters, but new features on the 5 series lineup will result in improved seed handling capabilities while delivering more uptime, reliability and agronomic benefit than ever before.… Continue reading

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Vermeer reveals new mower conditioner line

Vermeer is excited to introduce a new mower conditioner line that combines exceptional productivity, flexibility and convenience into one powerful package.  With three models available – the MC2800, MC3300 and MC3700 Mower Conditioners – operators can get the machine that is right for their operation with the features they need to complete their job in their way.

“At the heart of these mower conditioners is the new Q3™ Cutter Bar, and we’re excited about the capabilities this cutter bar offers to operators – including lower horsepower requirements, shear protection and more,” says Phil Egging, Vermeer Product Manager. “This line also offers the unique Vermeer-designed suspension system, giving operators the opportunity to experience this proven technology from our trailed mower line with a conditioner option.”

The modular, shaft-driven Q3 Cutter Bar helps make this line more fuel-efficient with minimal gear-to-gear interface, requiring less horsepower than gear bed style cutter bars. Practical innovations, including the Quick-Clip® Blade Retention System and Quick-Change™ Shear Ring, make the tasks of changing blades and repairing a sheared device quick and simple.… Continue reading

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New Case IH Ecolo-Tiger 875 for heavy residue, level output

The next generation of aggressive disk rippers on the market – the Case IH Ecolo-Tiger® 875 – now offers even more durability, enhanced agronomics and more ease of use. All-new high-density Tiger points, standard Earth Metal blades and a hydraulically controlled double-edged reel help the new disk ripper handle the heaviest residue, the toughest soils and the widest range of field and weather conditions.

“Case IH engineers have taken the proven Ecolo-Tiger 870 design and given it even more cutting power with longer-life components,” says Dr. Rob Zemenchik, Case IH Sales and Marketing Manager for Tillage Products. “Well-known for the ability to fracture compaction, size and mix heavy residue, and level soil, our next-generation combination deep-tillage tool is built based on our customers’ needs and Case IH
Agronomic DesignSM principles.”

Added Durability Built In
Redesigned high-density Tiger points run just under hardpan compaction and deliver the proven Case IH lift-twist-roll soil action to eliminate soil compaction, but with less draft, creating smoother fields and extending point life.… Continue reading

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Case IH expands CVT offering into Maxxum 110-130 models

Case IH announces that Case IH Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) technology is now available for the Maxxum® tractor line up, with Maxxum 110, 120 and 130 CVT options. First introduced into the North American market with the Puma family in 2008, Case IH CVT simplifies tractor operation while also delivering the best balance of power and fuel efficiency.

“Case IH continues to deliver on customer requests by taking the multi-purpose Maxxum tractor, which is known for its ability to handle large workloads, and furnishing it with technology to improve engine performance and fuel efficiency,” says Dave Bogan, marketing manager for Puma and Maxxum tractors. “But what customers tell us they really appreciate is how easy the Case IH CVT is to use, even for inexperienced drivers. There’s no programming required; you set the speed and direction you want to go and the tractor does the rest.”

Efficient Power Built In
CVT combines the stepless speed variability of a hydrostatic transmission with the mechanical efficiency of a traditional gear transmission.… Continue reading

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Two new Case IH Patriot models deliver more power

Performance and flexibility are key for timely, high-quality application. That’s why the new Case IH Patriot® 3240 and 3340 sprayers offer more horsepower and new options for spray control.

“Our Case IH design engineers always match machine size to the engine and horsepower to ensure optimum in-field performance,” says Mark Burns, Case IH Application Equipment Marketing Manager. “In addition, we’ve worked hard to put the best technologies available to work to enable timely, consistent coverage – at the right rate and droplet size – while also reducing overlaps, skips and drift.”

Improved Spray Control
One new option in particular gives operators improved spray accuracy across the field.

“With the new AIM Command PRO™ spray system, operators have the advantage of individual nozzle control,” says Burns. “This advanced spray technology builds on the features found on the AIM Command® spray system, such as constant rate and pressure over a wide range of speeds.… Continue reading

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Case IH announces Steiger Tier 4 B/Final lineup


The new Case IH Tier 4 B/Final Steiger® lineup offers the highest-horsepower agricultural tractor available in the market today – the Steiger 620. This behemoth tractor is part of the next generation of Steiger tractors, with significantly increased horsepower and upgraded cab features to help producers make the most of long workdays.

“The Steiger 620 is designed to easily handle the industry’s largest tillage tools, and do it with less fuel,” says Mitch Kaiser, Case IH Steiger Tractor Marketing Manager.

To help pull through tough spots, the 620 boasts 682 maximum engine horsepower (hp). An additional 35 hp power boost delivers extra power for transport, hydraulics and PTO. Like the majority of the Steiger line, the 620 is powered by a 12.9-L Case IH FPT engine with two-stage turbocharging.

The new Steiger lineup offers producers seven models in both wheeled and track configurations:




Maximum hp

Steiger 370 HD


8.7 L


Steiger 420 HD


12.9 L


Steiger 470 HD


12.9 L


Steiger 500 HD


12.9 L


Steiger 540 HD


12.9 L


Steiger 580 HD


12.9 L


Steiger 620 HD


12.9 L



Steiger Family Grows

The Steiger 540 has been added to the lineup, expanding the Steiger family to seven models.… Continue reading

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John Deere introduces the all-new 2510L Liquid Fertilizer Applicator

A complete solution to liquid side-dressing is now available

John Deere is adding the new 2510L Liquid Fertilizer Applicator to its nutrient application product line. This new applicator is designed for more precise liquid fertilizer placement into the soil.

“Precision nutrient application technology has grown in importance as our customers continue to address environmental concerns while improving fertilizer use efficiency for the plant,” says Travis Harrison, product specialist from John Deere. “The 2510L enables customers to maximize crop yields through more accurate and timely liquid fertilizer placement.”

The 2510L is offered in two models, vertical or side-fold, and three base widths of 30-, 40- and 60-ft., each with 18 different spacing and row combinations. A high-capacity, hydraulically driven pump delivers fertilizer to plants through knives or injectors.

Harrison adds, “The 2510L Applicator comes with a GreenStar™ Rate Controller enabling full integration with the GreenStar display for field documentation, map-based prescriptions, and precision application.… Continue reading

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Case IH unveils added power and simplicity with new Magnum

Including new Magnum 380 CVT with most power in its class

Case IH has announced its most powerful Magnum™ tractors yet, offering producers the ultimate mix of industry-leading horsepower, fuel efficiency and a new high-horsepower CVT option – while meeting strict Tier 4 B/Final emissions standards. This new 2014 lineup includes significant horsepower upgrades in all Magnum models, thanks to field-proven Case IH Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)-only emissions technology combined with a new Case IH Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) design for high-horsepower machines that maximizes available power.

“Magnum tractors deliver superior power and fuel efficiency in the toughest conditions through simple, smart design,” says Dan Klein, Case IH Marketing Manager for Magnum Tractors. “Our exclusive SCR-only design, in combination with multiple transmission options created with both productivity and ease of use in mind, means operators can get more done in less time with fewer inputs, every day. We’ve also increased the fuel tank so producers can cover even more acres before needing to
refuel.”… Continue reading

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Ag Leader Introduces the New Compass Display

Growers looking for a simple and affordable precision farming display now have an entry-level solution, thanks to the new Compass™ display from Ag Leader Technology, Inc.

“The Compass display was designed for growers who want a display to use primarily for guidance,” says Matt Leinen, Product Manager. “With a built-in lightbar, the Compass display provides on-screen guidance and coverage mapping that allows operators to improve pass-to-pass accuracy and easily track where they have been in the field, reducing costly gaps and overlaps.”

Leinen adds the Compass display is simple to operate and set up guidance operations. “The user doesn’t need to know how to set up field information within the display to operate, with the new event feature they can simply create a new event each time they enter a field and go.”

The key features of the Compass display include:

• Compact design with built-in lightbar
• 7-inch color touchscreen
• Built-in manual guidance
• Combine with OnTrac2+™ assisted steering, ParaDyme® or GeoSteer® automated steering systems for high-end guidance
• Compatibility with ISO 11783 Virtual Terminal Standard
• Full-screen mapping
• Multiple language options

“Displays continue to be a focus of our complete line of precision farming products at Ag Leader,” Leinen explains.… Continue reading

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John Deere introduces the W235 Self-Propelled Windrower

New self-propelled windrower offers more horsepower and precision guidance technology

John Deere announces the addition of the new W235 Windrower to its hay and forage product line-up for 2014. This self-propelled windrower features more horsepower to handle tough field conditions, a larger cab for operator comfort, Integrated AutoTrac™ and CommandCenter™ display for improved operational efficiency and other improvements that make long days in the field more productive.

“We’ve designed the W235 to maximize the operator’s ease of use and productivity,” says Jeremy Unruh, product line manager for John Deere Ottumwa Works. “The CommandCenter display provides fingertip access to all controls that are critical in optimizing machine operation and performance, and Integrated AutoTrac provides steering assistance that enables faster cutting speeds while maintaining accuracy.”

The W235 Windrowers will be offered in two configurations, a Rotary and a Draper. The Rotary will be compatible with 994 and 995 heads and the Draper will be compatible with the 600D head.… Continue reading

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