JBC amis high with six-cylinder Dieselmax 672 engine

JCB announced plans to begin production of six-cylinder engines with the addition of the JCB Dieselmax 672 to its world-leading engine line-up. The introduction of the engine represents an investment of around $68.5 million. By the time the engine goes into full production later this year, its launch will have created more than 50 new jobs.

In just over eight years, JCB has gone from being new to the field of engine manufacturing to a major global engine producer with a reputation for fuel efficiency and innovation. The first engine rolled off JCB’s UK production line in November 2004. In 2011, JCB began producing engines at its  Indian headquarters in Ballabgarh. To date, JCB has produced more than 250,000 engines globally.

“In a relatively short space of time we have become a major producer of engines and today more than 70% of JCB’s machines are powered by the engines we manufacture,” said JCB Chairman Sir Anthony Bamford.… Continue reading

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New 4700 All Plant Air Drill by CrustBuster / Speed King Inc.

The new 4700 All Plant Air Drill by CrustBuster / Speed King Inc. comes from the experienced and field-proven 4700 series All Plant Drills known as the “No-Till Drill of Choice”.  This new Air Drill System centers on the successful CrustBuster Parallel Linkage Opener which is engineered to provide a constant down pressure throughout the operating range. This down pressure plus remaining parallel to the ground throughout the opener’s travel, results in a  consistent planting depth control.

The Air Drill System features a large 350 bushel capacity, two compartment split 60/40, four wheel steer cart.  Mounted on the ISO compatible cart system is the central fill, pressurized tank which features a low hopper sensor.  The operator can load and unload the hopper with the attached  8″ auger.  The ability to drill grain and apply fertilizer at the same time allows you to get more acres done in less time. Built around the solid All Plant Drill 3-section 40′ and 45′ frames, the folding Air Drill allows for quick and easy transport.… Continue reading

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Modified toolbar accomplishes goals of stewardship and profit

Ask anyone around Kenton about an innovative farm operation in the area and they will likely mention Watkins Farms.

For Brian Watkins, that “ahead of the curve” mentality is forged by a series of objectives, including profit, yield, maintaining long-term sustainability, taking care of the soils and being environmentally sound.

For years, Watkins Farms has been broadcasting fertilizer in the fall, but recently decided that it would be best for them to work those nutrients directly below the surface. A major factor in his thinking and philosophy is the issue of soluble phosphorous that is affecting Ohio’s water quality.

 “Some farmers will choose to do some fall strip tillage and we felt like that didn’t fit what we wanted,” Watkins said. “Soil conditions in the fall are sometimes not conducive to that method because it is too wet and the benefits wouldn’t be there come spring. We needed a zero soil disturbance solution to getting the nutrients directly into the soil.”Continue reading

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CLAAS reflects on first 100 years of innovations

Company to release centennial book this spring

 Over the last century, CLAAS has evolved from a small manufacturer of straw binders into a global leader of agricultural implement innovations.

August Claas founded the company in 1913 in Germany, and was soon joined by his three brothers – Bernhard, Franz Jr. and Theo — to form the company “Gerbuder Claas.” In 1921, the “knotter” was patented as a device designed to create perfect knots. Over the next 90 years, the knotter would go on to become the hallmark of CLAAS.

Later in the decade, the company expanded to the fertilizer spreader before being persuaded to explore the combine harvester market. Manufacturing of combines began in 1936 and has become a staple of CLAAS. Since the first combine rolled off the line, CLAAS has sold over 440,000 units worldwide. In fact, the 450,000th combine is scheduled to drive off the LEXION production line in Omaha, Nebraska in the Spring of 2013.… Continue reading

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Onset enhances web-based monitoring software

HOBOlink® now enables automatic delivery of building performance and weather data via email or FTP, makes data analysis more efficient

Onset, a world leader in data loggers and weather stations, today announced a new, enhanced version of the company’s HOBOlink web-enabled software platform that provides 24/7 data access and remote management for Onset’s web-based HOBO U30 data logging systems.

HOBOlink now makes accessing building performance and weather data faster and more convenient than ever. It enables users to schedule automatic delivery of exported data files, in CSV or XLSX format, via email or FTP. And, users now have the flexibility to configure the data export in a highly customized way. For example, a user who has four HOBO U30 systems measuring multiple parameters may configure HOBOlink to automatically export temperature data only – and within a specified time range. This speeds up data analysis time and enables users to focus only on the data that’s important to them.… Continue reading

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Franklin Equipment opens third Ohio branch

New Location in Dublin Sells, Rents, and Services New Holland Equipment

Franklin Equipment is pleased to announce the opening of its new location in Dublin, Ohio at 7570 Fishel Drive South. As the New Holland equipment dealer in central Ohio, Franklin Equipment now has three branches throughout the state, with the complete agriculture and construction equipment lines available at all locations. Customers may reach the new branch by calling 614-389-2161.
“We’re excited to take this next step in our expansion plan,” says Tony Repeta, general manager of Franklin Equipment. “It’s important to provide quick turnaround for parts, service, and equipment, and our new branch will help us serve our customers better.”
Franklin Equipment offers both new and used equipment, rental equipment, and parts and service for the full range of construction and landscaping equipment. Franklin serves a wide variety of customers, from private landscapers to large scale builders, with equipment to meet all their needs.… Continue reading

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Preventing stubble damage to tires

Farmers appreciate new planting technology that has helped certain crops withstand a variety of factors that can cause losses, such as wind damage. One problem with these stronger stalks and stubble is that they are damaging agricultural equipment tires.

Tire manufacturers are diligently working to help farmers minimize tire damage. Both tractor tires and implement tires are at risk for stubble damage, though the extent of that damage can vary.

“Rear tractor tires and other larger tires tend to be more of an atheistic issue where the tread is really chewed up by the stubble,” said Scot Sloan, Titan Tire-Goodyear Farm Tires Product Engineering Manager. “Implement tires are more of an issue where the stubble penetrates through the tire and the tire just goes flat.”

Since planting season is here, Sloan said farmers need to inspect their equipment before they enter the field.

“They need to make a quick walk around tractors and planters to be sure tires are not low or flat,” Sloan said.… Continue reading

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Stucke named Vice President at Kubota

Kubota has announced that Todd Stucke, originally from St. Henry, has been name Vice President of the Agriculture & Turf Division.

Prior to joining Kubota, Stucke spent 23 years at AGCO Corporation. While at AGCO, he held various positions of increasing responsibility and rose through the ranks in sales and marketing, most recently serving as director of marketing of the hay and harvesting division. His extensive experience and knowledge of the agriculture industry will serve him well in his new role where he will lead Kubota’s continued growth in the agriculture and turf markets.

“Kubota is growing into the future, and we are dedicated to improving organizational alignment and strengthening our core business,” said Mr. Yuichi “Ken” Kitao, president of Kubota Tractor Corporation. “These deeply experienced leaders within our organization bring tremendous knowledge, skills and industry depth that will help ensure Kubota’s continued momentum and success.”

The senior leadership team announcement coincides with the expansion of the Kubota Industrial Engineering (KIE) facility in Jefferson, Georgia.… Continue reading

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White Planters introduces 9000 Series

The all-new 12-row, three-section White Planters Model 9812-30 offers 12-foot narrow-transport, 30-inch row spacing and the efficiency of a Central Fill System.

White Planters™, the industry-leading row-crop planter line from AGCO, Your Agriculture Company(NYSE:AGCO), today introduced its new 9000 Series, featuring the Model 9812-30 forward-fold, narrow-transport row-crop planter. With an enhanced seed meter design and a new cast-design row unit, the 9000 Series reaffirms White Planters’ reputation for delivering precise seed placement and machine longevity with minimal maintenance. Available with a full range of options and attachments, the new planters may be configured to fit any production system, from conventional to no-till and to plant crops ranging from corn, soybeans and sunflowers to sorghum, sugar beets or peanuts.

“The new 9000 Series is ideal for row-crop producers who expect exceptional performance in the field and appreciate simple planter maintenance and operation,” says Gary Hamilton, product marketing specialist with White Planters. “We’ve been building durable, long-lasting planters for nearly 40 years, and we’ve learned what it takes to deliver seed placement accuracy in a wide range of conditions.… Continue reading

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New Yetter firming wheel has pressure controlled from cab

The new 2940 Air Adjust* Firming Wheel from Yetter Equipment has an exciting feature—air systems that allow you to adjust pressure from the cab. The latest addition to the Yetter series of cab-controlled attachments that offer a solution for the time demands today’s farmers face, this closing-wheel system takes sealing the seed opening to the next level.

Pressure is controlled from the tractor cab using patent-pending Air Adjust technology. The easy-to-read digital cab controller allows for precise adjustments, making it convenient to change settings between different conditions.

The Firming Wheel complements spike and rubber closing wheels by gently firming the seed zone, which helps create an ideal seedbed. “A perfect seed environment is the result,” said Yetter Territory Manager Jared Head.
“Spike closing wheels easily eliminate sidewall compaction and loosen the soil beside the seed, but field conditions vary, and in some situations, the seedbed may still be less than ideal,” Head explained.… Continue reading

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Apple Farm Service adds third location

By: Stacie Seger

Apple Farm Service recently added a third location in West College Corner Indiana, just across from the Ohio line.

“This business is my passion. We are always looking for ways to remain competitive. The College Corner store I felt was a good fit and it was for sale,” said Bill Apple, owner of Apple Farm Science.

The location’s main line is Case IH.

“That store’s territory will include in whole or part of, Butler and Preble counties in Ohio, plus Fayette, Franklin, Union, and Wayne counties in Indiana,” Apple said. “In numbers of customers, it will account for roughly 25% of our customer base and, in geographic terms, about 30% of our area.”

The College Corner location will also continue to sell Great Plains, Kinze, J&M, BushHog, and a multitude of other short lines. Apple Farm Service is bringing several new equipment lines to the location as well.… Continue reading

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Latest Yetter Air-Adjust attachment creates a smoother row-unit ride

A well-prepared seedbed gives growers the best chance to achieve maximum yields. Equipment that helps them accomplish that goal in less time is invaluable. The new 2940 Air Adjust System Rolling Basket from Yetter Farm Equipment is the planter attachment that helps farmers reach that goal.

The latest addition to the Yetter series of cab-controlled attachments that offer a solution for the time demands today’s farmers face, the Rolling Basket firms the soil to help create the ideal seedbed, which facilitates better germination. Uniform germination correlates with higher yields at harvest time.

The Rolling Basket also breaks up clumps, clearing the ways for a smoother ride for the row-unit’s gauge wheels. “Eliminating the bounce caused by an uneven planting surface leads to a more consistent seed depth, and a more consistent seed depth makes for more even emergence,” explained Yetter Test Engineer Jake Henson.

Rolling Basket down pressure is controlled from the tractor cab using patent-pending Air Adjust technology.The… Continue reading

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CLAAS of America receives AE50 awards

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) recently announced that CLAAS has won six AE50 awards for their advances in agricultural engineering. Two awards were given for innovations in the LEXION 700 Series combines — C-MOTION ERGONOMIC JOYSTICK and CRUISE PILOT.

CLAAS C-MOTION JOYSTICK is designed to allow a three-finger operational style. The thumb, index and middle fingers are each incorporated to control separate aspects of the machine. An operator can use his or her thumb to control header height, reel height, auto-pilot and feederhouse/header stops. The index finger is used to control unloading tube swing-in and swing-out and engage/disengage, while the middle finger controls the rocker switch for manual header tilt control and cutter bar position.

The CRUISE PILOT automatic throughput control system, was also identified by ASABE as a superior innovation. This component tracks speed, feederhouse crop volume, engine load and grain losses. Through the constant monitoring of these aspects, the CRUISE PILOT system can anticipate peak loads and maintain maximum productivity levels.… Continue reading

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J.D. Power Systems launches online generator store

J.D. Power Systems of Grove City, Ohio announced the launch of its new online generator store at   J.D. Power Systems sells, installs and services power generator products for residential, industrial and commercial needs in Ohio and the surrounding region.

Because of the ever-increasing preference of consumers to research and purchase products online, J.D. Power Systems felt that an online store would make the process of shopping for a generator more convenient for its customers.  More and more consumers want to learn about a product, read reviews and compare pricing online before making a purchasing decision or even visiting a store.

“Our online store serves customers in two ways: it allows consumers nationwide to purchase the exact model generator they’re looking for at a competitive price, but it also serves our local customers by allowing them to learn about our products and what to expect in the store before they make that first phone call or walk in our door,” says Jeff Leach, Business Director for J.D.… Continue reading

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Mahindra produces two millionth tractor

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Automotive and Farm Sector, the world’s number one selling tractor manufacturer, rolled out its two millionth tractor from the company’s Kandivali plant in Mumbai, India, on February 27, 2013. The company achieved this milestone by doubling its global production in less than a decade. The first million tractors were produced over a nearly 40-year span, beginning in 1965 with the first Mahindra tractor.

Mahindra USA, has contributed to this milestone in the company’s history through its steady growth in the U.S. and Canadian tractor markets over the past two decades. It is currently ranked among the top tractor manufacturers and is the fastest growing tractor brand in North America.

“This is a time for us to challenge ourselves and continue building on Mahindra’s success. By providing quality products and outstanding service to our customers we have gained significant ground in North America and we are not done yet,” said Mani Iyer, President of Mahindra USA.… Continue reading

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New Holland Launches the T4 Series Tractors

New Holland has introduced its next generation of hardworking utility tractors, the T4 Series.  This tailored offering produces between 84 to 106 horsepower thanks to powerful 4-cylinder engines with Common Rail technology and a Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation system to meet Tier 4A compliance. Impressive features include the deluxe VisionView™ cab, the ergonomic CommandArc™ console, and distinctive, eye-catching New Holland styling.

“The comfort and convenience of the T4 Series is well-suited to the demands of livestock and dairy farmers who carry out extensive hay and forage and feeding applications, as well as for diversified operations requiring a highly productive, mid-range utility tractor,” says Michael Cornman, New Holland Dairy and Livestock Marketing Segment Leader.

A comfortable choice: the deluxe VisionView™ cab
Operator comfort is a prerequisite for optimum productivity, especially during long, demanding days. The deluxe VisionView™ cab, which is also available on the T5 Series of tractors, was designed with operators in mind.… Continue reading

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John Deere adds array of environmental sensors to Field Connect

Water management system senses environmental factors plus soil moisture

Expanding on the John Deere Field Connect soil moisture monitoring system introduced last fall, John Deere will add new environmental sensors and features this spring to provide additional information to producers of all types of agricultural crops.

The new environmental sensors include:

  • Weather Station
  • Rain Gauge
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Pyranometer
  • Leaf Wetness Sensor

In addition to the soil moisture data provided by the Field Connect system, the new sensors provide data on temperature, wind speed, wind direction, humidity, solar radiation, leaf wetness and rainfall. The sensors are installed in customer fields as part of the Field Connect Gateway.

Nicholas Shafer, product manager for the John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group, says the new environmental sensors, along with the multiple capacitance soil moisture sensors, give customers a more comprehensive and accurate picture of what’s going on in their fields.

“With this detailed site-specific information, producers are able to more efficiently utilize water resources, as well as schedule and perform other agronomic practices dependant on soil and environmental conditions,” Shafer explains.… Continue reading

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New Holland disk drills slice through crop residue

Whether seeding into summerfallow or stubble, New Holland’s new P2000 Series disk drills slice through crop residue to ensure precise, uniform seed placement with very low soil disturbance. Both the new P2080 disk drill (with tow-between or tow-behind air cart) and P2085 disk drill (with a mounted seed tank), offer exceptional seed placement accuracy.

“With these new disk drills, producers can place the seed at the exact depth and down pressure they choose to ensure quick seedling emergence,” says Sheldon Gerspacher, Seeding Products Marketing Manager. “They’re ideal for seeding small grains such as wheat, barley, rice, soybeans, and canola, with excellent performance at both ends of the spectrum, in both hard and soft soils.”

Even when seeding at higher speeds and on rougher terrains, New Holland’s industry-leading parallel link design provides more consistent seeding placement for best-in-class emergence in a wide variety of soil, seeding depths, and field conditions.

The 18” disks cut cleanly through the heaviest of crop residues to ensure optimal seed-to-soil contact.… Continue reading

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In-cab cell phone and tablet mounting brackets from John Deere

New brackets make it easy for operators to view, access mobile devices in the cab.

The proliferation of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices has made them popular and essential communications and information resources for today’s farmers and ranchers. As a result, John Deere is introducing mounting brackets and attachments to make it easier and more convenient for producers to have hands-free access and improved viewing of their mobile devices while operating equipment.

According to Tyler Rouse, senior marketing representative for John Deere Tractor Parts, for proper machine operation, it’s critical that mobile devices be located and mounted where they are accessible but do not interfere with visibility and machine controls.

“These brackets and mounts are designed to allow operators to access a wide variety of different mobile devices while in the cab of the tractor, combine, sprayer or other machine.”

These new brackets include a cell phone mount bracket kit, a tablet mount kit, and accessory mounting bracket kit.… Continue reading

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New Holland New T5 Series

Welcome to the business class of farming! New Holland has introduced the new T5 Series tractors, which are ready to redefine utility tractor standards for mixed farmers with diversified livestock and crop operations. The T5.95, T5.105 and T5.115 offer engine powers between 98 to 115 engine horsepower.

“The new T5 Series is set to become the choice for professional, mixed farmers,” says Michael Cornman, New Holland Dairy and Livestock Marketing Segment Leader. “Today’s T5 offers outstanding visibility, ergonomic controls, an ultra-comfortable cab and segment leading performance.”

Climb aboard the new VisionView™ cab
Operator productivity coincides with comfort. The T5 Series was created to provide operators with maximum comfort for long days in the fields. The new VisionView™ cab has been designed to offer unparalleled ergonomic excellence. All controls fall perfectly to hand for operators of all shapes and sizes. The most frequently used controls, including the acclaimed electronic draft control (EDC) mouse, PTO speed selection and hydraulic remote levers, among others, have been placed to the right of the operator on the ergonomic CommandArc™ console to reduce fatigue and increase implement precision. … Continue reading

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