Yetter offers powerful residue management solution

The 2966 Twin Row Residue Manager, from Yetter Farm Equipment, partners perfectly with newer model John Deere, hydraulic-
drive, twin-row planters. The single-wheel residue manager, specially engineered for twin-row planters, is a solid choice to
improve seedbeds and offers return on investment in all types of tillage conditions.
By using the 2966 Twin Row Residue Manager, producers can prepare a better seedbed and expect soil to warm more quickly.
“Yetter residue managers help create better seed-to-soil contact, which promotes even emergence. Producers get a better return
on investment from seed dollars,” said Yetter Territory Manager Ryan Cramer.
The Twin Row Residue Manager is available in right- and lefthanded models. Growers can choose the patented SharkTooth®
residue management wheel or one of the other effective residue manager wheel options available from Yetter. The single-arm design places the residue manager wheel at a slight angle for more effective clearing of residue in front of tru-vee openers during planting.… Continue reading

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Tips for limiting tractor power hop

In farming, productivity means profitability, and when your tractor isn’t performing like it should, it could mean lost dollars. One factor that can severely inhibit productivity is power hop — a bouncing effect a tractor sometimes experiences when pulling a high draw-bar load. By understanding what causes power hop, however, farmers can better diagnose the problem and make minor adjustments to correct it. Here are some things to consider from the experts at Goodyear Farm Tires.

One of the major causes of power hop is unfortunately out of the farmer’s control — soil type. Power hop has been found to be most common in dry, loose soils, where traction is harder to obtain than in a high-moisture soil. Fortunately for farmers, all the other known causes of power hop can be addressed through adjustments to overall tractor weight, weight distribution and tire inflation pressures.


Overall tractor weight

Insufficient overall tractor weight for the horsepower is one of the major causes of power hop.… Continue reading

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Agricultural monitoring and control device named top new product

A device from a Purdue Research Park affiliate that improves safety during agricultural and industrial processes like feeding livestock, loading grain trucks and operating conveyor belts has been recognized as one of the top 50 innovative products developed in 2011.

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) recognized LoadOut Technologies’ Yellow Box device as an AE50 2012 winner.
Yellow Box allows users to monitor and control processes on their mobile devices in a safe environment away from dust and other hazards. The device alerts users when the process is complete or if something has gone wrong and the process should be stopped.
“Farmers and other ag professionals always have looked to innovative products to increase production and limit costs. These products can be mechanical, electrical and, yes, high-tech,” said Neil Mylet, CEO of LoadOut Technologies LLC.
“Mobile applications like Yellow Box that control automated processes are transforming the way farmers do their jobs, while still serving the fundamental role of improving communication channels.… Continue reading

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Spallinger Combine Parts turns trash into treasure

By Matt Reese

Like wide-eyed children at the toy store before Christmas, grown men in coveralls stare in wonder at the spectacle around them. Visions of glitch-free harvests, smooth operating equipment and big savings dance through their heads as they wander the rusting combine wonderland that is Spallinger Combine Parts, Inc. in Hancock County.

“There are a lot of guys who just like to come out here and look around,” said Jim Spallinger, who runs the operation with his brother Ivan. “We’ve heard that that we are one of the largest salvage yards for combines in the country.”

The business got its start when Dave Spallinger, who was working for nearby Anderson Tractor Supply, decided that there should be a salvage business specifically focused on the combine. The business took off quickly and Dave’s sons Jim and Ivan were on the staff full-time within a couple of years. Now Jim runs most of the daily operations of the business while Ivan handles the trucking and purchasing.… Continue reading

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John Deere introduces four new tillage solutions

2600 Series include heavier, more versatile primary tillage and vertical tillage tools.

For the 2012 tillage season, John Deere offers three new 2600 Series Disks and one new vertical tillage tool designed to provide everything from more muscle for penetrating, chopping and mixing soil and crop residue in a single pass to creating a uniform seedbed. The beefier new 2600 Series tillage lineup includes the 2625 Disk, 2623 Disk, 2620 Disk and 2623VT (Vertical Tillage).
According to Patrick Sikora, marketing manager at John Deere Des Moines Works, the 2600 Series Disks and 2623VT give customers more high performance, heavy-duty options when it comes to selecting the right tillage tools for their farming operations.
“Tillage preferences vary from farm to farm depending on a number of factors such as cropping programs, field topography, soil conditions and residue requirements,” Sikora says. “The new 2600 Series allows customers to match the right tillage tool – from a one-pass primary tillage disk to a seedbed finisher – while giving them plenty of versatility and years of durable performance.”… Continue reading

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John Deere introduces Welderator

— Air compressor, generator and welder in one unit for increased versatility

John Deere introduces the highly versatile Welderator to its line of power products for the farm, ranch and workshop.  This stationary, gasoline-powered machine provides three functions – air compressor, generator and arc welder – all in one unit.
The John Deere Welderator features an industrial Subaru overhead cam/overhead valve, 404cc engine with electric start on a powder-coated ASME coded 30-gallon receiver tank mounted on a heavy-duty 3/16-inch base plate that reduces vibration. The unit weighs 585 lbs. empty and is 46 inches long by 22 inches wide and 47 inches high.
When operated in generator mode, the unit provides 5000 watts maximum output through two 120V, 20-amp receptacles. Users can select two speeds: idle down for use with the air compressor and full-throttle to power the welder and for electric power generation.
The compressor pump is a high-quality two-stage compressor with a splash-lubricated cast-iron crankcase and durable stainless steel braided discharge hose.… Continue reading

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Case IH Patriot 4430 sprayer 2011 product of the year

Case IH is proud to announce that the new Case IH Patriot 4430 sprayer has been selected as the 2011 CropLife® IRON Product of the Year. The award was recently announced at the Agricultural Retailers Association Conference and Exposition in Boca Raton, Fla.

“We are pleased that the industry recognizes the benefits the Case IH Patriot 4430 sprayer can bring to retailers, custom applicators and producers, helping them improve their efficiency, cover more acres with better accuracy and use less fuel,” says Ken Lehmann, Case IH Application Equipment Sales and Marketing Manager.

CropLife IRON Product of the Year Award

Any agricultural equipment introduced during the calendar year can be nominated for the CropLife IRON Product of the Year award. The publication’s staff selects the five finalists from nominations submitted by email from their readers and comments made at trade shows and events, such as the Midwest AG Industries Exposition, Farm Progress Show and Husker Harvest Days.… Continue reading

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Ag Leader announces planter down force monitor and control

Ag Leader Technology is excited to announce the INTEGRA™ display will soon feature planter down force monitor and control capability, allowing the display to monitor and adjust down force based on field and soil conditions.  Planting seed at the optimum row unit down force is an important factor in good crop germination, and ultimately, yield.  The system will be available for the 2013 spring planting season, with field test systems in operation during the spring 2012 planting season.
The heart of the system is a hydraulic down force actuator, engineered by Dawn Equipment. The actuator is the fastest on the market, allowing the INTEGRA display to make quick row unit down force adjustments.  Ag Leader will be selling and supporting a branded version of the actuator.

“Soil conditions encountered by the planter change fast,” says Ag Leader Product Manager Roger Zielke.  “Other down force pressure systems that rely on air compressors and air bags can’t respond like this hydraulic system.… Continue reading

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John Deere launches Open Air/Open Road Sweepstakes

Winner gets choice of $40,000 patio makeover or themed Airstream; 50 iPads as first prizes

As part of its annual Green Fever sales program, John Deere has launched its Open Air/Open Road Sweepstakes that runs through February 29, 2012. The sweepstakes gives U.S. and Canadian customers and prospects a chance to win a grand prize of either a Belgard outdoor patio makeover with a new John Deere Z425 EZ-Trak Zero-Turn Mower OR a John Deere themed 22-foot Airstream trailer. Both prizes have a retail value of more than $40,000 (USD) each.

In addition, John Deere will give away 50 (fifty) Apple iPad 2 Digital Devices as first-place prizes. Customers can visit their local John Deere dealership to check out the latest equipment for their farm, ranch, or property maintenance needs and register for the sweepstakes from now through February 29, 2012. U.S. and Canadian residents also can enter by sending in a card with their contact information. … Continue reading

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New manure/silage/debris forks for John Deere loaders

Worksaver, Inc. has expanded its line of manure/silage/debris forks with new models designed to fit John Deere 200/300/400/500 series loaders.  These manure/silage/debris forks pick up manure, matted straw and other loose materials for easy clean-up.  All units feature forged cranked tines for increased performance while select units offer an upper grapple for securing large loads.  A range of widths from 50” – 72” are available, dependent upon the model.

For more information, contact Worksaver, Inc., P.O. Box 100, Litchfield, IL 62056-0100.  Phone: 217-324-5973.  Fax: 217-234-3356.  website:  E-mail:… Continue reading

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New Bellima Round Baler Series from Krone

Krone is releasing a new line of fixed chamber balers for 2012 – the Bellima. The new round baler has evolved from the KR 125/130 model. Simple by design and operated by a low-hp tractor, the low-maintenance fixed chamber round baler produces rock-hard bales from silage, hay and straw.

Like all Krone round balers for 2012, Bellima features the camless EasyFlow pick-up, a design that eliminates the need for a traditional cam track, a major area of wear. This camless technology provides a number of obvious benefits. The machine now has a simpler design after shedding quite a number of moving parts that would be subject to wear and tear. Operators report they noticed a decrease of up to 60% in wear on the new machine. More costs are saved on reduced service and maintenance. In addition, the camless EasyFlow pick-up operates at a 30% higher speed than a standard pick-up with cam and also offers noticeably quieter running.… Continue reading

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Krone introduces New Fortima Round Baler

The new Fortima round baler from Krone presents an intelligent combination of well-proven technology and innovation. The variable chamber round baler not only offers maximum efficiency and high bale densities but also a clear design with easy access to all service and maintenance points. The Fortima is available in two versions: Fortima V 1500, which produces 4’ x 39”-60” bales, and Fortima V 1800, which produces 4’ x 39”-72” bales. Each version may be equipped with Krone’s MultiCut cutting system.

The new EasyFlow camless pick-up unit provides a number of obvious advantages. It results in a more clear-cut design since the machine shed quite a number of moving parts that would be subject to wear and tear. Operators report they noticed up to a 60% decrease in wear costs. Further costs are saved on reduced service and maintenance. In addition, the camless EasyFlow pick-up operates at a 30% higher speed than a standard pick-up with cam and offers noticeably quieter running.… Continue reading

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Vermeer Corporation and Kubota Canada Ltd. announce financing agreement

Vermeer Corporation unveiled an agreement with Kubota Canada Ltd. that offers Vermeer Forage Solutions Dealers in Canada the opportunity to sell forage equipment with retail financing provided by Kubota Canada Ltd.

“Customers in Canada now have the opportunity to purchase Vermeer forage equipment with a financing option. This opportunity will further accessibility to both companies’ product offerings in the Canadian agriculture industry,” explains Joe Michaels, Vermeer Director of Forage Solutions. “We believe the combination of our high quality forage equipment along with Kubota’s well respected tractor line offers producers an excellent choice for purchasing high performance, long-lasting, productive ag equipment.”

“This agreement between Vermeer and Kubota offers an easy way to purchase a tractor and baler, rake or other related forage equipment and have both the service and financing ends of ownership at one convenient dealership location,” echoes Ross Wallace, President of Kubota Canada. “Our team is pleased to have the opportunity to provide financing options to Vermeer customers.… Continue reading

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Phase converter makes Sukup Centrifugal Dryer easy choice

Costly extensions of three-phase power or use of external phase converters are no longer needed to get more power to high-capacity centrifugal dryers at sites with only single-phase electricity.

That’s because the new Single-Phase Centrifugal Dryer from Sukup Manufacturing Co. offers an onboard power conversion system that permits use of bigger motors than could previously be used with single-phase power. The dryer has an innovative converter that changes singlephase power into three-phase power. It enables use of larger fan motors – potentially up to 50
horsepower – which are more energy efficient and decrease drying times.

“This makes the 16-foot Sukup Centrifugal Dryer an easy, plug-and-play choice for farmers with only single-phase service on their farm,” said Kerry Hartwig, dryer sales coordinator for Sukup Manufacturing.

Previously, dryers at sites with only single-phase power were limited to 15 hp motors unless an external phase converter could be brought in. However, external phase converters commonly introduce unbalanced voltage that can result in inconsistent dryer performance, Hartwig said.… Continue reading

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New Kuhn Knight RC 200 Series Mixers

Kuhn North America, Inc., of Brodhead, Wisconsin, introduces the fully-redesigned RC 200 Series Reel Commercial mixers. These mixers provide superior durability and performance, with new advanced options that separate them from the competition. For dairy and beef producers mixing rations with high percentages of roughages or distillers grain, this new design gives them the ability to efficiently handle a wide range of materials.

The all-new, open-concept Helix Reel option provides faster, more consistent mixing and improved load leveling with any ration. It allows the operator to work more efficiently and move on to the next batch of feed faster, as a result of quicker unloading and a more complete cleanout. The Heavy-Duty Drive option offers extended life, in even the most extreme use cycles, and gives producers the ability to mix the heaviest feedstuffs. These enhancements, combined with the versatility and low horsepower requirement that are the hallmark of the reel and auger design, put these new RC models at the head of their class!… Continue reading

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Kenn-Feld Group and Liechty Farm Equipment combine

The Kenn-Feld Group, LLC and Liechty Farm Equipment, Inc. announced the combination of their organizations effective November 1, 2011.

“We are excited to combine with Liechty Farm Equipment to form one of the largest John Deere dealerships in Ohio and Indiana”, said Tom Burenga, General Manager. “Our scale will give our customers additional access to equipment, parts, and expertise with precision farming.”

Kenn-Feld Group operates three locations: Lefeld Implement of Coldwater, OH; Kennedy-Kuhn of Van Wert, OH; and East Allen Ag and Turf, of Woodburn, IN.

Liechty Farm Equipment operates seven locations. Four full service John Deere Agriculture dealerships in Ohio: Archbold, Edgerton, Napoleon, and Paulding. The other three locations are primarily involved in rental and John Deere consumer products. The two locations in Wauseon and Archbold, Ohio operate as Brush Creek Sales & Rental, while the Angola, IN location operates as Hal-Mark Sales & Rental.

All of the locations will continue to operate under their current name.… Continue reading

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Topcon, NORAC announce console compatible with spray height control system

Topcon Precision Agriculture (TPA) announces its new X30 control console is now compatible with the NORAC UC5™ spray height control system. The systems communicate via the X30 ISO virtual terminal which allows them to interoperate.

This allows existing users of both the NORAC UC5 boom leveling system and the Topcon X30 control console to be able to have the systems functioning together. UC5 users benefit through having another terminal option in the Topcon X30.  Existing X30 users benefit in the ability to add a NORAC UC5 system to their sprayer and operate the system from the X30 console, without the need for a separate interface for the boom leveling system.

“We are very excited to be adding the Topcon X30 console to the list of virtual terminals and panels that are compatible with the NORAC UC5, the most advanced spray height control system in the industry,” said Danea Armstrong, vice president of global sales for NORAC Systems International.… Continue reading

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B&D Rollers now offers rebalancing

B&D Rollers now offers rebalancing for all makes, models and sizes of stalk chopper rollers.   With the 2011 harvest complete, now is a good time to check stalk choppers and send rollers in for rebalancing so they’re ready for the 2012 crop year.

According to ag engineers at Iowa State University and South Dakota State University, stalk chopper rollers become out of balance due to rocky fields, acres covered and other factors.  Chopper rollers, flails and hammers should be visually inspected for damage at least annually, they say. Uneven operation and abnormal vibration are typical signs of a problem.  Out-of-balance rollers place stress on bearings and can lead to frame fatigue

The chopper rolls are trued to between 1800 and 2500 rpm. Cost starts at about $350 and depends on severity of wear and journal repairs needed.  Rollers are typically rebalanced and shipped back to owners within 5-7 days of receipt.… Continue reading

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