Fendt Debuts New 900 Series

Fendt introduced the new Fendt 900 Series Vario tractors. With Fendt selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology for Tier 4-interim compliance, the latest 900 Series tractors deliver up to 7 percent greater fuel efficiency compared to previous models*, along with the productivity and efficiency-enhancing advancements farmers have come to expect first from Fendt. Other new features for the 900 Series, which offers a reversing operator station on all models, are a standard 10.4-inch Varioterminal monitor which puts control of all tractor functions in one, touch-screen terminal; the option of fully integrated guidance; and an on-board computer that makes tracking, storing and transferring data to an office PC nearly effortless.

“For many producers and custom operators, Fendt 900 Series tractors are their first choice for the combination of speed, fuel efficiency, power and technology they must have to get the most work done each day,” says Mike Alvin, product manager for high horsepower tractors.… Continue reading

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Hemisphere GPS announces new Outback Guidance Solutions


Hemisphere GPS announced new Outback Guidance® solutions that deliver high level precision farming performance and productivity to all sizes of farm operations. Farmers continually strive for increased yields and efficiency and those efforts translate into a need for improved accuracy and performance regarding field operations. Now, combining new eDriveX™ features with Outback S3™ spray and rate control and new long range RTK receivers A320™/A321™, customers will have the most practical precision farm solution available from Hemisphere GPS. Farm operations of all sizes appreciate the affordability and versatility of Outback Guidance system performance.

New eDriveX Features
Hemisphere GPS introduces two advancements in eDriveX with eTurns functionality for customers seeking precision steering and control performance: reverse steering and slow speed control. Reverse steering provides customers with the ability to reverse course under certain circumstances. Slow speed control allows eDriveX users to operate their equipment in demanding, slow speed conditions down to 0.25 mph—crucial for many specialty crop operations.… Continue reading

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Case IH Axial-Flow 30 Series combines simplify harvest

Case IH proudly welcomes to its Efficient Power family the next generation of legendary Axial-Flow® combines – the 5130, 6130, 7130, 7230, 8230, and 9230. The new Axial-Flow 30 Series combines meet Tier 4A emissions regulations while improving both performance and efficiency. With the industry’s largest lineup, including two Class 7 models, Case IH combines are designed to simplify harvest.

Case IH proudly welcomes to its Efficient Power  family the next generation of legendary Axial-Flow® combines – the 5130, 6130, 7130, 7230, 8230, and 9230. The new Axial-Flow 30 Series combines meet Tier 4A emissions regulations while improving both performance and efficiency. With the industry’s largest lineup, including two Class 7 models, Case IH combines are designed to simplify harvest.

“Case IH Axial-Flow combines have been continuously evolving for 35 years,” says Nate Weinkauf, Case IH Combine Marketing Manager. “Today they continue to set the industry standards for uptime, grain quality, and grain savings regardless of crop, field condition, or farm size.”… Continue reading

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Case IH Patriot sprayer gets even better

With the launch of its newest 1,200-gallon sprayer – the Patriot® 4430 – Case IH once again sets the industry standard for power, fuel-efficiency, productivity and comfort. The flagship model in this series of industry-leading sprayers, known for its cab-forward, rear-engine configuration, is an appropriate addition to the Case IH Efficient Power family, delivering more horsepower in a more fuel-efficient package. Together these features allow operators to get in the field sooner to meet critical application windows with the power to handle challenging field conditions.

With the launch of its newest 1,200-gallon sprayer – the Patriot® 4430 – Case IH once again sets the industry standard for power, fuel-efficiency, productivity and comfort. The flagship model in this series of industry-leading sprayers, known for its cab-forward, rear-engine configuration, is an appropriate addition to the Case IH Efficient Power family, delivering more horsepower in a more fuel-efficient package. Together these features allow operators to get in the field sooner to meet critical application windows with the power to handle challenging field conditions.… Continue reading

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John Deere has largest ever launch of new equipment

Today in Indianapolis, John Deere is unveiling its new ag equipment for 2012 as part of the largest, most significant product introduction in the company’s 174-year history. Significant improvements in power, comfort, and performance are the hallmarks of the new machines including the S-Series Combines with larger corn heads and platforms; high-horsepower 4WD and track 9R/9RT Tractors; 6R Series row-crop tractors and 5 Series utility and specialty tractors.

According to Barry Nelson, manager of media relations for John Deere Ag and Turf Division, these products greatly extend the company’s broad portfolio of equipment products for use in all types of farming, livestock and specialty crop operations, as well as for commercial and property maintenance businesses.

Nelson visits with Ty Higgins about Wednesday’s product unveiling.

JD Barry Nelson

In addition to new John Deere combines, headers and tractors, the company recently introduced its new 7R Series Tractors for the row-crop market; its largest, most advanced self-propelled 4940 Sprayer with 1,200-gal.… Continue reading

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Bestway announces new retriever transport hitch

Bestway Inc., a leading specialty agricultural equipment manufacturer, recently announced the introduction of the Retriever® Transport Hitch for towing large drawn planters and other large implements with two-point or drawbar type hitches.

The Retriever® Transport Hitch mounts in about five minutes on the fifth wheel and frame of a tandem axle semi-tractor.   Utilizing a powerful, built in 12-volt hydraulic power pack, the Retriever® Transport hitch attaches to the planter with a two-point Quick-Attach hitch system and the operator uses a remote control to hydraulically raise the planter to transport height then the lift is securely locked for towing.  The exclusive two-point hitch design allows changing from a Category III system to a Category II system for towing mower conditioners, in about 10 seconds.  For drawbar type implements and planters, a removable heavy-duty drawbar with 12,000 lb. tongue weight capacity, is included with the hitch.  In addition a remote hydraulic valve is standard equipment for lifting or folding implements before towing.… Continue reading

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System 350 Automatic Steering Technology Now Available

Convenient state-of-the-art precision auto-steer technology offers producers new levels of data management, ease of operation, customization and flexibility

AGCO, Your Agriculture Company (NYSE:AGCO), a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, is pleased to announce the availability of System 350 Automatic Steering through AGCO’s North American dealer network. The System 350 features a new X30 all-in-one control console that gives operators an entirely new level of precision accuracy, dependability, flexibility and ease of use beyond what they’ve come to expect from other steering systems in the market.

“Since auto-steer systems were first introduced to the market, producers have quickly recognized the advantages the technology brings to their farming operations,” explains Marlin Melander, technology marketing specialist with Advanced Technology Solutions at AGCO. “Auto-steer technology reduces expensive swath overlap and collects valuable information that can help increase work efficiency and reduce input costs. The System 350 takes those benefits to an unprecedented level to further increase productivity and make it even easier to manage field-by-field information.”… Continue reading

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AGCO introduces Sunflower 9610 conventional drill

AGCO, Your Agriculture Company, a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, is pleased to introduce the all-new Sunflower 9610 Conventional Drill. Designed specifically for precise seed placement of grasses, legumes and small grains in conventional tillage systems, the Sunflower 9610 drill offers one of the industry’s largest capacity seed hoppers, easily adjustable down pressure and a maintenance-free meter-drive system so producers can accurately and efficiently seed more acres in a day.

“This new conventional drill offers the high level of seed placement accuracy Sunflower has worked tirelessly to develop and perfect,” explains Tom Draper, Sunflower seeding and tillage product manager. “The 9610 drill is built to the same stringent Sunflower standards our customers have come to know, offering quality and dependability for superior performance. In designing the Sunflower 9610, we made sure to incorporate many elements that will allow producers to cover more acres each day, without sacrificing accuracy.”… Continue reading

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Hesston by Massey Ferguson introduces new “Extra Density” large square baler

Commercial hay producers and large farmers can now create large “extra density” square bales that are more efficient to stack, load, transport and store, thanks to the introduction of the Hesston by Massey Ferguson 2170XD Large Square Baler. To accommodate the additional weight associated with heavier bales, the 2170XD model is built tough with heavy-duty tension cylinders and plunger arms, a heavier fly wheel, and higher-capacity gearbox and driveline to provide the reliable performance producers have come to expect from Hesston.
“Since 1978, when we introduced the world’s very first large square baler, Hesston has remained at the forefront of the hay and forage industry,” explains Dean Morrell, product marketing manager for hay and forage. “Each baler we’ve introduced has built on the innovations offered by its predecessor, and pushed the benchmarks for quality and performance higher and higher. The all-new Hesston by Massey Ferguson 2170XD Large Square Baler is no exception, producing a denser bale without compromising the Hesston tradition of proven high-capacity baling.”… Continue reading

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Challenger adds MT500D Series tractors to high horsepower lineup

Challenger is pleased to introduce the all-new MT500D Series High Horsepower wheeled row crop tractors to North American professional producers. The Challenger MT500D Series tractors, made up of four entirely redesigned models ranging from 170 to 225 engine horsepower (140–180 PTO HP), package unmatched quality and innovation with new comfort features to help producers handle the most challenging jobs. Optional factory-installed auto-steering and telemetry technologies available on these new models offer a never-before-seen level of control and help improve productivity and operational efficiency for any size farming operation.
“These new tractors from Challenger boast some of the most innovative features as they relate to emissions compliance, versatility, work management and operator comfort,” says Mike Alvin, product marketing manager, high horsepower tractors. “When there’s work to be done, professional producers need a tractor they can count on to finish a multitude of jobs, and that’s what we’ve created with the MT500D Series.… Continue reading

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Hesston by Massey Ferguson introduces DM1300 Series Butterfly Mower System

The all-new Hesston by Massey Ferguson DM1300 Series Butterfly Mower System being unveiled this fall provides professional producers with a reliable, smooth-cutting disc mower configuration that can be best suited to fit their needs. The system is comprised of a single DM 1340 model front-mount mower and two DM1398 model rear-mount mowers, which may be combined to provide cutting widths up to 30-feet, allowing producers to quickly and efficiently cut and condition more acres per day. The mowers are designed to gently cut and condition forage for quick drying and optimum quality of the final product.
“These new mowers further expand the Hesston lineup of hay and forage products tailored to just about any hay and forage need,” explains Dean Morrell, product marketing manager for hay and forage. “And, the all-new DM1300 Series Butterfly Mower System is perfect mower combination for producers who need to cut even the biggest jobs down to size.”… Continue reading

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AGCO unveils all-new Sunflower 1800 Series tandem disc harrows

AGCO is pleased to unveil the latest addition to the Sunflower seeding and tillage lineup, the all-new Sunflower 1800 Series Tandem Disc Harrows. These heavy-duty machines combine bigger blades and wider blade spacing with larger frames to produce some of the highest weight-per-blade specifications in the industry, to easily cut through compacted soils and heavy crop mat.
“Professional producers looking for a durable machine that can break through hard-packed soils and thick crop residue need not look any further than the Sunflower 1800 Series Tandem Disc Harrows,” said Larry Kuster, product marketing specialist. “These machines are designed to efficiently incorporate heavy residue into the soil to help maintain a healthy, nutrient-rich soil structure so producers can maximize their crop yield potential.”
The Sunflower 1800 Series Tandem Disc Harrows are available in two models — SF1830 and SF1810 — each with a variety of widths and configurations that cater to the specific needs and field conditions of individual farming operations.… Continue reading

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Massey Ferguson unveils 9500 Series Axial Combines

Massey Ferguson is pleased to unveil the ‘Next Generation’ of axial combines. Simply put, the all-new Massey Ferguson 9500 Series Combines are the most productive and efficient combines ever offered from Massey Ferguson – providing greater power and capacity – designed to perform in even the most adverse crop conditions. The 9500 Series combines are powered by new AGCO POWER engines and offer exclusive advancements such as the new Trident processor, exclusive V-Cool system, redesigned cleaning system and more.
“Since 2006, we have committed significant investments to growing the company’s global presence in crop harvesting. The recent introduction of the Massey Ferguson 9250 DynaFlex header is just one example of the outcome of the increased resources,” explains Kevin Cobb, product marketing manager for Massey Ferguson combines. “The 9500 Series represents another milestone in the strategy, introducing major design advancements to our axial combine and delivering new solutions to today’s harvesting challenges.”… Continue reading

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Kinze Manufacturing unveils first autonomous row crop technology


Kinze Manufacturing, Inc. unveiled an innovative solution to increase productivity on the farm — the Kinze Autonomy Project. The technology, which is the first of its kind in row crop production worldwide, utilizes autonomous agricultural equipment to complete many tasks on the farm with minimal direct human input.

“We’re excited to introduce the first truly autonomous row crop solution in the world on this scale,” said Susanne Kinzenbaw Veatch, vice president and chief marketing officer at Kinze. “This technology could be used to do a variety of tasks, including planting, nourishing, maintaining and harvesting crops.”

As a project more than two years in the making, Kinze performed extensive obstacle detection testing to ensure the accuracy and safety of the autonomous equipment. Beginning in a laboratory environment and then in the field, Kinze engineers simulated real-world scenarios to ensure the equipment would detect objects often encountered in the field, such as fence posts, stand pipes, farm animals and other vehicles.… Continue reading

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Kubota sells 1.5 million units in United States

As Kubota Corporation, Osaka, Japan, begins to celebrate 40 years in the United States, the global equipment manufacturer hits another milestone as its U.S. distributor Kubota Tractor Corporation, Torrance, Calif., announces it has retailed 1.5 million Kubota units in America.

“We are thrilled as an organization to reach the 1.5 million mark for sales to our valued customers in the United States,” says Yuichi “Ken” Kitao, President of Kubota Tractor Corporation. “Our network of outstanding Kubota dealers and the greater Kubota family of customers reflects the acceptance of Kubota’s engineering and innovative products over the past 40 years across America. In this time of growth for our company, Kubota has proudly created many jobs in the U.S. including positions in our manufacturing operations, corporate and field offices, as well as producing local business opportunities for Kubota dealers.”

In early July, Kitao and other Kubota management staff celebrated with Kubota customer Jeremy Nafziger, Marietta, Pa.,… Continue reading

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CNH second quarter 2011 revenue increases 24%

CNH, which brings together the knowledge and heritage of its Case and New Holland brand families, announced financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2011. For the quarter, net sales increased 24% (18% on a constant currency basis) to $4.9 billion as a result of favorable trading conditions for agricultural equipment, as well as higher comparative construction equipment demand in every region.

Net equipment sales for the quarter were 79% agricultural equipment and 21% construction equipment. The geographical distribution of revenue for the period was 42% North America.

Demand in the agricultural and construction equipment markets is expected to remain firm for the balance of 2011 on the back of a positive environment in agricultural commodity prices and the consequent increase in planting and farming income estimates. Further, the environment for construction equipment continues to improve.

The FY 2011 World Wide Unit Growth Forecast has agricultural equipment demand up 5% to 10%.… Continue reading

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Unverferth unveils new grain cart

Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc. announces the introduction of the Brent Avalanche model 2096 to its grain cart lineup. In addition to industry-leading unloading speed, convenience and durability, the model 2096 tops the load-carrying chart at 2,000 bushels.

Today’s high-acreage crop farmers need grain carts with high-volume capacities and rapid unloading speeds for efficiently moving grain from the combine to the semi, unloading the grain and getting the cart back to the combine. The model 2096 Avalanche grain cart does all that and more with unloading speed up to 1,000-bushels per minute and standard pistol-grip remote-control auger operation for filling each compartment of the semi with one-stop convenience, saving wear and tear on the operator and the tractor’s drivetrain.

Key Avalanche model 2096 features include:


• Exclusive drivetrain design combines a belt-driven 20-inch diameter floor auger with a heavy-duty, direct-drive 90-degree gearbox for the 24-inch diameter vertical auger for increased unloading speed

• Hydraulically cushioned tongue smoothes the ride over rough terrain and reduces drawbar stress

• For precise unloading, the auger pivots up and down and features a standard multi-directional downspout with remote control for one-stop convenience for filling each semi compartment

• Undercarriage choices of tracks for greatest flotation or steerable in-line tandem wheels with Paralink suspension for maximum maneuverability


The model 2096 also features a standard Weatherguard tarp for protecting load contents from inclement weather.… Continue reading

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New triple-mounted mower-conditioner available from John Deere

To help producers mow and condition more hay in less time, John Deere introduces the Triple-Mounted Mower-Conditioner for 2012.  This three-machine system combines a 131 Front-Mount Mower-Conditioner with a Model 388 Twin Rear-Mount Mower-Conditioner to cut a swath more than 28 feet wide in a single pass.

“This mo-co combination allows the operator to cut and condition up to 40 acres of hay per hour depending on field conditions,” says Jeremy Unruh, baling and mowing product manager for John Deere. “The Triple-Mounted Mo-Co offers our large beef and dairy cattle customers and custom operators a wide cutting width of 28 feet, 8 inches and a narrow transport width of 10 feet, 2 inches.”

To operate the Triple-Mounted unit requires a tractor with greater than 190 rear PTO horsepower and equipped with front hitch and 1000 RPM PTO. The standard configuration uses a 1-3/8-inch front PTO, which can be adapted to 1-3/4-inch, and a 1-3/4-inch rear PTO connection.… Continue reading

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Gleaner Road Show

During the 2011 Gleaner Road Show, producers will be able to see how the new Gleaner S7 Super Series combine works on the inside as the combine smoothly glides through a field during harvest. Using an AgCam mounted inside the machine, the Gleaner Road Show team will capture video of the combine’s natural-flow two-stage feeding system and transverse rotor as it processes and cleans the crop. The video will be displayed on field-side monitors. The 2011 Gleaner Road Show is occurring from July through November, moving northward with the small-grains harvest and then through the Corn Belt.

“We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of our natural-flow two-stage transverse rotor system, and now we’re literally showing it in action,” says Kevin Bien, product marketing manager for Gleaner. “By mounting one of the cameras beneath the accelerator rolls, we’ll be able to show producers how the grain is pre-cleaned before it reaches the cleaning shoe.… Continue reading

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