Unverferth unveils new grain cart

Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc. announces the introduction of the Brent Avalanche model 2096 to its grain cart lineup. In addition to industry-leading unloading speed, convenience and durability, the model 2096 tops the load-carrying chart at 2,000 bushels.

Today’s high-acreage crop farmers need grain carts with high-volume capacities and rapid unloading speeds for efficiently moving grain from the combine to the semi, unloading the grain and getting the cart back to the combine. The model 2096 Avalanche grain cart does all that and more with unloading speed up to 1,000-bushels per minute and standard pistol-grip remote-control auger operation for filling each compartment of the semi with one-stop convenience, saving wear and tear on the operator and the tractor’s drivetrain.

Key Avalanche model 2096 features include:


• Exclusive drivetrain design combines a belt-driven 20-inch diameter floor auger with a heavy-duty, direct-drive 90-degree gearbox for the 24-inch diameter vertical auger for increased unloading speed

• Hydraulically cushioned tongue smoothes the ride over rough terrain and reduces drawbar stress

• For precise unloading, the auger pivots up and down and features a standard multi-directional downspout with remote control for one-stop convenience for filling each semi compartment

• Undercarriage choices of tracks for greatest flotation or steerable in-line tandem wheels with Paralink suspension for maximum maneuverability


The model 2096 also features a standard Weatherguard tarp for protecting load contents from inclement weather.… Continue reading

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New triple-mounted mower-conditioner available from John Deere

To help producers mow and condition more hay in less time, John Deere introduces the Triple-Mounted Mower-Conditioner for 2012.  This three-machine system combines a 131 Front-Mount Mower-Conditioner with a Model 388 Twin Rear-Mount Mower-Conditioner to cut a swath more than 28 feet wide in a single pass.

“This mo-co combination allows the operator to cut and condition up to 40 acres of hay per hour depending on field conditions,” says Jeremy Unruh, baling and mowing product manager for John Deere. “The Triple-Mounted Mo-Co offers our large beef and dairy cattle customers and custom operators a wide cutting width of 28 feet, 8 inches and a narrow transport width of 10 feet, 2 inches.”

To operate the Triple-Mounted unit requires a tractor with greater than 190 rear PTO horsepower and equipped with front hitch and 1000 RPM PTO. The standard configuration uses a 1-3/8-inch front PTO, which can be adapted to 1-3/4-inch, and a 1-3/4-inch rear PTO connection.… Continue reading

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Gleaner Road Show

During the 2011 Gleaner Road Show, producers will be able to see how the new Gleaner S7 Super Series combine works on the inside as the combine smoothly glides through a field during harvest. Using an AgCam mounted inside the machine, the Gleaner Road Show team will capture video of the combine’s natural-flow two-stage feeding system and transverse rotor as it processes and cleans the crop. The video will be displayed on field-side monitors. The 2011 Gleaner Road Show is occurring from July through November, moving northward with the small-grains harvest and then through the Corn Belt.

“We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of our natural-flow two-stage transverse rotor system, and now we’re literally showing it in action,” says Kevin Bien, product marketing manager for Gleaner. “By mounting one of the cameras beneath the accelerator rolls, we’ll be able to show producers how the grain is pre-cleaned before it reaches the cleaning shoe.… Continue reading

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New Holland announces Boomer 555 contest to win a 5-year tractor lease

What would you do with a New Holland compact Boomer 30 tractor and loader? Dig a pond? Plant a food plot to attract the biggest buck? Till a prize-winning garden to feed the hungry? Make your neighbors jealous?

To find out, New Holland has announced the Boomer 555 Contest. For the next five months, legal residents of the U.S. and Canada (except Quebec) can enter to win a five-year lease of a New Holland Boomer 30 compact tractor and loader with the industry-leading Boomer Guard5 limited five-year warranty.

To enter, just visit the contest’s website at and describe how you would use a New Holland compact tractor. Unique ideas and inspiring stories count! Qualified entrants, 18 years or older, can enter by submitting their most dynamic, creative entry in words, photos or video.  Entries can also be submitted via e-mail to or mailed to Boomer 555 Contest – MS#208, c/o New Holland Agriculture, P.O.… Continue reading

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New Purdue Extension guide teaches hitch system safety

Motorists can reduce hitch-related truck and trailer accidents by following key safety steps offered in a new Purdue Extension guide.

“Keep the Trailer Connected to the Truck: Understanding the Hitch System” describes appropriate hitch system selection and use in an effort to decrease the number of highway accidents caused by detached trailers.

“Trailer accidents caused by faulty hitches aren’t just something we are saying could happen,” said Fred Whitford, lead author of the publication and Purdue extension safety specialist. “This is something that does happen every day across the nation, causing serious injuries, death and environmental hazards.”

The publication, PPP-92, is available through Purdue Extension: The Education Store at or by calling toll-free 1-888-398-4636. It is free if downloaded from the Web, or $5 in printed format. It’s also available at Purdue Extension county offices.

“Keep the Trailer Connected to the Truck” describes how to properly select and assemble a hitch mount for a trailer.… Continue reading

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AEM calls on Congress and the Administration to stop plans for disruption of GPS signals

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has expressed concerns about a company’s efforts to move forward with plans to create a faster 4G wireless network by switching airwaves after tests showed its previous system interfered with GPS systems. Here is a statement from Dennis Slater,
AEM president, about the issue:

AEM is a founding member of the Coalition to Save Our GPS, as well as a member of the Transportation Construction Coalition (TCC). AEM calls on Congress, Transportation Secretary LaHood, and the Federal Communications Commission to stop the threat in the U.S. to Global Positioning Systems (GPS) posed by LightSquared, the company planning to deploy a nationwide broadband internet infrastructure of 40,000 ground stations.

Not only would the 40,000 ground stations very likely render commercial and private GPS signals unreliable and in some cases useless, but implementing LightSquared’s plan would add unnecessary burdens to the U.S. economy.

A study just released by the Coalition to Save Our GPS reveals that the stakes in this issue are very high and very real for our struggling economy.… Continue reading

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Use a “safety first” attitude to help avoid equipment-related youth accidents this summer

School may be out and classrooms may be quiet, but now is the perfect time to study up on tractor and equipment safety. Warmer weather, longer days, outdoor fun and visits to the country…these are the makings of childhood memories, and Kubota Tractor Corporation wants to help ensure those memories are happy ones by providing some important safety reminders.

“Playing and working around equipment is second nature for some older youth, but no matter how carefree they may feel, equipment is meant for experienced adult operators. Children of all ages need to be extremely careful around any type of equipment,” says Greg Embury, vice president of sales and marketing, Kubota Tractor Corporation. “June is the start of summer vacation for many, as well as the National Safety Council’s National Safety Month, and a great time to renew your commitment to safety and remind kids that tractors, lawn and garden equipment, and utility vehicles are tools and not toys.”… Continue reading

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New Holland Super Boom Road Show at Franklin Equipment in Columbus 

Franklin Equipment is hosting the New Holland Super Boom Road Show Competition at its Columbus branch on May 13. This event is one of several held at New Holland dealerships throughout the U.S. during the year at which heavy equipment operators compete for a chance to win a 2011 New Holland skid steer loader at the North American New Holland Super Boom Road Show Championship Event later this fall. The winner from each local show will be awarded a trip for two to the national event, to be held at the 2011 Green Industry and Equipment Expo in Louisville,

KY in October 2011. Each local winner will also receive $500 cash and a commemorative New Holland Road Show belt buckle. The new 200 Series skid steers and compact track loaders will be on display, and show specials will be available, along with equipment demonstrations.

“The competition is a terrific opportunity for operators in the area to show off their skills, represent us in the national show, and win some cash,” says Tony Repeta, general manager and managing partner of Franklin Equipment.… Continue reading

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Storing grain goes high tech

By Matt Reese

Tractors guided by satellite can place a seed within an inch of accuracy. That seed can be treated to resist disease problems and genetically engineered to thwart insects, tolerate herbicides or provide nutritional value to consumers. Agriculture is in the midst of countless technological advances to improve efficiency and production, yet many farms still rely on grain handling systems that served their forefathers.

Mark Drewes, who farms in four counties in northwest Ohio, wanted to start from scratch to add a new storage facility with the most modern technology.

“I wanted to streamline my operation to make things as easy as possible. I started from the ground up,” Drewes said. “My goal was to have about a quarter million bushels of storage with a dryer. It had to be high volume, fast and efficient. I wanted it to be as technologically advanced as possible with a completely automated setup.”… Continue reading

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New Case IH tractors set records

Preliminary Nebraska Tractor Test Lab results indicate that new Tier 4A Case IH tractors with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology have set new industry records for fuel-efficient power.

In all, the tests confirmed several advantages for the new Case IH tractors, including:

· Record-breaking fuel efficiency of up to 12% advantage over competitors’

Tier 3 performance

· Up to 495 drawbar horsepower – a new record for handling today’s larger


· Lower operating cost through enhanced fluid efficiency

“These preliminary Nebraska Test results provide compelling answers to questions producers have asked about new Tier 4A emissions regulations,” said Tom Dean, high horsepower tractor marketing manager, Case IH North America. “Producers should be

reassured to know these answers translate to Case IH helping them reduce operating

costs – and increase power and productivity.”

While many competitors plan to merely match their existing Tier 3 efficiency performance, the Case IH Tier 4A tractors substantially exceed previous Tier 3 benchmarks.… Continue reading

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First Tier Four CASE IH Tractor Delivered to Ohio Farmer


Case IH shipped the world’s first tractor that meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Tier 4A emissions requirements for agricultural equipment. The engine in the new Magnum Series tractor uses Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to reduce particulate matter and nitrogen oxides in emissions while actually boosting power, and improving fuel efficiency and durability.

The EPA’s Tier 4A emissions standards, which take effect in 2011, mandate cleaner and more efficient engines. These measures will reduce nitrogen oxides and particulate matter produced by 90 percent over previous generation engines utilized by agricultural manufacturers.

Case IH believes the SCR technology in the new Magnum Series tractors is superior to the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) technology being used by John Deere. EGR recirculates exhaust back into the engine air intake. In high-horsepower applications, this approach uses more fuel, leads to hotter engine temperatures and requires more maintenance.… Continue reading

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Ag equipment outlook: strongest growth overall in export sales

In the just-released agriculture equipment “business outlook” survey of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM):

• Agricultural machinery manufacturers predict overall business in the United States to close out 2010 with 2.4% growth, then gain 3.7% in 2011 and 2.4% in 2012, followed by 2013 growth of 3.0%.

• Canadian business overall is expected to be 4.1% higher in 2010 than the previous year, but then flatten out, down 0.5% in 2011, up 1.0% in 2012 and up 1.5% in 2013.

• Industry business to the rest of the world is expected to increase the most through 2013 — up 2.8% in 2010, followed by 7.6% growth in 2011 and gains of 6.9% in 2012 and 5.9% in 2013.

For 2-wheel-drive tractors, the most growth through 2013 is predicted for machines with 40 to 100 horsepower (hp), in both the United States and Canada. For 4-wheel-drive tractors, strongest growth is seen for 2010 with double-digit sales increases — up 18.8% in the United States and up 14.8% for Canada.… Continue reading

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Avoid distracted driving, on road and farm

By Kent McGuire, Ohio AgrAbiltiy program

Most Ohio farmers multi-task to increase productivity. Loading seed while re-fueling and planning the next day’s activities while waiting for the livestock water trough to fill are typical examples.

We tend to see this as a way to make more efficient use of our time. However, there is one place where trying to do two (or more!) things at the same time can have disastrous consequences, and that is behind the wheel of a car, truck or equipment. Any time a person drives a motor vehicle or equipment and engages in any activity that takes attention away from the job of driving, it is considered distracted


There are three main types of distraction recognized by the U.S. Department of


1) Visual Distraction — taking your eyes off the road

2) Manual — taking you hands off the steering wheel

3) Cognitive — taking your mind and attention away from driving

These classifications are not mutually exclusive, and any one activity (say, reaching for something or speaking to a passenger) can involve all three.… Continue reading

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After harvest equipment checklist

By Jason the Mechanic

Now that harvest is over and we all have time to stop and catch our breath a little, it’s time to start the long task of cleaning everything to be put away for the winter. The first question is what to clean first. Taking advantage of this warm weather is nice to clean combines, carts and the grain dryer.

First, we begin with the combines. I always start out by giving them a good dusting with a large leaf blower. After the leaf blower, I use an air compressor and a long wand. We always try to blow out all the nooks and crannies and the air filters.

Once it is clean as it can be, then comes a good wash with the pressure washer. When washing any type of newer equipment always try to avoid directly spraying any electrical connections. Sometimes it can’t be helped, but try your best.… Continue reading

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Ohio CAT to Open Location in Washington CH

The Ohio CAT Agri Business Division has agreed to lease a facility in Washington Court House, Ohio. The seven (7) acre site on Route #22 just east of Washington Court House will serve as a sales, parts, and service facility. Ohio CAT plans to open for business on February 14, 2011. Facility preparation for the operation will begin immediately.

Products sold and serviced by the Agri Business Division of Ohio CAT include Ag-Chem application equipment, Challenger wheel, track, and articulated tractors and combines, Lexion combines, White planters, Massey Ferguson tractors for governmental applications, and Sunflower tillage tools. In addition, Caterpillar® products typically utilized in agriculture are available at each of the Agri Business Division’s dedicated  locations.

Kelly Love, V.P. of Ohio CAT’s Agri Business Division, shares, “We are excited about our expansion into Fayette County. This critical location will position us to provide a superior level of support for customers.” Love further comments, “Our focus is on the professional producer, and Washington Court House is a major hub of Ohio agricultural production.”… Continue reading

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JCB launches new generation skid steers and track loaders

JCB, one of the world’s largest heavy equipment manufacturers, has launched an exciting new line of highly productive and reliable skid steer loaders and compact track loaders. These “New Generation” machines are the first to not only be manufactured but also designed and engineered at the company’s North American headquarters in Savannah, Ga.
John Patterson Deputy Chairman of JCB said: “North America generates 60 percent of the worldwide demand for skid steers and compact track loaders, so developing and producing the new generation of machines in Savannah makes perfect sense and has enabled us not only to meet the unique needs of the North American market but also develop a machine range that will have universal appeal.”
JCB has introduced a range of seven new skid steers—four wheeled and three tracked—in a range that will eventually grow to 18 models. All seven machines are vertical lift, which allows for increased capacity and more reach at maximum lift height.
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