In-season scouting and data collection with APPs

By John Fulton, Trey Colley, and Jenna Lee

Collecting in-season data including scouting intel and imagery can be useful on the farm. For those conducting on-farm studies, collecting data beyond yield can provide valuable context when evaluating yield results post-harvest. There are several mobile applications (APPs) available today that can assist with scouting and collecting data. The value with many of these APPs is having:

  1. Information at your fingertips
  2. Efficient collection and storage of data, images, notes, etc.
  3. The ability to share collected information with others quickly
  4. Access to collected information later in the season, post-harvest or next year
  5. The capability to geo-tag while collecting data and images
  6. Data and information available when evaluating post-harvest results.

One app that allows you to have all of benefits in one is the Ohio State PLOTS App. This is an on-farm research app provided by The Ohio State University free of charge. PLOTS allows the user to set-up replicated field studies, capture geo-tagged notes/images during the growing season, and performs statistical analyses on collected crop data.… Continue reading

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Lowe and Young recognized by Krone as top retail sales volume dealer in the U.S.

Krone NA announced that Lowe & Young in Wooster has been recognized as their highest Retail Sales Volume Dealer in the U.S. for fiscal year 2017. Krone is a global leader in the manufacture and sales of hay and forage equipment, doing business in 40 countries.

Earning this prestigious recognition as a retail sales leader for Krone takes significant effort, as each year over 200 equipment dealers compete for this distinctive recognition. To be considered for this award, the dealerships must have exceptional sales, service, and parts departments. Thus, this recognition confirms that Lowe and Young employees have exhibited tremendous commitment to serving the needs of their customers.

Lowe and Young carries the Krone forage equipment product line,  including the BiG X forage harvesters, BiG M mower conditioners, BiG Pack large square balers, Comprima Round Balers, Disc Mowers and Mower Conditioners, KW Tedders, and Swadro Rakes.

“We at Krone truly appreciate the Lowe and Young dealership’s exceptional efforts to achieve this award,” Brent Raines, Regional Product Manager for Krone. … Continue reading

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Pre-season maintenance tips tor grain storage systems

For farmers who didn’t perform basic maintenance of their grain storage system following the 2017 harvest, it’s better to tackle that work now rather than trying to fit it in later this season, said Gary Woodruff, conditioning applications manager for GSI.

He cited five of the most important steps:

  • Check all conveyor belts for proper tension and any needed repairs.
  • Inspect chain drives for tension and lubricate.
  • Remove any debris from inside and outside of the dryer, and clean the inside of the control box.
  • Lubricate all greaseable bearings on dryers, conveyors and other equipment.
  • Make sure safety cages are secure, and that all safety shields on motor drives and dump points are in good condition.

“Rusting and other machine deterioration occurs faster in warm weather,” Woodruff said. “A clean, lubed dryer or material handling piece of equipment will last longer and be ready for next fall.”

In addition to this basic work that farmers can handle on their own, Woodruff encourages them to contact their grain system dealer for additional pre-season maintenance that requires specialized expertise.… Continue reading

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Pay attention to nozzle selection to meet label requirements for the new 2,4-D and dicamba products

Generally, this is the time of the year you complete shopping for nozzles because the spraying season is just around the corner. This task must be on top of your to do list if you are one of those who will be applying the new 2,4-D or Dicamba products for crops that are resistant to these products. According to a survey conducted by Farm Journal magazine and reported in its Mid-February issue, out of the 411 people they contacted (mostly in Midwest, including Ohio) 40% of them indicated they plan to grow dicamba-tolerant soybeans. About 11% indicated they are still undecided. If you happened to be one of these people who will use dicamba products for weed control, you better check the labels because you now have to use one of the nozzles they recommend on their labels, and operate those nozzle within a recommended range of pressures.

In the past, the labels on chemicals gave some vague and general statements when referring to application equipment.

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Bane-Welker Equipment locations achieved Case IH Pinnacle status

Bane-Welker Equipment is proud to announce four of their 13 locations achieved Case IH Pinnacle status in 2017. There are 613 dealer locations across the country participating in the Pinnacle Program. Of those 613, only 27 total Case IH dealer locations achieved Pinnacle status in all six categories: Sales, Marketing, Operations, Parts, Service, and AFS. Four of those 27 dealers were Bane-Welker stores and one was the Bane-Welker Equipment, LLC in Georgetown, Ohio.

“We could not be prouder of our team for their hard work this year,” said Phil Bane, CEO of Bane-Welker Equipment. “We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction 100% of the time. Having four of our thirteen locations reach this goal is impressive and we won’t take that for granted. We will continue to work hard for our customers at all 13 locations.”

The Pinnacle Program represents the highest level of excellence in the Case IH dealer network.… Continue reading

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Yetter introduces 2966-002A Air Adjust Residue Manager

Since Yetter Farm Equipment introduced the 2966-002 Residue Manager for John Deere 60/90 Series openers, growers have experienced effective residue management and improved emergence. Now, the 2966 is available with air-cylinder control, making it even more powerful and effective.

The key innovation on the new 2966-002A Air Adjust Residue Manager for 60/90 Series openers is the 2-inch by 4.5-inch stroke cylinder controlled by the 2940 Air Adjust In-Cab Controller, which allows growers to adjust the up and down pressure of the floating residue manager from the tractor seat.

“This effective and versatile residue management tool helps producers get over hurdles they face during seeding, such as residue hairpinning, inconsistent seed depth and placement and lack of seed-to-soil contact,” said Andy Thompson, Yetter territory manager.

The new model mounts to the arm of John Deere 60/90 Series Openers. The Air Adjust Pneumatic Controller and Compressor Kit then mounts to the air seeder to create the ideal ride for the floating residue manager as it follows the soil terrain.… Continue reading

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Case IH continues to drive data openness and interoperability in precision farming as an IoF2020 project stakeholder

In Almeria, Spain, IoF2020 project stakeholders demonstrated a proof of concept focusing on interoperability and compatibility between farm machines, sensors and software.

The IoF2020 group uses the ADAPT Framework focusing on interoperability and compatibility between farm machines, sensors and software. ADAPT is an open source software toolkit from AgGateway, based on a universal data compatibility model that uses plug-ins to enable translation between different proprietary data formats.

“In everything we’re doing, we’re focusing on understanding the daily challenges of our customers and supporting them with products and solutions that make farming easier,” said Andreas Klauser, Case IH brand president. “This project is another great step that will help farmers to increase efficiency by using their data without any boundaries.”

With the proof of concept demonstration, the IoF2020 partners confirmed their commitment to and progress on an open and interoperable system, through which data can flow seamlessly between different value chain participants.… Continue reading

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Are you the best skid steer or track loader operator?

Calling all skid steer and track loader operators! It’s time to show your skills at the rodeo — the Skid Steer Rodeo, presented by Apple Farm Service.

Are you the best skid steer or track loader operator? Apple Farm Service will be at the Clark County, Preble County, Auglaize County, and Darke County Fairs to find out.

Contestants will be timed as they finish a series of obstacles while operating a skid steer or track loader provided by Apple Farm Service. These obstacles might include tasks like scoring a soccer goal, stacking a handful of pallets, lifting a bucket of water without spilling, and other fun-to-watch obstacles. The operator with the fastest time will walk away as the best operator in the county. First prize will win $150, second prize is $100, and third prize is $50.

Come and watch as these contestants show off their skills in front of the grandstand.… Continue reading

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AGCO honors top dealers in North America

Ohio Ag Equipment, headquartered in Broadview Heights, was recently recognized by AGCO Corporation for achieving a Five Star rating in its 2017 Dealer Excellence Program, AGCO’s annual dealer evaluation review. Ohio Ag Equipment was one of a small group of dealers across North America to achieve a Five Star rating in 2017.

Andy Thompson of AGCO Corporation presented Ohio Ag Equipment with a plaque as recognition for their accomplishments in the Dealer Excellence Program.

“We are excited to earn this high honor and recognition from AGCO,” said Mike Mampieri, General Manager with Ohio Ag Equipment said. “I am proud working with such a dedicated and customer focused team. We work very hard to provide outstanding product support that our customers expect and deserve. Ohio Ag Equipment is proud to stand among an elite group of dealers across the U.S. and Canada.”

The AGCO Dealer Excellence Program evaluates dealers’ performance in all areas of the business including sales, parts, service, marketing, training, financial management and facilities with the ultimate goal of improving customer satisfaction.… Continue reading

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Check tires to make spring field work efficient

While farmers may be eager to get into the field this spring, a few simple maintenance checks will ensure their tires are ready too.

It is costly to have tire problems in the field. Farmers are often working against the weather, and Mother Nature only gives them a small window of opportunity to get their fields planted on time. In fact, delayed planting can cost as much as $570 per hour.

“As a farmer myself, I know all too well that itch to get into the fields as soon as the weather starts to change,” said Brad Harris, manager, Global Agriculture Field Engineering, Firestone Ag. “It is important to examine tires when you prep equipment for planting season. Our 7-step tire check list helps find problems and repair tire issues before they result in costly downtime.”

Checking the tire pressure is a good place to start.

“We need to figure out what our axle weights are and then use that almighty inflation pressure gauge to make sure that we are setting it correctly,” Harris said.… Continue reading

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Innovation award 2018 for intelligent beacons GIL honors Fliegl Counter SX

The German Society for Computer Science in Agriculture, Forestry and the Food Industry (GIL) has awarded the Fliegl Counter SX with the Innovation Award 2018 during its 38th Annual Meeting in Kiel, thereby honoring an “outstanding, innovative contribution in agricultural computer science”.

From the official communication of the GIL: The GIL e.V. awards the prize to the joint submission of the companies Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH, Pöttinger Landtechnik GmbH and Sigfox for the development of the Beacon + GPS + Sigfox (Fliegl COUNTER SX, Pöttinger PÖTPRO Guide), submitted by Franz Höpfinger (Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH).

The Fliegl COUNTER SX is an innovative beacon that extends the beacon technology to include an acceleration sensor, GPS module, Sigfox wireless technology and data memory. The features are intelligently interlinked and together they provide a new application range and data depth: The Fliegl COUNTER SX can usefully generate, store and transfer data in a variety of different processes.… Continue reading

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Two Ohio agriculture dealers form alliance

Ohio Ag Equipment, an agricultural equipment dealer, announces an alliance with Ag Info Tech LLC., an ag-based technology dealer, to further provide our customers with enhanced technology service solutions and capabilities.

Ag Info Tech, LLC. has a vast knowledge of precision ag products that maximize the ROI and profitability of their customers. Ohio Ag Equipment’s product lineup, consisting of Challenger, Massey Ferguson and Fendt tractors, Lexion and Gleaner combines, RoGator and TerraGator application equipment, White Planters and Sunflower tillage, is reliant on technology applications now more than ever before. As experts in their field, Ag Info Tech, LLC. will assist Ohio Ag Equipment in supporting Ag Leader, Trimble, Precision Planting and other technologies that help increase our customers’ efficiency, accuracy and profitability.

“The whole team at Ag Info Tech is excited about the opportunity to work with Ohio Ag Equipment,” said Tim Norris, CEO of Ag Info Tech. “Ohio Ag Equipment offers a great line of products that can benefit from the wide range of precision ag equipment and knowledge we offer.”… Continue reading

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Jason the Mechanic: Don’t forget the winter maintenance for “little” trailers


Too often we forget how important our little trailers are to our farms.

A lot of us don’t think about our little trailers that we use a lot to haul our four-wheeler or a skid loader.  We just generally hook it onto the truck and go. Nobody thinks to look at it until something goes wrong. Our bigger trailers — the semi truck trailers — we tend to look at more, but we don’t think about the maintenance for our little trailers until it is too late.

For example, you don’t ever think about checking the wheel bearings until you throw your four-wheeler on the trailer to go visit a buddy in Indiana and you get halfway there and a wheel blows off on the interstate. Then you are stuck. On the little trailers we really try to look at the wheel bearings and seals once a year.

If you have an older trailer you have to take it apart to inspect the bearing and seals and re-pack them with grease. … Continue reading

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National Farm Machinery Show Video Highlights

Acres of indoor farm machinery displays draw thousands of people each year to the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky, with 2018 being no different. The Ohio Ag Net team had a chance to talk with some of the exhibitors about their products.

While down at the show, the OAN crew came across a unique looking skid loader at the CAT booth. Surrounded by excited young people in blue corduroy jackets, Joel Penhorwood stopped in to find our what the Kentucky FFA was up to as he visits with Bradon Burks, State FFA Vice President.

Dale Minyo visits with John Couch of SISCO talking the McFarlane Cobra Reel Disk, on display at the annual show.

Ohio Ag Net’s Joel Penhorwood visited with Jerry Quellhorst of GEA. The robotic farm market is attracting more and more options for the dairy industry including but not limited to robotic, carousel choices.

Salford Group’s Brad Baker also visited with Joel.… Continue reading

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Opportunities for sub-surface nutrient placement in Ohio

As regulations related to fertilizer application increase across the Midwest, many producers are evaluating the feasibility of applying fertilizers below the soil surface. Often, it is unclear which types of implements are best suited to meet the nutrient management goals set for your farm. Equipment capable of sub-surface placement can vary in horsepower requirements, placement options, and the level of tillage. To help identify which implement(s) is best suited for your farm, the Ohio State Precision Ag Team compiled a list of sub-surface placement benefits and categorized available equipment options.  Here are several benefits of sub-surface placement of fertilizers:

• It makes fertilizers readily available for crop uptake.

• It can potentially reduce pre-plant field passes to a single operation, conserving fuel and reducing compaction.

• Strip-till, sub-surface placement equipment allows for optimal seedbed preparation, improving planter performance.

• It can reduce off-site transport of fertilizer in overland runoff.

For a decision aiding tool, we categorized currently available sub-surface placement implements into one of the four categories:

1.… Continue reading

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Drainage water management (controlled drainage) update

In 2015 we estimated more than 200 Drainage Water Management (DWM) structures had been installed in Ohio. At this time we estimate as many as 500 have been installed or are to be installed this spring. Many of these are have been installed in Northwest Ohio, in the Lake Erie Basin. A substantial number of structures have been installed to reduce liquid manure discharges from the application of liquid manure on subsurface drained cropland all across Ohio.

The primary purpose of DWM is the reduction of soluble nutrients discharged from subsurface (tile) drainage systems to ditches and streams. Soluble nutrients move with the water, so to reduce nutrient discharges, it is necessary to reduce the discharge of water from the subsurface drainage system. Extensive research from Ohio and across the Midwest indicates that DWM can substantially reduce the discharge of drainage water during the non-growing season compared to free drainage at drain depth.… Continue reading

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Precision Planting launched three new products

Precision Planting, LLC announced the launch of three new products.

The new products launched include the 20|20 monitor, which provides an advanced agronomic picture, allowing farmers to optimize planting, harvest and application decisions with a smart, intuitive interface that visualizes performance and field conditions in real time. The 20|20 monitor powers the most agronomic-advanced systems on the market that control population, down force, liquid application, multi-hybrid planting and higher-speed planting, all while sensing the furrow. The 20|20 monitor also helps collect the most spatially accurate yield data available and provides information for setting the planter to maximize ear count. This allows farmers to not only have the accurate data to make those crucial decisions but also gives them the equipment and powerful automation to make decisions during each pass through the field.

The new SeederForce is the first step toward bringing Precision Planting technology into the air-seeder market. Compatible with John Deere 60- and 90-Series Air Seeders, SeederForce is an automated downforce control system that initially measures the amount of weight present on the gauge wheels of the row unit and compares that to the target set by the farmer on the 20|20 display.… Continue reading

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Lighting solutions for the dark days of winter

Does your workload get lighter as the days get shorter and darker? Probably not. Animals still need fed and tended to, work needs to get done, and equipment needs fixed.

A well-lit work space is important to ensure that you can work safely and effectively. Task lighting makes work safer and easier, allowing you to see your equipment and workspace. Task lighting can be portable, permanently attached, or you can even wear it.

LED lights are one solution for lighting a poorly lit area, or upgrading older, expensive to use lights.


Task lighting

Task lighting is the lighting available in a workspace, or the area where a task will be performed. Poor lighting, such as only overhead lights, can cause shadows, and make work more difficult and dangerous by hiding sharp edges and other hazards. Inadequate lighting can cause eyestrain, blurred vision, dry and burning eyes, and headaches.

Task Lighting safety practices (from Task Lighting, Fact Sheet, Jepsen & Suchy, 2015)

  • Provide lighting with adjustable intensity to meet the needs for different tasks
  • Provide portable lighting at the task location as appropriate
  • Keep walls, ceilings and floors clean, and use lighter colors on them to reflect light
  • Replace and clean lights regularly
  • Allow enough time for the eyes to adapt from a well-lighted to a low-lighted area and vice versa
  • Use filter to diffuse overhead lighting.
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Case IH adds new AFS Connect data-sharing options With AgDNA and several other popular services

Case IH has announced seamless data transfer capabilities between its Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Connect farm management system and six new major service providers, including popular farm management system AgDNA.

Users of AFS Connect will have the ability to share their agronomic data from their management portal directly to and from these third-party service providers. Depending on the options offered by the provider, these producers may elect to share yield data, guidance lines and much more from any computer or tablet connected to the internet. In return, the service providers will have the capability to send resulting prescriptions and analysis.

“These new service providers, along with the AFS Connect data-sharing functionality, will provide producers a secure way to transfer agronomic data between their machines and their trusted advisers,” said Chris Dempsey, Case IH AFS marketing manager. “As producers seek more actionable data to make better decisions, this will give them the flexibility to work with their preferred providers.”… Continue reading

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