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National FFA Scholarship awarded to local student Kaylee Fisher

The National FFA Organization awarded a $1,000 Rabo AgriFinance scholarship to Kaylee Fisher of the Wapakoneta FFA Chapter in Wapakoneta, Ohio. This scholarship is one of four awarded by Rabo AgriFinance to outstanding high school seniors throughout the United States who have enrolled in an accredited post-secondary educational institution and who have met other academic, leadership and involvement requirements established by the National FFA Foundation.

Fisher is a four-year member of FFA. Her family owns and operates J&S Farms, where they grow corn, soybeans and wheat, as well as contract raise 2,000 pigs. Fisher plans to use the funds to pursue a degree in crop science from Ohio State University at Lima and take over her family farm upon graduation.

“Excellent young students like Kaylee are the foundation of a future that will continue to build the profitability of farmers and the sustainability of our country’s agricultural industry,” says Marvin Denlinger, regional manager with Rabo AgriFinance in Indianapolis.… Continue reading

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Miami Trace FFA officers go on retreat

On May 26th the Miami Trace FFA officers went on their annual officer retreat. Each year the new group of officers decides where to go in order to plan out the year, have fun, and get away for their first few days of summer. This year the officers decided to have their retreat at Great Wolf Lodge in Cincinnati, Ohio. The team came into the high school and helped clean the Ag shop and Ag rooms, which are being renovated and changed for the upcoming school year. Once at Great Wolf Lodge, the officer team sat down and started to go over rules and responsibilities of each office. Then, started planning out the upcoming year, which is full of many upcoming events involving other chapters and the community. After working hard the team had the chance to go the water park and have some fun, and bond with their new team members.… Continue reading

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Miami Trace FFA – Guiding Greenhands

On May 25, the Miami trace FFA chapter had the incoming freshmen for the school year come over and visit with the FFA officers. The officers went to the middle school and walked back to the high school with them. Once over at the high school all the freshmen were seated in the AG shop where they listened to the officers introduce themselves and tell a little bit about themselves also. Then, some of the officers explained different parts involved in FFA, like CDEs, SAEs, the fruit sale, and also about the program. Afterwards, the students got to enjoy one of their first FFA lunch meals which are held at least once a month in the AG shop. Once they were done eating, the freshmen had to go find their group leader by a set of clues they were given.  After they were in their groups they had the chance to ask any questions they had about the FFA and then got a personal tour around the high school.… Continue reading

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Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Banquet a success

By: Emily Cordle, Reporter

On Saturday, May 14, 2011, the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA chapter held its annual awards banquet in the school’s cafetorium. The banquet had more than 400 members, parents and guests present. The awards banquet started off with a potluck dinner and with a showing of the last year’s banquet’s slide show. After that, former State FFA President Amy Jo Frost was the special speaker. She spoke on opportunities and choices. Finally, the awards banquet started. There were a lot of achievements our chapter members that were being recognized. Many members received awards for their SAE projects, contests awards, and their overall participation in the FFA.

Since last year’s banquet, our chapter has placed 5th in the Nation with our Agricultural Communications Career Development Event team, placed 1st at the Regional level with our Environmental and Natural Resources CDE team, and placed 1st at State with our Nature Interpretation CDE team and our Agricultural Issues Forum CDE team.… Continue reading

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Zane Trace FFA members assist with Kingston High School Alumni Banquet

Members of the Zane Trace FFA Chapter recently assisted with the Alumni Banquet for the Kingston High School Alumni group.  The banquet was held in the Zane Trace Cafetorium on Saturday, July 11 and included a group of over 200 guests.  The FFA members helped caterer Kim Morton and her team by serving meals to the alumni and cleaning up after the dinner was concluded.

During the event, members had the opportunity to practice etiquette and learn about the history of the Kingston-Union School.  The members were especially interested in hearing firsthand how the Zane Trace school name came about from a Kingston-Union High School alumnus.  They also enjoyed viewing pictures and memorabilia from Kingston school.… Continue reading

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Zane Trace FFA members “Unlock the mystery” at Camp Muskingum

During the week of June 6 – 10 eight members of the Zane Trace FFA Chapter attended summer FFA camp at FFA Camp Muskingum near Carrollton, Ohio.   The theme for this year’s camp was “Unlock the Mystery” and the campers were encouraged to solve a fictional murder mystery during camp while discovering the talents and abilities they had within themselves.   During the camp FFA members participated in leadership sessions with past Ohio FFA State officers, competed in sports tournaments, debated the benefits and drawbacks of organic farming and learned conservation practices related to wildlife, water quality and forestry.

Members also developed friendships with other FFA members from around the state of Ohio and raised money for Children’s Hospital through the annual camp “Pie In the Eye” competition.  In this event, students donated money for the opportunity to throw a cream pie in the face of their favorite FFA advisor or camp staff member. … Continue reading

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Benjamin Logan Honorary Degree members

By: Katelyne Ackley

On May 14, 2011 at the Benjamin Logan annual FFA banquet, the Benjamin Logan FFA inducted four Honorary Degree members. These members were Jodi Lininger, (Benjamin Logan FFA parent), Harold Longbrake, (supporter of the Benjamin Logan FFA), and Mr. Ken Nicole and his wife Cherie Baldwin, (owners of All-Around-Awards).

Lininger has been very supportive and willing to help for the last four years. She has attended National FFA Convention and State FFA Conventions as a chaperone. She has spent many hours at the school helping prepare for events and activities. She has donated time and energy for the sake of all of our members, in order that they could succeed. Mrs. Lininger and her husband Doug have three daughters, one of which is a senior FFA member this year and served as our chapter president last year. Mrs. Lininger has been a great help to the chapter. The Benjamin Logan FFA would like to thank her for her time, energy and support of the Benjamin Logan FFA and its members.… Continue reading

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Miami East FFA members attend camp

Respectfully Submitted, Dani Sands, Reporter

The week of June 6 to 10, 19 members of the Miami East FFA Chapter attended FFA Camp at Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum. Camp Muskingum is located on Leesville Lake in Carroll County, just south of Carrollton, Ohio.

During the week members competed in many competitions, participated in workshops and team building activities, and met FFA members from across the state.  The FFA members took part in leadership training sessions, which were conducted by the past Ohio FFA State Officers.

While at camp, members donated money towards the “Pie-in-the-Eye” campaign. Advisor Marie Carity took at pie in the eye by graduate David Long. The chapter also purchased a visit by the current State FFA President. All proceeds from the activity will go to the Children’s Hospital.

David Long won the euchre tournament and Lauren Williams placed second in the girl’s division of the shotgun competition.

Those from Miami East attending  David Long, Justin Furrow, Brandon Nales, Corrine Melvin, Heather Skaggs, Jenifer Slone, Kelly Rindler, Colin Hawes, Rebekah Eidemiller, Lauren Williams, Kolin Bendickson, Macaleh Thompson, Chris Long, Mike Shively, Trenton Tigner, Devin Staley, Dalton Allen, Chris Harleman and Robbie Adams.… Continue reading

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Benjamin Logan FFA 40th annual chapter banquet

On May 14th, 2011 the Benjamin Logan FFA held their 40th annual chapter banquet. The chapter banquet is a culminating highlight of the year for most FFA chapters.

The banquet provides members the opportunity to work together, use leadership skills gained during the year and showcase chapter and individual accomplishments. The banquet recognizes each of its members for their achievements.

The top ten students of the Fruit Sale Fundraiser were 10th place: Kelsey Lininger, Hunter Pride, and David Watson 9th place: Luke Mathys, 8th place: Jessica Skidmore 7th place: Joel Penhorwood, 6th place: Emily Brill, 5th place: Danny Foulk, 4th place: Brent Weiss, 3rd place: Tyler Myers, 2nd place: Jacob Willis and first place went to Bradley Keeran. The Star awards were given to Tyler Myers and Katelyne Ackley, who received the Star Greenhand award. JD Harshfield received the Star in Agribusiness award and Kelsey Lininger received the Star Farmer award.… Continue reading

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Margaretta FFA Chapter annual FFA softball game

On Thursday, June 9, the Margaretta FFA Chapter held its annual FFA softball game. This game is open to all members, giving them opportunities to become more active in the FFA. This shows all participants that there is more to FFA than what is in the classroom.

The softball game was held at Windau Field in Castalia. The opposing teams were The Officers and The Members. With The Members taking the lead at the beginning and holding the lead until the end, The Officers never had the opportunity to have the satisfaction of a victory. Even without a victory on their side, they still enjoyed being with their FFA friends.

Having a lack of equipment and experience, the participants learned the value of sharing, making this game even more successful and fun. Halfway through the game, the players enjoyed hamburgers grilled by Mr. Kremer. With the game back on, the players laughed and had a ball as they watched the sentinel, Chris Gysan teach how to bat.… Continue reading

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National Trail FFA 2011-2012 Officer Team

The National Trail FFA Chapter introduced their executive officer team for 2011-2012 at their annual FFA banquet on May 14, 2011. Candidates had to complete an officer application form and then go through an interview process. They were then slated by the interviewing committee and voted on by the chapter members at a regular chapter meeting.

The new 2011-2012 National Trail FFA President is Natalie Morgan!  Natalie is the daughter of Rob and Bonnie Morgan of New Paris.  This years Vice President is Luke Stall!  Luke is the son of Mark and Lisa Stall of New Paris.  The new Treasurer is Cole Fort! Cole is the son of Steve and Barbara Fort of New Paris.  The Reporters position went to Sara Hollingsworth!  Sara is the daughter of Gary Hollingsworth of Eaton and Samantha Alcorn of New Paris.  The 2011-2012 Secretary is Ashley Hines!  Ashley is the daughter of Brian and Julie Hines of Eldorado. … Continue reading

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National Trail FFA helps fight back

For the first year ever, the National Trail FFA chapter entered a team in the Preble County Relay for Life!  The relay was held at the Preble County fairgrounds.  The relay began June 3rd at 6 p.m. and ended at noon June 4th. Team Captain, Kari Cottingim, was joined by the 2011-2012 FFA officer team, two chapter members, and various family members as part of the team “FFA for Life”.

Kari Cottingim came to the NT FFA officer team with an idea of starting a team for the local relay for life.  Many members of the chapter had been affected by cancer so the chapter decided to help fight back.  The NT FFA officer team adopted the event as a team project. Members participating were Kari Cottingim, Tori Biser, Brenden Waddle, Natalie Morgan, Lucas Stall, Ashley Hines, Sara Hollingsworth, Cole Fort, Tyler Blair, Abbie Taylor. Also walking was Cana Bisor, and 2009 graduate Justin Slone and FFA Advisor Joe Slone and various other family members.… Continue reading

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Benjamin Logan FFA Chapter completes shop projects

During the second semester the Benjamin Logan FFA Chapter has recently been making shop projects. Students will be taking two projects to the fair that members have been working on. They have been working with power tools making picnic tables, shelves, saw horses, and tool boxes. The sophomores have created welding projects such as post pullers, backhoes, and other things students desired to make. Members have learned to stick weld, arc weld, and mig weld.

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Margaretta FFA Food for America

By: Jessica Stacy

The Margaretta FFA is proud to announce that they hosted their annual Food For America event. In the previous years the Margaretta FFA chapter has only provided for the 6th graders, but this year the 5th graders joined these festivities.

Many of you may know that Food For America is held by many FFA chapters, but Food For America with Margaretta is particularly unique. Margaretta Local School District has decided to the integrate the upcoming 6th graders into the high school and middle school. Since just this one school already houses grades 7 through 12, it will soon becomes grades 6-12. Due to this transition, Food For America had an extra 100+ little kids running around. Besides the chaos, the Margaretta FFA students handled this hectic event with maturity and made a good name for the Margaretta FFA chapter.

The 5th and 6th graders enjoyed a meal that consisted of hotdogs and baked beans.… Continue reading

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Versailles FFA Farm Day

Like dandelions in the front yard, PETA constantly tries to reappear and bring negative light to the Ag industry. However, we must remember to shine focus onto the positive events happening in the industry. The Versailles FFA  is doing their part to educate consumers by sponsoring the 36th annual Farm Day for nearly 700 students from Darke, Shelby, and Miami county elementary schools. Designed to teach children about where their food comes from and how the American farm operates, this year Farm Day was held at Schrader Farms outside of Versailles on Boyer Road on May 13th.

Covering all aspects of agriculture, the farm was set up into stations which were led by Versailles FFA students . At the French Fries station, students discussed the potato and enjoyed a cup of French Fries. The wildlife station, presented by Doug Steinbrunner of Darke County Soil and Water Conservation District, allowed the students to learn about wildlife while feeling many animal furs. … Continue reading

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Member Spotlight: Jodie Brand, Versailes High School

As a young freshman that was unsure if she really wanted to join the FFA, Jodie Brand stumbled into the organization with a little push from her parents. It wasn’t until after a silly Parli-Pro practice that Jodie realized the potential held within the FFA.  One simple afternoon spiraled into a deep love for the FFA and developed her into a young woman that is ready to tackle the world.

“To me, the FFA is no longer an organization through the high school but instead, a part of my everyday life that I will cherish even long after it is all over. Through this organization, I think it is safe to say, that my fellow senior classmates and I have met people we never thought we would, reached heights that we never knew were possible, and expanded our horizons farther than we can reach.”

The new graduate from Versailles High School participated in a wide spectrum of CDEs and other state and national events through her four years of high school.… Continue reading

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Colonel Crawford FFA hosts Food for America

On Friday May 13, the second graders from Colonel Crawford traveled to the high school to learn about farm animals, tractors, plants, and many more aspects of agriculture. Around 60 second graders visited 13 stations that educated them about farm life. Among the stations were: pigs, sheep, horses, poultry, goats, dairy, steers, tractors, biotechnology, plants, and woodworking. At these stations students learned about the breeds, parts, and show management, what food and by products come from each animal and general care for the animals. While at the horse station they got to take a ride down the driveway which was a highlight for most. At the tractors they learned safety, parts, the use of the electronic GPS equipment, and what tractors are used for. During the plant station, students learned about diseases, plant structure, different equipment used to plant crops, and how the plants grow. They also got to plant their own green bean seed to take home and grow.… Continue reading

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Red Brand’s year-long ‘Home Grown’ initiative raises more than $100,000 for local FFA chapters across the U.S.

After successfully raising more than $100,000  in the first year of a new grass-roots campaign that provided funds to local FFA chapters throughout the country, the nation’s leading fence manufacturer has announced its decision to make this campaign an annual event.

Early last year, Peoria, Ill.-based Keystone Steel and Wire Co., maker of Red Brand fence, launched its “Home Grown” initiative, a program to benefit FFA through its Red Brand agricultural fencing sales division. For every roll of Red Brand agricultural fencing purchased by a participating retailer, $1 is donated to a designated local FFA chapter or chapters of their choice.

In the first year, more than $100,000 was donated by Red Brand and distributed by dealers to 704 FFA chapters. On average, local FFA chapters received $400. An FFA chapter in Platte, S.D., was awarded more than $4,000.

“Red Brand’s financial support of FFA is critically important to growing and developing stronger FFA experiences for students at the local level of our organization,” said National FFA Foundation executive director Rob Cooper.… Continue reading

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