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Miami East-MVCTC FFA November 2020 FFA Member of the Month

The November 2020 Miami East-MVCTC FFA Member of the Month is Landin Putnam. He is a freshman and first year member of the Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter.

Landin recently competed in the State FFA Urban Soils where he was the highest placing individual from the chapter. He placed 69 out of 572 individuals. He also attended the 2020 National FFA Virtual Convention and has participated in the fruit sales fundraiser.

Every month of the school year the Miami East-MVCTC FFA will select a student to be the FFA Member of the Month.  The officer team will nominate one member that has been actively involved in the FFA chapter, school and community activities.  If selected, the member will be recognized at the monthly FFA meeting, have their picture displayed in the Miami East Ag Room, and will receive a special accolade in celebration of their accomplishment.… Continue reading

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Ben Logan participates in Virtual National FFA Convention

FFA members and supporters from across the country celebrated agricultural education and agriculture during the 93rd National FFA Convention & Expo, Oct. 27-29. In a normal year, if so chosen to, some FFA members would have travelled to Indianapolis, Indiana for the National FFA Convention. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, convention is required to be virtual this year. More members are able to participate in the 2020 convention because of the reason that they are not responsible for making any travel payments. FFA members representing all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are expected to participate in the virtual event. It’s an opportunity for students to be exposed to new career paths and opportunities – while celebrating the accomplishments these future leaders have made over the past year. 

Students are completing online activities to help make the online convention come to life. Throughout the week, national convention and expo attendees experienced  the FFA Blue Room, which showcases cutting-edge technology, research and innovation in agriculture.… Continue reading

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Miami East-MVCTC FFA Participates in Virtual National FFA Convention

Micheal Bair

The 93rd National FFA Convention is the largest event hosted by the National FFA. Because of COVID-19 and social distancing restrictions, the 2020 National FFA Convention was held virtually. Members of the Miami East-MVCTC participated in various virtual sessions of the National FFA Convention. Those members included from Miami East-MVCTC FFA were Erin Baker, Isaac Beal, Maya Bowsher, Sydney Brittain, Luke Brunke, Libby Carpenter, Keyara Davis, Ashlee Deaton, Martin Desautels, Katelynn Dill, Dottie Everett, Ethan Fine, Carter Gilbert, Chloe Gump, Fletcher Harris, Kylie Haught, Alaina Helsinger, Reagan Howell, Abigail Kadel, Keira Kirby, Katie Larson, Kyle Larson, Brayden Link, Madison Maxson, McKayah Musselman, Jillian Niswonger, Devan Nix, Elisabeth Norman, Lindsey Ott, Ethan Paulus, Logan Phillips, Adi Richter, Caleb Richter, Ty Roeth, Kaitlyn Roop, Sera Rush, Jimmy Sutherly, Brooklyn Taylor, Sumsaar Thapa, Thomas Wallace, Seth Wells, Lauren Wright, and Brayden Zekas.

Convention activities included attending several general convention sessions were members where inspired by motivational speakers such as the 2019-20 National FFA Officers.… Continue reading

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Liberty Union FFA Places Second in State FFA Forestry CDE

            After competing in neither a county or district forestry competition, the Liberty Union FFA Forestry CDE Team competed in the state online competition on October 6th, 2020. In this Career Development Event, FFA members learn about anything relating to forestry and trees. This CDE has different practicums that change from year to year. This year the team was required to learn forestry equipment identification, timber cruising, an online exam, wood products, tree identification, forestry diseases and disorders, and how to read a topographic map. 

            This CDE is a team competition, but only the top four members on each team contribute to the overall score. This year’s team placed 2nd in the state, with all four members placing within the top 13. Individually, Mary Chesnut placed 4th, Gavin Eastep placed 5th, Brody Poston placed 7th, and Alex Shy placed 13th, out of 404 FFA members. The team will pick up practicing again next year in August.… Continue reading

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Liberty Union FFA Competes in State FFA Soils CDE

            As we continue to try and pursue a normal life through a pandemic our FFA Chapter’s Soils Team went into action Tuesday, October 20th, at the State Soils Competition. Due to the current situation the competition was 100% virtual. This was a major change from hands on in the pits to behind the desk and on computers. The contest consists of 2 teams, Urban and Ag. Our Urban Soils team of Jaden Smith, Shayla Shy, Ben Jones, Lindsay Robinson, Jillian Wagner and our Ag Soils team of Cade Craft, Case Alt, Mason Love, Tommy Wolfe, Gabby Huber, Emma Wilson and Mikayla Sage, thoroughly worked the last month to prepare for the competition. During the contest there were three pits that needed to be judged. After completing all three pits the teams had to use that information and complete the Best Management Practices for each pit. Once those portions were done the testing part began.… Continue reading

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Miami East -MVCTC Teams Compete in Virtual State Soils Event

On Tuesday, October 20, several members of the Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter competed in the Ohio FFA State Urban and Agricultural Soils Career Development Events. The 2020 events were held virtually with contestants completing all portions of the competition by watching videos, pictures, and summarizing descriptions. 

The Urban Soils team consisted of Landin Putnam, Ava Prince, Kynlee Patton, Hunter Randall, Thomas Wallace, Ayla Gilbert, McKayah Musselman, Caleb Richter, Reagan Howell, Jadyn Maingi, Kaden Weldy, Wil Puthoff, Michael Hohenstein, and Ella Fine. The team placed 25 out of 106 teams. Landin Putnam was the highest placing individual from Miami East placing 69 out of 572 individuals. 

The Agricultural (Rural) Soils team consisted of Brooklyn Taylor, Elisabeth Norman, Fletcher Harris, Lindsey Ott, Devon Abshire, Madison Maxson, Kyle Larson, Abigail Kadel, Ty Roeth, Logan Phillips, Alaina Helsinger, Nick Prince, Jacob Roeth, Brayden Link, Devan Nix, Kyle Vernon, Maya Bowsher, Conner Adamson, and Martin Desautels.… Continue reading

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West Holmes FFA competes in Forestry Contest

On Tuesday, October 6th, five West Holmes FFA members competed in the State Forestry CDE. Each participant took a general knowledge test, completed lumber pricing problems, tree identification, equipment identification, tree and forest problem identification, map reading practicum, forest product identification, and timber cruising. The team placed 25th out of 52 teams. Individually, Addison Yates was 78th, Jayme Pennell was 104th, Wyatt Myers was 185th, Dawson Doretich was 310th, and Dyllan Bender was 331st out of 404 individuals. … Continue reading

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Northwestern FFA competes in Soil Judging CDE

By: Jadeyn Berry, chapter reporter

This year the Northwestern-Wayne FFA chapter competed in both Urban and Rural soils Career Development Event. The contest is designed to educate students on how to evaluate soil for both Urban and Rural use. Each team evaluates the soil based on different characteristics to determine what the land can be used for. The urban land and soil judging CDE is an educational activity designed as a practical method of teaching students to evaluate land and soil to determine its potential use for urban, home site, and other non farm uses. The Agricultural Soils CDE is an educational activity designed as a practical method of teaching students to evaluate land and soil and to make decisions when faced with soil related issues that affect agricultural production.This year the Urban team consisted of Valerie Imhoff, Desiree Smith, Cassidy Brown, Jadeyn Berry, Gabby Ream, and Jacoby Gilbert.The Rural team consisted of Cole Wharton, Craig Wellert, Dugan McLaughlin, Kirsten Boreman, Kaleb Badger, Haley Caldwell, and Kade Tegtmeier. … Continue reading

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ZT FFA Members “Can For a Cause” to Address Local Food Insecurity Issues

What do you get when you combine 4 bushels of grapes, 75 pounds of sugar, 120 mason jars and a whole chapter of FFA members? Nearly 50 gallons of homemade grape juice ready for donating to local food pantries!

On October 5th and 6th the members of the Zane Trace FFA worked throughout the day to process 159 quarts and 12 half gallon jars of grape juice. The students started by picking, sorting and washing the grapes to ensure the top quality grapes were used for the juice. They then combined grapes, sugar and boiling water into sanitized mason jars and added the lids and rings. The jars were then processed for 20-30 minutes in a water bath canner to ensure sterilization and a tight seal of the lids. After this the jars were allowed to cool and rest so the flavors could blend.

After four days the members performed a quality check on the jars and found that all of them had correctly sealed.… Continue reading

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FFA Members Help Construct Zane Trace Student Courtyards

At the beginning of the school year, Zane Trace schools had a problem: how to space out students during their lunch periods and provide outdoor space for classroom learning?  After some creative solutions proposed by ZT Administrators and teachers, the idea of creating the Zane Trace Student Courtyards was born. The two outdoor courtyards were designed for both middle school and high school students to utilize for their lunch periods to provide for increased social distancing and for teachers, coaches and staff to use for outdoor classroom space and student organization meetings. 

Zane Trace High School Principal Ty Wertman approached the ZT FFA Advisors in early August to determine if the chapter could construct picnic tables to place in the courtyards. The chapter members responded by working with school maintenance staff to build ten picnic tables in time for the start of school and another additional ten tables before the end of September.… Continue reading

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ZT FFA Members Provide Veggies for School Lunches

How can you make a salad more interesting for high school students and teachers? Or add flavor to tacos and burritos on the school lunch menu?  The Zane Trace FFA chapter has the answer! Just add fresh tomatoes, peppers and tomatillos from their garden!

FFA members started seedlings in their chapter greenhouse during the first week of March, just before the schools closed for the COVID pandemic. Advisors and officers cared for the plants during the school shutdown and the garden was established in May. Since then students have picked tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and tomatillos from their raised beds to supplement the cafeteria lunch program. An average of 20 pounds of vegetables was processed each week during the first two months of school.

As fall approached, students started cold-weather crops including carrots, snow peas and spinach to provide fresh produce items for lunches in the coming months. They hope to continue the project by starting beds of greens in their greenhouse for harvesting over the winter.… Continue reading

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ZT FFA Officers participate in Ohio Legislative Leadership Conference

On Wednesday, September 30th ten members of the Zane Trace FFA Chapter participated in the Ohio FFA Legislative Leadership Conference. The event normally takes place in the Ohio Statehouse with FFA members enjoying lunch with their local representatives. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic this year’s event was delivered virtually through a Zoom meeting.  Nine members logged on to the meeting at Zane Trace and one accessed the meeting from home.

During the first session of the conference members listened to Ty Higgins, Tony Seegers and Jenna Beadle from the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation regarding current agriculture policies and legislation.  US Congressman Troy Balderson and Ohio Senator Bob Peterson also addressed the students on the importance of legislative efforts to support agriculture and the importance of FFA in developing future leaders.

Students then split out into five different workshops led by Ohio FFA Association officer team members. These breakout sessions helped students to share their opinions on current agriculture issues and build their awareness of lobbying and policy change efforts.… Continue reading

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Twin Valley South MVCTC-FFA October Meeting

Rebecca Shindledecker, Wally Mitchell, Maggie Hoover, Dalton Cornett, Krystin Monroe, Ryan McGrill

By: Lynnlee Voge, Twin Valley South MVCTC-FFA Reporter

Twin Valley South MVCTC-FFA got back into the swing of things and held their monthly meeting on Wednesday, October 14.  After business was conducted, members enjoyed snacks and decorated pumpkins. Chapter Officers judged the pumpkin creations and picked the best from five categories. Winners: Coolest, Rebecca Shindledecker; Most Creative, Wally Mitchell; Spookiest, Maggie Hoover; Funniest, Dalton Cornett; Best 5-Minute Throw Together, Krystin Monroe; Officer Choice, Ryan McGrill. Thank you Twin Valley South FFA Alumni & Supporters member Jamie Beneke for providing the pumpkins!… Continue reading

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Twin Valley South-MVCTC FFA Members Receive American Degrees

By: Lynnlee Voge, Twin Valley South MVCTC-FFA Reporter

Twin Valley South MVCTC-FFA is proud to have two members receiving the high honor that comes along with achieving the American FFA degree. Kaleb Cornett graduated from Twin Valley South in 2019 and earned the degree through working over 1,200 hours in his placement SAE at Cornett Custom Concrete. William (Tommy) Schleiger graduated from Twin Valley South in 2018 and earned the degree through working over 1,800 hours at his placement SAE, O’Reilly’s. 

Each year, the National FFA Organization honors FFA members who show the utmost dedication to the organization through their desire to develop their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. The American FFA Degree is bestowed upon a select group of students in recognition of their years of academic and professional excellence. This year 4,136 American Degrees were awarded. Twin Valley South MVCTC-FFA adds Cornett and Schleiger’s names to the list of 20 other members who have earned this degree since the chapter’s founding in 1964. … Continue reading

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TVS-MVCTC FFA Rated Three Stars

By: Lynnlee Voge, Twin Valley South MVCTC-FFA Reporter

Working through the spring of 2020, the Twin Valley South MVCTC-FFA chapter officers, along with their advisor, Mrs. Derringer, completed the National Chapter Award Application. The application contains a description of nine chapter activities, three goals for each event, and a plan of action to reach each goal. The nine events must correspond with the three categories of Growing Leaders, Strengthening Agriculture, and Building Communities. Some chapter events from the 2019 year that were highlighted on the application include hosting Ag Awareness Day, cooking meals for families staying at the Dayton Ronald McDonald House, and collecting recycling for the school district. 

The completed application was mailed to be graded by the Ohio FFA Association. Twin Valley South MVCTC-FFA was awarded a Gold rating at the state level. Ohio FFA sent the chapter’s work to be seen by National FFA. National ranks chapter applications on a three-star scale.… Continue reading

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Northwestern-Wayne FFA fed local farmers

The first annual Northwestern FFA Feed a Farmer event was held on October 14th at Centerra of West Salem, as well as Commodity Blenders. This event was very successful. The officer team and members severed  approximately 60 meals that day. The chapter wanted to hold this event to thank the local farmers in the area for all that they do for this community as well as this country. Northwestern FFA would like to thank the Northwestern High School kitchen staff for helping us prepare the food for our event, as well as Commodity Blenders and Centerra of West Salem for donating their facilities. … Continue reading

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No Time Like Timber Time.

By: Abby Lewis, Chapter Reporter           

On October 6, the Oak Hill FFA competed in the state forestry CDE. In this competition the members had to identify forestry equipment ,  identify different species of trees, and identify what the forestry products were made from which species. The team also had to do timber cruising virtually, this is where the students have to tell how many 16 foot logs they could get out of one tree, then they had to determine the board foot from the tree, in addition they had to determine the price using a timber price sheet and calculate the total value of each tree and the total amount from the timber cruise.

The team placed 33rd in the Ohio FFA Forestry CDE out of the entire state. The members that were involved in this competition were Bradon Lewis, Walker Sites, Blade Reese, Garrett Hughes, Levi Lyons, Jennifer Meldick, Addy Dickens, Connor Stout, Maggie Bond, and Andrew Martin.… Continue reading

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MVCTC Veterinary Science Team placed Second in the Ohio FFA Veterinary Science CDE

MVCTC FFA and Veterinary Science Class of 2020 graduate Amanda Olson from Vandalia-Butler placed Third Place in Ohio Veterinary Science FFA CDE Contest.

Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) FFA Chapter aims to follow the National FFA Mission.  The FFA mission is to make positive differences in students’ lives by developing their potential for career success through agricultural education and Career Development Events (CDE).

The Ohio Veterinary Science CDE is designed to assess the skills and knowledge that students must possess to prepare for post-secondary education and work in an animal health occupation, such as in a veterinarian’s office or an animal research facility.  Students demonstrate their technical competency with both small and large animals in the Veterinary Science Career Development Event.  Competency is demonstrated by completing a written exam, which was taken online in March of 2020.  The competency demonstration continues this fall virtually with scenario questions, identification, and a practicum. … Continue reading

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MVCTC FFA Juniors Participate in Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Submitted by: Keara Peffly, MVCTC FFA Reporter

Rayanna Decker, Animal Care and Management Grand Champion and First Place

Englewood, Ohio – Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC)  FFA juniors from Agriculture and Livestock Production, Animal Care & Management, Diesel Power Technologies, Natural Resource Management, Retail Agriculture Services, and Veterinary Science decorated pumpkins.  The decorating contest was based on the theme “For The Future; For All”.  This is the theme for the upcoming National FFA Convention and Expo, which is all about growing the next generation of leaders.  With this theme in mind, the Officer Team and the Committee Chairmen judged pumpkins from each lab.

The Officers and Committee Chairmen judged each group of pumpkins.  The Officer Team and Committee Chairmen placed three pumpkins into a first place, second place, and the most creative from each class. 

  • Agriculture and Livestock Production
    • First Place – Hannah Randolph (Eaton) and Hailey Ashmor (Arcanum-Butler)
    • Second Place – Ryan Thobe (Tri-Village) and Amos Weimer (Tri-Village)
    • Most Creative – Luke Dillhoff (Twin Valley South) and Kate Manning (Preble Shawnee)
  • Animal Care and Management
    • First Place – Rayanna Decker (Northridge)
    • Second Place – Sage Wallace (Preble Shawnee), Kayla Stidham (Eaton), and Reagan Doughty (Northmont)
    • Most Creative – Jenna Eyer (Tri-Village)
  • Diesel Power Technologies
    • First Place –  Marcus Fourman (Arcanum-Butler)
    • Second Place – Alex Monnin (Arcanum-Butler)
    • Most Creative – Cheyanne Epperson (Preble Shawnee) and Cameron Daugherty (Arcanum-Butler)
  • Natural Resource Management
    • First Place – Dalton Marshall (Brookville), Bailey Schaafn (West Carrollton), Erin Keihl (Arcanum-Butler), and Emma Lawson-Keckler (Milton-Union)
    • Second Place – Molly Comer (Northmont)
    • Most Creative – Anja Hubers (Miamisburg), Emalee Haemmerle (Preble Shawnee), Braden Hall (Huber Heights), and Cameron Obach (Huber Heights)
  • Retail Agricultural Services
    • First Place – Mason Willetts (Tri-Village) and Justin Thomas (Milton-Union)
    • Second Place – Mackenzie Hopkins (New Lebanon) and Mike Seger (Tri-Village)
    • Most Creative – Chris Ryan (Carlisle) and Connor Hawkins (Northmont)
  • Veterinary Science
    • First Place – Ava Knipp (Miamisburg)
    • Second Place – Hailey Sager (Arcanum-Butler)
    • Most Creative – Brayden Clouse (New Lebanon) and Hayley Wyatt (Brookville)

Rayanna Decker (Animal Care & Management/Northridge) was selected as the Grand Champion and Overall Winner.… Continue reading

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