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Amanda-Clearcreek FFA to be eliminated if levy fails

By: Emily Cordle

The Amanda-Clearcreek FFA chapter will be completely eliminated if the A-C school income tax levy fails in the spring. The FFA chapter has been a part of the Amanda, and the Amanda-Clearcreek, school system since 1937. The A-C FFA chapter is one of the strongest programs for students at the high school and is the tenth largest FFA chapter in Ohio.

FFA and the agricultural classes it is associated with teach students leadership, computer and communication skills, equipment handling, resumes writing, wood working, parts of an engine, how to fill-out many different tax forms, knowledge about various types of agriculture, and educate students about life in general. There are over 170 members in the A-C chapter this year. Without this program, many of the students’ opportunities to better themselves, earn State FFA Degrees, American FFA Degrees, scholarships, Proficiency Awards, run for State FFA office, and numerous Career Development Event contests will be eliminated.… Continue reading

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Fire Destroys Nature Center at FFA Camp

On April 11th around 10pm it was reported that the Nature Center on the ground of FFA Camp was engulfed in flames. The Nature Center and all the animals inside, except for a red tailed hawk and two owls, were a total loss. The fire marshal’s ruling was that the fire was undetermined.

No campers were on the grounds when it happened and no one was injured.… Continue reading

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Miami Trace general livestock team wins state contest

On Saturday, April 2, members of the Miami Trace FFA chapter competed in the State Career Development Event (CDE) judging contest. Chapters from all across the state of Ohio came to participate in this very competitive contest. All of the teams that placed in the top 10 will get to go on and give oral reasons in the next phase of competition.

Miami Trace’s general livestock judging team won the state contest, placing first out of 156 teams. The team consisted of Colt Penwell, Jamie Payton, Austin Chester, Trevor Kirkpatrick, Garrett Reed, and Tanner Mick.

Miami Trace’s agronomy judging team consisted of Ben Hisey, Rachel McClish, Ryan Hiser, Aaron Sollars, Madison Hisey, Landon Gibbs, Judith Straathof, Kyler May, Chandler Ford, and Charlie Hiser. The team placed second overall out of 32 teams.

The dairy cattle team’s members were Terry Perkins, Barbara Sears, Sam MacGregor, Carly Strayer, Josh McKay, Tiarra Perkins, Melissa Ritneour, and Brooke Mossbarger.… Continue reading

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State Dairy Cattle Judging Results

2011 State Dairy Cattle
RankTeam/Student NameScore
1Western Brown High School1607
3Staples Lara543
5Hopkins Taylor536
11Spitznagel Blake528
51Lamb Benjamin478
57Ellis David473
80Damon Alisha458
103Huiet Amber443
135Gibson Sydney429
146Yockey Anna422
238Hopkins Mariah324
2Morgan High School1577
2Williams Jody546
4Williams Erin542
40Clbmens Brady489
66Heigley Clarissa467
109Downs Dylan439
126Maxwell Adrian432
3Fort Recovery High School1552
6Will Stacy535
9Guggenbiller Zach532
44Guggenbiller Taylor485
70Schoenlein Emily466
93Will Aaron450
96Muhlenkamp Samuel447
104Post Jon442
4Crestview High School (Ashland)1526
12Gray Heath528
14Crider Breeanna518
48Wilford Jr480
67Spoerr Jessie467
108Walthour Casey441
217Motter Tyler366
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State Equine Judging Results

RankTeam/Student Name
Team/Student NameGeld.MaresHunt U. S.HayQ 1Q 2ExamIDScore
1Marysville High School1141
3Mikayla Mosey5050474030208482403
18Gabrielle Medley5047405030107672375
39Elizabeth Hayes474743503007076363
148Ryan Hayes484743503005058326
201Sarah Hockman384740503005850313
232Kellie Rostorfer402747472005668305
382Darian Bowers254016501005054245
391Wayne Dunlevy John284546500102038237
2Big Walnut High School1125
5Anastasia Sipes4847435040306472394
32Maggie Lacy435047504007462366
34Stephanie Little4850474010306872365
76Cody Glassford2542475020206876348
152Zoe Lord405047504004454325
200Camdon Cqrzatt2540474230305050314
321Sarah Nelson294739482004650279
3Ridgewood High School1109
9Cali Lavigne4747505040305862384
35Anna Powell4250474240106668365
45Kayla Cowdery4247464330206072360
180Kel*y Gosser2547434820205462319
378Kimberly Slaughter254220312005856252
440Callahan Andrew03600100222694
4Greenville High School1098
17Ivy Berger465043485006672375
23Chelsia Wintrow504747503007472370
61Madison Schatz504740483007464353
94Sara Cole4847475010106664342
130Rachel Bolyard464740424005462331
233Sarah Garland2442475020205052305
5Hillsdale High School1098
13Sarah Bookman485043504007676383
31Brittani Baldner3750504030206278367
75Kristen Deter434747473006272348
286Miranda Tanner2842404210104872292
287Cheyenne Spidel234740384004460292
410Sierra Lambert293229461002644216
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State Dairy Products Judging Results

RankTeam/Student NameExamMlk Fla ScMlk Fl DefIDCMTMlkr Un DefMlkr Un ScoreR/AScore
1A.B. Graham High School518.5
2ETHAN HESS273212123014.51716180.5
5RYAN GODDARD223512123013.515.516174
13LELA MIDGLEY27326827151516164
21SHELBY FAULKNER27253103014.514.520158
38ERIC HESS2213014271716.520147.5
129JOSHUA HOLLAND11250102312.5128105.5
2Lucas High School511
1TIFFANY SCHAAD323112142718.51716187.5
12EMILY BARRETT29240163014.516.516164
18KATIE PAYNE24336142916.5158159.5
52Emilie Rissler152838271311.516139.5
3Talawanda -Butler Technology CDC High School497
6AMY JANOS24373142717.51712171.5
8CAROLINE SCHULTE263231226181816167
20JESSICA BULACH3223310251415.516158.5
46KAYLA BOSAW1820314271414.516142.5
62AUDRIANNA NIGG2524942713.513.54136
4Benjamin Logan High School495.5
3BRENT WEISS3329318241816.516175.5
7LUKE MATHYS21256162716.51820169.5
33EMILY BRILL22270103114.51616150.5
48JON CHAMBERLAIN24243102113.51416141.5
56DANNY FOULK23210122412.51516137.5
69JESSICA DUNCAN16273102013.517.512133
5Hillsdale High School492
10JORDAN HAAS20303162916.51716165.5
14MCKENZIE STIMMELL25340142515.51616163.5
15DYLAN MULLINS272461427151416163
16MORGAN AUSTIN2626012281516.520161.5
17TIFFANY WILLIS292561625131412160
29RYAN BEE18233182613.517.520153
31CHLOE KREBS1631314291413.516152.5
37COURTNEY BOWMAN16299102613.512.516148
54MAKENZIE DOWALTER1732382113.51320139.5
86COBEN LIPSCOMB2019381910.51516126.5
103KATELYN STONER1429062314.5148120.5
130RACHEL MARTIN17038181616.512102.5
6Wauseon High School486.5
4CHAD BURKHOLDER25309162616.516.516175
9MEG BOYERS19376182713.51612166.5
44CALEB GUSTWILLER23203142013.517.516145
101JEREMIAH DECK15183101913.51412120.5
127AARON SCHUETTE161904231413.54107.5
7East Knox High School469.5
11AARON MCCARTY2627614251616.516164.5
28DEREK WALTERS3028362611.51316153.5
32SKYLER WILLIAMSON18329162416.5148151.5
34BRANDON BEACH19316142313.51616150.5
43TRENTON HAGANS1827016251716.516145.5
64TOREY HAGANS2025012261416.58135.5
84BRIAR BLECHINGER1625062215.516.512127
8Greene County Career Center464
24MEAGAN MINTON182412122114.513.520155
25CALEB NICOL2327312211917.512154.5
26JONATHAN ROHRBACK21340142715.5178154.5
60HOLLY MOODY1629682413.51412136.5
85ASHLYNN MURNAHAN21280426141412127
9Elmwood High School435
35TRAVIS GONYER173031627131316149
42ISAIAH LUNDQUEST2028314191515.512146.5
50JESSICA MCKENZIE27283102411.5144139.5
66CASEY HELLER16253625121320134
40MALEIA MCKNIGHT1927318271415.512147.5
47HOPE MILLER192131425161616142
61ZACH HOPKINS152308281616.516136.5
97Anthony Thompson3366231716.520121.5
131APRIL HARRIS1820082012140102
11Wellington High School425
23LOGAN SPENCE21251882213.514.516156
57BAILEY PICKWORTH2321382412.515.516137
71MADISON BREMKE14166162112.514.516132
159Jaron Antill1525
12Zane Trace High School421.5
22SARAH COX2428316221516.516156.5
63NICK GANUS1726362212.515.520136
77KASSANDRA DALTON20223121811.516.512129
91ALYSSA BARAJAS13143122413.514.516124
115NIKKI GAY18240141911128116
120SIERRA KAMPER1424061511.515.512114
124HANNAH STRANGE1823041911.5128111.5
135HEATHER YEATER121804241015097
30BROOKE JONES16330202913.513.512153
65AUBREY EDWARDS15293826131512135
83KELSEY DIEDERICH17133831121512127
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State Poultry Judging Results

Team/Student NameP 3P 5K/CPRT GDINTEXTFACTidFUR PExamPr SolScore
1Fort Recovery High School1543.46
2Fortkamp Natha50473950484446.224546.56450529.72
8Alan Vogel47474542465042.024046.55250507.52
10Fortkamp Kurt50473942445046.2245475640506.22
19Gehret Caitlin47503942504845.84049.54440495.3
20Kyle Schmitz47473946485044.544047.55630495.04
31Braun Randy50504536354444.964544.54840482.46
35Link Barbie50503944324845.84548.53640478.3
42Link Gustave47473940444244.964047.55620467.46
49Fortkamp Katie34474144504645.83045.54040463.3
53Brackman Eric23474548504044.1245464430462.12
2North Union High School1535.3
4Bradford Dalton44504642484846.225047.56040521.72
7Pfeiffer Lindsey47473942504845.384548.54850509.88
14Rhodeback Jordyn47474548504843.745483250503.7
16Bayer Molly50473946444644.5440464850500.54
18Smith Josh44503946364244.1240466050497.12
50Dinsmoor Sami47503944404245.384548.53230462.88
56Hamilton Samantha47473948444444.964546.51640461.46
59Hall Hillary33472944434646.2245494830460.22
104Hall Lexi44474144284243.283045.52830422.78
116Johnston Kenzie47503940384244.1235492410418.12
3Margaretta High School1496.64
3Stanley Noah47504646404645.384545.56450524.88
25Banda Michael44473942504644.9650454040487.96
29Stewart Ryan45504242444445.850474430483.8
34Cramer Mitch39503946464244.544547.54040479.04
39Schneider Eric47344346484846.644544.53240474.14
64Taylor Gabby50504650404444.963547.52030457.46
87Shroyer Michaei47474640444644.5425464410439.54
101Munk Kolby17454646463844.9645492820424.96
4Hillsdale High School1485.58
5Schuck Stephanie47504646464447.064548.55640515.56
12Zimmerman Matthew50503946444445.850474840503.8
43Pearson Phillip50473932484446.2250483230466.22
71Dropsey Kelsey44504142444244.124047.53620450.62
91Vangilder Emily50503940444042.024546.52020436.52
119Pickering Julie47423436483842.443047.52030414.94
133Miller Megan15504540413142.863546.53220398.36
172Claypool Micah28474140384644.1215461610371.12
5Elmwood High School1461.8
6Thomson Courtney47474148504445.384546.54850511.88
28Laborie Sarah39474140504045.84049.55240484.3
45Haughawout Karly50503340464244.124547.52840465.62
69Borders Chelse50453940484045.83046.54030454.3
111Huff Morgan50393444344043.2835453620420.28
115Strausbaugh Lorne47473535403243.2830483230419.28
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State Agronomy CDE Results

2011 Agronomy Teams
RankTeam/Student NameExamPlantsinsSeedsDisTmScore
1North Union High School1021282
1SKYLER FOOS12080509550395
2KAYLA DYSERT11090509550395
3JUSTIN GRAVATT11585459550390
6BETHANY DRESBACK11580509050385
13SHAWN PHONEYAVONG10575509540365
2Miami Trace High School1251260
5BEN HISEY10590509550390
8RACHEL MCCLISH110705010050380
14RYAN HISER10570509545365
15AARON SOLLARS100804510040365
18MADISON HISEY9085509545365
23LANDON GIBBS10075459035345
24JUDITH STRAATHOF9565459545345
46KYLER MAY7070158535275
52CHANDLER FORD6060255530230
100CHARLIE HISER4525102510115
3Logan High School1141239
7KAYLA STARLIN105905010040385
9QUINN HOSLER105854010045375
16ROB MEYER10085459045365
32JESSICA BURNS11070407535330
36ZANE MURREY7575408550325
38SARAH HOOD8050509530305
43SEAN FITZGEARALD8060458525295
62STEVEN MILLER7525154540200
4Southeastern Ross High School1101190
10MICHAEL CLARK10085459550375
17MICHAEL WARD9580459550365
28LUCAS MEEKER9575508535340
40CODY LYONS9570209025300
5Greenville High School1241184
11REGAN GARBER11075459545370
20PATRICK GARBER11065458550355
29ALYSSA GARBER10060409540335
6Hillsdale High School871167
4HANNAH SHOCK10590509550390
22RACHEL SHOCK10060509050350
25Mariah Glass10570309045340
27BRYCE PAYNE9555459550340
42ASHLEE CUTLIP8040509035295
65RACHEL LARUE5035158015195
7Fort Recovery High School911151
12MICHELLE BRACKMAN9085509550370
21LAURA BRAUN10075409050355
31AMANDA POTTKOTTER7580509040335
39ANDREA LENNARTZ6555459050305
8Wauseon High School1171137
19CHRISTOPHER YACKEE10095457050360
33AUSTIN WANGER10065358050330
34BLAKE GURZYNSKI9070408545330
48AUSTIN ARPS7070357020265
50SCOTT DENNIS9545156520240
9River View High School1031088
26KURTIS CROFT10070309545340
30MARION STUTZMAN9060509045335
37SHAWNA ARVAI9055359040310
57ZACH ELSON602545755210
63JAMES ELLIS6525306020200
10Oregon-Clay High School57827
41ADAM MIHALKO8555309535300
47ERIC NGUYEN7035408045270
61JAVIER SALAZAR7525155035200
11Hardin-Northern High School83728
45AUSTIN DOUGLAS7565357035280
59PAUL GAULT6540255025205
78COURTNEY ACTON7530202015160
90DAN HASTINGS6515152015130
98HALEY BREIDENBACH6510151510115
99ZACH MARQUART6010251010115
12South Central High School101696
51JARED POTH8035357515240
72JOHN OSBORNE7025303025180
73DEREK SWEETING8015204515175
81DAVID ALLISON7020252010145
85JUSTIN BUTTON6010303010140
106DAKOTA JONES4552052095
13Parkway High School94684
56ABBY EVANS8020254545215
67CADEN HELLWARTH9025303015190
69SETH HOUTS9030103520185
94TOMMY MCDONOUGH655103010120
14Elmwood High School75635
49VANESSA WAGNER10550154035245
71JOSHUA BOES8020204515180
87JESSICA MCGRAIN6520152015135
15Otsego High School86596
60ALEX VOLLMAR8045251535200
70BILL POTTER9035151035185
93SARA BOYLE851510105125
16Clyde High School32577
58LOGAN BACK8040203530205
64LOGAN FULLER6030305520195
82PATRICK TEA703525150145
120Savannah Green1510202065
17Shelby High School66511
74SAM BOYCE6020305015175
80ALAINA LUCIUS652510455150
95ASHLEY VOGT65255205120
18Sheridan High School67502
75BRAD DITTOE7535151530170
88ETHAN MCGLOTHLIN602525250135
91COLLIN REICHLEY5520152020130
101MICHAEL SKINNER451010540110
19Wilmington High School57497
68MATT MIDDLETON10525101530185
84MATT STARKEY7015151525140
97KALEN KELLY701551015115
20Mississinawa Valley High School85455
55KYLE MESTMAKER8520157025215
113CODY EVANS550105575
21Upper Scioto Valley High School68433
76ALEX PARKER6520401530170
22Fayetteville High School60405
86JEREMY ROBBINS5030103515140
102KYLE FECK6015101010105
105CODY ADAMS551015155100
112MATTHEW GAST601050075
23Eastern Brown High School83403
77BRITTANY CLARK852053520165
79JACOB GARRETT8515151525155
24Western Brown High School51386
92AMBER RICKEY402015505130
96DREW BOHL75520150115
107IAN MCKINZIE50101510590
25Botkins High School73338
104JONATHAN FISHER601510515105
108DOUG SCHMERGE5051052090
114BRENT SCHMERGE4015105070
115ZACH EBERT3515551070
26Fairbanks High School61331
83Jakob Wilson8510101025140
89CHRIS KUTZ7020151510130
27West Branch High School170
28Westfall High School42132
109Brandon Ashcraft3520152090
29East Clinton High School3989
30Elgin High School4580
128Henry Williams15155035
31Benjamin Logan High School65
32Hopewell-Loudon HS35
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Amanda-Clearcreek FFA elects new officers

By: Emily Cordle, Reporter

At the February FFA meeting, the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA chapter conducted officer elections for the 2011-2012 school year. During that time the 2010-2011 officer team officially stepped down from their positions.

The new officer Team consists of president- Nate Seitz, vice-president- Alex Norris, secretary- Sierra Jepsen, treasurer- Kayla Porter, reporter- Emily Cordle, sentinel- John Miller, and student advisor- Caitlin Robinson. Congratulations to the new officer team!

Below are some comments from our newly elected officers.

President Nate Seitz said her goal for the chaper is “to get more people involved.”

Student Advisor Caitlin Robinson said, “I would like the chapter to keep our traditions, continue to win contests, and represent our chapter well.”

Seitz also saidthat he would like to “find a way to make more competition in the chapter.”

Robinson said, “I would like to do more FFA dances and FFA game nights.”

When told they were elected as officers, Seitz said, he was at a loss of words and excited.… Continue reading

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Miami Trace FFA competes in Greenhand Quiz Contest

Recently, a group of agricultural education students at Miami Trace participated in the Greenhand Quiz contest. The team took an exam that was designed to develop the FFA members’ awareness of the history of the FFA Organization and become familiar with the Official FFA Manual used by students of Agricultural Education. Participants aimed to answer questions derived from the Official FFA Manual, the history of the National FFA Organization, and the many purposes and opportunities of the FFA.

This year, Miami Trace (MT) was very successful in the contest. The team placed 5th overall out of 94 teams. MT freshman Evan Schaefer was the highest scoring individual, placing above 1,100 other competitors from all across the state of Ohio.

The team consisted of: Evan Schaefer, Hannah Peterson, Nicole Straathof, Molly Garringer, Allison Rife, Katie Frost, Heather Johnston, Mikayla Mick, Logan Harvel, Zach Monroe, Courtney Hagler, Hunter Hobbs, Paige Bonham, Hayden Allemang, Tyler Horney, Gus Mitchem, Caitlyn Caldwell, Cierra McFarland, Chas Grover, Tyler Lower, Montana Born, Taylor Starcher, Julia Miller, Kaylee Runyon, Payton Price, Tyler Wrobel, Samantha Cummins, Cierra Coe, Betsey Bonham, Austin Rogers, Cody Knapp, and Ashley Wood.… Continue reading

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Miami Trace Holds Chapter & Greenhand Ceremonies

On the evening of March 17th, 2011, the Miami Trace FFA chapter held a ceremony for its members who received their Greenhand and Chapter degrees. A Greenhand degree is awarded to those FFA members who have completed their first year of agriculture education. Chapter degrees are awarded to members after their second year.

The ceremonies were held in conjunction with a monthly chapter meeting in which normal business was conducted. Special guest Amy Frost, Ohio FFA President, spoke at the ceremony on how quickly time has passed since she received her Greenhand and Chapter degrees.

After the completion of the meeting, members and their parents enjoyed an ice cream social as a celebration of this special event.… Continue reading

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Miami Trace Host Annual Judging Contest

On Saturday, March 12th, the MT FFA chapter held its annual invitational and District 9 Career Development Event Judging Contest at the Fayette Co. Fair Grounds. Chapters from all traveled to the fairgrounds so that members could compete in their specialized areas. The contest covered agronomy, dairy cattle, dairy products, equine management, general livestock, and poultry.

The contest required a big effort and a lot of extra hours from all involved. Miami Trace students who weren’t competing worked the show rings, administrated tests, and gave instructions.

Miami Trace placed as following in each contest of the invitational:

  • Agronomy: 3rd of 15
  • Dairy Cattle: 3rd of 21
  • Equine Management: 11th of 41
  • General Livestock: 4th of 55
  • Poultry: 4th of 29

A special thank you to the following people and organizations who generously donated resources and time to the contest: Southern State Community College, Laurence Smith, Real McCoy Genetics, Wilmington College, Kay Tracy, Don Calendar, Casey Smith, Jason Bihl, All-N-One 4-H Club, Raejean Robinette and everyone else who helped out at the contest.… Continue reading

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National FFA gets funding from CSX to continue national ag curriculum

A revolutionary and growing national agriculture education program launched four years ago has received major financial support from the leading supplier of rail-based freight transportation in North America.

CSX recently pledged nearly $700,000 to the National FFA Foundation for the sponsorship of a variety of FFA programs, including the Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education™.

Launched in 2007 by the National Council for Agricultural Education, CASE is a national curriculum for secondary agricultural education that provides a high level of educational experiences to enhance the relevance of agriculture, food and natural resources education. The program is an agriscience-based curriculum that includes student assessment, professional development for teachers and teacher certification. Conceptualized and written by agriculture teachers for agriculture teachers, the program is a series of sequential courses designed to prepare students for careers in the food, fiber, fuel and natural resources industries.

CASE provides detailed resources for teaching hands-on laboratory exercises rather than leaving it to the teacher to create instructional aides.… Continue reading

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Benjamin Logan FFA donates over 2400 pounds of collected cans food items needed to St. Vincent De Paul.

The local Tractor Supply Company stores support students’ fight against hunger in the community

Bellefontaine, OH September 25, 2010 – February 25, 2011 — The Benjamin Logan FFA chapter recently worked with the local TSC store in (Bellefontaine, Ohio) to collect canned food for local charity. This collection took place in front of TSC where there were buckets to collect the items. This program started on November 10, 2010 and ran through February 25, 2011. Donators’ could bring in canned food items whenever they wanted to.

What is Harvest for America?  According to the TSC website “choosing to harvest today for a better tomorrow.”   It helps the less fortunate in need by collecting canned food items to less fortunate families in need.

The Committee Chair, Katelyne Ackley says: “I think this (Harvest for America) is a way to communicate to the public and make the public aware of what is going on through our community.… Continue reading

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Amanda Clearcreek Members Advance to State

A-C FFA Members Advance to State Level

To receive your State FFA Degree one has to have an agricultural job, run an agricultural business, raise animals or crops. One of the most difficult requirements to obtain a State FFA Degree are to earn $3,500 gross earnings or 1,000 hours and have earned in excess of $4,500 or 500 hours and have earned at least $4,000 in gross earnings. For most members this difficult for some of them to raise this money for there SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) project, but for 7 FFA members, this was obtainable to them: Sierra Jepsen, Nate Seitz, Aaron Miller, Tyler Genders, Scott Loudermilk, Becca Bentz and Kelsie Sharp. If these members applications are approved his will be the most members that the chapter have ever had receive their State FFA Degree in one year. Aside from receiving a State FFA Degree the highest degree a member can receive is the American FFA Degree.… Continue reading

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