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Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter receives bisit from FFA State Officer

Recently, Ohio FFA State Reporter Mackenzie Hoog came to visit the members of the Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter. She spent the day in the two Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources classes sharing with them about how to thrive in the FFA organization by having a positive attitude towards challenges in life. Her message was about the quote, “True success is overcoming the fear of failure.”

Mackenzie is a senior at Valley View High School and is currently serving as a State FFA Officer. Her duties require her to travel throughout the state conducting chapter visits, presenting speeches on behalf of Ohio’s FFA members, and facilitating conferences and conventions.

The FFA members at Miami East greatly appreciate that Mackenzie could take time out of her busy schedule to come and visit with the newest FFA members at Miami East High School.

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On Saturday, October 12, the Miami Trace/Great Oaks FFA Chapter conducted their annual Paint the Town Pink Walk. This year over 150 members and community supporters participated in the 3 mile walk from the Women’s Wellness Center (Medical Arts Building 2) to Kroger and back.  This walk and the Paint the Town Pink campaign help raise awareness for the fight against breast cancer in our local community.

The crucial component to this annual campaign is the sale of ‘Paint the Town Pink’ t-shirts.  This year the Miami Trace FFA members sold over 1400 shirts. Through the support of community businesses, the FFA covers the costs of the shirts so that all sales are donated to the Fayette County Memorial Hospital Partners in Pink Program.  In the near future, MT FFA will present a check to the Fayette County Mammography Program totalling over $14,000.  The FCMH Partners in Pink Program provides local support services to breast cancer patients and survivors.… Continue reading

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West Holmes FFA participates in 2019 Holmes County Fair

The 2019 Holmes County Fair was held August 5th-10th at Harvest Ridge. There were many exciting activities during the week. Kylie Ramirez was crowned fair queen and Macin Hager was fair King. Graduate members Anna Irwin and Gabby Sherman were named attendants. Many FFA members also participated in showing animals and experienced great success throughout the week.

Market Hog: Kylie Ramirez was reserve in her division and class winner, she also 7th in senior showmanship. Macin Hager was 4th in senior showmanship. Tierra Slaubaugh was 4th in her class. Cody Miller was 5th in his class. Chloe Shumaker was 2nd in her class. Brayden Shumaker was 5th in his class. Ally Ogi was 2nd in her class. Bree Houin, Lexi Ogi, Maddie Stitzlein, Megan Brannon, Ethan Drzazga, Rebecca Sprang, Hannah Goines, and Samantha Kendall also exhibited a hog.
Beef: Tierra Slaubaugh was grand champion Holmes County Bred, 5th overall steer, and 3rd overall in carcass show.
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West Holmes FFA meeting at Acres of Fun

On Monday, September 23, the West Holmes FFA chapter held its annual meeting at Acres of Fun in Wooster. The meeting was called to order by President, Jayme Pennell. After conducting opening ceremonies and officer reports, they went on to new business. After the meeting adjourned members got pizza and pop for dinner. The members were allowed to play mini golf, laser tag, and go kart racing.… Continue reading

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2019 Harvest Glow

On September 24 and 25 the West Holmes FFA chapter helped carve 700 pumpkins to use at the first ever Harvest Glow, held at the Harvest Ridge Fairgrounds. This event was held September 27 to September 28.

On the Sept. 28,  West Holmes FFA chapter and the Triway FFA chapter got together to compete in the Ag Olympics. Events held during this were: bale toss, pumpkin toss, pie eating, apple bobbing, shucking and husking corn, milk the cow, sack race, and finally an obstacle course.

After all the events were done the scores were tallied up. Winning the 2019 Ag Olympics was the West Holmes FFA chapter! The chapter was given $300 and were given a rotating trophy that they would get their chapters name engraved on.… Continue reading

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Utica FFA visits Ohio Legislative Leadership Conference 2019

By Abigail Paxton Utica FFA Reporter 2019-2020

On September 25, some of the Utica FFA Chapter officers took a trip to the Ohio Legislative Leadership Conference or OLLC. The 5 officers that went were; Rachel Dickson(President), Emily Hill(Vice President), Amanda Annett(Treasurer), Hadley Ramirez-George(Secretary), and Abby Paxton(Reporter). The officers traveled to the Ohio State House for the Conference.

Throughout the Conference, the officers  learned and did several actives on leadership during the day. During the first session, the officers learned about lobbyist and representatives. They learned what they are, what they do, and how anyone can do it. Then, they did an activity on the two topics. All the FFA members that went were divided into 22 groups, 11 were lobbyist trying to get a certain chosen topic changed by law and the other 11 were representatives, half of the groups were republican and half were democratic. The lobbyist would go around to the representative groups and try and get the law changed on their topic.… Continue reading

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Utica Homecoming Parade 2019

By Abigail Paxton Utica FFA Reporter 2019-2020

On Wednesday October 2, the Utica FFA chapter participated in the 2019 Utica Homecoming Parade. After school on the 2nd the students stayed after and help decorate the float. There were 35 students that participated. Then all the students went up to Utica Elementary where they made slime with the SAC kids teaching them that everything made comes somehow  from agriculture. After that, everyone loaded up on the float, driven by Emily Hill(Utica Vice President 2019-2020) and headed out in the parade. The students threw candy and had an awesome time during the parade! Thank you to Duane Hill for supplying the tractor and Brad and Diana Warner for the wagon for our float!… Continue reading

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Utica FFA visits Farm Science Review 2019

By Abby Paxton 2019-2020 Utica FFA Chapter Reporter  


On September 17th, The Utica FFA Chapter took both middle school members and high school members to the annual Farm Science Review in London, Ohio. There we traveled around all the different booths and experienced new aspects of agriculture. We were tasked with playing bingo to visit various booths, organizations, government agencies and businesses. We learned about new farming technology to help solve current problems. Everyone had a great time!  

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Utica FFA Sub-districts and District Soils Competition 2019

By Abigail Paxton 2019-2020 Utica FFA Reporter

On September 24, 14 high school students took a trip to Infirmary Mound Park for  the Licking and Franklin County sub-district soils Career Development Event (CDE). There they competed individually in several components of the Ag soils CDE. The components were 2 pits to judge, a general knowledge exam, and a soil survey test, based on using the land for ag purposes. They judged the pits by structure, texture, water tables, slope, landform, and living organisms and how those properties would affect soil erosion, water quality, compaction, and soil health.  The general knowledge exam is based on the Ohio FFA Ag Soils Manual, while the soil survey exams asked questions about the test site, based from the Web Soil Survey.  Our team was 1st place out 4 teams and Amanda Annett placed 1st, Emily Hill 2nd, and Kenneth Davenport 3rd  and were the top 3 individuals at the contest.Continue reading

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West Holmes FFA takes the online forestry exam

On September 24 the West Holmes FFA had 7 members take the online forestry exam. The team was 19th out of 39 teams. Individually placing, Jayme Pennell 79th, Addison Yates 79th, Drake Mullet 128th, Lucas Shaum 165th, Nathan Yoder 199th, Clay Shepler 296th, and Dawson Doretich 371st out of 382 individuals. The participants had to answer a series of questions about forestry on a computer.

Then on September 28 the chapter sent 4 members to Hocking College. The team was 19th out of 34 teams. Individually placing, Jayme Pennell 76th, Addison Yates 80th, Drake Mullet 97th, and Nathan Yoder 148th out of 204 individuals. During the contest members had to diagnose forest disorders, make decisions about managing forests, identify trees and cruise them for timber, and complete a chainsaw safety and identification practicum.… Continue reading

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Anthony Wayne FFA Members Collect Water Samples

By Anthony Wayne FFA Reporter, Maggie Burkett

On Wednesday, October 2, the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, or AFNR, 1 and 2 classes went and collected water samples. The AW schools are lucky to have Swan Creek run through the property! The AFNR 1 and 2 students have been studying water quality in their classes and went down to Swan Creek to take water samples. They also identified other things they found in the water, as well as measured the phosphate levels, performed turbidity tests, and a couple of other tests.

The classes did the data collection for Toledo Metropolitan Area Council Of Governments, Student Watershed Watch program. Maddi Follas, a student in AFNR 2 who went out and collected some of the data said, “It was one of the most fun things we’ve done this year because we got to do research outside of the classroom. We also got to see how researchers collect samples and test for bacteria and unwanted substances in the water we drink!”… Continue reading

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Miami East-MVCTC FFA Holding Annual Fruit Sale

The Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter is now holding their annual Fruit Fundraiser. The Miami East FFA will be selling Washington Red Delicious Apples, Washington Golden Delicious Apples, Ohio Red Delicious Apples, Ohio Golden Delicious Apples, Ohio Fuji Apples, Navel Oranges, Clementines, Pears, Pineapples, Pink Grapefruit, Mixed Fruit, and Peanuts. The fruit is sold in full and half boxes.

Miami East-MVCTC FFA is also offering a variety of cheeses, including Colby, Swiss, Marble, Pepper Jack, and Horseradish, ring-bologna, large and small fruit gift baskets, and BBQ sauces. Additionally, FFA is offering Jack Link’s Beef Steaks in Original or Teriyaki flavors.

Miami East-MVCTC FFA chapter will be selling from now through November 8th. Delivery will be the first full week in December. If you want to buy fruit there will be FFA members travelling throughout the community. If an FFA member doesn’t contact you, feel free to call Miami East High School, at 335-7070 ext.Continue reading

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Corn Contest Proves Big Ears Means Big Yields

Recently, members from the Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter were challenged to participate in the annual Chapter Corn Contest. The rules of the contest were to bring in one ear of corn and earn a prize. Overall winners were presented an FFA T-shirt from the FFA Chapter.

A winner is chosen based on the predicted yield of the corn. The grand prize winner was determined by the highest yield estimate, based on plant population per acre. Agriculture Education students in classes took time in class to figure the predicted yield of corn ears as part of their continuing education of agronomy.

The overall winner was Paige Pence. Her corn was predicted to yield 339.2 bushels to the acre with a 35,500 seed population per acre. Her corn was a DeKalb product. Second place went to Emma Sutherly who presented an ear of corn that is predicted to produce 332.4 bushels per acre with a 34,000 seed population per acre.Continue reading

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West Holmes FFA Greenhand Camp 2019

On September 29th, the West Holmes FFA sent 13 members to Greenhand Camp. These members include: Pacee Miller, Becca Schuch, Cassie Warren, Alysa Pringle, Olivia Sampsel, Dakotah Ringwalt, Sarah Irwin, Kadan McDougale, Dyllan Bender, Dawson Doretich, Blaine Winkler, Syrus Tish, and Garrett Houin. The camp is located in Carroll County along Leesville Lake. At the camp, members have the chance to interact with State FFA Officers, participate in activities, and learn more about the FFA Organization. After they checked in, members were able to play games and interact with people from other schools. The State Officers put on many different workshop sessions throughout the weekend. Those sessions included topics like “Discovering Decisions,” “Open Opportunities,” “Setting Our Course,” and “Where To Next.” Members went to camp to learn more about the qualities of leadership, as well as how to take those qualities and implant them in their community. While at camp, students could participate in activities such as: motor boating, canoeing and kayaking, archery, rifles, shotgun and various sports.… Continue reading

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Benjamin Logan FFA participated in a soil judging

Benjamin Logan FFA students participated in a soil judging Career Development Event. There are two different divisions of soil judging; one is rural which is out in the country and one is urban which is in the city. The urban land and soil judging CDE is an educational activity designed as a practical method of teaching students to evaluate land and soil to determine its potential use for urban, homesite, and other non farm uses. The Agricultural Soils CDE is an educational activity designed as a practical method of teaching students to evaluate land and soil and to make decisions when faced with soil related issues that affect agricultural production. (ohioffa.org) The students that participated in the rural/ag were Ty Anspach, Chance Frater, Gage Hamm, Carson Lyden, Owen O’Brien, and Wyatt Smith. The students that participated in the urban were Elliot Bailey, Madison Beuttner, Lukas Hemmelgarn, Elizabeth Deardurff, Micah Petterson, and Whitney Willoby.… Continue reading

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West Holmes FFA 5th Grade Farm Tour 2019

On Sept. 26, 26 members of the West Holmes FFA Presented the annual 5th Grade Farm Tour. The members that attended were the Officer Team, which consisted of Jayme Pennell, Maddie Stitzlein, Kylie Ramirez, Cora Crilow, Ally Ogi, Lexi Ogi, Rebecca Sprang, and Amy Hughes. The Juniors and Seniors that were there were Natasha Averbukh, Hayleigh Bender, Megan Brannon, Ethan Drzazga, Taryn Grassbaugh, Hannah Goines, Macin Hager, Bree Houin, Braxton Lint, Philip Lepley, Ethan Reining, Brayden Schumaker, Lucas Shaum, Clay Shepler, Tierra Slaubaugh, Chase Stitzlein, Addison Yates, and Nathan Yoder. The tour was put on by the Holmes Soil and Water Conservation District. This year Spring Walk Farm hosted the tour. The farm is owned by Bill and Bev Wachtel, and is operated by Bill, his son Kurt, and a few other workers. They own 150 Holsteins and Guernseys. The FFA helped set up and run the event. The schools in attendance were as follows; Holmesville, Killbuck, Lakeville, and Millersburg.… Continue reading

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Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter competed in the District 5 Soils Judging Contest

On Thursday, September 26, members of the Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter competed in the District 5 Soils Judging Contest in Montgomery County at the Sycamore State Park.

The Urban Soils team consisted of Rylee Puthoff, Emma Sutherly, Isaac Beal, Dustin Winner, and Ethan Paulus. The team placed 8 out of 24 teams. Rylee Puthoff was the highest placing individual from Miami East placing 9 out of 147 individuals.

The Rural Soils team consisted of Samuel Sutherly, Ethan Fine, Keira Kirby, Jillian Niswonger, Katelynn Dill, Luke Brunke, and Keyara Davis. Samuel Sutherly was the high individual from Miami East placing 16 out 199 contestants.

The contest consisted of evaluating three soils pit for slope, erosion, drainage, depth, and soil texture and structure. Also, the contestants took a written test and answered questions from the soil survey.

Previously, the teams had competed at the Miami County Soils Career Development Event coordinated by the Miami Soil and Water Conservation District.… Continue reading

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Miami East-MVCTC FFA October Member of the Month

The October 2019 Miami East-MVCTC FFA Member of the Month is Katelynn Dill. She is the daughter of Trish Dill and Gary Dill. She is a freshman and first year member of the Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter.

Katelynn attended the State Greenhand Conference, competed at the Urban Soils Career Development Event, and assisted with the FFA’s Cruise-In for Suicide Prevention and Princess For A Day to benefit the March of Dimes. Additionally, she is a member of the meats judging team.

Every month of the school year the Miami East-MVCTC FFA will select a student to be the FFA Member of the Month. The officer team will nominate one member that has been actively involved in the FFA chapter, school and community activities. If selected, the member will be recognized at the monthly FFA meeting, have their picture displayed in the Miami East Ag Room, and will receive a special accolade in celebration of their accomplishment.… Continue reading

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Norwayne FFA competes in Soil Judging Contest

On Wednesday, September 18, the Norwayne FFA’s soil judging teams participated in the sub district soil judging contest. Both the rural and urban teams came in second place. Tim Gunkelman and Kelsie Mannasmith placed third and fourth individually in the rural contest. At these contests, participants go into pits and observe the soil and score them on judging cards. On Wednesday, September 25 the urban soil judging team placed second and the rural team placed first at the district soil judging contest. Kelsie Mannasmith came in first place and Grace Gunkelman in second out of 45 FFA members in the rural contest. Shane Simmons came in third in the urban contest. The top four from each team will go onto the state soil judging contest on October 12.… Continue reading

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Miami Trace FFA Chapter Members Visit With State Legislators

COLUMBUS- On Wednesday, September 25th 5 members of the Miami Trace FFA Chapter, a satellite program of Great Oaks Career Campuses, attended the 8th annual Ohio FFA Legislative Leadership Conference at the Ohio Statehouse. Members representing the Miami Trace FFA were: Aubrey Schwartz, Morgan Eggleton, Kyler Batson, Shana Lott and Taylor Moore.  These members took part in a morning workshop led by the Ohio Farm Bureau focusing on advocating for agricultural education, informing students about important issues and preparing them to speak with legislators.  During this activity, the more than 200 FFA members from across the state were given several agriculture-related issues to lobby and advocate for legislative support.  FFA members learned firsthand the process of creating new bills, representation in the statehouse and the roles of lobbyists.

After the morning workshop, students were given time to tour the historic Ohio Statehouse and learn more about the state’s history as well as the layout of our state legislative government. … Continue reading

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