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Benjamin Logan FFA Members awarded Scholarships

Ryder Pennington

Benjamin Logan FFA Members, Alicia Jenkins and Ryder Pennington, were each awarded a $250 Scholarship from The Wells Foundation to pursue their Supervised Agricultural Experiences.  Jenkins will be using her monies to complete her first year of a Logan County Fair Market Goat Project, while Pennington will use his monies to purchase materials to build a drone.  Both students interviewed with The Wells Foundation Co-Founder, Tony Wells.  Wells was impressed by the maturity of both candidates and how focused they were on their goals. He expressed that they were both exceptional candidates and their work ethic was to be commended.  Wells is a graduate of Benjamin Logan High School and supporter of the Benjamin Logan FFA.… Continue reading

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Utica FFA Participates in Agricultural Biotechnology CDE

By: Georgia Gamble, 2020-2021 Reporter

Congratulations to our Ag Biotechnology team! On 1/22/2021,  five members of the Utica FFA chapter participated in this career development event (CDE).  During this CDE, the team members identified lab equipment, read an SDS sheet, took a general knowledge exam and complete a lab practicum. This team placed 6th out of 27 teams.  This means they will earn a plaque, which will go on the wall outside of our classroom.  Our competitors were: Georgia Gamble- 15th, Kenneth Davenport-19th, Kathryn Ramseyer-27th,  Jenna Owens-82nd, and Zachery Cyphers 156th out of 238 participants.  Great job to all our team members!

 Kathryn Ramseyer, Kenneth Davenport, and Georgia Gamble
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Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter competes State Biotechnology Competition

Recently several members of the Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter completed an Ohio FFA State Career Development Event. The students learned agriculture industry related information and applied their knowledge to online testing. 

The Agricultural Biotechnology team placed 4th in the state and earned a banner for the classroom. They demonstrated their knowledge of research advancement in the agriculture industry, equipment used in a lab, and other biotechnology industry related topics. 

The highest placing individuals from Miami East were Lauren Wright, Luke Brunke, Chloe Gump, and Adi Richter. All four placed in the top 30 of the contest. 

Additional team members were Kylie Haught, Keira Kirby, Katelynn Dill, Dottie Everett, Isaac Beal, Ashlee Deaton, Syndey Brittain, Jillian Niswonger, Keyara Davis, Sumsaar Thapa, Sera Rush, Kendal Staley, Madison Avey, Alex Fergerson, Trenton Maxson, Megan Gilliland, Matthew Osting, Dustin Winner, Annabelle Penny, Ethan Fine, and Ethan Paulus. There were almost 240 individuals in the competition.… Continue reading

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Anthony Wayne-Penta FFA Places 2nd in Ohio Agricultural Biotechnology Career Development Event

By: Vesta Miller, 2020-2021 Anthony Wayne FFA Reporter Article

The Ohio FFA Agricultural Biotechnology Career Development Event was held virtually on Friday, January 22, 2021. The team of Oliver Aldridge, Kori Miller, Sydney Shafer, Oliva Sulaica, Lydia Swartz, Kate Tanner, Nick Wacha, Sean Wiese, Anna Wright, and  Jake Zajkowski took a test over their knowledge of agricultural biotechnology and laboratory skills. They also identified laboratory equipment. Students interpreted a SDS sheet and troubleshooted safety issues for their practicums this year. The team placed 2nd in the state, and Oliva Sulaica placed 7th overall as an individual! Lydia Swartz stated, “It was very rewarding to place high in a contest as a class for something that we worked hard at.” Anthony Wayne FFA is a satellite of Penta Career Center.… Continue reading

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Message from Ohio FFA President Bethany Starlin

Message from Ohio FFA President 

Bethany Starlin

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…welcome to 2021! Many of us may have quickly put 2020 behind us due to the many hardships it presented. Nevertheless, it is important that we reflect on the great strides that our association has made and recognize the accomplishments of our members.

In a time when it would have been easier to close the door and say, “we’ll try again next year,” our association decided instead to think outside of the box and seek ways to continually offer unique opportunities to our more than 25,000 members. It is an honor to say that over the past year Ohio FFA has not cancelled a single state-wide leadership event, but instead transformed the delivery model. The virtual world we live in can be difficult to navigate but it also offers the unique ability to bring us closer together while still keeping us [physically] apart.… Continue reading

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Utica FFA Chapter Winter Recap

By: Georgia Gamble, Utica FFA Reporter 

The Utica FFA chapter participated in a virtual food science competition in the latter part of 2020. The team plays 48 out of 61 teams. Kenneth Davenport placed 27th and Lindsay Gray placed 238th. Zachary Cyphers participated in this event, but due to technical difficulties he was not scored.

Belle Ellis
Chris Young
Brianne Priest

Three members participated in the virtual district job interview. Bella Ellis placed third and Chris Young and Brianne Priest both placed fourth in their respective age groups.

Last of all, 16 of Utica’s FFA Chapter members attended the Virtual Leadership Night along with other chapters from different schools over ZOOM. They learned about how to work with partners in groups, and what the strengths and weaknesses are utilizing both ways. Secondly, they were taught the importance of perseverance through examples of people who had great breakthroughs after failing many times.… Continue reading

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Miami East-MVCTC FFA Attends Virtual State Leadership Night

By: Libby Carpenter, Chapter Reporter

The Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter recently attended an Ohio FFA Virtual State Leadership Night with the theme of “Failure Is Not An Option.”  The event was coordinated by the Upper Valley Career Center FFA Chapter.

State FFA Officers coordinated the video workshop. Representing the Ohio FFA Association were Kyra Davidson, State Vice President at Large from the Felicity-Franklin FFA Chapter, Joe Helterbrand, State Secretary from Hillsboro FFA, and Paige Teeters, State Vice President from Fairfield FFA. 

During the evening members completed tasks to identify ways that individuals and teams fail then created a plan of how failure will not stop one from succeeding. The group identified individuals that had much failure before they had success like Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, and Colonel Sanders.

Attending from Miami East-MVCTC FFA were Jadyn Bair, Maya Bowsher, Alex Fergerson, Brayden Link, Elisabeth Norman, and Brooklyn Taylor. 

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Felicity-Franklin FFA Hosts Local Coat Drive

By: Emma Robertson, Felicity-Franklin FFA Reporter

The Felicity-Franklin FFA hosted a coat drive to benefit local students through December 2020. The coats were donated by members of the local community by dropping off gently used coats, gloves, socks and hats in designated bins around the community. Coat bins were located at the Felicity Christian Church, Felicity Methodist Church, Debi’s Cut n’ Curl, The Felicity Middle School and High school offices and the Felicity Firehouse. The drive received over 100 donated items. 

A survey was distributed  to all elementary, middle and high school students to ask if they needed a winter coat, hat, gloves or socks. Students who were in need were shown a selection of coats to choose from and were given what they needed. Students were able to receive their coat in a discreet manner, to protect privacy and ensure that the kids were able to get what they needed. … Continue reading

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Felicity FFA Members Win National Titles

By: Emma Robertson, Felicity-Franklin FFA Reporter 

Felicity, Ohio- Felicity FFA members were recognized at the National FFA Convention in October for being National Finalists in several areas in October 2020. 

Felicity Franklin FFA members had a very successful year competing in the Agriscience Fair. Nine FFA members competed in the Agriscience Fair in various divisions. Audrey Pinger, Landen Tull, Gracie Davis, Jamiea Walsh, Emma Brandenburg, Ayla Rutherford, Kaylee Jennings, Joanna Hamilton, Faith Jennings, Addy Glassmeyer, and Olivia Taylor competed in the Agriscience Fair and were named State Champions of Ohio. All of them were invited to compete at the national level and were all selected as National Finalists. 

Faith Jennings and Ayla Rutherford competed in the FFA Agriscience Fair in the Food Products and Processing Division and were winners at the state level in 2020. At the National level, they were chosen as Top 3 finalists and then announced as the reserve champions in their division.… Continue reading

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Felicity FFA Wins Time Changes Scholarship

By: Emma Robertson, Felicity-Franklin FFA Reporter

Alexis Egner, Emma Robertson, Stacie Arthur. Second row: Lily Taulbee, Elizabeth Lindsey, Mattilyn Griffith. Third row: Connor Bauer, Matthew Johns, Robert Robertson. Fourth row: James O’Dell, Chad Brill, Jacob Arthur.

In October 2020, the Agricultural Business class at Felicity-Franklin High School got the opportunity to participate in a video competition and scholarship being put on by Nashville based country singer Stephanie Nash. The Time Changes Scholarship entailed FFA chapters making a video about what they love about agriculture. The contest is inspired by Nash’s new song Time Changes about her experiences growing up around and being a supporter of agricultural producers. The contest offered a monetary scholarship for winning chapters. 

The class was very interested in this contest and platform to show their passion for agriculture and earn money for their FFA Chapter. They used the prompt, “What do you love about agriculture and FFA?”… Continue reading

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Felicity FFA Parliamentary Procedure State Champions

By: Emma Robertson, Felicity-Franklin FFA Reporter

Parliamentary Procedure is a competition in which FFA members perform a meeting demonstrating a Parliamentary law in the setting of an FFA meeting. In the meeting, FFA members set up and execute a meeting overseen by a chairman with a secretary keeping minutes. The members must debate on motions while using rules of parliamentary procedure. 

These FFA members worked very hard and have practiced for months as a team preparing for the contest.  

On December 12, 2020, the Felicity Franklin FFA Novice Parliamentary Procedure Team competed in the state competition virtually from Felicity-Franklin High School. The team competed previously in sub-district and district contests, coming in first place at both. FFA members on the Novice Team were Addy Glassmeyer, Haley Broadwell, Gracie Davis, Faith Jennings, Stacie Arthur, Emerson Pinger, Savannah Metzger, Kaylee Jennings, Joanna Hamilton, Ayla Rutherford, and Emma Brandenburg. The team also had two alternates: Eden Myers and Elizabeth Lindsey.… Continue reading

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More State Success from A-C FFA Members

By: Audrey Butterbaugh, chapter reporter

Starting in early November of 2020, two Amanda-Clearcreek FFA members began their attempt at success in the Job Interview Career Development Event (CDE) by competing and qualifying for the County, District 7, and State contest. Junior, Sara Sharp, and Senior, Kaylee Sharp, put in endless hours of hard work at this CDE to earn their success for the A-C FFA Chapter.

On November 10th, Sara and Kaylee competed at the Fairfield County contest. Sara placed first in the junior division, while Kaylee placed second in the senior division. To move on to the District 7 contest, each participant had to place either first or second; therefore, both Kaylee and Sara advanced. Two other A-C FFA members, Madelyn Anderson (freshman division) and Karlee Parry (sophomore division) also competed in the county contest but both placed 3rd and could not advance. In FFA competitions, Fairfield County chapters provide stiff competition!… Continue reading

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Miami East-MVCTC FFA Launches Community Clunker Clean-Up

Get rid of those old, unused vehicles, boats, motorcycles, campers, and farm equipment while benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). Through April 1, 2021, the Miami East-MVCTC FFA is ridding communities of unneeded vehicles and farm equipment. At no cost to you, RMHC will pick up the vehicle or equipment donation and tow it to the nearest auction location. All donations must have a certificate of title.

Have the ME FFA chapter code (OH0182) ready when calling 800-332-8201 to schedule a pick up. By participating in this program, your donation will help keep RMHC families with sick children near each other while receiving the care they need. 

Please contact call/text Chloe Gump at 937-541-9670 or the ME FFA Chapter for more info or help with the process at 937-335-7070 x3212. Let us know if you have something to donate! Just takes a phone call and they do the rest! Free removal and you get a tax credit!… Continue reading

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Embracing “Learning to do” into a future career

By Meredith Oglesby, OCJ FFA reporter

From the skills learned to the support he gained along the way, one alumni member from the Liberty Center FFA chapter has put, “learning to do, doing to learn,” into action.

As an FFA member, Zac Graber, a 2015 Liberty Center High School graduate, participated in public speaking, served as the Liberty Center FFA President and received his State FFA Degree. These experiences allowed Graber to grow, learn and question the impact he can make in his community and world.

            Graber, who graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in marketing and agribusiness and applied economics, was recognized in 2019 as a President’s Prize recipient, an opportunity former President Michael V. Drake developed to recognize graduating seniors who are committed to social change and their capacity to create bold ideas and make an impact on their global community.

            Graber conducted undergraduate research, which gave him a basis to apply for the President’s Prize where he developed the project rECOvery Organics.… Continue reading

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ME FFA News Release – fruit sales results

Keira Kirby

Recently, the Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter conducted their annual Fruit Sales Fundraiser. Overall, the chapter had a successful fundraiser and will use the profits to offer leadership and competition activities to its 86 FFA members and provide service opportunities to the Miami East community and the agriculture industry.

The highest selling individual was Keira Kirby. The second highest salesperson was Madison Maxson, third was Emma Sutherly, fourth was Morgan Nosker, and fifth was Dustin Winner. Individual members that sold over $1,000 were Keira Kirby, Madison Maxson, Emma Sutherly, Morgan Nosker, Dustin Winner, Jadyn Bair, Dottie Everett, Isaac Beal, Paige Pence, Landin Putnam, Logan Phillips, Katelynn Dill, Gretchen Stevens, and Adam Bensman.

Samuel and Emma Sutherly

The family/household with the highest average was Emma and Samuel Sutherly. Second in the family competition was Landin and Anthony Putnam, third was Wil and Rylee Puthoff, fourth was Makayla and Sydney Brittain, and fifth was Carter and Ayla Gilbert. … Continue reading

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Northwestern FFA Competes in the Food Science CDE

By: Jadeyn Berry, Chapter Reporter

The Food Science CDE contest was held virtually, like many of our other contests this year. Instead of an in-person contest, participants completed the contest through an online test. Participants were asked general knowledge questions about food science. They were also asked to identify food science equipment, identify safety and quality issues of foods, and complete a math practicum. This year Desiree Smith, Val Imhoff, Jadeyn Berry, Ava Stoller, Melanie Imhoff, and Hanna Wilson competed in the Food Science CDE contest. At the district contest, the top 4 from the team were Val Imhoff, Desiree Smith, Ava Stoller, and Melanie Imhoff. Val Imhoff earned 4th place, Desiree Smith earned 7th place, Ava Stoller earned 11th place, and Melanie Imhoff earned 17th place. The team went on to compete at the state contest on December 8th where they placed 29th out of 61 teams. Great job everyone!… Continue reading

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Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) FFA Chapter completes fruit sales amid pandemic

The Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) FFA Chapter has a primary goal to follow the National FFA Mission. FFA makes a positive difference in students’ lives with the potential for career success through agricultural education and Career Development Events (CDE). MVCTC is one of the larger Agriculture Education providers in Ohio, offering six on-campus Agriculture programs to Juniors and Seniors.  

The MVCTC FFA Chapter recently held their Annual Premium Fruit, Cheese, and Sausage Sale through Blue Freedom Farm Markets. This is the Chapter’s only fundraiser. The funds raised help to provide financial support for FFA activities, including Career Development Events, conventions, and conferences. The Chapter’s profit was over $6,000.00, which is an accomplishment as the Fruit Sale was different this year due to the hybrid school schedule. The top three Fruit Salesman included Madelyn Elling from Retail Agriculture Services (Brookville), Cheyeanne Epperson from Diesel Power Technologies (Preble-Shawnee), and Seth Harlow, also from Diesel Power Technologies(Miami East).… Continue reading

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January FFA Member of the Month

The January 2021 Miami East-MVCTC FFA Member of the Month is Madison Maxson. She is a freshman and first year member of the Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter. Her parents are Tom and Lisa Maxson of Casstown.

Madison was recently named the second top fruit salesperson in the chapter’s annual fundraiser. She sold almost $4,000 in fruit and related items. She also participated in the 2020 Virtual National FFA Convention, County Greenhand Parliamentary Procedures Career Development Event, and State Soils Career Development Event. Her Supervised Agricultural Experiences consists of breeding and market hogs.

Every month of the school year the Miami East-MVCTC FFA will select a student to be the FFA Member of the Month.  The officer team will nominate one member that has been actively involved in the FFA chapter, school and community activities.  If selected, the member will be recognized at the monthly FFA meeting, have their picture displayed in the Miami East Ag Room, and will receive a special accolade in celebration of their accomplishment.… Continue reading

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Testing the Limits and Completing Projects

By: Kyla Stockdale, Co-Chapter Reporter

After not being able to do the things that we love everyday due to COVID-19, we as a chapter are so excited to be back in the classroom again. Since we started back in school we have had lots of success in doing what we love as a whole, and helping the other members in our chapter do what they love. Quite a few weeks ago we had some amazing and outstanding members start some shop projects that have been really neat to see come to life. One of the first projects that was started was by a sophomore named Dylan Barr. His great grandfather had an old tractor that was run down so he decided to restore it to it’s natural beauty. Not only did he bring it into the shop and do all the work on it, but he was very much so dedicated to finishing this project.… Continue reading

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Online Schooling

By: Kayleigh Aiken, Co-Chapter Reporter

As we all know 2020 hasn’t gone how anyone wanted it to go especially for those still in high school. At River Valley High School we have gone through so much so far since the school year started with changing our schooling system multiple times. When this all hit about March of 2020, our school went completely virtual which was very difficult for most and especially for all of the FFA members. When we all started the school year this fall, it wasn’t what we wanted by going on a hybrid school system which made it very difficult for the chapter to hold activities, community service opportunities, and most importantly since ag is a very hands on class it has been hard to teach/learn with only half the students in class because then the other half are missing out. Once we got closer to the middle of our first semester our administration decided to allow us to go Monday through Thursday with going online on Friday.… Continue reading

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