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Video: Ohio’s National Proficiency Finalists

Ohio is represented by 25 National Proficiency Finalists at the 2014 National FFA Convention. The final part of the proficiency contest took place Thursday night and winners will be recognized on Friday. The Ohio Ag Net met with several of the finalists and found out more behind their in-depth Supervised Agricultural Experiences that were instrumental in their proficiency success.

Watch the video below to learn more about many of the finalists.

A full list of the finalists from Ohio is as follows:

Thomas Shaw – Agricultural Communications – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Bailey Wagner – Agricultural Education – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Nathan Virag – Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance – Entrepreneurship

Samantha Wander – Agricultural Processing – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Samantha Kremer – Agricultural Sales – Placement

Audrey Hoey – Agriscience Research – Integrated Systems

Gretchen Straits – Beef Production – Placement

Eric Schmitmeyer – Dairy Production – Placement

Andrew Scharf – Diversified Agricultural Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Kurt Wyler – Diversified Crop Production – Entrepreneurship

Alex Stucke – Diversified Crop Production – Placement

Tyler Parcell – Emerging Agricultural Technology – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Ross Andre – Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Madeline Davis – Equine Science – Entrepreneurship

Elizabeth Klein – Equine Science – Placement

Derek Hoffman – Food Science and Technology – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Charlie Miller – Forest Management and Products – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Matt Stucke – Grain Production – Entrepreneurship

Tori Wilt – Nursery Operations – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Garrett Leeds – Outdoor Recreation – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Chrysta Beck – Poultry Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Lauren Williams – Specialty Crop Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Blake Campbell – Swine Production – Entrepreneurship

Arlen Stoller – Swine Production – Placement

William Miller – Turf Grass Management – Entrepreneurship/Placement… Continue reading

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A conversation with National Officer candidate Sydney Snider

The Ohio Ag Net’s Dale Minyo caught up with Ohio FFA Association President Sydney Snider at last year’s National FFA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. This year Snider is a candidate for National Officer. Lats years the two covered several topics including what the Ohio state officers are trying to achieve and the impressive amount of proficiency finalists competing at the 2014 convention. Get to know about Snider by watching the video here:

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A brief history of the National FFA Convention: Which host city is the best?

The National FFA Organization’s 2015 national convention is taking place in Louisville, Kentucky through Nov. 1. However, that hasn’t always been the location of the annual event, which has only recently made its way back to Ohio’s southern neighbor. The following is a brief look at the history of the National FFA Convention and its location.

Held once a year in the fall, the National FFA Convention began in 1928 as a way for members of the then small and newly formed organization to come together for fellowship and to decide on executive matters that would influence the Future Farmers of America. Executive sessions are still an integral part of the convention with delegates from each state present to help decide on actions of the organization, though the convention has now grown to be much more than a voting apparatus.

The first convention was held in Kansas City, Missouri with 33 delegates from 18 states in attendance.… Continue reading

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Ohio well represented in contests at National FFA Convention

Keep an eye out for these Ohio FFA members who are competing against the very best from across the country at this week’s National FFA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.

Sarah Cox of the Zane Trace FFA Chapter is a finalist for the prestigious American Star in Agriscience. Cox studies animal and food sciences through research projects including zooenotic diseases, plant diseases, and microorganisms. 

In proficiency awards, Ohio is represented with national finalists in an outstanding 25 categories. They are as follows:

Thomas Shaw – Agricultural Communications – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Bailey Wagner – Agricultural Education – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Nathan Virag – Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance – Entrepreneurship

Samantha Wander – Agricultural Processing – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Samantha Kremer – Agricultural Sales – Placement

Audrey Hoey – Agriscience Research – Integrated Systems

Gretchen Straits – Beef Production – Placement

Eric Schmitmeyer – Dairy Production – Placement

Andrew Scharf – Diversified Agricultural Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Kurt Wyler – Diversified Crop Production – Entrepreneurship

Alex Stucke – Diversified Crop Production – Placement

Tyler Parcell – Emerging Agricultural Technology – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Ross Andre – Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Madeline Davis – Equine Science – Entrepreneurship

Elizabeth Klein – Equine Science – Placement

Derek Hoffman – Food Science and Technology – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Charlie Miller – Forest Management and Products – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Matt Stucke – Grain Production – Entrepreneurship

Tori Wilt – Nursery Operations – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Garrett Leeds – Outdoor Recreation – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Chrysta Beck – Poultry Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Lauren Williams – Specialty Crop Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Blake Campbell – Swine Production – Entrepreneurship

Arlen Stoller – Swine Production – Placement

William Miller – Turf Grass Management – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Several Ohio FFA chapters are competing in the various categories of the chapter award contests.… Continue reading

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Big numbers at National FFA Convention

One can’t help but be inspired by the quality and the hard work of the young people clad in those distinctive jackets who, for a few short days are turning Louisville a bluer hue.

This week’s National FFA Convention will once again transform the city of Louisville into a sea of corduroy as big numbers are expected for the event. The city is prepared for more than 60,000 students, advisors and other visitors for the 2014 National FFA Convention and expects an estimated economic impact of $40 million, with visitors in 136 hotels for a combined 39,247 nights within a 60-mile radius of Louisville. Those sound like some big numbers, but they are well founded based upon past conventions and the steady membership increases in FFA around the country. This last year saw an explosion in FFA membership throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. As of this fall, membership in FFA stands at 610,240 students up from 579,678 in 2013.… Continue reading

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Anthony Wayne FFA Alumni sponsors jackets for chapter

The Anthony Wayne FFA Alumni sponsors FFA jackets for Anthony Wayne FFA members each year. This year, the alumni group distributed 12 partial scholarships and 1 full jacket scholarship.

These scholarships make having a personalized FFA jacket a reality for many students. FFA members wear their personalized jackets to official FFA functions such as conventions, the annual FFA banquet, and contests. “I think it’s really cool that the alumni sponsored $20 toward my jacket. This made getting a jacket a possibility for me,” said Sierra Wcislek. Rachel Myers said, “I am more excited about participating in FFA now that I have my own FFA jacket.”… Continue reading

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Blue Jacket Program brings free corduroy to National Trail chapter

The National Trail-MVCTC FFA Chapter was recently selected to receive three free FFA jackets as a part of the Ohio FFA Foundation’s Blue Jacket Program.

The program is sponsored by Farm Credit Services of Mid-America. Farm Credit donates money each year to buy FFA jackets for members in their local territory. The jackets cost nothing to the chapter or students who receive them. The National Trail Alumni and National Trail-MVCTC FFA Advisor Mr. Eric Kennel will be deciding who the three members from the chapter will be.

The National Trail-MVCTC FFA Chapter would like to thank the Farm Credit Services, Ohio FFA Foundation’s Blue Jacket Program and the Ohio FFA Foundation for the jackets! The Chapter appreciates the support.… Continue reading

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West Holmes FFA participates in Forestry CDE at state

In early October, the West Holmes FFA chapter sent five members to State Forestry at Hocking College.

The team placed 27th out of 41 teams. As individuals, the members placed: Wyatt Mellor – 66th, Coven Mullet – 142nd, Terry Medley – 168th, John Maki – 213th, and Remington Green – 227th out of 258 individuals.

At State Forestry, members had to take a general knowledge test, identify equipment and forest products, perform timber cruising to estimate diameter breast height, the number of logs in trees, the board foot in trees, and total value of a tree. They also had to identify tree and leaf types and perform map reading. The team also visited Hocking College for a tour of the campus.… Continue reading

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Tailgate party held by Fort Recovery FFA

The Fort Recovery FFA recently held a tailgate party for the community prior to the Ft. Recovery Homecoming Football Game.  This event was held in the Mary Help of Christians grass lot, across from the football field, and in the school’s bus barn.

Students from elementary and middle school grades could participate in a Punt, Pass, and Kick contest; have tattoos put on; get their faces painted, and listen to the DJ’s music.  Members made hot dogs and had chips and cookies for all that came.  The event was organized by the junior FFA members and was a huge success.  Special thanks goes out to Mr. Hobbs for being the DJ, to Mary Help of Christians for letting us use their grass lot, to the FR Cheerleaders for putting on tattoos, to the Art Club for face painting, and everyone else that helped make the event possible.… Continue reading

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Ohio FFA chapters hard at work with fruit sales

Several FFA chapters across the state are hard at work with their annual fruit sale fundraiser.

Miami East-MVCTC FFA

The fruit sales are now on! The Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter is now holding their annual Fruit Fundraiser. The Miami East FFA will be selling Washington Red Delicious Apples, Washington Golden Delicious Apples, Ohio Red Delicious Apples, Ohio Golden Delicious Apples, Navel Oranges, Tangelos, Pears, Pineapples, Pink Grapefruit, Mixed Fruit, and Peanuts. The fruit is sold in full and half boxes.

Miami East FFA is also offering a variety of cheeses, including Colby, Swiss, Marble, Pepper Jack, and Horseradish, ring-bologna, large and small fruit gift baskets, and BBQ sauces. Additionally, FFA is offering Jack Link’s Beef Steaks in Original or Teriyaki flavors.

Miami East FFA chapter will be selling from now through November 13th. Delivery will be the first full week in December. If you want to buy fruit there will be FFA members travelling throughout the community.… Continue reading

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Clear Fork FFA takes part in annual Belleville Street Fair

This year marked the 164th year of Bellville’s annual Street Fair. FFA members were hard at work all week to prepare the animal tents and make sure that all of the shows ran smoothly. On Monday members set up all of the animal tents to prepare for Tuesday when the animals would be moved into their temporary homes. Wednesday and Thursday was packed full of livestock shows that went very well thanks to the barn supervisors and other helpful members. Many of the members did very well showing their animals and won some awards. Brent Ball raised the scholarship hog this year and won first in his showmanship class. Shelby Tedrow had Grand Champion ducks, while Ellyse Shafer had Reserve Champion ducks. This year we also had two  ladies from the FFA participate in the fair queen contest; Jenna Mascazinni and Cheyenne Smith-Raines. Congratulations to Cheyenne on getting 2nd runner up and representing Clear Fork FFA.
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Anthony Wayne chapter takes part in iAmFFA video

On October 2nd, the Anthony Wayne FFA was fortunate to be a part of a video for the Ohio Department of Education. The purpose was to create an iAmFFA video featuring some of our very own Anthony Wayne FFA members. The video crew followed the veterinary science, biotechnology, and plant science classes to observe and video the everyday activities in those classes.

Several members were also individually interviewed.  Drake Moore, Spencer Burtscher, Troy Schalitz, Carmyn Buskey, and Kalie Anderson were all given an opportunity to be a movie star. When asked about his interview, Troy said, “It was pretty interesting. I really want to learn more about what they do.” The video crew asked the students to talk about their SAEs and how they will impact their future careers. Also, they asked the students what they would say to a member who was on the fence about joining FFA. All of the answers seemed to be very similar: “Do it!” … Continue reading

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A-C FFA competes in Massachusetts

Four Amanda-Clearcreek FFA members recently traveled to Massachusetts to represent Ohio at the Eastern regional Environmental and Natural Resources contest. The contest was held at the Eastern States Expositional, also known as The Big E, and the members who represented Ohio were Adrian Wymer, Josh Metzon, Kayla Luft, and Josie Montoney. These members earned the opportunity to compete in this contest after placing second in the state contest last spring. After weeks of preparation, the team came home with a respectable fourth place out of the 18 potential teams. And not only did the Amanda-Clearcreek team place fourth, but Ohio took home the sweepstakes after winning more contests than any other state. At the actual contest, competitors were required to know a wide variety of subjects, including animal and plant identification, waste management practices, how to determine water quality, how to write a letter to the editor, and how to analyze a scenario dealing with the environment and find the best possible resolution.… Continue reading

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Miami East FFA contest proves big ears means big yields

Recently, members from the Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter were challenged to participate in the annual Chapter Corn Contest. The rules of the contest were to bring in one ear of corn and earn a corn-related prize. All participants got a can of Mountain Dew soda pop because corn syrup is a major ingredient. Overall winners were presented a T-shirt with a corn-related theme presented by the FFA Chapter.

A winner is chosen based on the predicted yield of the corn. The grand prize winner was determined by the highest yield estimate, based on plant population per acre. Agriculture Education students took time in class to figure the predicted yield of corn ears as part of their continuing education of the agriculture industry.

The overall winner was Kira Cron. Her corn was predicted to yield 313.67 bushels to the acre with a 30,000 seed population per acre. Second place went to Dave Wright who presented an ear of corn that is predicted to produce 282 bushels per acre with a 30,000 seed population per acre.  … Continue reading

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Fort Recovery FFA has canoeing trip

The Fort Recovery FFA recently made a trip to the Mad River for a canoeing trip.  This event was held near Urbana, Ohio where FFA members could take a relaxing ride down the Mad River or enjoy splashing other members.  The event was organized by the FFA officers and although cool out was agreed that the activity was worthwhile and enjoyable for all that participated.  The members enjoyed a chapter meal at Buffalo Wild Wings to finish the day.… Continue reading

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BC FFA qualifies for national soil judging contest

On Saturday, Oct. 11 the Buckeye Central FFA attended the State Soil Judging Contest at Taft Reserve Park in Newark, Ohio.

Both the Urban and Rural teams did exceptionally well at the contest with the Rural team placing 11th of 54 teams and the Urban team placing 3rd of 54 teams.

“It has been a fun and exciting year of soil judging,” Tori Miller said. “I have learned a lot and it has been an exciting experience.

For the Rural team, Jaret Shook placed 6th individually, Ray Stahl placed 28th, Tori Miller placed 140th, and Makayla Aichholz placed 185th out of 200 student participants.

“I am proud of our accomplishments this year,” Shook said. “I feel the Rural team did well.”

For the Urban team,  Seth Ollis placed 6th, Austin Wurm placed 10th, Paul Heydinger placed 32nd, and Peter Keller placed 39th out of 200 student participants.

“Leaving the competition, I felt we all did well.… Continue reading

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Zane Trace’s Hoey to compete as National Proficiency Finalist

The National FFA Organization (FFA) has announced that Audrey E Hoey of the Zane Trace FFA was selected as a national finalist for the National FFA Proficiency Award in Agriscience Research Integrated Systems. Hoey is one of only four people chosen to compete for this award at the national finals held Oct. 29- Nov. 1, 2014 during the 87th National FFA Convention & Expo in Louisville, Ky. The proficiency awards recognize outstanding student achievement in agribusiness gained through establishment of a new business, working for an existing company or otherwise gaining hands-on career experience.

The Agriscience Research- Integrated Systems Award is one of 49 proficiency program areas FFA members can participate in to develop valuable experience and leadership skills at the local, state and national levels.

Hoey, a member of the Zane Trace FFA Chapter, became eligible for the national award after winning the Ohio FFA competition earlier this year.

This award is sponsored by FMC and Monsanto, as a special project of the National FFA Foundation.… Continue reading

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Logan Elm FFA completes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The Logan Elm FFA officer team was challenged to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge last month. Wanting to participate in raising awareness for ALS they completed the challenge and, in turn, challenged two other FFA chapter officer teams along with the Student Union at Logan Elm to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge AND donate $100 or to donate $200.… Continue reading

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National Trail-MVCTC FFA holds ‘Greenhand Lock-In’

The National Trail-MVCTC FFA Chapter held their first annual Greenhand Lock-In this past Friday thru Saturday. The Greenhand Lock-In was a way for Freshman Ag students to learn about the chapter and our activities we have throughout the year. The members stayed all night at the school and played different leadership and communicational activities with each other and the officers. The members included: Joseph Allen, Chloe Anderson, Kyla Atherton, Haley Baker, Lucas Boggs, Noah Brinkley, Katie Buehner, Kian Caldwell, Caitlyn Collins, Kraig Cottingim, Brandon Creech, Kara Feix, Chelsea Forster, Erika Gallaher, Brandon Grubb, Dalton Harmon, Jacob Heck, Joel Hoke, Jacob Hurd, Callista Kisling, Holly Lawson, Sonia Lopez, Dalton Mason, Kelsey  Matheny, Sophie McCloskey, Sydney Miller, Alexis Moler, Lauren Moore, Nathaniel Parker, Rachel Ray, Kaleb Rose, Noah Stonecash, Raina TIbbs, Keir Wambo, Andrew Willett and Silas Zurwell.

They also had 4 guests that came, the Ohio FFA State Officers. They were Sydney Snider, Alex Miller, Thomas Shaw and Shelby Furer.… Continue reading

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