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OFBF Sponsors Ohio Leadership Camp Scholarships for AC FFA Members

Members of the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Chapter were part of over 92 FFA members, advisors, and Ohio Farm Bureau Youth who recently attended Ohio Leadership Camp, held in Carrollton, Ohio at FFA Camp Muskingum from June 21st through the 24th.

The students were able to attend camp through a scholarship sponsored by the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, Inc. of Columbus. The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation has been a sponsor of the Ohio FFA for 53 consecutive years. On hand to present the scholarships were Maddy Buschur, President of the Ohio FFA Foundation and Darrell Rubel, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Director of Learning Delivery.

Scholarship recipients from the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Chapter include: Kaylee Reed, Susan Householder, Kayla Luft, and Adrian Wymer. These members were four of many to fill out and complete an application. Scholarships were then presented to each of these four AC FFA members at the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Awards Banquet, which was held on May 14th.… Continue reading

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Hiland FFA members attend Greenhand Camp

Six Hiland FFA members attended Greenhand Camp on September 27-29th. Camp was held at the Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum in Carrollton County. Members in attendance were: Paige Cutshall, Tanner Neuenschwander, Mikenzie Ryan, Brandon Stutzman, Heidi Troyer, and Kelsey Yoder.

During camp, members worked on their personal goals and how to achieve them. Members participated in several activities such as, toilet tag, hospital tag, body parts, and a quiz bowl. They also participated in the mystery center which consisted of the rifle and shotgun range and boating.
Greenhand Camp is designed for freshman or sophomore students in their first year of Agricultural Education. This is a three day camp that emphasizes on team building, goal setting, introductory of FFA, with many recreational opportunities throughout the weekend.
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Colonel Crawford FFA represented at Forestry and Soils contests

CC FFA Forestry 3 CC FFA Forestry 2 CC FFA Forestry 1Six members of the Colonel Crawford FFA chapter had competed in the forestry contest at Camp Michael in Bucyrus on September 12th 2013.  The chapter was proudly represented by Katie Cox, Dalton Hoover, Jessica Millenbaugh, Wyatt Caldwell, Bronwyn Leonhardt, and Wesley Wingert. All members were asked to identify trees, measure trees for the amount of possible lumber produced, chainsaw identification, and general knowledge of forestry.

On Thursday September 19th, 2013, thirty students from Colonel Crawford in partnership with Pioneer participated in the Crawford county soil judging contest.  The Wynford and Buckeye Central FFA chapters also competed.  There were two different types of soil judging, rural and urban soils.  Judging the rural soils, that is for farming, they had to look at the slope, erosion, texture of soils, depth of roots and the drainage.  After finding that information they decide the land capability, land use, and the recommended conservation practices.   While judging urban soils, those for buildings with basements, roads, septic tanks, and lawns and gardens, they had to judge slope, landform, flood hazard, soil stability, soil texture, depth of seasonal high water table, depth of bed rock, and if a hard dense layer is present.  … Continue reading

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Corn Contest Proves Big Ears Means Big Yields


Recently, members from the Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter were challenged to participate in the first-ever Chapter Corn Contest. The rules of the contest were to bring in one ear of corn and earn a corn-related prize. All participants got a can of Mountain Dew soda pop because corn syrup is a major ingredient. Overall winners were presented a T-shirt with a corn-related theme presented by the FFA Chapter.

A winner is chosen based on the predicted yield of the corn. The grand prize winner was determined by the highest yield estimate, based on plant population per acre. Additional prizes were given to members with the longest ear and the ear with the largest circumference.

The overall winner was Cody Reid. His corn was predicted to yield 313 bushels to the acre with a 30,000 seed population per acre. Carly Gump presented an ear of corn that is predicted to produce 300 bushels per acre with a 30,000 seed population per acre.  Continue reading

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Colonel Crawford FFA attends 2013 Farm Science Review

Colonel Crawford FFA attends FSROn Tuesday September 18, 2013, the Colonel Crawford Agriculture students attended the Farm Science Review in London, Ohio. The 20 students attended the 80 acre exhibit area located on the Molly Caren Agricultural Center that is owned and operated by The Ohio State University College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. Students, visitors and exhibitors experienced all aspects of agriculture production. Inside the exhibit area are the static displays, along with 600 acres of land for field demonstrations such as corn and soybean combines, tillage, nutrient and lime applications, and drainage installations they also had to fill out a worksheet and write a short summary of what they learned that day. The students that participated in this trip was; Jessica Millenbaugh, Riley Erwin, Jordan Dailey, Bronwyn Leonhardt, Ashlie Hatcher, Jake Lohr, Cheyenne Johnson, Colton Guinther, Caleb Sherman, Matt Sutter, Garrett Hensley, Megan Daubenspeck, Tyson Scott, Sam Martian, Alex Brause, Katie Cox, Katie Cramer, ShyannaBlevins, Kyle Rowlinson, Chandler Studer.… Continue reading

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Miami East-MVCTC FFA announces October Member of the Month

Nathan Teeters (1)The October 2013 Miami East-MVCTC FFA Member of the Month is Nathan Teeters. He is the son of Micah and Kristi Teeters of Fletcher. He is a sophomore and second year member of the Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter.

Nathan was successful as securing a grant through the Agricultural and Rural Community Outreach Program through the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Farm Credit Services of Mid-America so that three grain rescue tubes could be purchased and donated to the three fire departments within the Miami East Local School District. He helped coordinate the training of the fire fighters. He also helped coordinate the Farm Safety Poster Contest, Farm Safety Day for second graders and the Seatbelt Awareness Program. Additionally, Nathan has a Supervised Agricultural Experience program with job placement at Buckeye Ag Testing.

Every month of the school year the Miami East-MVCTC FFA will select a student to be the FFA Member of the Month. … Continue reading

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Madison Plains FFA goes to Ohio Legislative Leadership Conference

Madison Plains OLLCMembers from the Madison Plains FFA Chapter met with other FFA members and government officers at Ohio Legislative Leadership Conference (OLLC) on September 25, 2013. This conference was held at the Ohio statehouse.

In the morning, members met with other members by participating in an activity. This activity consists of shaking a least 4 people’s hands that they didn’t know.

After the activity, lobbyist of the Farm Bureau talked about how to lobby and what lobbying is. They also talked about how to present an idea and how to make a good argument. To practice presenting ideas and arguing, members were given a sheet with a scenario to argue. The table was split into two different teams. Each team argued their point with one another.

Once the activity was finished, members had a chance to tour the statehouse and get pictures before the luncheon.

The luncheon started around noon. During this, members of the FFA had a chance to ask state senators and representatives any questions.… Continue reading

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Miami East sponsors Safety Poster Contest

The Personal Growth Committee of the Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter recently sponsored a farm

safety poster contest at Miami East Schools Elementary.

Students in the second grade were given poster board and had to create a farm safety promotion poster.  FFA members evaluated the pictures and awarded first place to each homeroom.  The results are as follows:

Mrs. Patty Gentis – Drake Bennett

Mrs. Ashley Demmitt – Camren Monnin

Mrs. Amanda Riley – Jadyn Bair

Mrs. Pam Rice – Ty Roeth

Each student participating received a gift from the FFA Chapter, including candy and a farm-related pencil.  The first place poster in each homeroom was also awarded an FFA Bear.… Continue reading

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Big Walnut DACC performs well in District Soils

Big Walnut DACC Soils team placed tenth out of twenty five teams in the District Rural Land Judging Event held on September 24th, 2013. This event was hosted by the Madison County Soil and Water

Conservation Districts in order to help the local Agricultural Education Programs experience what they have learned in the classroom.

The top five teams from the district that participated got to move onto the State Soils Competition to be held on October 12th, 2013.

In the Rural Land Judging Event students are asked to judge a marked area for the Land Description, Land Capability, Land Use and the Recommended Conservation Practices. Students get to apply their classroom knowledge to real-life situations. Members of the Big Walnut Team include Ali Carter, Harrison George, Emily Boyd and Hailey Wauben. Ali Carter placed 4th overall out of 102 students.

The event was held at the Becks Research Plot near the Farm Science Review in London, Ohio.… Continue reading

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Miami East-MVCTC FFA competes in County Soils Judging Contests

Members of the Miami East-MVCTC FFA recently participated in the 2013 Darke County Soil  Judging Contests. The Darke County Contest was held west of New Madison on the Murphy Family Farm and was sponsored by the Darke County Soil and Water Conservation District.

Competing in the Urban Contest were Kayla Zirkle, Micah Gaines, Trent Church, Austin Niswonger, Austin Etherington, and Katelyn Burch. The team placed 2nd in the contest. Austin Niswonger was the highest placing individual in the contest, placing 2nd overall.

Competing in the Rural Contest was Colton Kowalak, Weston Hodge, Jeremiah Batdorf, and  Eli Gillum. Weston Hodge was the highest placing individual from Miami East.

The contest consisted of evaluating three soils pit for slope, erosion, drainage, depth, and soil texture. Also, the contestants took a written test and answered questions from the Soil Survey of Darke County.

Congratulations to all that participated in the contest. Good Job and Best of Luck at the District Contest!… Continue reading

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Miami East-MVCTC FFA competes in District 5 Soils Judging

On Wednesday, September 25, members of the Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter competed in the

District 5 Soils Judging Contest in Preble County, west of Eaton. The Preble County Soil and Water Conservation District coordinated the event.

The Urban Soils team consisted of Trent Church, Katie Bodenmiller, Arron Adams, Kayla Zirkle, Micah Gaines, Cody McConnaughey, Isabelle Trevino, and Austin Niswonger. The team placed 7 out of 19 teams. Trent Church was the highest placing individual from Miami East placing 21 out of 119 individuals.

The Rural Soils team consisted of Lance Reynolds, Weston Hodge, Kyle Webb, Jeremiah Batdorf, Colton Kowalak, Gunnar Gearhart, and Eli Gillum. The team placed 16 out of 25 teams. Lance Reynolds was the high individual from Miami East placing 62 out of 163 individuals.

The contest consisted of evaluating three soils pit for slope, erosion, drainage, depth, and soil texture. Also, the contestants took a written test and answered questions from the soil survey.… Continue reading

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Hiland FFA competes in District 8 Urban Soils CDE

On September 19th, Hiland FFA members competed in the District 8 Urban Soils judging contest. Members who participated in this was Grant Mast, Javan Scheufler, Preston Shamp, Lee Shetler, and Dillion Zimmerly. Contest was held in Guernsey County. The contest is designed for students to evaluate the land and soil to see if the limitations qualify for urban use, such as home sites, septic systems, roads, and recreational purposes. During the contest students judged 3 soil pits, took a knowledge base test on urban soils, and a soil survey book test. The knowledge based test is to see how much the students know about the different slopes, textures, and depth of the soils. The survey book test asked different questions about the depth of the soil, type, texture and layers of the soils. Placing’s are as follows: Grant 5th, Javan 24th, Preston 40th, Lee 22nd, and Dillion 51st. They placed 5th as a team overall and will be competing in the state contest on October 12th.… Continue reading

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Big Walnut DACC FFA wins Rural Land Judging Event

The Big Walnut DACC Soils team was named the first place team in the Rural Land Judging Event held on September 20th, 2013. This event was hosted by the Delaware County and Morrow County Soil and Water Conservation Districts in order to help the local Agricultural Education Programs experience what they have learned in the classroom.

The top four individuals from each chapter that participated got to move onto the District Soils Competition to be held in London, Ohio on September 24th, 2013.

In the Rural Land Judging Event students are asked to judge a marked area for the Land Description, Land Capability, Land Use and the Recommended Conservation Practices. Students get to apply their classroom knowledge to real-life situations. Team’s included Big Walnut, Cardington, Northmore, Highland and Mt. Gilead FFA Chapters. Members of the Big Walnut team included Emily Boyd, Ali Carter, Brady Daniels, Lane Davis, Harrison George, Garrett Golihugh, Courtney Holland, Jacob Howard, Justin MacKay, Caleb Odell, Zach Pruyn, Zane Tuttle, and Hailey Wauben.… Continue reading

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Madison Plains FFA Visits the Farm Science Review

On Sept. 19 of 2013 some members of the Madison Plains FFA chapter visited The Farm Science Review. While there, students saw different companies and learned what agriculture was all about. There were many different activities and contests for members to participate in while they were there. Rachel Garrison said, “LG Seed Company allowed us to enter a contest to win a grant for our FFA.”  Students also enjoyed watching the field demonstrations where they learned about new technology they would like to apply to their 120 acre school farm.

Members delivered centerpieces donated from the VP lunch that was held at the FSR to their local nursing home, The Madison House.  Kayle Mast even got to visit her grandma who lives there.  She said, “She was so happy, and she loved them.” Many members said they didn’t realize how much it meant to them to be surprised with flowers.

This was a great experience for a lot of the FFA members.… Continue reading

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Miami East-MVCTC FFA members Attend State FFA Greenhand Conference

On Saturday, September 21, 7 Miami East-MVCTC FFA Greenhands attended the 2013 State Greenhand Conference hosted by the Versailles FFA Chapter.  The theme was “First Down and Life To Go,” and the conference offered workshops for the first-year agricultural education students to learn about opportunities in the FFA, setting goals, developing communication skills, and working in teams. Additionally, attendees rotated through various Career Development Events that FFA members can get involved in during their FFA membership.

Presenters for the conference included sessions by Kalie Hall, National FFA Secretary, Shelby Faulkner, Ohio’s National FFA Officer Candidate, Maddison Buschur, State FFA President, Tre Plowman, State FFA Vice President, Sydney Snider, State FFA Secretary, Joe Schmitz, District 5 FFA President and Hallie Sue Hiser, District 9 FFA President. The participants enjoyed the opportunity to meet FFA members from across the state of Ohio and learn more about FFA.

New this year was a canned food drive challenge.… Continue reading

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Seatbelt Awareness Activity Held

On Thursday, Sept. 19, as part of National Farm Safety Awareness Week, the Citizenship Committee of the Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter held a Seatbelt Awareness Activity. As students exited the parking lot at Miami East High School, the drivers were stopped and their seatbelts were checked.

If the student was wearing their seatbelt they received a “Smarties” candy for being smart about wearing their seatbelt. If the students were not wearing their seatbelts they were given a “DummDumm” sucker for making a bad decision.

Results of the event proved that a majority of the drivers at Miami East High School do wear their seatbelt. Over 60 drivers and passengers were presented candy with 18.3% of drivers were not wearing their seatbelt. Similar results as were collected last year when 13.1% of drivers were not wearing their seatbelt.

The first seatbelt was in a Volvo vehicle in 1849. On February 15, 1885, the seatbelt patent was given to Edward J.… Continue reading

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Mohawk FFA Holds Annual BBQ

On September 20, 2013 Mohawk FFA held their annual pre-order BBQ dinner from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. This year Mohawk FFA members sold 750 meal tickets for the event. Tickets purchased were for a meal with either 2 pork chops, ½ chicken, or a combination meal. The food was prepared by Special Occasions. The meals were put together by FFA members for either dine-in or carry out.  Mohawk FFA appreciates and sends special thanks to those who purchased meal tickets this year.  Profits from the event are used by the FFA chapter for other activities throughout the year.… Continue reading

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September was busy month for Hiland FFA

On September 7th, Hiland FFA members participated in the Harvest Festival Parade in Berlin. This year the theme of the float is “Ignite” which is also the theme for this year’s National Convention. Students decorated the float with flames and signs that said “ignite”, hay bales, and Hiland FFA signs. Keith Yoder, father of Rachelle Yoder, drove the Farmall H tractor which pulled the float. Members were Rachelle Yoder, Jessica Davis, Stacey Regan, Kelsey Yoder, Shauna Kline, Heidi Troyer, Melissa Hostetler, Tanner Neuenschwander, Aaron Nisley, Javan Scheufler, Kenny Clark, Ryan Mast and Kenny Slabaugh.

September 9th, Hiland FFA members participated in Adopt-A-Highway. Members picked up trash along State Route 39 from Troyer’s Country Market to Chestnut Ridge Elementary School and back to the high school, covering a total of two miles. Adopt-A-Highway is a great community service activity for members to participate. Hiland FFA members participate in Adopt-A-Highway in September and again in May.… Continue reading

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Ft. Recovery FFA Holds Fall Fun Fest

IMG_0476The Ft. Recovery FFA Chapter recently held its annual Fall Fun Fest as a recreational activity at a Chapter FFA meeting.  After the meeting, 54 FFA members that attended had fun watching fellow FFA members participate in digging for worms in cool whip, apple sider chug, Oreo eating contest, and a candy corn spitting contest. Members also enjoyed a hayride, bonfire, and a cookout.  Members also helped paint and creatively decorate 10 pumpkins as a community activity. The pumpkins were donated to The Gardens in Saint Henry.  Residents there were able to enjoy the decorations for the holiday.  The chapter would also like to thank Roger and Marilyn Fortkamp and their family for hosting the event and to Jutte’s Fruit Farm for donating the pumpkins.… Continue reading

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