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West Holmes FFA members compete in state job interview contest

State job interview participants: Maren Drzazga and Ally Ogi

On December 4th, two West Holmes FFA sent two members to the state job interview contest. Ally Ogi in division 4 placed 8th. Maren Drzazga in division 2 placed 8th. Before the contest they turned in a cover letter and resume. During the contest they filled out an application, went through an interview, and wrote a follow up letter. Congratulations Ally and Maren!… Continue reading

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Anthony Wayne FFA Greenhand and Chapter Degree fun day

By Nicholas Wacha, Anthony Wayne – Penta FFA

On Friday, December 17th, 2021 in the Anthony Wayne High School Ag room, the Anthony Wayne – Penta FFA executive team members lead a degree fun day and workday for the students in the ANFR I & II classes. The purpose of this fun day was to give the students a chance to have fun while also working on their degrees. The students played two activities to help with their work on the degrees. The first activity was a game where a beach ball was passed around and there was question written on it. Whatever question your right thumb landed on was the one you had to answer and then pass it on to the next person. This game allowed the student to get to know each other better and to learn more about what each member was passionate about. The other activity was a game of Jenga where each brick had a question on it.… Continue reading

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Greenhand Initiation

By:Kayleigh Aiken (Co-reporter)

The River Valley FFA Chapter celebrated the Greenhand members and their achievements on December 1, 2021 held at Elgin High school. Members received their Greenhand degrees and their FFA jackets, along with their ascots and ties. Our greenhand members did an outstanding job! Each one of them met our highest expectations with outstanding poise and professionalism.

We had 5 of our members in the creed category. First paragraph Marinn Mcquire second paragraph Ally Bryant third paragraph Karis Beineke fourth paragraph Owen Osting and lastly Sidney Street with the fifth paragraph. Each one of them knew the creed and executed it perfectly. They had practiced it for days leading up to the greenhand banquet. 

Following the creed our members showcased their knowledge in the Marion County FFA Greenhand history. They had taken quizzes and studied the knowledge for weeks before the banquet. We had five students in the quiz bowl, Amelia Young, Karis Bineke, Hope Lamasters, Dayle Doss, and Anna Sharp.… Continue reading

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Zane Trace FFA Chapter News and Notes December 2021

Members Build Leadership Skills with State FFA Officers

On the evening of November 17th, seven members of the ZT FFA Chapter attended the State Officer Leadership Night at Amanda Clearcreek High School along with over 150 fellow members from surrounding chapters. During the event members met in small groups led by the state officers to develop SMART goals for their future, build communication skills and identify their personal leadership strengths. Members also enjoyed meeting students from other schools during the post-workshop meal .

Fruit Crew Helps Raise Funds

The Zane Trace FFA Chapter held a successful fall fundraiser that featured traditional items such as fruit, nuts and cheese along with a few new twists. After spending the month of October taking orders, members completed their tallies and placed orders with vendors in early November. On December 7th fourteen members on the “fruit crew” unloaded, sorted and stacked nearly $24,000 worth of inventory for students to pick up.… Continue reading

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Ohio FFA Foundation awards blue jackets

This fall, the Ohio FFA Foundation awarded the funds for chapters to purchase 225 FFA jackets for first-year members. Students from across Ohio either applied or were nominated to be a part of the Blue Jackets program, sponsored by Beck’s Hybrids.
Beck’s Hybrids and the Ohio FFA Foundation have been committed to helping provide FFA jackets for first-year members since 2017. In total, the Ohio FFA Foundation has awarded 857 jackets.
“In 2021, the Ohio FFA Foundation was able to award the most FFA jackets it ever has in a single year. I am grateful for the number of people who combined their efforts to provide FFA jackets for first-year members in our state,” said Jessica Parrish, executive director of the Ohio FFA Foundation.
Jacket donors in 2021 included Beck’s Hybrids and 30 Beck’s Hybrids dealers, as well as multiple individuals and community supporters. Rolland Wolfrum of Cardinal Creek Farms LLC, a Beck’s Hybrids dealer in Hicksville has donated to the program each year since its inception.… Continue reading

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Twin Valley South-MVCTC FFA Members Receive Blue Jacket Scholarships

This fall, three of Twin Valley South’s first-year FFA members found out they had been awarded an FFA Blue Jacket as part of the Beck’s Blue Jacket program. As part of the hundreds of Students from across Ohio who either applied or were nominated to be a part of the Blue Jackets program, these members were given the gift of corduroy to cement their part in the FFA. The three members from TVS that will now be able to wear their own Official Dress are Lauren Cole, Tyler Hawley and Myleigh Lakes. The jackets these members received were sponsored by Superior Ag Solutions and the generous donations of Chris Petelle. 

Since 2016, Beck’s Hybrids and the Ohio FFA Foundation have been committed to helping provide FFA jackets for first-year members. With the generosity shared from community supporters and the Beck’s Hybrids dealer network, the Ohio FFA Foundation has awarded more than 630 jackets since the program’s inception.Continue reading

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On Saturday, December 11th, 8 freshmen members of the Miami Trace Great Oaks FFA Chapter traveled to the Delaware Area Career Center to compete in the Ohio FFA Novice Parliamentary Procedure competition with a total of 18 teams from across the state. These members consisted of: Emily Reeves, Eric Taylor, Mallory Johnson, Meghan Brandt, Caitlin Cottrill, Hannah Cummings, Cotey Payton and Carley Payton. 

To arrive at this level, the team began practice in early November where they learned FFA opening/closing ceremonies, 11 parliamentary abilities, discussion of 50 main motions and 200 test questions.  The team competed at the sub-district and district competitions on November 30th and December 2nd, respectively, where they placed in the top 2 teams.  After securing their eligibility to the state competition, they took an online written exam over parliamentary law in early December.

18 teams participated in the state competition on December 11th where they were divided into 5 preliminary heats. … Continue reading

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Benjamin Logan FFA hosts an Ohio Leadership Night and Thanksgiving Meal

Benjamin Logan FFA recently hosted an Ohio Leadership Night and Thanksgiving Meal for seven local FFA chapters. The admission fee to the event was a large print puzzle book or coloring book. The FFA was fortunate to work with Missy Kinney and her friends to help with the Adopt A Grandparents program at Logan Acres. Mrs. Kinney received sponsorships and will be able to present each of the 92 Residents of Logan Acres a gift the week of Christmas (including lotion, gripping socks, puzzle books from the FFA and cards signed by FFA members with sponsors’ names). Mrs. Kinney had this to say about the program, ” I cannot wait to deliver their gifts and bring holiday Cheer and smiles to their faces!!”… Continue reading

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MVCTC FFA Raises $10,000 for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Dayton

41st Annual MVCTC FFA Charity Auction Raised over $10,000 for Ronald Mcdonald House Charities of Dayton! Pictured left to right – Bill Hershberger (MVCTC FFA Advisor and Auction Organizer), Reba Chenoweth (Marketing & Communications Manager RMHC Dayton), Cheyeanne Epperson (MVCTC FFA Chapter President), and Eva Wiley (MVCTC FFA Advisor).

The Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) FFA Chapter hosted the 41st Annual Charity Auction to support Dayton’s Ronald McDonald House Charities. The auction was held on Friday, December 10, 2021, in the new Diesel Power Technologies lab in the recently completed C wing of the MVCTC campus. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of MVCTC FFA instructors and students, over $10,000 was raised this year, and all proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House on Valley Street in Dayton.

According to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Dayton website, https://rmhcdayton.org/, “The Ronald McDonald House on Valley Street provides a home away from home with 14 private guest rooms at no cost to guests.… Continue reading

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Benjamin Logan FFA members earn degrees

Benjamin Logan FFA members have the chance to earn four degrees throughout their FFA career, including the Greenhand FFA Degree, Chapter FFA Degree, State FFA Degree, and American FFA Degree. Each of these degrees have different requirements. The Greenhand FFA Degree given to first-year high school students who have demonstrated that they have a thorough understanding of the history and purpose of FFA and have an SAE plan. The requirements to applying for this degree are:

  • Enroll in an agricultural education program and have satisfactory plans for a Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE).
  • Learn and explain the FFA Creed, FFA Mission and Motto, and FFA salute.
  • Describe and explain the meaning of the FFA emblem and FFA colors.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the FFA Code of Ethics and the proper use of the FFA jacket.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the history of the organization, the chapter constitution and bylaws and the chapter Program of Activities.
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Northwestern FFA Competes in Sub-District Parliamentary Procedure

On Tuesday, November 16th, members of the Northwestern FFA Chapter competed in the Sub-District parliamentary procedure held at Black River High School.  Northwestern had a novice and an advanced team compete in the parliamentary procedure contest.  
The novice team was made up of Kayla Cutter (Chair), Kaylee Cherry (Chair), Kate Johnson, Mallory Gilbert, Chloe Starcher, Addy Connelly, McKenna Connelly, and Emmalee Connelly. The team placed 1st in the sub-district and will advance to Districts on December 2nd, 2021 at Northwestern High School. 
The advanced team consisted of Hanna Wilson (Chair), Dugan McLaughlin, Kade Tegtmeier, Kirsten Boreman, Preston Wilcox, Logan Garman, and Ava Stoller. The team placed 1st overall and will compete in the district contest on December 2nd held at Northwestern High School.  
Both contests are designed to test FFA members’ abilities in properly running a business meeting. Teams are scored on different abilities of parliamentary procedure, debates on main motions, the secretary’s minutes, and the chairpersons’ ability to run the meeting, a written test, and the overall look of professionalism throughout the team.… Continue reading

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Northwestern FFA Attends Leadership Night

On Thursday, November 18th, members of the Northwestern FFA Chapter traveled to Shelby High School to attend a Leadership Night. This was the first leadership night in three years, due to COVID-19. The chapter had 16 members attend this event. These members were Zoey Dudte, Jadeyn Berry, Rylee Dawson, Hanna Wilson, Kirsten Boreman, Ava Stoller, Melanie Imhoff, Maddy Yasch, Miranda Smith, Kade Tegtmeier, Kaleb Badger, Mallory Gilbert, Gabby Riedel, Audrey Franks, Logan Garmen, Emma Connelly. All of these members participated in group sessions with the State President, Jake Zajkowski and the State Sentinel, Faith Galavich. The State President and State Sentinel hosted the event and incorporated members to get involved. There were various activities such as building paper statues, finishing the lyrics to a song, and filling in papers with definitions of words and motivation that will help members along their journey. 
This event ended with a dodgeball tournament and a taco dinner.… Continue reading

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Northwestern FFA Participates in Operation Christmas Child

At the beginning of November, the Northwestern FFA Chapter began a community service project with Samaritan’s Purse. This group is a nationwide, non-denominational Christian, non-profit organization that provides spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world. As this project took place, the chapter welcomed donations from its members. By the collection date, November 19th, the chapter was able to collect and box a total of 84 boxes to donate to this charity. Thank you to everyone who contributed! … Continue reading

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Northwestern FFA Competes at the District Parliamentary Procedure Contest

On Thursday, December 2nd, members of the Northwestern FFA Chapter competed in the District 3 Parliamentary Procedure contest held at Northwestern High School.  Parliamentary Procedure is an assessment of students’ abilities to participate effectively in a business meeting or other group decision making situation.  The team conducts a mock meeting and a written test based on Roberts Rules of Order and are evaluated by FFA Advisors from other districts. The advanced team consisted of Hanna Wilson (Chair), Dugan McLaughlin, Kade Tegtmeier, Preston Wilcox, Kirsten Boreman, Logan Garman, and Ava Stoller.
The novice team consisted of Kayla Cutter (Chair), Kaylee Cherry (Chair), Kate Johnson, Mallory Gilbert, Chloe Starcher, Addy Connelly, McKenna Connelly, and Emmalee Connelly.   The advanced and novice teams both placed 1st in the District 3 contest and will advance to the state contest. The Novice will compete on December 11th and the Advanced team will compete on December 18th at the Delaware Area Career Center.… Continue reading

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Mowrystown FFA Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

This thanksgiving season, Mowrystown FFA held their annual thanksgiving dinner at Whiteoak High School on November 23, from 5pm-7pm. We had an amazing turnout and were super proud of all the work we got done.
We had an estimate of around 200 people show up, and or take to-go boxes. We made everything from scratch, and had FFA members bring in desserts.… Continue reading

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Northwestern FFA Competes in Job Interview CDE

On Tuesday, November 9th, members of the Northwestern FFA Chapter competed in the district Job Interview contest held at Smithville High School.  
The chapter had four members compete in the district job interview contest, Jadeyn Berry, Ava Stoller, Ella S, and Kayla Cutter. This career development event is designed to give FFA members the opportunity to learn about the interviewing process, as well as simulating a mock interview for a job in the agricultural industry. Members are required to fill out a job application, complete a cover letter, participate in an interview, and complete a follow up letter.  Berry placed 3rd and Stoller placed 2nd in their respective divisions. Ella S. and Cutter placed 1st in their divisions and will advance to the state contest.… Continue reading

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Miami East-MVCTC FFA Food Science and Technology Teams Compete

On Saturday, December 4 four members of the Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter competed in the State Food Science and Technology Career Development Event hosted at The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.  
The Food Science and Technology Team members were Isaac Beal, Adilyn Richter, Emma Sutherly, and Braden Zekas.  The team placed fourth in the state and earned a banner for the agriculture classroom.  Braden Zekas was the highest placing individual from Miami East, placing 10th overall.  
During the contest the team members were asked to complete a product development scenario in which they calculated the nutritional facts for a new food product and designed a new package.  Also they completed an aroma identification section, took a test on their knowledge of food science, responded to mock customer complaint scenarios, identified sanitation errors in the food industry, identified common food flavorings, and completed a taste sensory test.… Continue reading

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Northwestern FFA Members Compete in State Job Interview

On Saturday, December 4th, Ella S and Kayla Cutter competed in the State Job Interview contest in Columbus, Ohio. Ella placed 1st in the sophomore division and 4th overall in the finals and Cutter placed 5th in the freshman division. 
This career development event is designed to give FFA members the opportunity to learn about the interviewing process, as well as practice interviewing for a job. Members are required to fill out a job application, complete a cover letter, create a resume, participate in a mock interview, and complete a follow up letter.… Continue reading

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Liberty Union FFA student Brooke Blansette places in the top 4 in the nation in Equine Placement

It is every FFA member’s dream, who has ever attended the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana to walk across the awards stage and hear their personal name announced in front of over 50,000 fellow FFA members.  This dream was accomplished for Brook Blansette this year on October 29, 2021.  With over 40 fellow Liberty Union FFA members sitting at the edge of their seats rooting Brooke on, we are very proud of her hard work and dedication to her Supervised Agriculture Experience.  

Miss. Brooke Blansette is currently working at Shoo Fly Stables where she helps take care of over 30 horses daily.  She continued her experience even after she graduated from high school, and while she obtained another job working for another local farmer.   Throughout the months of September and October, Brooke trained for her proficiency interview in the area of Equine Placement.  To qualify for her award, Brooke had to work for a horse farm and help run the day-to-day activities for over 4 years. … Continue reading

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