Mowrystown FFA Members Advance to National Soil Judging Contest


On Saturday, October 13, FFA members gathered together at Malabar Farms in Mansfield, Ohio for the state soils contest. Mowrystown FFA had both the Urban and Rural teams qualify for the state contest. The rural team which is comprised of Ryan Cole, Kylie Douglas, Paige Hill and Clayton Swinford, got 28th in the contest. The Urban team was 2nd. The urban team is made up of; Tori Walker, 4th individually, Rikki Morris in 5th, Stephen Anderson who was 16th and Brad Allen in 52nd. The urban team will now move on the national contest in Oklahoma in May of 2013.

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Mowrystown FFA Competes in Soil Judging

On October 2nd, the FFA Chapters of District 9 gathered together at Liberty Park in Hillsborofor a soil judging Contest. Mowrystown FFA’s Urban team got 1st place with Stephen Anderson, Rikki Morris, Tori Walker, and Brad Allen on the team. The rural team got 4th with Kylie Douglas, Clayton Swinford, Ryan Cole and Paige Hill on the team. Both teams qualified for the state contest on Saturday, October 13th.

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Southeastern FFA competes at state soils

Four members of the Southeastern FFA recently competed at the state soils competition in urban evaluation, placing 28th out of 49 teams. The event was held at Malabar Farm near Lucas, Ohio. Individually, Mitchel Shawhan led the team by placing 30th overall out of 180 students competing. Joining Mitchel for competition were Cory Knox, Hayden Eriksen and Dylan Nave. We would like to thank both Brian Harbage and Jeff Shawhan for digging and setting up practice pits as well as Chuck McNier for accompanying the group to the event.

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Botkins FFA Competes at Big “E”

On Friday September 14, 4 members of the Botkins FFA Chapter and their advisor, Mr. Chad Berning, traveled to West Springfield, Massachusetts to represent the state of Ohio at The Big “E”. Competing for the team were juniors Michaela Kramer and Derek Shaffer, and sophomores Lucas Buehler and Kyle Moellenkamp. This past spring, the team qualified for The Big “E” after placing 2nd in the state FFA General Livestock Judging contest.

During the competition, the team had to individually evaluate 9 classes of livestock, give oral reasons on 3 of the classes, and take a 50 question written exam based on livestock and livestock production. They also had 2 team activities, which included a keep/cull activity and a 10 question worksheet based on one of the classes they evaluated.

The team competed against some of the top teams in Delaware, Connecticut, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, totaling about 30 individuals.… Continue reading

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Fort Loramie FFA Chapter Receives National Ranking

INDIANAPOLIS—The National FFA Organization recently selected the Fort Loramie FFA Chapter as a 3-star winner in the National FFA Chapter Award program from a pool of more than 660 candidates nationwide. The chapter members have been invited to attend the 85th National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 24-27, where they will be recognized for this honor.

The award program is sponsored by John Deere as a special project of the National FFA Foundation. The National FFA Chapter Award program recognizes FFA chapters for developing and conducting a detailed Program of Activities (POA). Each activity provides opportunities for members to excel in one of three areas: student, chapter, or community development.

The application highlighted several activities in which the Fort Loramie FFA participated. Activities include promoting scholarship among FFA members, encouraging students to enter agriculturally-related fields, providing opportunities for financial literacy, participating in leadership development activities, showing appreciation for school employees, growing and selling flowers in the chapter’s greenhouse, having a food stand at local festivals, and helping to make consumers aware of current agricultural industry issues.… Continue reading

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Miami East Chapter Recognized by National FFA

The National FFA Organization recently selected the Miami East FFA Chapter of Casstown, Ohio as a 3-Star National Chapter for the National FFA Chapter Award Program. A 3-star is the highest award a chapter can be recognized for in the National Chapter process.  In order to be considered for such an honor, the Miami East FFA Chapter had to place in the top 10% in the state of Ohio. In May, the chapter learned that they were in the Top 10 in the state and would have their application forwarded to national evaluations.
This is the 12th straight year that the Miami East FFA Chapter will be recognized at the National FFA Convention in their National Chapter Award program. Two students will receive the plaque on stage during the National FFA Convention, October 25th in Indianapolis, Indiana.
The National FFA Chapter Award program recognized FFA chapters for developing and conducting a detailed Program of Activities (POA).  
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West Holmes FFA Members Earn National Recognition

By Audrey Ivers, West Holmes FFA Chapter Reporter

Aaron Clark- National Proficiency Finalist

Aaron is the son of Chris and Julie Clark and has worked at Loder Farms in Millersburg for four years. Aaron was named the winner of the Diversified Agriculture Production Placement for Ohio back in May. Throughout this summer, Aaron has been competing and made it to the finals at the National level. With this title Aaron is in the top four of the Diversified Agriculture Production across the United States. Aaron’s hard work and dedication for working at Loder Farms and Kick Farms has finally paid off. Aaron did work such as milking cows, working in the fields, scraping barns and feeding calves. Aaron will be on stage in Indianapolis in October. There will be 196 members recognized in 47 different proficiency areas out of over 500,000 members Nationwide. Aaron is currently a sophomore at the OSU ATI where he is studying Agronomy for two years, and plans on transferring to the OSU Main Campus for Crop Science.… Continue reading

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National FFA Announces Proficiency Finalists

The following Ohio FFA members have been named National Proficiency Award Finalists by the National FFA Organization. They will represent Ohio at National FFA Convention this fall.

Maddison Buschur, Versallies FFA – Agricultural Communications, Entrepreneurship/{lacement

Rebecca Faverty, Marlington FFA – Agricultural Processing, Entrepreneurship/Placement

Taylor Kruse, Pettisville FFA – Agriscience Research, Plant Systems

Kira Andre, Wauseon FFA – Dairy Production, Entrepreneurship

Ashley Wilker, Marion Local FFA – Dairy Production, Placement

Aaron Clark, West Holmes FFA – Diversified Agricultural Production, Entrepreneurship/Placement

Cody Adams, Fayetteville FFA – Diversified Crop Production, Entrepreneurship

Jakob Wilson, Fairbanks FFA – Diversified Crop Production, Placement

Saul A. Triana, Wauseon FFA – Diversified Livestock Production, Entrepreneurship/Placement

Justin Pursel, Pettisville FFA – Environmental Science and Natural Resources, Entrepreneurship/Placement

Elizabeth Hayes, Marysville FFA – Equine Science, Entrepreneurship

Amanda Koch, Botkins FFA – Nursery Operations, Entrepreneurship/Placement

Garrit Austin Sproull, Harrison FFA – Swine Production, Entrepreneurship

Nick Rutschilling, Versailles FFA – Swine Production, Placement… Continue reading

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2012-2013 Ohio State FFA Officer Team Named


President: Shelby Faulkner

Vice President: Sarah Bookman

Secretary: Craig Berning

Treasurer: Erin Wollett

Reporter: Daniel Zimmerman

Sentinel: Adam Rine

District 1 President: Clayton Parrish

District 2 President:Erica White

District 3 President: Nicole Steiner

District 4 President: Gary Klopfenstein

District 5 President: Maddy Buschur

District 6 President: Jordan Stacy

District 7 President: Leanna Bachman

District 8 President: Casey Schlauch

District 9 President: Carley Snider

District 10 President: Kayla Stalin

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2012 Proficiency Winners


1. Eirk Fehlan, Wellington
2. Anne McElwee, Cardington -Lincoln

Agricultural Communications

1. Maddison Buschur, Versailles
2. Jorden Price, Tri-Village-MVCTC

Agricultural Mechanics Design & Fabrication

1. Melissa Shears, Ridgewood
2. Sam Poeppelman, Marion Local

Agricultural Mechanics Repair & Mechanics- Entrepreneurship

1. Jeremy Robbine, Fayetteville

Agricultural Mechanics Repair & Mechanics- Placement

1. Cole Barry, North Union
2. Nate Seitz, Amanda-Clearcrekk

Agricultural Processing

1. Rebecca Faverty, Marlington
2. Tanner Mick, Miami Trace

Agricultural Sales-Entrepreneurship

1. Austin Wippel, Westfall
2. Marie Arnold, Smithville

Agricultural Sales-Placement

1. Kelly Fager, Wauseon
2. Rachel Mcclish, Miami Trace

Agricultural Services

1. Samantha Vermule, Delphos
2. Shane Gardner, West Holmes

AgriScience Research- Integrated Systems

1. Sarah Cox, Zane Trace
2. David Glass, Zane Trace

AgriScience Research-Plant Systems

1. Taylor Kruse, Pettisville
2. Michelle Satterfield, R.G. Drage Career Tech Center

Beef Production-Entrepreneurship
1. Jordon Mullett, River View
2. Chris Goettemoeller, Versailles

Beef Production-Placement
1. Molly Greenawalt, Lynchburg-Clay
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2012 Honorary State Degree Honorees


The following people were recognized as Honorary Degree recipients during the second session of 2012 Ohio FFA Convention.

Edward Beeler
Mark Butler
Jamie Chenovey
Scott Elwer
Carol Endslow
Leonard Felty
Colleen Wright
Fred Colt
Dr. Williams Hains
Rober Jordan
Michael Leach
William Massey
Ron Matter
Donna Meller
Rick Raach
Dr. Todd Rappold
Richard Rhoades
John Schartman
David Snyder
Mike Sparks
Devon Stanley
Diane Zyski

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2012 State Spring Events Results



1. Miami Trace

2. North Union

3. Logan

4. Greenville

5. River View


1.Evan Schaefer, Miami Trace

2. Judith Straathof, Miami Trace

3. Jordyn Rhodeback, North Union

4. Landon Gibbs, Miami Trace

5. Rachel Mcclish, Miami Trace

Dairy Cattle (Preliminary)

The top ten teams and top ten individuals will participate in a final round on May 1st, 2012 at OSU ATI.


1. Riverside

2. Miami Trace

3. Fairbanks

4. Marion Local

5. Greenville

6. North Adams

7. Teays Valley

8. Northwestern

9. Coldwater

10. Crestview


1. Tanner Topp, Northwestern

2. Hillary Jackson, Riverside

3. Kadie Burger, Minerva

4. Keith Bohman, Marion Local

5. Thomas Shaw, Greenville

6. Corey Jodrey, North Adams

7. Barbara Sears. Miami Trace

8. Ella Jackson, Riverside

9. Sam Macgregor, Miami Trace

10. Jody Williams, Morgan

Dairy Handlers

1. Allison Mangun, Norwayne

2. Cheyenne Morsheiser, Carrollton

3. Caitlin Davidson, Lynchburg-Clay

4. Jacque Herman, Edgerton

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2012 State Proficiency Finalists


Erik Fehlan, Wellington High School

Cassandra Saylor, New Lexington High School

Brittany Conkey, Fairview High School

Anne McElwee, Cardington-Lincoln High School

Agricultural Communications

Jorden Price, Tri-Village-MVCTC High School

Maddison Buschur, Versailles High School

Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication

Reggie McAdams, Elida High School

Melissa Shears, Ridgewood High School

Sam Poeppelman, Marion Local High School

Cody Cisco, Coldwater High School

Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance- Entreprenuership

Jeremy Robbins, Fayetteville High School

Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance – Placement

Nate Seitz, Amanda-Clearcreek High School

Levi Weber, Wauseon High School

Nathanael Betz, Pettisville High School

Cole Barry, North Union High School

Agricultural Processing

Rebecca Faverty, Marlington High School

Alan Russel, Fayetteville High School

Tanner Mick, Miami Trace High School

Sierra Shaw, Ridgewood High School

Agricultural Sales- Entreprenuership

Austin Wippel, Westfall High School

Marie Arnold, Smithville High School

Jason Michael, Delphos High School

Melissa Shears, Ridgewood High School

Agricultural Sales- Placement

Kelly Fager, Wauseon High School

Hannah Katafias, Anthony Wayne High School

Marissa Vearil, Fayetteville High School

Rachel Mcclish, Miami Trace High School

Agricultural Services

Samantha Vermule, Delphos High School

Shane Gardner, West Holmes High School

Scott Mullet, Hiland High School

Regan Garber, Greenville High School

Agriscience Research- Plant Systems

Taylor Kruse, Pettisville High School

Michelle Satterfield, R.G.… Continue reading

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2012 Job Interview CDE Results

The 2012 Job Interview Career Development Event was held on March 3, 2012 at The Ohio State University. The winner in each division will compete in the finals at State Convention.


1. Autumn Miller, Liberty Union

2. Taylor Brown, Hardin Northern

3. Adam Schuller, Northwestern Wayne


1. Brandon Bailey, Otsego

2. Randi Shaw, Sheridan

3. Mandy Taylor, West Holmes


1. John Eberly, Northwestern Wayne

2. Rachel Hedrick, Versailles

3. Katie Driggers, Carey


1. Reed Poling, Hardin Northern

2. John Hannewald, Otsego

3. Alisha Thompson, Harrison Central

First Time Members (Juniors and Seniors)

1. Kendra Lee, Alexander

2. Zack Rader, Van Buren

3. Marianna Canteva, Smithville… Continue reading

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2012 Agricultural Sales CDE Results

The 2012 Agricultural Sales CDE, sponsored by Buchy Foods, was held on March 3, 2012 at The Ohio State University.

The top 5 teams were:

1. Hillsdale High School

Sarah Bookman

Luke Ebert

Megan Miller

Dexter Rogers

2. Norwayne High School

Allison Mangun

Nicole Steiner

Jordan Bonham

Lydia Hartzler

3. Oak Harbor High School

Ashley Buhrow

Micah Mensing

Logan Bahnsen

Austin Schimming

4. Bloom Carroll High School

Alyssa Gieseck

Alex Bennet

Rebekah Salyers

Baylee Royise

5. Marysville High School

Ryan Schwyn

Darrison Cook

Mikayla Mosey

David Keck… Continue reading

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2012 State Public Speaking CDE Results

Congratulations to the participants in the 2012 Preliminary and Final Public Speaking Career Development Events. First and second place are in alphabetical order- winners will be announced at State Convention.

Creed Speaking

Jacob Rose, Miami Trace

Rachel Welch, Cory Rawson

3. Caroline Battin, Otsego

4. Megan Whalin, Waterford

Beginning Prepared Speaking

Grace Dannemiller, Liberty Union

Courtney Rose, Versailles

3. Connor Frame, Buckeye Trail

4. Robby Thiel, Ridgedale

Extemporaneous Speaking

Craig Berning, Anna High School

Quinn Moore, Fayetteville

3. Maddison Buscher, Versailles

4. Abby Motter, Crestview Ashland

Prepared Speaking

Sierra Jepsen, Amanda Clearcreek

Jordan Stacey, Greenon

3. Devon Alexander, Anna

4. Carly Snider, Felicity Franklin… Continue reading

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