Manure Nutrient Management Day

Crawford Soil and Water Conservation District, in conjunction with Crawford-OSU Extension, will be hosting a Manure Nutrient Management Field Day on August 30. The event will be held at the Scott-Reinhard Seed’s Warehouse at 2030 State Route 4, just south of Bucyrus. The day will start at 9 a.m. and continue until about 3 p.m. With nationally known speakers. Jenifer Yost, a Research Soil Scientist with USDA-ARS from Temple, Texas will be speaking about soil health and the benefits of swine and dairy manure. Scott Shearer from The Ohio State University will showcase some of the latest technologies being researched and developed. 

Other topics will include utilizing poultry litter by Taylor Dill, OSU Extension. Composting Manure and its benefits, Eric Richer, OSU extension. Learning to understand your manure analysis, cover crops, and the latest on H2Ohio, EQIP, and spreading regulations. Field trials with both liquid and dry handling and spreading equipment will be showcased in the afternoon.Continue reading

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Grand Champion Steer shatters all Sale of Champions records

By Matt Reese

I have been attending the Ohio State Fair Sale of Champions for more than 20 years and auctioneer Johnny Regula has said it every year. He wants $100,000 for the Grand Champion Steer. Going into Sunday, Aug. 7, the record sale for the Grand Champion Steer at the Ohio State Fair was $85,000 from 2011. Every year Regula has said it, and every year he has come up short. The 2022 Sale, though, was different. 

“I’m going to get this out the way early,” Regula said as he took the microphone after Ryleigh Egbert from Auglaize County entered the sale ring with her Grand Champion Steer. “He has won more times than he has been beaten. This is a very unique, very special calf. This young girl lost her Grandpa this year. She told Grandpa, ‘This one is for you.’ And by gosh she did it. She did it…It is time to sell him.… Continue reading

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2022 Ohio State Fair Outstanding Market Exhibitors

Chance Mezurek, Lorain Co., 14, was the first place Outstanding Market Goat Exhibitor. 
The other Goat Outstanding Market Exhibitors were: Landry Wrasman, 9, Putnam Co.; Adelyn Rupejko, Madison Co., 10; Briar Wilson, Muskingum Co., 11; Gabby McDade, Butler Co., 12; Julia Cowdry, Fairfield Co., 13; Hayden Smith, Holmes Co., 15; Jayden Hinkle, Muskingum Co., 16, Hayley Bolden, Washington Co., 17; and Emma Sutherly, Miami Co., 18.
Michaela Eades, Union Co., 12, was the first place Outstanding Market Poultry Exhibitor. 
The other Poultry Outstanding Market Exhibitors were: Kyle Stacklin, Union Co., 9; Alia Hester, Clinton Co., 10; Abby Conrad, Hancock Co., 11; Madison Estep, Madison Co., 13; Alexandra Kinney, Logan Co., 14; Lilly Conrad, Hancock Co., 15; Ava Hester, Clinton Co., 16; and Allison Kinney, Logan Co., 17, and Zane Ortman, Perry Co., 18.
Delaney Dudte, Wayne Co., 13, was the first place Outstanding Market Lamb Exhibitor. 
The other Lamb Outstanding Market Exhibitors were: Avery Flax, Clark Co.,
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2022 Ohio State Fair Sale of Champions

Dale talked to Madelynn Top, Shelby County. She was the Grand Champion Brown Swiss Jr. Exhibitor and Week 2 Supreme Showman. The Grand Champion Swiss Cheese was sold to represent the seven dairy champions and supreme dairy showmen. The exhibitors were Grand Champion Ayrshire: Logan Topp, Auglaize County; Grand Champion Brown Swiss: Madelynn Topp, Shelby County; Grand Champion Guernsey: Aubree Topp, Shelby County; Grand Champion Holstein: Hannah Griffith, Brown County; Grand Champion Jersey: Blake Greiwe, Shelby County; Grand Champion Red and White: Allison Francis, Darke County; Grand Champion Milking Shorthorn: Christina Headings, Union County; Supreme Showman, Week 1 – Exhibited by: Olivia Finke, Madsion County; and Supreme Showman, Week 2 – Exhibited by: Madelyn Topp, Shelby County. The cheese was purchased by AG Boogher, Turner Grain, and S&S Volvo for a bid of $50,000 – a new record.
The Grand Champion Market Goat was exhibited by Braxton Method of Auglaize County and purchased by Mark and Megan Kvamme and family for a bid of $26,000 – new record. 
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Grand Drive Market Barrow Results

Grand Champion Market Barrow: Nick Adams, Mercer County
Res. Champion Market Barrow: Mallory Petro, Gallia County

Grand Champion Market Barrow Interview

Reserve Grand Champion Market Barrow Interview

Third: Avery Andrews, Wayne County

Fourth: Landon Elchinger, Henry County

Fifth: Makenah Rohr, Stark County

Sixth: Kane Ellwood, Tuscarawas County

Seventh: Megan Smith-McCarley, Pickaway County

Eighth: Landon Rohr, Stark County

Ninth: Brodie Wheeler, Delaware County

Tenth: Claire Winkle, Highland County… Continue reading

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2022 Ohio State Fair Junior Market Beef results

Aug. 6, 2022

Judge: Brandon Callis, Oklahoma


Grand Champion – Madison Paden, Guernsey County
Reserve Champion – Alex Meyer, Mercer County


Grand Champion – Frani Levan, Champaign County

Reserve Champion – Roger Winner, Darke County


Grand Champion – Olivia Jones, Allen County
Reserve Champion – Carter McCauley, Guernsey County


Grand Champion – Reid Bishop, Clark County

Reserve Champion – Logan Brinksneader, Darke County


Grand Champion – Lane Underwood, Hardin County
Reserve Champion – Essie McGuire, Champaign County


Grand Champion – Tavin Warner, Sandusky County
Reserve Champion – Joshua Blakeman, Jackson County

Shorthorn Plus

Grand Champion – Evelyn Koehler, Fairfield County
Reserve Champion – Mckayla Nelson, Meigs County


Grand Champion – Carson Barton, Clinton County
Reserve Champion – Hailey Cornett, Highland COunty

All Other Breeds (AOB)

Grand Champion – Kaitlyn Mattis, Perry County
Reserve Champion – Logan Souder, Brown County

Market Heifer

Grand Champion – Luke Fulton, Miami County
Reserve Champion – Austin Sutherley, Clark County

CrossbredDivision I Champion – Grant Belleville, Wood County
Division I Reserve Champion – Easton McClure, Marion County
Division II Champion – Ryleigh Egbert, Auglaize County
Division II Reserve Champion – Delaney Jones, Allen County

Division III Champion – Hayden Smith, Holmes County 
Division III Reserve Champion –  Avery McGuire, Champaign County

Division IV Champion – Mason Kinney, Huron County
Division IV Reserve Champion – Austin Sutherly, Champaign County… Continue reading

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2022 Junior Market Hog Breed Champions

Judges: Miles Toenyes and Jeremy Cantrell

Aug. 5, 2002

Grand Champion: Landon Elchinger, Henry County

Reserve Champion: Tanner Rose, Fairfield County

Chester White
Grand Champion: Colton Bartoe, Pickaway County
Reserve Champion: John Smoch, Shelby County

Grand Champion: Megan Smith-McCarley, Pickaway County
Reserve Champion: Landon Rohr, Stark County


Grand Champion: Brodie Wheeler, Delaware County
Reserve Champion: Corbin Winkle, Highland County

Grand Champion: Abby Ferryman, Shelby County
Reserve Champion: Emma Wheeler, Delaware County

Grand Champion: Josey Schift, Butler County 
Reserve Champion: Corbin Winkle, Highland County 

Poland China
Grand Champion: Claire Winkle, Highland County
Reserve Champion: Evan Banester, Fulton County


Grand Champion: Kane Ellwood, Tuscarawas County
Reserve Champion: John LaFountain, Putnam County

Grand Champion: Samantha Durst, Shelby County
Reserve Champion: Victoria Gossard, Allen County

Grand Champion: Makenah Rohr, Stark County
Reserve Champion: Victoria Gossard, Allen County

Dark Cross
Grand Champion: Nick Adams, Mercer County
Reserve Champion: Mallory Petro, Gallia County

Light Cross
Grand Champion: Avery Andrews, Wayne County
Reserve Champion: Landon Elchinger, Henry County… Continue reading

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2022 Ohio State Fair Junior Market Lamb Show results

The judge takes another look at the breed champions before the Grand Drive.

Aug. 5, 2022

Judge: Brad Dale, Brooklyn, Iowa


Champ: Morgan Evans, Union County

Res. Champ: Paige Pence, Clark County 


Champ: Bria White, Ashland County

Res. Champ: Alissa White, Washington County


Champion: Addison Wallen, Logan County

Res. Champion: Paige Bremke, Lorain County


Champion: Nathan Sattler, Defiance County 

Res. Champion: Adeline Kendle, Tuscarawas County


Champion: Marshall Miller, Tuscarawas County

Res. Champion: Anara Shroyer, Logan County


Champion:, Delaney Dudte, Wayne County

Res. Champion: Mylee Shatto, Shelby County


Champion: Paige Pence, Clark County

Res. Champion: Delaney Dudte, Wayne County

White-face cross

Champion: Sophie Young, Highland County

Res. Champion: Brynn Huntsman, Mercer County

Natural Colored

Champion: Elizabeth Shatto, Shelby County

Res. Champion: Caleb Stone, Miami County

Black-face cross

Champ: Reece Cook, Richland County 

Res. Champ: Ava Shroyer, Logan County

Reece Cook, Richland County, reacts to her black-face cross being selected the champion.
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2022 Ohio State Fair Junior Market Poultry results

Aug. 4, 2022 (Champions will be selected at the Grand Drive on Saturday, Aug. 6)

Judge: Terry Britt, Chicago

Market Turkeys

Class 1 

  1. Alivia Addis, Darke County
  2. Allison Kinney, Logan County 

Class 2

  1. Madison Estep, Madison County
  2. Ava Hester, Clinton County

Class 3

  1. Blake Addis, Darke County
  2. Cale Readshaw, Henry County

Market Chickens

Class 1

  1. Alexandra Kinney, Logan County
  2. Ava Hester, Clinton County

Class 2

  1. Delaney Johnson, Jefferson County
  2. Wyatt Stacklin, Union County 

Class 3

  1. Caleb Bennett, Fayette County
  2. Remington Price, Hancock County

Class 4

  1. Kyle Stacklin, Union County
  2. Chase Deahl, Fairfield County
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Junior dairy results (week 2)

Photos by Bernadette Arehart

Reserve Grand Champion Brown Swiss exhibitor Kaylee Cherry, Wayne County (also the Ohio Brown Swiss Princess) Grand Champion Brown Swiss exhibitor and Madelyn Topp, Auglaize County

Brown Swiss

YRP Junior Champion: Carissa Pittman, Wayne County

YRP Res. Junior Champion: Daleyn Gehrig, Monroe County

YRP Senior Champion: Madelyn Topp, Auglaize County

YRP Senior Res. Champion: Kaylee Cherry, Wayne County

YRP Grand Champion: Madelyn Topp, Auglaize County

YRP Res. Grand Champion: Kaylee Cherry, Wayne County

Carissa Pittman of West Salem was the exhibitor of the Junior Champion at the 2022 Ohio State Fair Junior Brown Swiss Show.

Guernsey Junior Show

Junior Champion: Hannah Hurst, Warren County

Res. Junior Champion: Silas Kohler, Fairfield County

Senior Champion: Aubree Topp, Shelby County

Senior Res. Champion: Silas Kohler, Fairfield County

Grand Champion: Aubree Topp, Shelby County

Res. Grand Champion: Silas Kohler, Fairfield County

Warming up this Guernsey Winter Yearling for junior exhibitor Olivia Dicke of Celina is 22-month-old Chloe Harting of Coldwater.
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Manure Science Review highlights

The goal when it comes to spreading manure on a farm field is to provide nutrients for crops while preventing nutrient runoff to streams. This year’s Manure Science Review included both a look at applying new technology to vary the rate of manure application and a talk about old technology — sandbags — to keep nutrients from washing away.

These topics and more were discussed July 26 during a daylong event focused on educating farmers and producers about the latest in manure science. Held by The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES), Manure Science Review was held at Ohio State’s Northwest Agricultural Research Station.

Talks and demonstrations included information about variable rate application, controlling runoff with sandbags, composting, manure analysis, and more, said Manure Science Review co-planner Mary Wicks, a program coordinator for the Ohio Composting and Manure Management program at the CFAES Wooster campus.

She said the concept of combining GPS, soil data, and machine distribution has been used to vary fertilizer application, but traditionally, manure is spread at the same rate throughout a field. … Continue reading

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2022 Ohio State Fair Outstanding Breeding Exhibitors

Dylan Ely, 12, from Fayette County was the first place Outstanding Goat Breeding Exhibitor. Second place was Andrew Pontious, 17, from Fayette County. Third place was Adelyn Rupejko, 10, from Madison County.
Ephriam Fowler, 12, from Guernsey County was the first place Outstanding Sheep Breeding Exhibitor. Second place was Blake Martin, 16, from Huron County. Third place was Brett Martin, 14, from Huron County.
Owen Russell, 13, from Pickaway County was the first place Outstanding Swine Breeding Exhibitor. Second place was John Smock, 17, from Shelby County. Third place was Korbin Kaverman, 10, from Clark County.
Brady Evans, 12, from Tuscarawas County was the first place Outstanding Beef Breeding Exhibitor. Second place was Barrett Evans, 13, from Tuscarawas County. Third place was Delaney Chester, 14, from Warren County.

Thanks to Linde’s Livestock Photos, LLC for assistance on the Grand Breeding Drive.Continue reading

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Grand Drive breeding livestock results

The Grand Champion Percentage Doe was exhibited by Macie Elliott, Ross County.
The Res. Grand Champion Percentage Doe was exhibited by Bailey Brumfield, Ross County.
The Grand Champion Fullblood Doe was exhibited by Bailey Brumfield, Ross County.
The Res. Grand Champion Fullblood Doe was exhibited by Macie Elliott, Ross County.
The Grand Champion Fullblood Buck was exhibited by Macie Elliott, Ross County.
The Res. Champion Fullblood Buck was exhibited by Makayla Morris, Treble County.
The Supreme Champion Ram was a Southdown exhibited by Ephrain Fowler, Carroll County.
The Res. Champion Ram was a Horned Dorset exhibited by Keaton Snipes, Logan County.
The Supreme Champion Ewe was a Natural Colored exhibited by Bradyn Wolf, Wyandot County.
The Res. Champion Ewe was a Shropshire exhibited by Luke Raudebaugh.
The Grand Champion Breeding Gilt was a Yorkshire exhibited by Kylie Locke, Clark County.
The Res. Champion Breeding Gilt was a Yorkshire exhibited by Karly Miller, Wood County.
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Ohio State Fair dairy results (week 1)

Holstein Junior Show

Junior Champion: Maci McLean, Columbiana County

Junior Res. Champion: Elizabeth Kiko, Columbiana County

Lizzie Kiko, Colmbiana County, had the Reserve Champion Holstein heifer in the Junior Show.

Intermediate Champion: Thomas Colton, Champaign County

Res. Intermediate Champion: Aubree Topp, Shelby County

Senior Champion: Hannah Griffith, Clermont County

Res. Senior Champion: Alaina Topp, Shelby County

Grand Champion: Hannah Griffith, Clermont County

Res. Grand Champion: Thomas Colton, Champaign County

Ayrshire Junior Show

Junior Champion: Ava Lahmers, Union County

Junior Res. Champion: Carli Binckley, Columbiana County

Senior Champion: Logan Topp, Auglaize County

Res. Senior Champion: Carli Binckley, Columbiana County

Senior Grand Champion: Logan Topp, Augliaze County 

Res. Senior Grand Champion: Carli Binckley, Columbiana County

Red and White Junior Show

Intermediate Grand Champion: Allison Francis, Darke County

Intermediate Res. Grand Champion: Lilly Elsass, Auglaize County

Senior Champion: Aaron Carl, Columbiana County

Res. Senior Champion: Wyatt Schlauch, Holmes County

Grand Champion Red and White: Aaron Carl, Columbiana County

Res.… Continue reading

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Grand Drive Events return for 2022 Ohio State Fair

By Matt Reese

Returning for the 2022 Ohio State Fair will be two Grand Drive events, showcasing all the champion drives for each species in the same event. 

Taking a cue from other national caliber livestock shows, the events are designed to showcase the youth with a bit more pomp and circumstance while drawing a larger crowd and some extra bells and whistles. The 2022 State Fair features a Grand Drive for the junior breeding livestock exhibitors on July 30 and a second Grand Drive for junior market exhibitors on Aug. 6. The events require a huge amount of planning and extensive coordinated effort from the barn staffs of the different species. The Grand Drive events also add an extra layer of excitement to the livestock shows leading up to them. 

Annie Saling, 14, from Noble County, had her sights set on the July 30 Grand Drive for breeding livestock exhibitors while she was getting ready for the Ohio State Fair this summer.… Continue reading

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From the show ring to the board room and back again

By Matt Reese and Dale Minyo

Kirt Walker has long known the value of agriculture and 4-H participation in his youth for preparing him for his current role as the CEO of Nationwide Insurance. This summer, though, his past 4-H experience has proven particularly valuable in the newest component of his job description as a steer exhibitor at the 2022 Ohio State Fair.

Walker will be circling the show ring with Dexter the steer on Aug. 2 as part of the Dean’s Charity Steer Show. Walker is teamed up with Dexter’s exhibitor, Maddie Brandt from Tuscarawas County, her family, and Ohio Ag Net’s Dale Minyo for the event to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) of Central Ohio.

“I really wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for farming. I grew up on a century farm in a small town in Iowa. My family raised hogs, cattle, soybeans, and corn.… Continue reading

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USDA begins issuing payments for Spot Market Hog Pandemic Program 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is increasing the amount of funding available for the Spot Market Hog Pandemic Program (SMHPP) and expects to issue approximately $62.8 million in pandemic assistance payments to hog producers starting this week. SMHPP assists eligible producers who sold hogs through a spot market sale from April 16, 2020, through Sept. 1, 2020. USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) accepted SMHPP applications through April 29, 2022.   

“In order to provide more targeted support to hog producers affected by the pandemic, FSA was able to increase funding for SMHPP to provide full payments to producers instead of applying a payment factor,” said Zach Ducheneaux, FSA Administrator. “We are pleased to be able to provide more equitable opportunities for hog producers who were hard-hit by the pandemic.”


SMHPP payments 

SMHPP payments will be calculated by multiplying the number of head of eligible hogs, not to exceed 10,000 head, by the payment rate of $54 per head. FSA… Continue reading

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Risk management programs for dairy part of farm bill debates

The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) commended farmers from member cooperatives who are speaking up for dairy’s needs at farm bill listening sessions held by members of Congress. 

“From sustainability and trade to providing an adequate safety net to producers of all sizes, dairy farmer voices are critical to crafting federal farm programs that serve the entire nation,” said Jim Mulhern, president and CEO of NMPF. “We commend the farmers who own our member cooperatives for sharing their insights. We also thank Congress for making sure that dairy is heard as the next Farm Bill begins taking shape.”

A session in Minnesota was held following an event in Washington state in July. Both are part of a series of sessions being held to prepare for the 2023 Farm Bill.

Farm bill safety net and risk management programs are critical to the economic viability of American dairy producers, farmers told members of the House Agriculture Committee during the sessions.… Continue reading

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The cost (and value) of showing livestock

By Matt Reese

The cost of fuel is way up. Feed and supplement costs are up. The cost of dining out has spiked as well, and these are just a few of the myriad of costs that go into travelling to a livestock show.

These rising costs have shown up at fairs and livestock shows as some families are having to make tough decisions about finances. Maybe they are skipping some shows or switching to less expensive projects. Maybe they are not showing livestock this year. 

Braden Moore raises some cattle in Fairfield County with his wife Amy, and their three children Delaney, Sadie and Landon, to show and sell, and some for the freezer. Concerns about the rising costs have not been lost on the Moore family.

“We have a little brood herd of cows. Most of what we keep is stuff our kids have shown or that we’re going to try to sell to other 4-H kids in the county and anything we buy for show as well.… Continue reading

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