Manure Science Review highlights

The goal when it comes to spreading manure on a farm field is to provide nutrients for crops while preventing nutrient runoff to streams. This year’s Manure Science Review included both a look at applying new technology to vary the rate of manure application and a talk about old technology — sandbags — to keep nutrients from washing away.

These topics and more were discussed July 26 during a daylong event focused on educating farmers and producers about the latest in manure science. Held by The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES), Manure Science Review was held at Ohio State’s Northwest Agricultural Research Station.

Talks and demonstrations included information about variable rate application, controlling runoff with sandbags, composting, manure analysis, and more, said Manure Science Review co-planner Mary Wicks, a program coordinator for the Ohio Composting and Manure Management program at the CFAES Wooster campus.

She said the concept of combining GPS, soil data, and machine distribution has been used to vary fertilizer application, but traditionally, manure is spread at the same rate throughout a field. … Continue reading

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2022 Ohio State Fair Outstanding Breeding Exhibitors

Dylan Ely, 12, from Fayette County was the first place Outstanding Goat Breeding Exhibitor. Second place was Andrew Pontious, 17, from Fayette County. Third place was Adelyn Rupejko, 10, from Madison County.
Ephriam Fowler, 12, from Guernsey County was the first place Outstanding Sheep Breeding Exhibitor. Second place was Blake Martin, 16, from Huron County. Third place was Brett Martin, 14, from Huron County.
Owen Russell, 13, from Pickaway County was the first place Outstanding Swine Breeding Exhibitor. Second place was John Smock, 17, from Shelby County. Third place was Korbin Kaverman, 10, from Clark County.
Brady Evans, 12, from Tuscarawas County was the first place Outstanding Beef Breeding Exhibitor. Second place was Barrett Evans, 13, from Tuscarawas County. Third place was Delaney Chester, 14, from Warren County.

Thanks to Linde’s Livestock Photos, LLC for assistance on the Grand Breeding Drive.Continue reading

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Grand Drive breeding livestock results

The Grand Champion Percentage Doe was exhibited by Macie Elliott, Ross County.
The Res. Grand Champion Percentage Doe was exhibited by Bailey Brumfield, Ross County.
The Grand Champion Fullblood Doe was exhibited by Bailey Brumfield, Ross County.
The Res. Grand Champion Fullblood Doe was exhibited by Macie Elliott, Ross County.
The Grand Champion Fullblood Buck was exhibited by Macie Elliott, Ross County.
The Res. Champion Fullblood Buck was exhibited by Makayla Morris, Treble County.
The Supreme Champion Ram was a Southdown exhibited by Ephrain Fowler, Carroll County.
The Res. Champion Ram was a Horned Dorset exhibited by Keaton Snipes, Logan County.
The Supreme Champion Ewe was a Natural Colored exhibited by Bradyn Wolf, Wyandot County.
The Res. Champion Ewe was a Shropshire exhibited by Luke Raudebaugh.
The Grand Champion Breeding Gilt was a Yorkshire exhibited by Kylie Locke, Clark County.
The Res. Champion Breeding Gilt was a Yorkshire exhibited by Karly Miller, Wood County.
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Ohio State Fair dairy results (week 1)

Holstein Junior Show

Junior Champion: Maci McLean, Columbiana County

Junior Res. Champion: Elizabeth Kiko, Columbiana County

Lizzie Kiko, Colmbiana County, had the Reserve Champion Holstein heifer in the Junior Show.

Intermediate Champion: Thomas Colton, Champaign County

Res. Intermediate Champion: Aubree Topp, Shelby County

Senior Champion: Hannah Griffith, Clermont County

Res. Senior Champion: Alaina Topp, Shelby County

Grand Champion: Hannah Griffith, Clermont County

Res. Grand Champion: Thomas Colton, Champaign County

Ayrshire Junior Show

Junior Champion: Ava Lahmers, Union County

Junior Res. Champion: Carli Binckley, Columbiana County

Senior Champion: Logan Topp, Auglaize County

Res. Senior Champion: Carli Binckley, Columbiana County

Senior Grand Champion: Logan Topp, Augliaze County 

Res. Senior Grand Champion: Carli Binckley, Columbiana County

Red and White Junior Show

Intermediate Grand Champion: Allison Francis, Darke County

Intermediate Res. Grand Champion: Lilly Elsass, Auglaize County

Senior Champion: Aaron Carl, Columbiana County

Res. Senior Champion: Wyatt Schlauch, Holmes County

Grand Champion Red and White: Aaron Carl, Columbiana County

Res.… Continue reading

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Grand Drive Events return for 2022 Ohio State Fair

By Matt Reese

Returning for the 2022 Ohio State Fair will be two Grand Drive events, showcasing all the champion drives for each species in the same event. 

Taking a cue from other national caliber livestock shows, the events are designed to showcase the youth with a bit more pomp and circumstance while drawing a larger crowd and some extra bells and whistles. The 2022 State Fair features a Grand Drive for the junior breeding livestock exhibitors on July 30 and a second Grand Drive for junior market exhibitors on Aug. 6. The events require a huge amount of planning and extensive coordinated effort from the barn staffs of the different species. The Grand Drive events also add an extra layer of excitement to the livestock shows leading up to them. 

Annie Saling, 14, from Noble County, had her sights set on the July 30 Grand Drive for breeding livestock exhibitors while she was getting ready for the Ohio State Fair this summer.… Continue reading

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From the show ring to the board room and back again

By Matt Reese and Dale Minyo

Kirt Walker has long known the value of agriculture and 4-H participation in his youth for preparing him for his current role as the CEO of Nationwide Insurance. This summer, though, his past 4-H experience has proven particularly valuable in the newest component of his job description as a steer exhibitor at the 2022 Ohio State Fair.

Walker will be circling the show ring with Dexter the steer on Aug. 2 as part of the Dean’s Charity Steer Show. Walker is teamed up with Dexter’s exhibitor, Maddie Brandt from Tuscarawas County, her family, and Ohio Ag Net’s Dale Minyo for the event to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) of Central Ohio.

“I really wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for farming. I grew up on a century farm in a small town in Iowa. My family raised hogs, cattle, soybeans, and corn.… Continue reading

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USDA begins issuing payments for Spot Market Hog Pandemic Program 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is increasing the amount of funding available for the Spot Market Hog Pandemic Program (SMHPP) and expects to issue approximately $62.8 million in pandemic assistance payments to hog producers starting this week. SMHPP assists eligible producers who sold hogs through a spot market sale from April 16, 2020, through Sept. 1, 2020. USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) accepted SMHPP applications through April 29, 2022.   

“In order to provide more targeted support to hog producers affected by the pandemic, FSA was able to increase funding for SMHPP to provide full payments to producers instead of applying a payment factor,” said Zach Ducheneaux, FSA Administrator. “We are pleased to be able to provide more equitable opportunities for hog producers who were hard-hit by the pandemic.”


SMHPP payments 

SMHPP payments will be calculated by multiplying the number of head of eligible hogs, not to exceed 10,000 head, by the payment rate of $54 per head. FSA… Continue reading

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Risk management programs for dairy part of farm bill debates

The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) commended farmers from member cooperatives who are speaking up for dairy’s needs at farm bill listening sessions held by members of Congress. 

“From sustainability and trade to providing an adequate safety net to producers of all sizes, dairy farmer voices are critical to crafting federal farm programs that serve the entire nation,” said Jim Mulhern, president and CEO of NMPF. “We commend the farmers who own our member cooperatives for sharing their insights. We also thank Congress for making sure that dairy is heard as the next Farm Bill begins taking shape.”

A session in Minnesota was held following an event in Washington state in July. Both are part of a series of sessions being held to prepare for the 2023 Farm Bill.

Farm bill safety net and risk management programs are critical to the economic viability of American dairy producers, farmers told members of the House Agriculture Committee during the sessions.… Continue reading

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The cost (and value) of showing livestock

By Matt Reese

The cost of fuel is way up. Feed and supplement costs are up. The cost of dining out has spiked as well, and these are just a few of the myriad of costs that go into travelling to a livestock show.

These rising costs have shown up at fairs and livestock shows as some families are having to make tough decisions about finances. Maybe they are skipping some shows or switching to less expensive projects. Maybe they are not showing livestock this year. 

Braden Moore raises some cattle in Fairfield County with his wife Amy, and their three children Delaney, Sadie and Landon, to show and sell, and some for the freezer. Concerns about the rising costs have not been lost on the Moore family.

“We have a little brood herd of cows. Most of what we keep is stuff our kids have shown or that we’re going to try to sell to other 4-H kids in the county and anything we buy for show as well.… Continue reading

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Butter cow display breaks record, highlights agricultural heritage

By Matt Reese

The butter sculptors outdid themselves with the 2022 butter cow display at the Ohio State Fair. This year’s display features 10 life-size butter sculptures including the traditional cow and calf, a pig, a lamb and a chicken — all being proudly shown by fair exhibitors. The display was created by technical sculptors over hundreds of hours in a 46-degree cooler. While the butter sculptures typically weigh-in around 2,000 pounds, this year’s record-breaking, biggest-ever display includes 2,530 pounds of butter.

“This year the display pays tribute the fair’s agricultural history, and there is a lot of butter in there,” said Jenny Crabtree, with American Dairy Association Mideast. “When fairs began, farmers gathered and brought their livestock and learned from each other. Today the agricultural presence at the fair is still as important as it was then. After not having a fair for a couple of years, it seemed appropriate to take the butter cow tradition and honor another a tradition with the fair’s agricultural heritage.”… Continue reading

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U.S.-Philippine project addresses ASF

The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) joined the U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) and leaders from the Philippine Department of Agriculture and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to announce the launch of a new project titled “Capacity building in risk assessment to support safe international trade of U.S. pork products in the Philippines” to address challenges related to African swine fever (ASF). 

“NPPC is proud to have worked with the Philippine government, U.S. government, and the University of Minnesota to see this grant proposal to the finish line,” said Terry Wolters, NPPC president and owner of Stoney Creek Farms in Pipestone, Minnesota. “Creating international partnerships provides further safeguards to keep American agriculture safe from foreign animal disease so U.S. pork producers can continue to provide consumers in both countries with safe and affordable pork products.”  

The Philippines has had ongoing ASF outbreaks and is seeking better ways to control the virus and the subsequent food price inflation.… Continue reading

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Beagle Brigade Act of 2022 gets NPPC support

The National Pork Producers Council signed a letter supporting the Beagle Brigade Act of 2022.

“Healthy animals ensure consumers have safe food and allow American producers, their communities, and the U.S. economy to thrive. That is why NPPC joined over 50 organizations spanning the entire agriculture sector in support of the Beagle Brigade Act of 2022. Early detection at our U.S. borders has never been more critical. Training canine teams against threats like animal disease and identifying potentially contaminated products at our nation’s ports of entry is critical to the safety of U.S. agriculture. We urge Congress to act fast,” said Terry Wolters, NPPC president and owner of Stoney Creek Farms in Pipestone, Minnesota.… Continue reading

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Preventing HPAI in poultry

By Lingying Zhao

While we are still in the COVID-19 pandemic, a “bird flu” outbreak caused by Avian Influenza (AI) virus started initially among wild birds and then domestic poultry in February of this year. The AI viruses have two strains: low-pathogenic (LPAI) or high-pathogenic strains (HPAI). HPAI strains are highly infectious, result in high mortality rate of birds, and can spread rapidly. The strains currently spread in the U.S. are HPAI. So far, the HPAI outbreak has affected 372 flocks of 40.09 million birds in 36 states. Once the HPAI is detected on a farm, all of the birds need to be depopulated. One farm in Iowa had nulled more than 5M birds after detection of the HPAI virus. HPAI outbreak have resulted in significant economic losses and is trigging concerns of animal health, food safety, and human health. Vaccine is under development, even though significant challenges still exist for development of vaccine effectively targeting the incoming HPAI strains.… Continue reading

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Beware of algae in water tanks this summer

By Richard Purdin, Ohio State University Extension ANR/CD Educator, Adams County

July got off to a hot and dry start for much of Ohio and for livestock managers this brings on added chores on the to do list to keep livestock healthy and productive. Water is the source of life and I often preach on the importance and the critical role it plays in animal health. When livestock have clean fresh water to always drink, they will better consume feed and forage and absorb it nutrients more efficiently. 

More adequate water consumptions can equate to better rate of gain, increased fertility and reproductive performance, increased milk production and weaning weights, and many more benefits. When water is not available or tainted in any way, livestock will avoid drinking or try to find water in other areas. This can have a detrimental effect on animal health and should be priority for managers to prevent.… Continue reading

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Madison County’s Livestock 101 paying off in 2022

By Matt Reese and Dale Minyo

Young people love to connect with animals though agriculture, which is proven true time and again with a visit to a county fair. Though the show ring may be full, the exhibitors are typically only a very small representation of the young people in the community. Many young people do not have the ability to take animals to the fair for a host of reasons, but that does not mean they have no interest. 

With this in mind, the 2022 Madison County Fair is building on an effort that began last year with the Livestock 101 show. This year’s Livestock 101 show will be held Friday, July 15. Participation is free for those 17 and under to exhibit a livestock project. Each participant may select the species/project of their choice. Madison County youth exhibitors representing each species area will serve as coaches, interacting with participants and providing guidance before and during the show.… Continue reading

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New report highlights pork industry contributions to the economy

The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) released a new economic report highlighting how America’s pig farmers are significant contributors to the United States’ agricultural and overall economy. The report highlights pork industry value chain contributions and growth over the past five years.

“This report underscores how the pork industry is an important pillar to the U.S. economy and the positive ripple effect it has on many other important sectors in the American supply chain,” said Holly Cook, NPPC staff economist. “From farm to fork, the combined economic contribution from hog production and pork processing supports more than 600,000 American jobs and generates $178 billion of direct, indirect and induced sales that equate to $57 billion in value-added GDP.” 

Key takeaways in the report include: 

  • The pork industry supports 613,823 direct and indirect jobs in the United States.
  • In 2021, more than 66,000 pig farms sold more than 140 million hogs worth over $28 billion in gross cash receipts.
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Proper site sets the stage for success

By Matt Reese

The siting of a livestock facility can have countless implications — both good and bad — for decades into the future. It is not something to be taken lightly. 

“In 2015, the Ohio Pork Council developed a siting program that assisted individuals in making systematic, informed decision for the placement of barns. After public pressure about the building of new hog barns, OPC wanted to equip producers with education to properly evaluate the right location for a barn,” said Cheryl Day, executive vice president of the Ohio Pork Council. “The assessment is simply one of many tools to help producers evaluate possible sites for a hog facility. Educational workshops were held throughout 2016 teaching producers how to use the tools and help educate them on being good neighbors.”

The program provides a scoring system for properly siting new hog facilities to maximize the quality of care for the animals, sustainability and efficiency, while minimizing environmental impacts and disease concerns.  … Continue reading

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Beef exports continue to soar

U.S. beef exports set new volume and value records in May, topping $1 billion for the fourth time this year, according to data released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF). While pork exports were well below last year’s large totals, shipments were the largest of 2022 in both volume and value. U.S. lamb exports continued to trend higher, led by growth in the Caribbean and Mexico. 

Beef exports to Korea, Japan and China/Hong Kong already top $1 billion

May beef exports reached 135,006 metric tons (mt), up 1% from the previous high posted in May 2021. Export value climbed 20% to $1.09 billion, breaking the March 2022 record. For January through May, beef exports increased 4% from a year ago to 613,266 mt, valued at $5.14 billion (up 34%). Exports to leading markets South Korea, Japan and China/Hong Kong already topped $1 billion each through May, while shipments also trended significantly higher to Taiwan, the Caribbean, the ASEAN region, the Middle East and Central America. … Continue reading

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Cattlemen’s Gala Celebration and Fundraiser coming in August

The Ohio Cattlemen’s Foundation (OCF) will be hosting the annual Cattlemen’s Gala Celebration and Fundraiser on Aug. 27, 2022 at 5:30 p.m. in a new location at the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Delaware, Ohio. Beef producers and industry enthusiasts are encouraged to take a night off the farm to enjoy a good time for a great cause as cattlemen from across the state gather to raise money for beef industry youth scholarships. 

 “After someone attends our Gala for the first time, they put it on their calendars to make sure they can come back year after year,” said Aaron Arnett, OCF president. “There’s nothing else like it.” 

 The night will feature a solo, acoustic performance by RFD-TV star, David Church. Church has been featured on RFD-TV’s popular show “Midwest Country” for over seven years. His popularity around the U.S., Canada and now Europe continues to soar as he makes regular appearances on the show and tours throughout the world. … Continue reading

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Election: Public notice by the Ohio Pork Council and National Pork Board

The election of pork producer delegate candidates for the 2023 National Pork Producers (Pork Act) Delegate Body will take place at 3:00 pm Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2022 in conjunction with a Board of Directors meeting of the Ohio Pork Council at The Brook, 3480 Benedict Rd, Marengo, Ohio. All Ohio pork producers are invited to attend. 

Any producer, age 18 or older, who is a resident of the state and has paid all assessments due may be considered as a delegate candidate and/or participate in the election. All eligible producers are encouraged to bring with them a sales receipt proving that hogs were sold in their name and the checkoff deducted. For more information, contact the Ohio Pork Council Office, 9798 Karmar Ct. Suite A, New Albany OH 43054, 614-882-5887.… Continue reading

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