2021 Ohio State Fair Junior Market Goat results

Aug. 6, 2021

Judge: Barrett Carlisle

Photos by Linde’s Livestock Photos.

Lightweight Division

Champion Lightweight: Anara Shroyer, Logan Co. (Class 4 winner)

Anara Shroyer, Logan Co., works hard as she shows her goat in the Lightweight Division Championship.

Reserve Champion Lightweight: Adrionna Phillips, Highland Co. (Class 2 winner)

Adrionna Phillips, Highland Co., shows his goat in the Lightweight Division Championship.

Middleweight Division

Champion Middleweight Division: Paige Pence, Clark Co. (Class 8 winner)

Paige Pence, Clark Co., watches the judge as he evaluates the middleweight class winners.

Reserve Champion Middleweight Division: Coby Frey, Wyandot Co. (Class 9 winner)

Coby Frey, Wyandot Co., sets up his wether for the judge during the Middleweight Championship.

Heavyweight Division

Champion Heavyweight Division: Jada Shroyer, Logan Co. (Class 15 winner)

Jada Shroyer, Logan Co., watches the judge during the Heavyweight Championship.

Reserve Champion Heavyweight Division: Res. Champion: Briley Ashcraft, Athens Co. (Class 14 winner)

Briley Ashcraft, Athens Co.,
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2021 Ohio State Fair Junior Market Lamb Show

Aug. 6, 2021

Judge: Craig Beckmier, Illinois


Champ: Nevah Powers, Fulton County

Res. Champ: Chloe Gump, Miami County 


Champ: Adam Bensman, Miami County

Res. Champ: Ethan Davies, Wood County


Champion: Anara Shroyer, Logan County

Res. Champion: Mya Carrick, Seneca County


Champion: Adeline Kendle, Tuscarawas County 

Res. Champion: Cara Schwartz, Allen County


Champion: Anara Shroyer, Logan County

Res. Champion: Hainsley Hatfield, Muskingum County


Champion: Paige Gehret, Darke County

Res. Champion: Elizabeth Shatto, Shelby County


Champion: Harper Horning, Crawford County

Res. Champion: Mason Reynolds, Knox County

White face cross

Champion: Brynn Shearer, Wayne County

Res. Champion: Brynn Huntsman, Gallia County

Natural Colored

Champion: Elizabeth Shatto, Shelby County

Res. Champion: Addilyn Bryant, Ashland County


Champ: Bailee Amstutz, Union (Champion black-face cross)

Res. Champ: Kaitlyn Zeedyk, Defiance County

Judge Craig Beckmier looks over the AOB class.
Anara Shroyer, Logan County, had the Champion Dorset.
Lauren Sattler from Henry County set up her Oxford for the judge.
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Grand Drive shines spotlight on breeding exhibitors

By Matt Reese

The Ohio State Fair was very different this year. One radical 2021 departure from years past was the creation of two Grand Drive events, showcasing all the grand drives for each species in the same event. 

Taking a cue from other national caliber livestock shows, the events are designed to showcase the youth with a bit more pomp and circumstance while drawing a larger crowd and some extra bells and whistles. The State Fair featured a Grand Drive for the junior breeding livestock exhibitors on July 31 and a second Grand Drive for junior market exhibitors is coming up this weekend on Aug. 7. The events took a huge amount of planning and extensive coordinated effort from the barn staffs of the different species.   

It was a tremendous amount of work, but in the end the Breeding Grand Drive event accomplished its lofty goals. There was plenty of positive feedback from Ohio State Fair barn staff and exhibitors alike.… Continue reading

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OSIA scholarships

The Ohio Sheep Improvement Association announced several scholarships winners at the 2021 Ohio State Fair. OSIA Lead Scholarships were awarded to Emma Peters, Ian Johnson, and Linsey Eddy. The Dr. Jack Judy Memorial Scholarship went to Brandon Zuercher. Not pictured are: High family Scholarship winner Chelsea Graham and Ralph H. Grimshaw Memorial Scholarship winner Jimmy Stickley. … Continue reading

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2021 Ohio State Fair Junior Market Poultry results

Junior Market Chickens

Top 5 exhibitors: Cassidy Kennedy, Stark County; Zane Ortman, Perry County; Carmen Corcoran, Ross County; Marshall Jackson, Logan County;  Abecka Ruggles, Huron County

Class 1

  1. Abecka Ruggles, Huron County
  2. Aiden Hester, Clinton County

Class 2

  1. Zane Ortman, Perry County
  2. Marshall Jackson, Logan County

Class 3:

  1. Natalie Fitzgerald, Cuyahoga County
  2. Ava Hester, Clinton County
  3. Delaney Johnson, Jefferson County
Cassidy Kennedy, left, from Stark County watched for the judge to inspect her birds.
Exhibitors had some answers for Judge Mike Stichler’s questions.
Lilly Conrad from Hancock County, left, held her bird for the judge.

Annaka Ruggles, 9, from Huron County had a great showing her first time exhibiting chickens at the Ohio State Fair.

Allison Kinney, center, from Logan County, had some help from her sisters with the chickens.

Junior Market Turkeys

Top 3: Jozie Jones, Clinton County; Johnathan Woodward, Coshocton; Alex Kinney, Logan County

Fourth overall: Ty Woodward, Coshocton County 

Fifth overall: Allison Kinney, Logan County

Class 1

  1. Jozie Jones, Clinton
  2. Johnathan Woodward, Coshocton 
  3. Zane Ortman, Perry

Class 2

  1. Allison Kinney, Logan County
  2. Isabel Henderson, Logan County

Class 3

  1. Alex Kinney, Logan County
  2. Ty Woodward, Coshocton County 
  3. Paige Pence, Clark County

Market turkey exhibitors waited for the judge’s decision.
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The last queen…

By Matt Reese

In 2019, the long-standing Ohio Lamb and Wool Queen program transitioned to the Ohio Lamb and Wool Ambassador Program. The position now includes a scholarship and helps a young person develop their leadership skills as a spokesperson for the state’s sheep industry. 

Jane Lausche, the wife the Governor, crowned Elaine Leightey the 1955 Ohio Wool Queen.

The first ever Ohio Wool Queen, Elaine Leightey, was crowned in 1955 at the Ohio State Fair by Jane Lausche, the wife of the Governor. She then was off on a whirlwind of events, duties and appearances. She sold pelts in the Wool Room at the Ohio State Fair, did media interviews and appeared in daily parades. Though she did not hand out awards like her more modern counterparts, the fame of Leightey’s new role did allow her to rub elbows with celebrities including Neil Armstrong, two Ohio governors and even Phil Donahue.… Continue reading

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Prop 12 complaint denied

In late July, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit denied National Pork Producers Council and the American Farm Bureau Federation’s joint complaint that California’s Proposition 12 is a violation of the U.S. Commerce Clause. 

Set to begin on Jan. 1, 2022, Proposition 12 imposes animal housing standards that reach outside of California’s borders to farms across the United States and beyond. NPPC is disappointed in the court’s decision, and maintains its position on Proposition 12: it is a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Commerce Clause. 

NPPC is evaluating the decision and next steps. The state was required to finalize implementation regulations by September 2019, and only issued the proposed regulations in May. In recent comments to the state’s proposed regulations, NPPC urged the state to delay the Proposition 12 implementation by at least two years from the date when the regulations are finalized.… Continue reading

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2021 Ohio State Fair Junior Dairy results

Brown Swiss

YRP Junior Champion: Lauren Lamoreaux, Stark County

YRP Res. Junior Champion: Maria Saltzman, Seneca County

YRP Senior Champion: Madicyn Rupp, Wayne County

YRP Senior Res. Champion: Madelyn Topp, Auglaize County

YRP Grand Champion: Madicyn Rupp, Wayne County

YRP Res. Grand Champion: Madelyn Topp, Auglaize County 

Red and White Junior Show

Intermediate Grand Champion: Lilly Elsass, Auglaize County

Intermediate Res. Grand Champion: Allison Francis, Darke County

Senior Champion: Madelyn Topp, Auglaize County

Res. Senior Champion: Wyatt Schlauch, Holmes County

Grand Champion Red and White: Lilly Elsass, Auglaize County

Res. Grand Champion Red and White: Madelyn Topp, Auglaize County

Champion: Lilly Elsass, Auglaize County

Res. Champion: Lilly Elsass, Auglaize County

Milking Shorthorn Junior Show

Junior Grand Champion: Madison Hessler, Adams County

Junior Grand Res. Champion: Mackenzie Topp, Auglaize County

Senior Champion: Aubree Topp, Shelby County

Senior Res. Champion: Katie Weiss, Darke County

Grand Champion: Aubree Topp, Shelby County

Res. Grand Champion: Katie Weiss, Darke County 

Guernsey Junior Show

Senior Champion: Aubree Topp, Shelby County

Senior Res.… Continue reading

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State Fair has a different atmosphere in 2021

By Matt Reese

Things are definitely different at the Ohio State Fair this year. With county fairs around the state running pretty much business as usual, the Ohio State Fair is open to exhibitors only — no general public. The 2021 Ohio State Fair also has far fewer food vendors, no midway rides or games and is free admission, with visitors only paying to park.

“It is definitely different around here, but everybody is so happy to be back. The parents the judges — everybody is so excited to be here. They are excited to see live cows, they don’t have to watch live streams and they can be here,” said Dyllan Knoll, a 17-year-old dairy exhibitor from Huron County. “It is different without actual spectators. Of course we don’t have the Dairy Center with the Butter Cow open. As a little kid it was so fun for me to go and see those sculptures.… Continue reading

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Breeding Grand Drive results

Grand Champion Percentage Doe: Paige Pence, Clark County
Res. Champ Percentage Doe: Bailey Brumfield, Ross County
Grand Champion Fullblood Doe: Makayla Morris, Preble County
Res. Champion Fullblood Doe: Matthew Westfall, Champaign County
Grand Champion Fullblood Buck: Matthew Westfall, Champaign County
Res. Grand Champion Fullblood Buck: Boston Stapleton, Preble County
Supreme Champion Ewe: Emma Peters, Darke County, Corriedale
Res. Supreme Champion Ewe: Emily Stevens, Huron County, Shropshire
Supreme Champion Ram: Brody Schoen, Ashland County, Southdown
Res. Supreme Champion Ram: Laurie Baughman, Muskingum County, Lincoln
Grand champion Breeding Gilt: Addie Foor, Licking County, Duroc
Res. Champion Breeding Gilt: Lindsay Dore, Delaware County, Spot
Grand Champion Breeding Heifer: Mackenzie Neal, Preble County, Limousine
Res. Grand Champion Breeding Heifer: Montana Hulsmeyer, Allen County, Crossbred

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Junior Market Rabbit Show results

The rabbit barn was hopping today with the Junior Rabbit Market Show. The Grand Champion Market Rabbit went to Katelyn Meeks of Preble County who won the banner, a trophy and $2,000.

The champion rabbits were exhibited by Katelyn Meeks from Preble County.

Reserve Champion honors went to the rabbit pen exhibited by Blake Vollrath from Clark County who received $1,000 along with a trophy and banner. Third overall was Colin Tackett from Miami County. Fourth overall was Addie Young from Morgan County. Fifth overall was Jayden Doyle from Clinton County.

Of the 70+ pens of rabbits at the show, those placing from 11 to 30 were awarded $100. Places 6 through 10 were awarded $200, fifth place received $300, fourth place received $400 and third overall got $500.

Blake Vollrath from Clark County with his Reserve Champion pen of rabbits.

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Farm to cheese process highlights a love of dairy

By Matt Reese

For anyone who has met the Bohl family, it is readily apparent that they love their Jersey cows. And now, thanks to a unique partnership with Urban Stead Cheese, a growing population of Cincinnati and the surrounding region loves Bohl’s Jerseys as well. 

Donald “Dick” and Kay Bohl now work on the farm milking 220 Jerseys with their sons Kelly and Dusty and Dusty’s wife Amy. The family has farmed their land in southern Highland County for three generations and dairy is a way of life.

“I have been raising cattle and showing cattle for most of my life,” said Dusty Bohl. “We have a free stall barn with fresh bedding every other day with straw. Pens are scraped twice a day. We follow Ohio Department of Agriculture regulations and we are inspected every 5 to 6 months. We raise corn, beans and hay to feed the cows.… Continue reading

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African Swine Fever confirmed in the Dominican Republic

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory has confirmed African swine fever (ASF) in samples collected from pigs in the Dominican Republic through an existing cooperative surveillance program.  

USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has numerous interlocking safeguards in place to prevent ASF from entering the United States. Pork and pork products from the Dominican Republic are currently prohibited entry as a result of existing classical swine fever restrictions. Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is increasing inspections of flights from the Dominican Republic to ensure travelers do not bring prohibited products to the United States. CBP will also be ensuring that garbage from these airplanes are properly disposed of to prevent the transmission of ASF.  

USDA is committed to assisting the Dominican Republic in dealing with ASF, is offering continued testing support, and will consult with them on additional steps or actions to support response and mitigation measures.… Continue reading

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2021-22 BEST season offers new opportunity

The Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) is announcing a new opportunity for the 2021-2022 BEST (Beef Exhibitor Show Total) program.

BEST is a youth development program of OCA that recognizes Ohio’s junior beef exhibitors for participation and placings through a series of sanctioned cattle shows that include showmanship competitions, educational contests, and leadership opportunities. BEST also includes a separate Buckeye Breeders Series (BBS) points division for registered steers and heifers that were bred, born and raised by an Ohio breeder.

New for 2021-2022 out-of-state juniors who purchase Ohio BBS cattle will be eligible to exhibit them at all BEST sanctioned shows, compete for points and over-all year-end awards. This change will provide Ohio breeders of BBS cattle increased marketing and recognition opportunities for their Ohio born registered cattle. Also, the one-time nomination fee for the Ohio breeder will be re-instated for their BBS eligible cattle that will be shown in the BEST.… Continue reading

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Double-crop forages to maximize summer forage potential

By Jason Hartschuh, Ohio State University Extension AgNR Educator, Crawford County

Many producers use summer annual forages for grazing and stored forage to either fill the summer slump or keep livestock feed through the winter. With wheat harvest finalized across most of the state and straw baling completed for many now our attention turns to creating a second or third profit center off those wheat acres.

Wheat acres provide an excellent opportunity for double-cropping with forages that when harvested at the proper growth stage can either make high quality late gestation early lactation forage, grazing opportunities, or gut fill to mix lower the quality of other forages or concentrates.

Many species of summer annuals can be utilized for forage. Some of them such as radish and turnip can be easily grazed but do not make good stored forage as baleage or dry hay. For dry hay we have found the best two species to be teff and oats.… Continue reading

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NPPC pushes for labor reform

In testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, National Pork Producers Council President Jen Sorenson urged Congress to address the agriculture labor shortage by expanding the H-2A visa program for year-round use without a cap. As she explained, U.S. pork production is a year-round effort, requiring a hardworking and dedicated workforce on farms and in processing plants.

“Current visa programs designed for seasonal agriculture—such as the H-2A visa—fail to meet the workforce needs of U.S. pork producers and other year-round livestock farmers. Now more than ever, we need a dedicated, year-round workforce,” Sorenson told the committee.

If not addressed, the labor shortage “could lead to farms and packing plants shutting down, causing serious financial harm to the communities in which they operate. As a result, pork production would be constrained, leading to higher food prices for consumers and the United States becoming an unreliable trading partner for the many countries around the world that rely on our pork,” she noted.… Continue reading

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MSR — 20 years and still counting

By Mary Wicks

In 2021, an OSU Extension educator, John Smith, recruited folks from OSU, SWCDs and other agencies to launch the first Manure Science Review (MSR). The goal was to provide an educational program that provided research-based information on manure handling and other issues facing livestock producers. It was a success and has continued into 2021, always following Smith’s mantra that you need to provide high quality information, impressive equipment demonstrations, and good food.

Since its beginning, over 4,000 people have attended the MSR, learning from the experts in the manure world on everything from regulations to application methods to environmental issues. The MSR has been held in 16 different Ohio counties in its 20 years of existence. The always popular field demonstrations have included the unique Subsurfer for injecting poultry litter, smoking subsurface drainage tiles, many solid and liquid manure applicators, cover crop plots, and holey underwear. And of course, the food has always been plentiful and delicious. … Continue reading

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2021 Ohio State Fair is almost here

By Matt Reese

The Ohio State Fair is almost here, though the 2021 installment will be significantly different than in the past. The focus will be entirely on youth and agricultural activities this year following an extremely challenging 2020 when the event was canceled. 

“We have been able to survive and make it through it to put on an agricultural fair this year. That is what is closest to my heart — to be able to have a junior and senior livestock show. We have been able to put together enough staff to help us get that accomplished this year,” said Virgil Strickler, general manager of the Ohio State Fair. “The agricultural side is the roots of the fair and at least we are starting to get that back up and running.”

The 2021 Ohio State Fair is not open to the general public. It will only be open for exhibitors, their families, and their guests this year.… Continue reading

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Supreme Court denies request for reviewing Prop 12

By Peggy Kirk Hall, director of agricultural law, Ohio State University Agricultural and Resource Law Program

The U.S. Supreme Court announced that it would not grant certiorari and review a decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ on California Proposition 12. Voters approved Proposition 12, the “Prevention of Cruelty to Farm Animals Act,” in 2018. The Act establishes housing standards for egg-laying hens, breeding hogs and veal calves and prohibits the confinement of animals in spaces that don’t meet the standards. Business owners and operators in California may not sell meat or egg products from animals that are not confined according to the standards. Standards for calves (43 square feet) and egg laying hens (1 square foot) became effective in 2020 while standards for breeding pigs and their offspring (24 square feet) and cage-free provisions for egg laying hens are to be effective beginning Jan. 1, 2022.

The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) sought a preliminary injunction against Proposition 12 in 2019, arguing that it violates the Interstate Commerce Clause of the U.S.… Continue reading

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