It’s time to stockpile forages

For those who raise livestock, making hay is a way of life. However, after going through another frustrating hay season dealing with weather and equipment, there has to be a better way … and there is.

Stockpiling forages, especially cool-season grasses for fall and winter grazing, is an excellent option – and now’s the time to consider it. All you need to do is make a final grazing of the field or final mowing and let it grow until later in the fall or winter. Typically, adding nitrogen when stockpiling is initiated will increase yield and quality.

If you live in an area with fescue, this is the forage that usually works best. Other grasses like orchardgrass work, but the quality and yield diminishes faster as winter weather settles in. We have conducted research in eastern Ohio periodically over the past 25-plus years, and we have consistently had increased yield and quality when nitrogen fertilizer was added, although not always statistically significant.… Continue reading

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Registration for Cattlemen’s Gala, fundraiser for next generation, closes August 14

The Ohio Cattlemen’s Foundation will hold the Cattlemen’s Gala Celebration and Fundraiser and sporting clays event Saturday, Aug. 26 in the Marysville and Delaware, Ohio areas. Registration will be accepted until Aug. 14 and no tickets may be purchased at the door.

Ohio’s cattlemen have a lot to celebrate. Plan to join the day-long festivities on Saturday, August 26 to support the Foundation’s youth scholarship fund benefiting the next generation of beef industry leaders. The day will start with a sporting clays shoot, from 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., featuring individual and team competition to support the cause. Lunch will be included for participants.

Following the shoot, OCA will hold a Summer Business Meeting at Leeds Farm in Ostrander, Ohio to discuss proposed amendments to the OCA bylaws. The business meeting is free to attend and open to all OCA members.

Later that evening attendees can gather in their boots and hats for dinner, drinks, and dancing in the barn at the first Cattlemen’s Gala Celebration and Fundraiser also at Leeds Farm.… Continue reading

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2017 Ohio State Fair Jr. Dairy Show Results

Here are results from the 2017 Ohio State Fair Jr. Dairy Show. Further results will be made available as the shows progress.


Total animals shown: 115
Exhibitors: 58

YRP Grand Champion
Exhibitor: Kris Ackley
Animal: Ms Brookview Scaredycat
Sire: Butz-Butler Atwood Brady

YRP Reserve Grand Champion
Exhibitor: David Miley
Animal: Miley Gold Chip Gazella-T
Sire: Mr Chassity Gold Chip

YRP Junior Champion
Exhibitor: Marrisa Topp
Animal: Toppglen Awesome Wildflower
Sire: Luck-E Awesome-Red

YRP Reserve Junior Champion
Exhibitor: Emily Deam
Animal: OH-River-SYC-Soloman
Sire: Walnutlawn Soloman-ET

YRP Senior Champion
Exhibitor: David Miley
Animal: Miley Gold Chip Gazella
DOB: 9/7/12

YRP Reserve Senior Champion
Exhibitor: Kris Ackley
Animal: Craggan Goldwyn Zing (Aged Cow)
DOB: 9/2/10

Senior Showmanship (15 and over)
1. Logan Schlaugh
2. Brandon Sugg
3. Victoria Deam
4. Lindsey L’Amoreaux
5. 5.Ashley Hawvermale

Intermediate Showmanship (12-14)
1. Olivia Finke
2. Cole Pond
3. Emily Deam
4. Garrett Havens
5. Hayden King

Junior Showmanship (11 and under)
1.… Continue reading

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High oleic soybeans in dairy ration produce more milkfat

With milk check butterfat values currently in the $2.50 to $2.70 per pound range and nearly a dollar more than protein, butterfat is where it’s at in terms of dairy producer income today.

A high oleic soybean variety that was tested recently at Penn State University for its dairy nutrition applications showed a surprisingly significant impact on raising the milkfat percentage. There was no impact on milk volume or other components and only a slight increase in dry matter intake, which resulted in no effect on feed efficiency in terms of energy-corrected milk.

With butterfat doubling in value to average $2.30 per pound over the past three years, a 0.2% increase in butterfat for an 80-pound dairy herd could mean 35 cents per hundredweight to the milk check under normal marketing conditions when milk volume and other components are unchanged.

Through a check-off grant from the Pennsylvania Soybean Board, Alexander Hristov, Ph.D.,… Continue reading

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State Fair legends

Quietly whistling to himself, the judge strolled by Mike’s steer, giving it a long look. Mike was nervous, but he’d had a good day. He was in the hunt for champion — the last paring down of more than 350 steers. He clutched the halter of his clear favorite, the one he’d had his eye on all year.

Mike’s father started a 4-H club with a focus on showing cattle and he and his brothers had done just that from their earliest 4-H days. They were like most 4-H families and there was always the issue of who would get what animal and Mike had spent his show career picking and choosing with his older brothers. This year, though, was different because Mike’s brothers were older and off to college. Mike got first and last choice.

The steer he led around the show ring at the command of the whistling judge had come from South Dakota.… Continue reading

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Japan raises tariffs on frozen beef

Japan said that rising imports of frozen beef in the first quarter of the Japanese fiscal year (April-June) have triggered a safeguard, resulting in an automatic increase to Japan’s tariff rate under the WTO on imports of frozen beef from the United States.

The increase, from 38.5% to 50%, will begin Aug. 1, 2017 and last through March 31, 2018. The tariff would affect only exporters from countries, including the United States, which do not have free trade agreements with Japan currently in force.

“I am concerned that an increase in Japan’s tariff on frozen beef imports will impede U.S. beef sales and is likely to increase the United States’ overall trade deficit with Japan,” said Sonny Perdue, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. “I have asked representatives of the Japanese government directly and clearly to make every effort to address these strong concerns, and the harm that could result to both American producers and Japanese consumers.”… Continue reading

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Does the Monsanto-Bayer merger put farmers at risk?

The American Antitrust Institute (AAI), Food & Water Watch (FWW), and National Farmers Union (NFU) sent a joint letter to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) on the proposed merger between agricultural input giants Bayer AG and Monsanto Co. The three groups offered their in-depth analysis of how the proposed deal would likely harm competition, farmers, and consumers. The letter notes that the merger would complete a sweeping restructuring of the agricultural biotechnology industry, creating the “Big 3” companies where just two years ago, there were six major rivals.

“The merger substantially eliminates competition across a number of important markets. It could squeeze out smaller rivals and saddle farmers and consumers with higher prices, reduced choice, and less innovation,” said AAI President Diana Moss.

Given the merger’s potential adverse effects, the letter encourages the DOJ to be skeptical of any claims that the companies need to be bigger to innovate or that planned cuts to fundamental research will benefit farmers and consumers.… Continue reading

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2017 Market Lamb Sale Results

All exhibitors in the 2017 Market Lamb Sale got at least $1,225 with contributions from the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association and LEAD Council including Stitzlein Club Lambs, Amstutz Club Lambs, Kalmbach Feeds, Umbarger Feeds, Show Managers of the Mark Banbury Scholarship and Buckeye Blowout Show, Shroyer Show Stock, Ericka and Chris Haines (in memory of Susan Siefert), Elvin Elifritz Double E Dorsets, Devitt Club Lambs, Zimmerly Club Lambs, Howell Farms, Team Johnson Club Lambs, LuLaRoe with Jordan Butler, and Anonymous in honor of Ann Mumaw for dedication to agriculture.… Continue reading

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2017 Junior Market Lamb Show

Youth exhibitors entered 711 lambs in the 2017 Junior Market Lamb Show. Here are more results from the 2017 show:

Judge Miles Gibbs, Del Rio, Texas

Photos by Mindi Brookhart.



Champ: Carly Gump, Fletcher

Res. Champ: Bailee Amstutz, Richwood



Champ: Kayla Ritter, Montgomery County

Res. Champ: Sarah Young, Leesburg



Champion: Mylee Shatto, Ft Loramie

Res. Champion: Kole Justin, Richwood



Champion: Austin Hunker, Bellevue

Res. Champion: Elizabeth Shatto, Ft. Loramie



Champion: Jada Shroyer, DeGraff

Res. Champion: Jada Shroyer, DeGraff



Champion: Zane Melvin, Radnor

Res. Champion: Andrew Guthrie, Washington C.H.



Champion: Erin Dilger Lawrence, Hebron

Res. Champion: Elizabeth Shatto, Ft. Loramie



Champion: Andrew Guthrie, Washington C.H.

Res. Champion: McKala Grauel, Ridgeway



Champion: Chloe Gump, Fletcher

Res. Champion: Justin Howell, Danville


Natural Colored

Champion: Carly Gump, Fletcher

Res. Champion: Erin Dilger Lawrence, Hebron



Champ: Bailee Amstutz, Richwood

Res.… Continue reading

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Butter cow display highlights nutritious and delicious chocolate milk

The annual butter display, one of the best-kept secrets at the Ohio State Fair each year, has been unveiled. This year’s display is a salute to chocolate milk, the official beverage of Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA). Inside the dairy cooler, the traditional butter cow and calf is joined by a larger-than-life bottle of chocolate milk, along with four high school athletes.

“On behalf of Ohio’s dairy farmers, the American Dairy Association Mideast is proud to partner with OHSAA to help student athletes perform their best,” said Jenny Hubble, senior vice president of communications for ADA Mideast. “Chocolate milk is the ideal beverage for student athletes, as well as for their fans, because it contains nine essential nutrients to give them the fuel they need to stay at the top of their game.”

The six-foot bottle of chocolate milk featured in the butter display gets its creamy, chocolatey color from cocoa powder that’s mixed with the butter.… Continue reading

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Washing hands and hog show timelines important in avoiding swine influenza outbreaks

With the announcement of confirmed human cases of influenza following the Clinton County Fair H3N2 swine influenza discovery and H1N1 discovered in hogs at the Franklin County Fair, state leaders are reminding fairgoers and livestock exhibitors about commonsense ways to address and prevent the problem.

“We have had a few people get sick from the Clinton County Fair. Nobody was hospitalized, but there were certainly flu-like symptoms in about nine individuals that have been confirmed. It is something we need to take seriously and it can be prevented very easily with hand washing and moving our animals in and out in a three-day period. We just need to be proactive,” said Tony Forshey, Ohio’s State Veterinarian. “We are reiterating the importance of hand washing stations, signs and keeping food out of the barn — just common sense things that are good sanitation and good hygiene. This virus is pretty easily killed with heat and soap and water.… Continue reading

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Junior Goat Shows

Junior Market  Show results

Lightweight Champ: Ava Shroyer, DeGraff

Lightweight Res. Champ: Grace Day, Frankfort


Middleweight Champ: Paige Pence, New Carlisle

Middleweight Res. Champ: Katie Egbert, Botkins


Heavyweight Champ:Paige Pence, New Carlisle

Heavyweight Res. Champ: Ava Shroyer, DeGraff


Junior Dairy Goat Show results


Champ: Ashley Bailey, London

Res. Champ: Heather Cade, Galena


Alpine milkers

Champ: Hannah Depew, Chillecothe

Res. Champ: Jenna Bailey, London



Champ: Kolton Baer, Kinsman

Res. Champ: Kolton Baer, Kinsman


LaMancha milkers

Champ: Heather Cade, Galena

Res. Champ: Heather Cade, Galena



Champ: Allie Bohse, West Milton

Res. Champ: Jenna Johnson, Delaware


AOB milkers

Champ: Keeton Ables, Sullivan

Res. Champ: Gavin Manion, Ashland



Champ: Cole Spitler, West Manchester

Res. Champ: Courtney Hubbard, Cortland


Nubian milkers

Champ: Hunter Dye, Sunbury

Res. Champ: Cole Spitler, West Manchester


Recorded Grade

Champ: Kolton Baer, Kinsman

Res. Champ: Kolton Baer, Kinsman


Recorded Grade milkers

Champ: Heather Cade, Galena

Res.… Continue reading

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Livestock exhibitions showcase Ohio’s most valuable agricultural crop

Ohio State Fair visitors who stop to have a seat in the stands during one of the event’s many youth livestock exhibitions will have plenty to see. Sure, spectators will notice the livestock, but it is the dedicated youth in the livestock barns that are worth the time to watch. Any passerby will undoubtedly witness young people from around the state demonstrating a level of sportsmanship, hard work and camaraderie with their peers that are too-often absent in other parts of society.

These high quality young people are not there by accident or coincidence. The character of the young people in the show ring at the Ohio State Fair has been shaped over many months and years of work in the barn, wins and losses and countless livestock-related events and activities.

“Every time I finish judging a show, I always like to remind people that we are not here using kids to make better livestock, we are using livestock to make better kids.… Continue reading

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