Be wary at county fairs as H3N2V spreading

The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) and the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) announced the launch of an outreach plan to increase awareness of H3N2v at county fairs. A representative from ODA and ODH, or a local designee such as the fair veterinarian or health commissioner, will visit every fair to make in-person contact with swine exhibitors and reinforce the importance of preventing the spread of flu. As part of that outreach, ODA has set guidance for fair boards. Together, the agencies created an informational video for fairgoers and exhibitors:

ODH has confirmed six additional cases of Influenza A variant H3N2 in Ohio. There are currently 36 cases of H3N2v statewide. At this time, surveillance indicates that the individuals most likely became ill with the flu virus after exposure to swine.

County of Residence

Number of Confirmed H3N2v Cases

















Those with confirmed cases of H3N2v are between the ages of 6 months and 36 years old.… Continue reading

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West Nile Virus found in Shelby County horse

The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) confirmed a case of West Nile Virus in a horse from Shelby County. Samples were collected on August 1, 2012 and results were confirmed by the agency on August 6, 2012.

Mosquitoes can pick up the West Nile Virus from wild birds and may then transmit the infection to people and other animals. Studies show that cool, wet weather in early spring followed by very hot temperatures throughout the summer can result in increased mosquito activity.

Infection with West Nile Virus does not always lead to signs of illness in people or animals.  In horses that become clinically ill, the virus infects the central nervous system and may cause symptoms of encephalitis. Clinical signs of encephalitis in horses may include a general loss of appetite, depression, weakness in limbs, and possible fever.

“Animal vaccination is a primary key to preventing the spread of West Nile virus among animals.… Continue reading

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Lawsuit seeks to cripple the Beef Checkoff Program

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) President J.D. Alexander expressed disgust following an announcement that the Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM) has formed a partnership with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to destroy more than 25 years of market development and consumer demand building by the Beef Checkoff Program.

Specifically, OCM announced that it will file a lawsuit seeking an injunction against the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service, Cattlemen’s Beef Board and the Beef Promotion Operating Committee. OCM President and Director Fred Stokes stated during the press briefing that HSUS is helping fund its efforts to file the lawsuit. OCM claims to advocate for a fair, competitive agricultural marketplace; however, in doing so it partnered with an organization known for its anti-agriculture agenda. According to Alexander, independent research shows the beef checkoff is supported by nearly 75% of cattlemen and women.

“HSUS is an organization going state by state vowing to end production agriculture by outlawing scientifically validated production practices in animal agriculture.… Continue reading

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Know the basics of strategic deworming

Keeping a healthy herd requires proper planning

A strategic deworming approach involves more than administering a dewormer annually. It’s about knowing when parasites could be compromising the health of your cattle.

“Timing is critical for strategic deworming programs,” says Gary Sides, Ph.D., Cattle Nutritionist, Pfizer Animal Health Cattle and Equine Technical Services. “Along with timing, selecting the appropriate active ingredient, using proper administration techniques and even taking geography into consideration are all vital parts of getting the most out of your deworming program.”

A strategic program aims to interrupt the lifecycle of the parasite. To do that, cattle producers should deworm their herd twice a year — once in the spring at the beginning of grass green up and again in the fall before winter turnout.

“If spring deworming is done correctly, it can be very beneficial moving into fall because parasite loads are greatly reduced,” Dr. Sides says. “Likewise, fall deworming is still very important to clean up any parasites that might have been missed earlier in the year and takes care of the parasites that may overwinter in the cattle.”… Continue reading

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More swine results

2012 Ohio State Fair Junior Barrow Sale- $49,580


Champ Berkshire: Cierra Whitesel, Ansonia, exhibited the 251-pound grand champion Berkshire that sold for $2500 to Tony and Dicka Nye and family, PNC Bank and the Buckeye Barrow Boosters.


Champ Chester White:  Justin Goldsmith, Williamsport, exhibited the 279-pound grand champion Chester White that sold for $2375 to Producers Livestock, Event Marketing Strategies and the Buckeye Barrow Boosters.


Champ Dark Cross: Meghan Bremke, Wellington, exhibited the 277-pound grand champion dark cross that sold for $5800 to Bodey Insurance, Nationwide, Buckeye Barrow Boosters, Bremke Show Feed and Huffman’s Market.


Champ Duroc: Mitchel Shawhan, South Charleston, exhibited the 271-pound grand champion Duroc that sold for $5450 to Agrigold Seed Corn, Bluegrass Farms of Ohio, ICAP Crop Insurance, Tekuro Corp., Trupointe Cooperative, Producers Livestock and the Buckeye Barrow Boosters.


Champ Hampshire: Hunter Nichols, London, exhibited the 280-pound grand champion Hampshire that sold for $4350 to Sollars Farm, Isla Grande Farms, Schrader Real Estate and Auction Co.,… Continue reading

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Supplemental forage options for late summer planting

By Mark Sulc and Stan Smith, OSU Extension

Many producers are looking to grow more forage this autumn and early next spring because of the reduced forage yields resulting from dry weather this year. Supplemental forage can be produced yet this year by planting small grains or annual ryegrass on land coming out of wheat or corn silage. In this article we discuss options for planting in early August (on wheat stubble ground for example), in late August to early September (after corn silage removal), and after soybean harvest (late September to mid-October).

Before making any plans to plant supplemental forages, be sure to check the plant back restriction interval for herbicides used in the previous crop. Corn herbicides, especially atrazine products, have a long rotation restriction interval for many of the forage options listed below. So check the labels for the herbicides you used this year especially.

Early August Plantings
The best options are to plant spring oat, spring triticale, or annual ryegrass (see section below on annual ryegrass).… Continue reading

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Drought leaving alfalfa quantity concerns

By Ty Higgins, Ohio Ag Net

Licking County livestock producer Popeye Thompson is doing double takes when he looks at the calendar. Thompson knows from his decades of experience that it is never a promising scenario to start feeding alfalfa in July, but that is exactly what happened, not only on Thompson’s Alexandria farm, but on hundreds of other farms all over Ohio as well.

“Things have deteriorated faster than I thought they ever could,” Thompson said. “Until we get a decent amount of rain, I will have to continue to supplement some of my hay, and hope that I can keep enough stored when I need it the most this winter.”

Generally this time of year, Thompson has a successful grazing plan in place. He rotates his cattle on two different pastures every three weeks. The extreme heat and lack of rain, though, changed that philosophy in quick fashion after drought

conditions set in this year.… Continue reading

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DDGs can help dodge rising feed costs

If the drought forces producers to feed a larger portion of distillers dried grains with solubles, cattle can maintain gains and improve meat quality if the animals are weaned early, a Purdue University scientist has shown.

The finding, reported at the American Society of Animal Science Midwest Meetings in Des Moines, Iowa, could allow some producers to save on rising feed costs in the face of this year’s drought. Distillers dried grains with solubles, or DDGS, are the leftovers from corn ethanol production. DDGS generally cost about 10% less than corn feed.

“You can essentially use a cheaper feed for a portion of the time and maintain high rates of gain, while improving the quality of the meat,” said Jon Schoonmaker, an assistant professor of animal sciences. “It decreases fat thickness, but doesn’t decrease marbling score.”

Schoonmaker tested cattle weaned at 100 days instead of a more traditional 200 days. Those early weaned cattle were fed diets with no DDGS or one with DDGS content of 30% or 60% for 99 days, after which they were fed a standard diet with no DDGS.… Continue reading

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Ohio Department of Health will continue monitoring illnesses at fairs

The Ohio Departments of Agriculture (ODA) and Health (ODH), along with local health officials and representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), continue to monitor influenza-like illness in animals and humans throughout the county fair season in Ohio, and reminded Ohioans to exercise common sense health practices while around animals.

State Veterinarian Dr. Tony Forshey has veterinarians monitoring hogs weighing-in for exhibition at the Ohio State Fair and taking the temperatures of any that look ill. ODA is also contacting county fair boards and 4-H clubs with information that can be displayed in livestock barns while urging the installation of additional hand sanitizers.

ODH continues to partner with local health departments and health care providers across the state on any reports of human illness. Individuals who have reported close contact with swine and are exhibiting flu-like systems will undergo testing. Samples will be sent to the ODH laboratory for preliminary testing and then to CDC for confirmation.… Continue reading

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Sale of Champions Results

For more photos, please visit our Sale of Champions Photo Gallery.


The Grand Champion Swiss Cheese, produced by Guggisberg Cheese Co., sold for a record-setting $18,000 to Kroger, American Dairy Association Mideast, Westfield Insurance AgriBusiness Division, COBA/Select Sires Inc., DHI Cooperative Inc., ABS Global, Dairymen’s, Brewster Dairy Inc., Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative, John and Suzann Spreng of LongAcre Farms, Biery Cheese Co., and Dairy Farmers of America to support the grand champion dairy exhibitors Lane Greiwe, Logan County; Braxton Perry, Champaign County; Becky Cooley, Fairfield County; Anna Miley, Wayne County; Jacob Morgan, Champaign County; and Jacob Baker, Columbiana County; and the dairy supreme showman winners, Tanner Topp of Wayne County and Amber Dietz of Trumbull County.

Market Turkey

Paydon Gingerich of Holmes County exhibited the Grand Champion Turkey, which sold for $11,500 to Cooper Farms, setting a new record.

Market Goats

Jordan Fledderjohann, Shelby County, exhibited the Grand Champion Market Goat, which sold for a record-setting $12,750 to Ohio Harness Racing Association and Scioto Downs.… Continue reading

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Jr. Fair Market Beef Show Results




For more beef photos, visit the photo gallery.

Champion Chianina: Callie Daniels
Reserve Chianina: Janel Gilbert

Champion Hereford: Christina Norman
Reserve Hereford: Jarett Smith

Champion Main-Anjou: McKenzie Fruchey
Reserve Main-Anjou: Lance Utt

Champion Shorthorn: Kyle Piscione
Reserve Shorthorn: Sara Klehm

Champion All Other Breeds: Danielle Heintz
Reserve All Other Breeds: Kirsten Augustine

Champion Market Heifer: Sarah Johnson
Reserve Market Heifer: Allison Davis

Crossbred Steers-

Division 1 Champion: Wyatt Daniels
Reserve Champion: Madison Clark

Division 2 Champion: Brooke Egbert
Reserve Champion: Sara Klehm

Division 3 Champion: Garrett Davison
Reserve Champion: Carson Shafer

Division 4 Champion: Mackenzie Fruchey
Reserve Champion: Sierra Gastomsky

Division 5 Champion: Mackenzie Shuey
Reserve Champion: Lori Millenbaugh

Champion Supreme Heifer: Hannah Spohn (Main-Anjou)
Reserve Supreme Heifer: Kinsey Crowe (Angus)

View more photos of the Jr. Fair Market Beef show.

Skillathon results.

More beef results.Continue reading

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Jr. Fair Swine Results




For more photos, visit the photo gallery.


Breed Champions:

Grand Champion Light Cross: Lea Kimley
Reserve Champion Light Cross: Christopher Knott

Grand Champion Dark Cross: Megan Bremke
Reserve Champion Dark Cross: Claire McCullough

Champion Duroc: Mitchell Shawan, South Charleston
Reserve Duroc: Jarret Winner, Piqua

Champion York: Mason Creager, Wauseon
Reserve York: Matthew Evans, Wilmington

Performance Champion :  Kolton Keener, Creston
Reserve Performance: Victoria Waits, Washington C.H.

Champion Berk: Cierra Whitesel, Ansonia
Reserve Berk: Cierra Whitsel Ansonia

Champion Poland: Cole Reveal, Hillsboro
Reserve Poland: Emily Herring, Wauseon

Champion Landrance: Delanie Wiseman, London
Reserve Landrace: Gus Mitchem, South Solon

Champion Hamp: Hunter Nicholas, London
Reserve Hamp: Tate Harrison,Hamilton

Champion Chester: Justin Goldsmith, Williamsport
Reserve Chester: Alan Leonhardt, New Washington

Champion Hereford: Cameron Shellhouse, Sycamore
Reserve Hereford: Alex Vaugghan, Wilmington

Champion Tamworth: Jake Ellis, Sabina
Reserve Tamworth Victoria Devore, West Salem

Skillathon resultsContinue reading

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More poultry results

Class 1 Results – Meat Chickens

Place, Name, County, Exhibitor #

01 Sarah Johnson Clinton 2075

02 Ariel Watson Guernsey 4301

03 Nickolas Fowler Guernsey 1360

04 Jacob Fowler Guernsey 1358

05 Sarah Phillips Huron 3190

06 Katie Conley Wyandot 5459

07 Molly Phillips Huron 3187

08 Paydon Gingerich Holmes 1466

09 Brad McConnell Senecca 2657

10 Lisa Hoenie Mercer 5466

11 Aryn Copeland Crawford 863

Class 2 Results – Meat Chickens

Place, Name, County, Exhibitor #

01 LeAnn Regula Logan 3351

02 Bethany Hickman Franklin 1811

03 Chris Hickman Franklin 1812

04 Amelia Ruggles Huron 3493

05 Megan Ohl Wyandot 3032

06 Cory Gingerich Holmes 1465

07 Zachary Ortman Perry 3044

08 Chris Kutz Madison 6031

09 Sara Fleckenstein Warren 1312

10 Tori Jacobs Champaign 2018

11 Cassady Neviska Morrow 2965

Class 3 Results – Meat Chickens

Place, Name, County, Exhibitor Number

01 Cathryn Seymour Union 5212

02 Kady Davis Carroll 6050

03 Jessie Mass Clinton 2594

04 Scott Seim Montgomery

05 Sarah Lewis Wyandot 2438

06 Jensen Pierson Clinton 3199

07 Jaycee Perry Fayette 5337

08 Cassady Corcoran Ross 870

09 Hanna Shafer Miami 3666

10 Reagan Neviska Morrow 2966

11 Arica Hamilton Preble 1625

Class 4 Results – Meat Chickens

Place, Name, County, Exhibitor Number

01 Chrysta Beck Fulton 5214

02 Nevan Ruggles Huron 3494

03 Landon Gibbs Fayette 1447

04 Caroline Brendsel Fairfield 489

05 Zack Johnson Clinton 2079

06 Jonathan Lewis Wyandot 2436

07 Luke Krawczyk Union 2316

08 Garrett Shafer Miami 3665

09 Deloris Corcoran Ross 871

10 Shelby Mass Clinton 2595

11 Lisa Seim Montgomery 3644

Class 5 Results – Meat Chickens

Place, Name, County, Exhibitor Number

01 Reggie Regula Logan 3353

02 Kamille Kies Shelby 2186

03 Karlynn Kies Shelby 2187

04 Eliott Hoepf Seneca 5162

05 Cole Krawczyk Union 2315

06 Ashley Ohl Wyandot 3031

07 Andy Rieman Knox 3401

08 Brady Harwell Knox 1692

09 Andrew Corcoran Ross 869

10 Kendale Hamilton Preble 5084

2012 Ohio State Fair

Junior Poultry Show

Overall Meat Turkey Results

      Place                  Exhibitor Number     First Name              Last Name              County                  Meat Turkey           

01                      1466                    Paydon                  Gingerich               Holmes                  453

02                      5338                    Alexandra               Lang                     Wyandot                428

03                      5277                    Adam                    Rager                    Van Wert                433

04                      1465                    Cory                     Gingerich               Holmes                  454

05                      5319                    Joshua                  Kiser                     Sandusky               440

06                      1202                    Jake                      Ellis                      Clinton                  422

07                      5162                    Eliott                     Hoepf                   Seneca                   437

08                      2595                    Shelby                   Mass                    Clinton                  445

09         2079     Zack       Johnson Clinton   423


2012 Ohio State Fair

Breeding Poultry Show Class Winners


Large Fowl


Best American    Adam Isler    Marion County      Class     17         Reserve:    Jason Lauf   Allen County                  Class     2                          


Best Asiatic        Brandi Powell Champaign  Co   Class     25         Reserve:    Landon Gibbs Fayette Co                   Class     22


Best English       Brandi Powell Champaign  Co   Class     30         Reserve:   Brandi Powell Champaign  Co                        Class     31



Mediterranean     Brandi Powell Champaign Co    Class     38         Reserve:    Brandi Powell              Champaign Co            Class     39



Continental        Brandi Powell  Champaign Co   Class     50         Reserve:   Brandi Powell    Champaign  Co                      Class     46


Best AOV          Brandi Powell   Champaign Co  Class     52         Reserve      Jensen Pierson   Clinton County         Class     49






Best  Single Comb

Clean Leg          Ashley Ohl  Wyandot County     Class     61         Reserve      Jaycee Perry  Fayette County              Class     71


Best Rose Comb

Clean Leg          Jason Lauf       Allen County     Class     82         Reserve:    Megan Ohl    Wyandot County           Class     77



Feather Leg        Ashley Ohl  Wyandot County     Class     95         Reserve:    Landon Gibbs  Fayette County                      Class     99


Best Old English             Ashley Ohl  Wyandot County     Class     117       Reserve:    Jason Lauf    Allen County                 Class     110


Best Modern

Game                Tori Rinehart  Hocking County  Class     120       Reserve:     Tori Rinehart            Hocking County                        Class     121


Best AOV-AOC  Brandi Powell   Champaign Co  Class     125       Reserve:    Brandi Powell                        Champaign Co  Class     126






Bantam Duck:     Andy Rieman    Knox Co           Class     130       Reserve:    Adam Isler                 Marion Co        Class     133



Light Duck:        Colleen Harris   Delaware Co      Class     144       Reserve:    Brandi Powell                        Champaign Co  Class     141



Medium Duck:    n/a                                                                   Reserve:    n/a



Heavy Duck:       Colleen Harris   Delaware Co      Class     150       Reserve:    Jonathan Zins                        Franklin Co      Class     149


Champion Goose:Brandi Powell   Champaign Co  Class     153       Reserve:    Brandi Powell                        Champaign Co  Class     154




Breeding Turkey:  Brandi Powell   Champaign Co Class     157       Reserve:    Michael Baker                        Fulton Co         Class     83

Grand Champion Large Fowl:  Brandi Powell – Best English

Reserve Grand Champion Large Fowl:    Adam Isler – Best Amerian

Grand Champion Bantam:  Ashley Ohl – SCCL

Reserve Grand Champion Bantam:  Jason Lauf – RCCL

Grand Champion Water Fowl:  Andy Rieman – Bantam Duck

Reserve Grand Champion Water Fowl – Adam Isler – Bantam Duck


Grand Champion Breeding Chickens Overall – Ashley Ohl SCCL

Reserve Grand Champion Breed Chickens Overall – Brandi Powell – Best English


Backyard Poultry Subscription Award Winners

Chrysta Beck – Fulton County

Brandi Powell – Champaign County

Adam Isler – Marion County

Jaycee Perry – Fayette County

Reagan Neviska – Morrow County

Seth Abel – Licking County

2012 Ohio State Fair

Junior Poultry Show

Showmanship Results


Market Turkey Showmanship

12 Year Olds

  1.  Ryan Hottinger – Greene County

13 Year Olds

  1. Aryn Copeland – Crawford County

14 Year Olds

  1. Elliott Hoepf – Seneca County
  2. Jaycee Perry – Fayette County
  3. Molly Phillips – Huron County

15 Year Olds

  1. Zach Johnson – Clinton County
  2. Marina Sweet – Madison County

16 Year Olds

  1.   Shelby Mass – Clinton County
  2. Lisa Hoenie – Mercer County
  3. Ray Hottiinger – Greene County

17 Year Olds

  1.  Sarah Johnson – Clinton County
  2. Sierra Miller – Wyandot County
  3. Adam Rager – Van Wert County
  4. Jensen Piersen – Clinton County

18 Year Olds

  1.  Jessie Mass – Clinton County
  2. Sarah Phillips – Clinton County
  3. Sara Fleckenstein – Clinton County
  4. Landon Gibbs –Fayette County
  5. Brad McConnell – Seneca County
  6. Cathryn Seymour – Union County
  7. Lizz Scott – Clark County



2012 Ohio State Fair

Junior Poultry Show

Showmanship Results



Meat Chickens Showmanship


10 Year Olds

  1.  Katie Conley – Wyandot County
  2. Nevan Ruggles – Huron County

11 Year Olds

  1.  Ashley Ohl – Seneca County
  2. Amelia Ruggles – Huron County
  3. LeAnn Regula – Logan County
  4. Deloris Corcoran – Ross County

12 Year Olds

  1.  Cassady Neviska – Morrow County
  2. Cassidy Corcoran  – Ross County
  3. Reggie Regula – Logan County
  4. Jacob Fowler – Guernsey County
  5. Zac Ortman – Perry County

13 Year Olds

  1.  Aryn Copeland – Crawford County
  2. Megan Ohl – Seneca County
  3. Luke Krawczyk – Union County
  4. Jonathan Lewis – Wyandot County

14 Year Olds

  1.  Molly Phillips – Huron County
  2. Jaycee Perry – Fayette County
  3. Elliott Hoepf – Seneca County
  4. Cole Krawczyk – Union County




15 Year Olds

  1.  Caroline Brendsel – Fairfield County
  2. Zach Johnson – Clinton County
  3. Ariel Watson – Guernsey County
  4. Andrew Corcoran – Ross County
  5. Lisa Seim – Montgomery County
  6. Chris Hickman – Madison County

16 Year Olds

  1.  Lisa Hoenie – Mercer County
  2. Andy Rieman – Knox County
  3. Chrysta Beck – Fulton County
  4. Shelby Mass – Clinton County
  5. Reagan Neviska – Morrow County
  6. Nicholas Fowler – Guernsey County

17 Year Olds

  1.  Sarah Johnson – Clinton County
  2. Bethany Hickman – Madison County
  3. Scott Seim – Montgomery County
  4. Jensen Piersen – Clinton County

18 Year Olds

  1.  Sarah Lewis – Wyandot County
  2. Jessie Mass – Clinton County
  3. Landon Gibbs – Fayette County
  4. Sara Fleckenstein – Clinton County
  5. Sarah Phillips – Huron County
  6. Cathryn Seymour – Union County
  7. Brad McConnell – Seneca County








2012 Ohio State Fair

Junior Poultry Show

Showmanship Results


Breeding Birds & Waterfowl Showmanship


9 Year Olds

  1.  Cade Smith – West Jefferson, OH
  2. Michaela Elliott – Ashland County
  3. McKenzie McCord – Ashler, OH
  4. Cole Wecker – Sunbury, OH

10 Year Olds

  1.  Tom Mozena – Muskingum County
  2. JoLynn Hall – Ashley, OH
  3. Keagan Carsey – Miami County
  4. Caden Sweeney – Canal Winchester, OH
  5. Megan Roush – Ashley, OH

11 Year Olds

  1.  Seth Abel – Johnstown, OH
  2. Cole Breeding – Montgomery County
  3. Ashley Ohl – Seneca County
  4. Edison Cigany – Ashtabula County
  5. Preston Baker – Fulton County

12 Year Olds

  1.  Cassady Neviska – Morrow County
  2. Zac Ortman – Perry County
  3. John Ferguson – Ashley, OH
  4. Tori Rinehart – Hocking County
  5. Emily Wickline – Sunbury, OH

13 Year Olds

  1.  Megan Ohl – Seneca County
  2. Aryn Copeland – Crawford County
  3. Ben Abel – Johnstown, OH
  4. Jenna McComis – Delaware County
  5. Autumn Mohler, Union County

14 Year Olds

  1.  Jaycee Perry – Fayette County
  2. Madelyn Wecker – Sunbury, OH
  3. Amber Roush – Ashley, OH
  4. Thomas Baker – Fulton County
  5. Tammy MComis – Delaware County

15 Year Olds

  1.  Austin Lauf – Allen County
  2. Marina Sweet – Madison County
  3. Caroline Brendsel – Fairfield County
  4. Nicholas Sweeney – Canal Winchester, OH

16 Year Olds

  1.  Reagan Neviska – Morrow County
  2. Austin Smith – West Jefferson, OH
  3. Andy Rieman – Knox County
  4. Austin Murry – West Jefferson, OH
  5. Rebekah Abel – Johnstown, OH

17 Year Olds

  1. Jensen Piersen – Clinton County
  2. Danielle Seitner – Preble County
  3. Elizabeth Dresdow – Delaware County
  4. Adam Rager – Van Wert County
  5. Adam McCord – Sunbury, OH

18 Year Olds

  1. Cathryn Seymour – Union County
  2. Landon Gibbs – Fayette County
  3. Danielle Baker – Fulton County


Skillathon Results.Continue reading

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More beef results

State fair beef breed, supreme heifer and prospect show results

Junior Angus Show

Champion Female – Lauren Grimes, Hillsboro; Res. Champion Female – Kinsey Crowe, W. Alexandria;

Champion Steer: Will Harsh; Res. Champion Steer: Jordan Mullet;

Sr. Showmanship: 1- Jordan Mullett, Coshocton; 2-Lauren Grimes, Hillsboro; 3-Shyla Kreager, Newark; 4-Keayla Harr, Jeromesville; 5-Aimee Bockelman, Napoleon

Intermediate Showmanship: 1-Emily Wogan, Hebron; 2-Christina Winter, Ashville; 3-Devin Coon, Oak Hill; 4-Michele Bockelman, Napoleon

Jr. Showmanship: 1-Rylee Closser, Hebron; 2-Kacey Felumlee, Newark; 3-Kinsey Crowe, W. Alexandria; 4-Samantha Wallace, Kansas; 5-Caroline Winter, Ashville


Open Angus Show

Grand Champion Female – Will Harsh, Radnor; Res. Champion Female – Lauren Grimes, Hillsboro; Grand Champion Bull – Miller Family, Gaston, Ind.; Res. Champion Bull – Jordan Mullett, Coshocton


Junior Chianina Show

Champion Female – Madison Clark, Covington; Res. Champion Female – Curtis Harsh, Radnor; Sr. Showmanship: 1-Cain Schneider, Bethel; 2-Austin Schneder, Wilmington; 3-Jared Cluxton, Ripley; 4-Dylan Eltzroth, New Vienna; Jr.… Continue reading

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More results from the Brown Sheep Arena

Skillathon results

2012 Lamb Sale

The 125-pound Grand Champion Open Class Lamb shown by Sloan Club Lambs of Shelby was purchased by Kroger for $2,100.

The 126-pound Reserve Grand Champion Open Class Lamb was shown by Mackenzie Fruchey of Fayette was purchased by Huffman’s Markets and the Ohio Lamb Boosters for $1,000.

The 135-pound Champion Hampshire shown by Emily Overs of DeGraff
was purchased by Kroger for $1,300.

The 138-pound Champion Shropshire shown by Kaylee Achor of Hillsboro was purchased by Heskett Insurance Company for $2,000.

The 123-pound Champion Southdown shown by Austin Hunker of Bellevue
sold to Kroger and the Ohio Lamb Boosters for $1,000.

The 132-pound Champion Suffolk shown by Colin Gump of Fletcher
sold to New Edition Club Lamb for $1,500.

The 133-pound Champion Dorset shown by Emily Johnson of Casstown
sold to Kroger for $1,400.

The 132-pound Champion Montadale shown by Brock Martin of Attica sold to Kroger for $1,400.… Continue reading

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Workshop addresses livestock management in the drought

The 2012 drought has been one of the worst on record in Ohio, and many livestock producers will need adjust plans and reshuffle resources to minimize economic losses, two Ohio State University Extension educators say.

To help, OSU Extension is sponsoring a free workshop, “Livestock Management – After the Drought,” Aug. 13, 7-9:30 p.m. at the Mill Creek MetroParks Farm on State Route 46, across from the Canfield Fairgrounds in Canfield.

The lack of substantial rainfall, extreme heat and dryness have left many producers short on hay and silage supplies and looking for any alternative forages they can plant to make up for the shortages, said Rory Lewandowski, an agriculture and natural resources educator for OSU Extension.

“I’ve gotten calls from producers wondering what kind of tradeoffs they should be looking for in forages and the impact on pricing and economics they could be facing,” he said. “Growers want to know what they can do to set themselves up in a better place next year for forages.”… Continue reading

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Ohio farmers tell of hay prices and supply across the state

Compiled by Heather Hetterick and Hannah Thompson

County: Clark
Type of Operation: Grain and cow/calf operation
What is your current hay supply? We should be ok because we had some hay carryover from last year.
Do you have plans to downsize due to feed shortages? We’re actually having a dispersal sale this fall.


County: Wayne
Type of Operation:
What is your current hay supply?
Not very good. We had to bring heifers home from our heifer grower that we hadn’t planned on and it used up all our extra supply of hay. We have no hay at this time for our milk cows from this next year.
What is hay going for in your area? $300-$500/ton
Do you have plans to downsize due to feed shortages? We looked at selling heifers, but have basically been told there is no market for them at this time. We’re running numbers and scenario’s right now to see what would be the best option for us.… Continue reading

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