91 Year old Bob Stump is still farming and running the combine this fall.

When I heard soybeans were being harvested in Darke County I made a few phone calls and got ahold of Bobby Stump. He said he wasn’t running yet but that is dad was. It was through that conversation I learned Bob Stump is 91 years old and is still actively farming. My guess is it would be hard to find an older active farmer across the country. Bob talks about his dad planting corn with horses and the progress of where we are today. He also has an interesting observation of the most important innovation in agriculture in his 70 plus years of farming.… Continue reading

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Evaluating Corn with an Eye Towards Next Year

Matt Hutcheson, Product Manager with Seed Consultants talks about scouting your corn fields now to find areas of improvement you can control for next year. All yield begins with good emergence and an even stand. Scout your fields for planter issues now, such as shallow planting depth or skips caused by planter issues. There are so many aspects of farming you cannot control. Get a handle on the things you can control and start out next year with all the potential yield you can… Continue reading

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Virtual Ohio No-till event now online

As with most other events, Ohio No-Till Council summer events had to cancel (or postpone until 2021). The group’s field events planned for Aug. 19-20 are instead going to be a VIRTUAL event online.

Topics include soil health, cover crops and the main emphasis is planning for cover crops after soybean and corn harvest. Issues for beginning farmers and 60-inch corn rows with soybeans in between are also covered as well by a variety of experts on the subjects.

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