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Farmers using new tools to plan for 2016 crop purchases

With the 2015 harvest season winding down ahead of schedule, farmers will have more time to pencil out how to manage production costs while trying for better outcomes in 2016. In this week’s DuPont Pioneer Field Report, Encirca CSA Lewis Stearns visits with The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins about how farmers are going about making 2016 crop decisions with new digital tools.… Continue reading

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What fall field work to do and not do

With one of the driest falls in recent memory and a rapid wrap up to harvest, many farmers are finding some extra time to take care of some fall field work ahead of schedule. In this week’s DuPont Pioneer Field Report, Field Agronomist Jonah Johnson says there are some good options of fall field work and some that may be more harm than good.… Continue reading

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The outlook for PEDv in 2016

With the official arrival of fall, it’s a good time to remind pork producers, veterinarians and other industry members that mitigating risks from animal diseases is an ongoing process.

Although the number of new PED infections has greatly decreased in recent months, PEDv is still a threat to the U.S. pork industry, and cooler months raise the potential for new cases to emerge.

The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins visits with Dr. Rick Swalla, DVM, senior vet with Zoetis about the outlook for PEDv and mitigating risks on the farm.… Continue reading

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Growing season pressures being seen at harvest

After the many curve balls thrown at this year’s corn and soybean crops, farmers in Ohio didn’t quite know what to expect this fall. Now that harvest is in full swing, growers are seeing the results of a difficult growing season as they get into their fields. Bradley Ott, a DuPont Pioneer Account Manager, talks to The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins in this week’s DuPont Pioneer Field Report about what farmers are noticing and how producers can manage their yield expectations .… Continue reading

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Farmers in northwest Ohio counting down the days until black layer

Many farmers in the northwest part of Ohio were wondering if they would have a corn crop to harvest this year. Now, with disease pressures adding to the challenge of stalk quality issues as corn enters the dent stage, many farmers are hoping black layer gets here sooner than later. The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins talks about the corn progress and harvest outlook with DuPont Pioneer Account Manager Chasitie Euler for this week’s DuPont Pioneer Field Report.… Continue reading

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Gray Leaf Spot and Northern Corn Leaf Blight widespread across Ohio

The recent I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour saw scouts finding disease in nearly every field they visited. Gray Leaf Spot and Northern Corn Leaf Blight were among those at the top of their lists. DuPont Account Manager Mike Gahn of east central Ohio says a more in-depth look at fields reveals how genetics are taking care of some of the problems while a more comprehensive check of factors of in some areas may point to the need for intervention. Ohio Ag Net’s Joel Penhorwood visited with Gahn for the latest DuPont Pioneer Field Report.… Continue reading

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Corn pollination in southwest Ohio leaves little concern

Some farmers in Ohio were concerned with the timing of rains that come through during the critical corn pollination stage. DuPont Pioneer Account Manager Tate Cockerill says that customers in his area could see some of the best corn yields in years and the soybeans that looked like they wouldn’t produce may be surprising as well. The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins visits with Cockerill for this week’s DuPont Pioneer Field Report.… Continue reading

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Crops are coming around in north central Ohio

Although the north central part of Ohio didn’t get as much rain as the northwest, Seneca, Crawford and Wyandot Counties got their fair share. Derek Hunker is an Account Manager for DuPont Pioneer in those counties and in this week’s DuPont Pioneer Field Report he tells The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins that the recent sun and heat have made the corn and the soybeans perk up a bit and the outlook is much more positive than it was just two months ago.… Continue reading

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Fewer double crop opportunities in western Ohio

Farmers in western Ohio usually have all of their double crop acres planted by this time of year, but due to a late wheat harvest due to wet weather, the planting window for late-planted beans was barely cracked. Jim Stucke is a DuPont Pioneer account manager for that part of the state and he talks with The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins about the wheat harvest, fungicide applications and tough alfalfa harvest conditions in this week’s DuPont Pioneer Field Report.… Continue reading

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Stresses are mounting in corn and soybean fields

As expected, the excess moisture dousing Ohio corn and soybean fields have open the gates for a number of stresses to this year’s crop. For this week’s DuPont Pioneer Field Report, Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins visits with Account Manager Barry Rodeheffer about what he is seeing as he scouts fields in Darke, Shelby and Miami Counties and what he is recommending to farmers that find troubles in their fields.… Continue reading

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Only two weeks left to comment on EPA’s RFS proposal

According to Growth Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency’s latest Renewable Fuel Standard proposal (RFS) represents a major step backward for our nation’s most successful energy policy in the past 40 years. Ty Higgins visited with Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis about how these proposed changes would effect rural America and how comments can be made before the upcoming deadline.

Growth Energy Tom Buis

Here is the link to make comments to EPA about the RFS proposalContinue reading

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Growing Point Agronomy app provides instant help for crop issues

This season, Mother Nature is throwing just about everything to farmers around Ohio. Excessive rains, pests and diseases are challenging corn and soybean fields and hindering wheat harvest progress. The Growing Point Agronomy app from DuPont Pioneer can give farmers quick, local answers for any questions that may pop up when scouting fields. Kyle Poling says using the app to get instant answers to issues plaguing crops can help get the ball rolling on mitigating losses as soon as possible.… Continue reading

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