Ohio’s Country Journal & Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 281 | The Queen of Sales Says Farewell to OCJ and OAN

This week Dusty and Matt sit down with the Queen of Sales, Risë Labig who has worked at the Ohio Ag Net and Ohio Country journal for the past several years as the marketing specialist. Risë talks about her journey of being a woman in agriculture and how she kept her faith during her career. Matt also chats with Anne Thompson of the National Corn Growers Association and Luke Crumley of the Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association on politics and policy. The folks at Farm Credit Mid-America talk with Dale about their Fight Hunger – Stock the Trailer event. Finally, Joel chats with the Lorain County Junior Fair Board who were the winners of the 2022 Fight Hunger – Stock the Trailer event. All this and more in this week’s episode of the podcast!

00:00 Intro and OCJ/OAN Staff Update

04:42 Luke Crumley and Anne Thompson – Policy

10:11 Farm Credit Mid – America – Stock the Trailer Event  

25:32 Stock the Trailer Event 2022 Winner

29:58 Back with Risë Labig … Continue reading

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The best laid plans of weeds and men – and Mother Nature

Syngenta’s Dean Grossnickle meets with Ohio Ag Net’s Dale Minyo on weed management in the future. He says a higher focus on pre-emergence weed control is the key. An ideal sequence is planting, immediate pre-emergence application, followed by post-emergence depending on rain timing. Grossnickle says to keep in mind that multiple modes of action means weeds are 83 percent less likely to develop resistance.… Continue reading

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Quality sheep, delicious pie and eagerness to help describe 2022 Master Shepherds

By Joel Penhorwood

This year’s winners of the prestigious Charles Boyles Master Shepherd Award are no strangers to the betterment of the world around them. Whether it’s the quality of their chosen breed, the community in which they live, or the simple gift of a delicious apple pie, the world is undoubtedly a better place having been graced by Carroll and Marilyn Fogle.

Marilyn Fogle

Marilyn and her late husband Carroll are well-suited to the Master Shepherd Award — presented each year to Ohio sheep producers who have made substantial contributions to the industry through volunteer commitment and service.

“Not only have they been leaders in the Ohio sheep industry, but they’ve also been producers of very high-quality sheep for many years,” said Roger High, Executive Director of the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association and Ohio Sheep and Wool Program, which administers the award. “I’ve known the Fogle family for several decades through raising sheep and leadership activities.… Continue reading

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A big year for ‘Fight the Hunger, Stock the Trailer’

Farm Credit Mid-America’s “Fight the Hunger, Stock the Trailer” program has officially wrapped up its second year with major increases, both in the amount donated and the counties involved.

Ohio Ag Net’s Dale Minyo travelled to the Norwalk office of Farm Credit Mid-America to recap the program for 2022 and hear about the contest’s winners. Guests from Farm Credit Mid-America include Evan Hahn, regional vice president of ag lending, Chandra French, financial officer, and Lindy McLaughlin, associate financial officer.… Continue reading

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Ohio’s Country Journal & Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 280 | Everything You Need to Know About No-Till

On this week’s podcast Dusty and Matt sit down with Randall Reeder who talks about the No-Till Conference. Matt also chats with Jill Adelsberger from Cargill who talks about the issues facing the agriculture industry in relation to the markets. Ben Klick of the Ohio Corn and Wheat Association and Patrick Knouff who is the President of Ohio Soybean Association talk with Matt at the Grain Farms Symposium. Both guys farm on different ends of Ohio. Dale also talks with Shelby Guthrie who was named the Teacher of Year in relation to GrowNextGen. All this and more on this week’s episode!

00:00 Intro and OCJ/OAN Staff Update  

14:17 Jill Adelsberger – Cargill

19:52 Ben Klick and Patrick Knouff

36:03 Shelby Guthrie – GrowNextGen

47:25 Back with Randall Reeder… Continue reading

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Think about seed tech ROI and best fit for you when planning for year ahead

Brian Green, technical agronomist for Bayer, looks ahead to recommendations for 2023. He recommends taking a look at newer technologies, including improved disease tolerance, multiple modes of action, and more. He also says to not forget to look closely at how an investment in new technology matches with on-farm budgets and expected ROI. This conversation with Ohio Ag Net’s Dale Minyo took place at the 2022 NAFB Trade Talk.… Continue reading

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Fungicides shining with improved timing and ROI

Weather variability across the midwest led to several differences in disease control, says Jared Roskamp of BASF in this NAFB Trade Talk interview with Ohio Ag Net’s Dale Minyo. He says improved utilization of fungicide is showing in extra yield response. Roskamp discusses the sweet spot for timing of fungicide application for the best return on investment, and much more. … Continue reading

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A chat with the GrowNextGen Teacher Leader of the Year

Shelby Guthrie of the Global Impact STEM Academy in Springfield has been named the GrowNextGen Teacher Leader of the Year for 2022-2023. Click on the audio player to listen to this interview as Ohio Ag Net’s Dale Minyo talks with her about the honor, her strategy as a teacher, and how she brings agriculture to life in the classroom as well as much more.

GrowNextGen brings agriculture science to the classroom by providing real-world educational tools to engage the next generation workforce. Backed by funding from the Ohio Soybean Council and Ohio soybean farmers, GrowNextGen helps expose students to different career fields in a thriving industry. Resources include teacher workshops, curriculum, e-learning courses, and virtual field trips. To learn more go to… Continue reading

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Ohio’s Country Journal & Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 279 | YAP Conference Preview

Matt and Dusty sit down with Sara Tallmadge to talk about the Young Ag Professional (YAP) Conference that is coming up in January. She provides a nice preview of what to expect at this year’s event. Dusty also chats with Dr. Justin Welsh with Merck Animal Health about new technologies in animal agriculture.

00:00 Intro and OCJ/OAN Staff Update  

07:32 Dr. Justin Welsh – Merck Animal Health 

24:46 Back with Sara Tallmadge – YAP Conference… Continue reading

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