Livestock Care Board Passes Civil Penalty Rule

Director Boggs recaps the October 19th meeting where they passed the civil penalty rule and discussed veal and non-ambulatory animals

Ohio (Oct. 19, 2010) – The Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board today passed a vote on proposed civil penalty rules that will be used to enforce newly created livestock care standards. Proposed civil penalty rules will be filed with the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) to begin the rule-making process.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture, under its regulatory authority, has the responsibility to enforce the livestock care standards the board puts in place. The civil penalty rules provide guidance for major and minor livestock care standard violations, and the civil penalties apply to each set of livestock care standards the board creates.

“The Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board is making strides in its endeavor to do what Ohioans have asked of it: to create livestock care standards and civil penalties that will protect not only Ohio’s livestock but also consumers, producers and the livelihood of the state’s number one industry—food and agriculture,” said Ohio Department of Agriculture Director Robert Boggs.… Continue reading

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