2022 FSR Preview | McFarlane Dura-Crimper sets itself apart

John Couch joins Ohio Ag Net’s Dale Minyo from the SISCO booth as they preview their wide range of offerings at the 2022 Farm Science Review. A highlight this year is the McFarlane Dura-Crimper, bringing several advantages to the world of cover crop management. In addition to the crimping tool, the two talk the McFarlane Incite, Grasshopper mowers, and much more at this year’s Review, running September 20-22.… Continue reading

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Ohio’s Country Journal & Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 269 | Ag Resource Management talks changing finances, Athens Co. Historical Farm, and 30 years of OCJ

The 269th episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast joins Matt and Jeff Reese alongside Elizabeth Long and Larry Davis from Ag Resource Management as they discuss the changing finance landscape for today’s agriculture, including important crop deadlines, moving interest rates, and more.

The podcast also hears from longtime OCJ subscriber Wayne Wickerham as the Journal celebrates 30 years of being in print.

Matt also chats with Steve Garguillo on his family’s Historic Farm in Athens County.

All that, plus a few “Talk Like a Pirate Day” jokes along the way, and much more are included in today’s podcast. Tune in!

0:00.00 – Intro and OCJ/OAN Update with Ag Resource Management

12:23.15 – Steve Garguillo – Historic Farm

28:01.59 – 30 years of OCJ with Wayne Wickerham

35:27.83 – ARM Discussion and Closing… Continue reading

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Railroad strike narrowly avoided with tentative agreement 🔊

Mike Steenhoek

By Joel Penhorwood, Ohio Ag Net and Ohio’s Country Journal

A possible railroad worker strike starting Friday has been avoided after reports of a tentative agreement reached Thursday morning.

“Well, fortunately, this morning, there was an announcement that the two parties came to a tentative agreement for the this new 5-year contract for railroad workers,” said Mike Steenhoek, executive director of the Soy Transportation Coalition in a conversation with Ohio Ag Net and Ohio’s Country Journal. “And what that does, importantly, is that it prevents this potential strike at 12:01 Eastern Time on Friday. And so that’s a real sigh of relief to have that that resolution.”

Steenhoek reports the tentative agreement will provide rail employees a 24% wage increase during the 5-year period of the contract (2020-2024) — consistent with the recommendations of the Presidential Emergency Board. Steenhoek said an immediate average payout of $11,000 will be provided upon ratification.… Continue reading

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Today’s Bio-Capsule is not your grandpa’s bucket

In this video, Ohio Ag Net’s Dale Minyo talks with Nathan Louiso of Meristem Crop Performance about unique, new technology for a next generation starter meant to dramatically increase performance for farmers at planting, all with ease of use in mind.

Meristem recently announced the commercial launch of two patent-pending biological delivery systems – BIO-CAPSULE and MICROBILIZE – building on their effort to bring real productivity gains to farmers. Louiso gives an in-depth look at the system, as well as talks the importance of the addition of EXCAVATOR product in field preparation.

Be sure to visit Meristem Crop Performance at the 2022 Farm Science Review for an in-person look at the new technology. More information at… Continue reading

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Ohio’s Country Journal & Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 268 | Lumberjacks and The Paul Bunyan Show

On this week’s podcast Matt and Dusty sit down with Emmett Conway and Jim Doll with the Ohio Forestry Association talking about the upcoming Paul Bunyan Show. Joel sits down with Zach Dennis with Bane-Welker Equipment to discuss parts availability. The GrowNextGen folks sit down with Dale to talk about their current and upcoming projects. Dale catches up with staff at Farm Credit Mid-America to talk about their new office opening in Alliance. All this and more thanks to AgriGold! 

0:00:00 Intro and OCJ/OAN Staff Update 

0:26:55 Zach Dennis – Bane-Welker Equipment

0:31:51 GrowNextGen 

0:48:38 Farm Credit Mid-America Staff 

1:11:05 Closing … Continue reading

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Ohio’s Country Journal & Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 267 | Solar Energy & Dad Jokes

On this week’s podcast Matt and Dusty sit down with Dale Arnold of Ohio Farm Bureau to talk about solar energy in Ohio. Matt also catches up with Scott McNamee of the Richwood Independent Fair to talk about their unique non-livestock auction. Also, Matt adds in his share of dad jokes to make it a complete Ohio Ag Net Podcast! All this and more thanks to AgriGold! 

00:00 Intro and OCJ/OAN Staff Update

39:16 Scott McNamee – Richwood Independent Fair

46:28 Closing … Continue reading

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2022 Becknology Days set to impress with research, technology, much more

Ohio Ag Net’s Dusty Sonnenberg visits with Jared Chester of Beck’s Hybrids ahead of the 2022 Becknology Days, August 25-27 in Atlanta, IN (map below) from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. each day.

For more information on this year’s event, click here.
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Ohio’s Country Journal & Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 266 | SCN in Ohio

This week Matt and Dusty sit down with Horacio Lopez-Nicora, Assistant Professor of Nematology, Soybean Pathology, and Agronomy at The Ohio State University. He talks about soybean cyst nematode in Ohio’s fields. Matt then chats with Kevin Miller of Oakridge Realty and Auction Co. to talk about auctions and land size in Ohio. Dusty stops in at the Lorain County Fair to chat with Kim Meyers who is the Fair Director to talk about the Fairs Forever Campaign. All this and more thanks to AgriGold!

00:00 Intro and OCJ/OAN Staff Update

32:16 Kevin Miller –  Auctioneer

41:32 Kim Meyers –  Lorain County Fair  

45:53 Closing… Continue reading

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