Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 38 | Bright Christmas lights and dim hosts

Ty, Matt, and Joel join you for the 38th Ohio Ag Net Podcast, brought to you by AgriGold. The crew, in their holiday attire, bring a well-rounded podcast for the final time in 2017.

Joel and Dale this past week headed up to Oak Harbor to the facilities of Riders Unlimited. There they spoke the good work being done to help the mentally and physically handicapped through the power of horses. Rebekah Recker, Sunrise Cooperative CEO George Secor, and more tell us about the unique connection that’s sure to warm the heart.

Matt Reese catches up with Ryan Wilson from the recent Ohio No-Till Conference, talking cover crops and the value they offer.

Ty Higgins was also busy this past week, joined on the podcast by Matt Bambauer. Together they talk the year in review for farmers and the challenges they faced.

All that and some hearty conversation in this week’s podcast, brought to you by AgriGold.… Continue reading

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A heartwarming partnership in agriculture

With the 2017 holiday season, Ohio Ag Net’s Dale Minyo traveled to Oak Harbor, Ohio to see the good work of Riders Unlimited, a non-profit group focused on giving mentally and physically challenged individuals opportunities through interactions with horses. Sunrise Cooperative, alongside other agricultural companies, have become essential sponsors of the organization over the years. We hear from Sunrise Cooperative CEO George Secor, Riders Unlimited’s Rebekah Recker, and more in this video on the heartwarming actions underway in agriculture.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 36 | Woolly Worms, Sheep, and CAUV

Ohio Ag Net’s 36th episode of the podcast, brought to you by AgriGold, has a wide range of topics from host Ty Higgins, Bart Johnson, Dale Minyo, and Joel Penhorwood.

The recent Buckeye Shepherd Symposium brought in sheep producers from around the region to discuss farming practices, market trends, and recognize outstanding individuals in the industry. Joel Penhorwood catches up with OSIA’s Roger High on the event and the state of the Ohio sheep industry.

Ohio Farm Bureau’s Leah Curtis updates the crew with the latest on CAUV and what farmers need to do now that reform is in place.

And with the winter weather settling in, we look at old wives’ tales that claim to predict the months ahead. The BugDoc, David Shetlar, entomologist and professor emeritus at The Ohio State University, spoke with Joel Penhorwood about the predictive ability of woolly worms (woolly bear caterpillars) and other insects supposedly able to tell the future by the color of their bodies and other activities.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 35 | Livestock robotics, Christmas trees, and veal

Ty Higgins, Bart Johnson, Joel Penhorwood, and Matt Reese come together to talk agriculture and the Ohio State win in episode 35 of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, brought to you by AgriGold.

A number of topics in this weeks meeting, including Ty Higgins with Jeff Sizelove of Zoetis talking developments in agriculture, partly the further involvement of robotics down the road.

Matt Reese hears from Al Divencenzo, president of the Ohio Christmas Tree Association.

Joel Penhorwood talks upcoming veal housing requirements ready to go into effect January 1, 2018. He hears from Dr. Marissa Hake of the American Veal Association.

All that and much more in this week’s edition of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast.

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Replenishing nutrients after harvest

After harvest, DuPont Pioneer Field Agronomist Jonah Johnson starts to get some analysis across his desk from soil samples farmers in his area have taken. After this year’s harvest of higher than expected yields for both corn and soybeans, Johnson is noticing P and K deficiencies, especially in potash, caused by high nutrient withdrawals from those fields. He talks about the importance of keeping an eye of those numbers with the Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins for this week’s DuPont Pioneer Field Report.… Continue reading

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