Journey to Stone Lab: What H2Ohio research is learning for farmers to utilize

“There is no difference between a healthy environment and a healthy economy.” -Chris Winslow

In this one-of-a-kind Ohio Field Leader video, Dusty Sonnenberg heads to Stone Lab on Lake Erie to talk with Chris Winslow of The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences and the Ohio Sea Grant, serving as director of OSU Stone Lab. They discuss the research being done for water quality on the lake, and what they’re finding about the impacts farmer contribution to the watershed. How does the Ohio Sea Grant interact with H2Ohio? What has been learned? How does the research come back to inform practices on the farm? Perspectives to all of those questions and more in this Ohio Field Leader video.

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Cab Cam: Planting into 6-foot (and taller) cover crops

In this Cab Cam, Dusty Sonnenberg of Ohio’s Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net heads to Henry County for a unique site as Kent Sonnenberg plants into six-foot and taller cover crops. The soil health-focused venture utilizes a roller crimper to get the job done in a year that’s been particularly good for spring grass growth. Tune in for the reasons why and what advantages they find in their system.

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Feeding Farmers at Wittler Family Farms in Van Wert County

Join Dale Minyo at Wittler Family Farms in Van Wert as he catches up with Jason Wittler to discuss the unique challenges and successes of this planting season. In this Feeding Farmers episode, hear directly from Jason about how they’re navigating this year’s planting hurdles and why they’re excited about their promising wheat crop. Jason discusses the diverse livestock side to their operations that keep Wittler Family Farms thriving.… Continue reading

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H2Ohio: What is a Voluntary Nutrient Management Plan?

In this Ohio Field Leader video, Bill Beckman of the Ohio Department of Agriculture talks about the Voluntary Nutrient Management Plan – the cornerstone practice of the H2Ohio program. We also hear from farmer Kevin Thierry about his experience with the process and how he is utilizing the H2Ohio program on his operation.

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Evaluating an Emerging Stand

Join Mike Hannewald, field agronomist with Beck’s Hybrids, in this week’s installment of the agronomic video series as he explores the critical early stages of crop development in ‘Evaluating an Emerging Stand.’ This episode dives into the key indicators to assess while evaluating young crops, providing insights that can help optimize growth and future yields. Tune in for expert tips designed to give your crops a robust start.

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Ohio Field Leader Roadshow | Zoe Kent

On this episode of the Ohio Field Leader Roadshow, Dusty Sonnenberg heads to Kent Farms to visit with 8th generation farmer Zoe Kent. Zoe has also made a name for herself in recent years as a social media influencer, sharing the story of agriculture in a unique way.

Ohio Field Leader is a project of Ohio’s soybean farmers and their checkoff.… Continue reading

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Introducing your 2024-2025 Ohio FFA State Officer Team

The following are the 2024-2025 Ohio FFA State Officers, installed on May 3 at the 96th Ohio FFA Convention in Columbus.

State President:

State Vice President:

State Secretary:

State Treasurer:

State Reporter:

State Sentinel:

State Vice Presidents at Large:

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Beiting celebrates two CDE state victories

Ohio Ag Net Student FFA Reporter Liliana Phillips interviews Sydney Beiting of the East Clinton FFA Chapter after she topped Ohio in two Career Development Events this year – Agricultural Communication and Dairy Cattle. She attained the rare achievement of being the top in both teams and individual in both contests.

Two triumphs: Sydney Beiting’s journey through Ohio FFA

By Liliana Phillips, Fairlawn FFA

From discovering the Ohio FFA Dairy Judging Contest her freshman year to winning first place in the state her junior year, East Clinton-Great Oak FFA’s Sydney Beiting has a story that shows exactly how FFA provides opportunities to achieve goals through hard work and a strong support system. 

Beiting did not have a background in dairy but was willing to learn. Through the help of her chapter and advisor, along with some determination and intense studying, Beiting rose from 52nd place to winning the Dairy Cattle Career Development Event, or CDE, competition within 3 years.… Continue reading

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Lessons on ‘lead-ur-ship’ with Morris Morrison

Ohio Ag Net Student Reporter Alexis White talks with keynote speaker Morris Morrison following his address at the 96th Ohio FFA State Convention.

Morrison left a lasting impression on FFA members

By Alexis White, Fort Frye FFA

At the 96th Ohio FFA Convention in May, Morris Morrison implanted a lasting impression on the lives of many individuals. Whether his message was given to future farmers, young members of the FFA or older adults, any person could be enlightened by his inspiring message. While FFA is often viewed from the agricultural perspective, Morrison dove into the leadership side of the organization. 

 “I believe leadership is something that starts with the individual,” Morrison said. 

He emphasized the importance of stepping forward as a leader and being a role model for future leaders. He also expressed the significance of both strength and confidence in leadership. In order to further convey his message, he spells leadership “lead-ur-ship.” … Continue reading

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National FFA’s Morgan Anderson returns to old stomping grounds

Ohio Ag Net Student FFA Reporter Cortney Copeland catches up with Morgan Anderson as she returns to the Celeste Center for the Ohio FFA State Convention. Anderson is currently serving in the prestigious role of National FFA Eastern Region Vice President.

There is no place like home

By Cortney Copeland, Jackson Center-UVCC FFA

At the 96th Ohio FFA State Convention, members joyfully welcomed back Morgan Anderson, an Ohio native and National FFA Eastern Region Vice President. This past November, at the 96th National FFA Convention, Anderson was one out of six esteemed individuals elected to be a member of the National Officer team.

During her highly anticipated homecoming, Anderson had a smile on her face, talking to “her people.”

“Coming back home for Convention has been awesome. Part of being a national officer is they call it the informally the 100,000-mile year, because you cover 100,000 miles whether that’s all across the country or halfway around the world.… Continue reading

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Ohio FFA President Luke Jennings reflects on his year of service

2023-2024 Ohio FFA President Luke Jennings talks about his travel experiences, leadership roles, and memories he’s made as he wraps up his presidency. In this interview with Ohio Ag Net Student Reporter Aubree Topp, he not only recaps his adventures with Australian spiders, but also advice for fellow FFA members hoping to follow in his footsteps.… Continue reading

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Past struggles turn into a passion for advocacy

Ohio Ag Net FFA Student Reporter Sydney Beiting had the pleasure of interviewing Krista Simpson Anderson, the keynote speaker from the first session of the 96th Ohio State FFA Convention. Anderson delivered a wonderful message, elaborating on the impact of her past. Despite difficulties on a personal level, numerous events have changed her life in a positive direction.… Continue reading

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Corn Planting Cab Cam with Casey Niese, Niese Farms

Ride along in our latest Cab Cam as we follow Casey Niese of Niese Farms as he plants corn in Hancock County. Ohio Ag Net’s Joel Penhorwood joins Casey to talk about their impressive tandem planting setup as well as the the challenges and strategies that are defining the 2024 planting season.

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Corn Placement and Management

Join Mike Hannewald, field agronomist with Beck’s Hybrids, in the latest installment of our agronomy video series. This episode delves into the intricacies of corn placement and management techniques that are crucial for optimizing yield. Mike highlights the crucial importance of seeding rate and population in corn farming—factors now understood to be more pivotal than previously recognized. Take a look at the groundbreaking data and practical advice from Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR), demonstrating how optimal seeding rates and population densities can dramatically influence yield potential.

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A custom operator’s perspective – Anhydrous Cab Cam – Craig ‘Biggin’ Schlechty

In this first Cab Cam of 2024, Ohio Ag Net’s Joel Penhorwood heads to the corner of Shelby County near Miami County for a conversation with Craig ‘Biggin’ Schlechty, a custom operator busy with anhydrous application. He talks about progress on his first day of fieldwork this year, his perspective as a custom farmer, safety around anhydrous, and much more.

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