2015 Corn Harvest Cab Cam – Glenn Karhoff – Allen Co.

The heavy Spring rains were taken better in some parts of Ohio than others, all depending on the soil type. Corn fields in Central and Southern Ohio fared well this harvest season, considering the rainfall, but as The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins found, many fields in the Northwest part of the state will have the lowest yield numbers in many years. His visit with Allen County’s Glenn Karhoff in this Cab Cam video shows a glimpse into what that part of The Buckeye State is dealing with at harvest time.… Continue reading

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Assessing fields before harvest

For some farmers around Ohio, harvest can’t happen soon enough and thoughts are already on a better crop in 2016. In order for that to occur, some trips to the field will need to happen before the 2015 harvest to see if some problems that developed this year can be thwarted next year. Bill Mullen of Seed Consultants has some examples in this video.… Continue reading

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2015 Corn Harvest Cab Cam – Hardscrabble Farms, Delaware County

Things get busy in Delaware County in Mid-September, as the county fair begins its festivities. Usually, the way it times out, it is also the start of harvest season for The Skinners at Hardscrabble Farms. The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins hopped in the cab with Brian Skinner to talk about the recent Symphony on the Farm event, hosted by the Skinners. They also talk about early harvest progress and upcoming fair activities.… Continue reading

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Cab Cam – Ben Klick, Stark County

On September 11th, the Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins headed to Northeast Ohio and paid a visit to Windy Way Farms in Massillon. That’s where he found 4th generation farmer Ben Klick harvesting soybeans. Find out how early harvest is shaping up in that part of the state and what Klick has learned from his Dad and Grandpa about farming for the long term.… Continue reading

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Justifying a corn fungicide application

Grey Leaf Spot and Northern Corn Leaf Blight were yield robbers in Ohio corn fields in 2014. Conditions so far this year are causing both of these diseases to show up again.

Bill Mullen of Seed Consultants says a check of the fields will indicate what actions, if any, need to be taken, considering the current farm economics.… Continue reading

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Early Stalk Rot

John Brien Agronomist with AgriGold discusses the early signs of stalk rot he is seeing in Ohio.  John also shows you what to look for in your own corn field.

“We’re at the typical point in a corn plant’s life where everything is tasseling, we’re doing pollination – we’ve gotten to that point. That’s usually the sign that we’re home free,” said Brien. “We’re worried about running out of nitrogen, we’re worried about foliar fungicides and what we should do, but walking corn fields, I’ve found a new issue that may be more valuable to us than those two things.”

That issue is stalk rot and Brien goes into detail about the problem and how to identify it early.… Continue reading

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