Beck’s Hybrids “That’s WhyIFarm” Contest Winner Pays It Forward

Scott Smith of Windfall, IN was the winner of the “That’s WhyIFarm” contest. He along with his wife Terri, presented Joshua and Brenda Jank with a donation to the adoption aid of Jing on April 19, 2014.

The “That’s #WhyIFarm” Contest was part of Beck’s Hybrids Why I Farm movement. A movement that tells the story of the hardworking American farmer, who dedicates their life to a job they do selflessly, seven days a week. Instead of Beck’s telling their stories, they hosted the contest for farmers across the Midwest to share their story. After seven months, 136 stories were shared, 11,519 people voted, and 417,488 votes were cast.… Continue reading

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AgTube – Things FFA Members Say

FFA members say the funniest stuff! This video features the 2012-2013 WA FFA state officer team sharing some of the classic phrases they heard from FFA members throughout the state.

Originally aired at the 83rd Washington FFA Convention. Video by Jacob Currier.… Continue reading

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ODOT’s Record-Busting Winter!

Ohio motorists were certainly ready for this winter to end. But imagine being one of the 3,000 men and women of the Ohio Department of Transportation who rolled out of bed at all hours of the day and night in some of the most dangerous conditions to make sure our roadways are safe and passable.… Continue reading

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