Demo Farms Study Standing Corn Side-Dressed with Manure

Earlier this year, we brought you an update from the Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network and Stateler Family Farms. The Stateler’s were testing the impacts of standing corn side-dressed with liquid swine manure. The results are in! Listen to Dale’s interview with Glen Arnold, Greg LaBarge and Anthony Stateler. This video is sponsored by the Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network.… Continue reading

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60″ rows vs 30″ rows and grazing cattle

Nathan Brown from Highland County is a big believer in cover crops. This year he wanted to test 60 inch corn rows and getting a cover crop established early so he can bring cows in to graze after harvest. But how much yield do you give up vs 30 inch rows? There is one way to find out and that is by running an on farm test. Check out the video and see if this concept can pay off.… Continue reading

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Cab Cam with John Hintz in Fairfield County Ohio

In this segment of our Fall Cab Cam series I caught up with John Hintz shelling corn in Fairfield County. I wasn’t so much interested in his corn but the Agro Eco Power upgrade he made to his combine. This ECM update provides more power, torque, and improved fuel economy. He has been pretty impressed with the results and the efficiency that came with the upgrade. Our cab cam series is sponsored by Precision Agri Services Inc, and yes they are an Agro Eco Power dealer but after talking to John about the difference it made in his combine I really felt it was worth doing a cab cam about it!… Continue reading

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Gerfen a Star Farmer finalist

Nole Gerfen of the Ridgemont FFA Chapter is one of four vying for the title of Star Farmer at the National FFA Convention and Expo. The results of his competition will be announced on Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 7pm. Coverage of the National FFA Convention is powered by Wilmington College.

Like many young American farmers, Gerfen owes a lot to his family, and taking care of them is a top priority — even if it means making sacrifices on their behalf.

“I enrolled at Ohio State when I graduated high school, and my dad … broke his hip, and I dropped out to help my parents,” Gerfen said. “And six months later, Dad broke his other hip. And then Mom broke her leg.”

For the past few years, Gerfen has been raising pigs, cattle and sheep for his supervised agricultural experience (SAE) with Ridgemont FFA in Ohio. His parents are steadily recovering, but back when they were both unable to work, Gerfen said he was taking care of around 1,250 pigs by himself.… Continue reading

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Feeding Farmers Week 4 Staley Farms Van Wert County Ohio

We wrap up the T102 Fall Feeding Farmers with a stop in Van Wert county at the farm of Jacob Staley. Jacob farms with his father Craig and while grandpa Kenneth Doner has retired he is always around to keep an eye on them. Jacob has finished soybeans and is waiting for dryer weather to get rolling on corn. They also raise turkeys for Cooper Farms. Check out the video with Dale and Jacob as they talk about the farm.… Continue reading

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OSU eFields Soybean Population Trial Harvest

Aaron Overholser a farmer in Darke County has been working with OSU Extension Educator Sam Custer for several years on a soybean planting population trial. This Fall cab cam is sponsored by Precision Agri Services Inc. Aaron has been finding lower populations are yielding right with higher populations. This year Aaron pushed the boundary of lower populations and was shooting for 40,000 plants per acre for the lowest treatment. Aaron’s planter was only able to get to 60,000 plants. The trial consisted of treatments of 160,000, 120,000, 80,000 and 60,000. The results of this trial my surprise you. Join Bart Johnson as he visits with Aaron and Sam about the results. You can also find out more about this on farm trial and many others when the 2020 OSU eFields report is published in early January 2021.… Continue reading

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