Asgrow Dekalb FTN Corn Plot yields big results

Technical Agronomist Brad Miller from Asgrow Dekalb visits with Matt Reese about the FTN Corn Plots in Wayne County.

The yields on the plots were impressive. The corn followed alfalfa in the crop rotation in rich mucky soil with controlled drainage and spring-fed subirrigation on the farm of Louie Rehm in Wayne County. The corn yields in the plots planted on May 15 ranged from a low of 206 bushels per acre up to 277 with an average of 247.9. The soybeans in the plots were planted on May 22 and yielded 73.9 on up to 101.8 bushels per acre for an average of 89.5 bushels per acre.

Miller said that these fantastic results were not typical for all of their plots around the state, though yields were consistently very good in the Ohio plots this year.… Continue reading

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