Between the Rows-Phil Sease

Phil Sease
Darke County

Most of the farm is in a soybean-corn rotation, though there are some corn-after-corn fields each year in the farm’s best fields. Phil has also been using strip-till in recent years on some of his corn acres to get a better stand established quickly in the spring. … Continue reading

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Between the Rows-Jake Culler

Jake Culler
Richland County

Jake works with various aspects of his family’s 1,200 acre, 180-cow dairy and crop farm in north central Ohio. The rolling farm ground in the area provides a number of challenges, especially when dealing with livestock manure. They use no-till and strip-till to protect the soil while maximizing production of corn, wheat and soybeans. He is the seventh generation on the farm and works with his dad and uncle. … Continue reading

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Between the Rows-Roger Kilbarger

Roger Kilbarger
Fairfield County

Roger started farming with his brother in 1970 and now farms with his son as well. They
Farm 2,200 acres of rolling ground in central Ohio. The hills Roger farms offer a number of challenges, as does working with 22 different landlords. … Continue reading

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Between the Rows-Roger Zeedyk

Roger Zeedyk
Defiance County

Roger farms heavy clay soils in Defiance County in the far northwest corner of the state. He works with a nearby dairy by growing silage and using the manure for his fields. He places a high priority on faith and family and feels blessed to farm because it allows the flexibility to spend time with his children and grandchildren. “You only get around 40 chances to plant a crop and harvest a crop. At 62 years old, I’ve burnt up quite a few already.”… Continue reading

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