Ohio’s Country Journal & Ohio Ag Net Podcast |Ep. 157 | Send your county fair updates in

The Quarantine Chronicles go on another day. Kolt, Dale, and Dusty host the podcast this week and discuss a few topics as plant 2020 begins to come to a close. Matt features interviews with Tracy Dendinger with the Ohio Youth Livestock Expo, David Wilson from Bane Welker, and Patty Mann from Shelby County.… Continue reading

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Ohio’s Country Journal & Ohio Ag Net Podcast |Ep. 156 | Coyotes and Cross

WE ARE BACK this week- and yes, the quarantine chronicles move on. State Representative Jon Cross joins Matt, Kolt, and Dusty this week and talks about about the fate of county fairs for summer 2020, and two issues that include rural broadband and coyotes. Interviews this week include Jenna Beadle of Ohio Farm Bureau, and Tony Seegers of Ohio Farm Bureau.… Continue reading

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2010 Jr. Fair Steer Show Results

More Jr. Fair Market Beef Show Photos

Heifer Show

Grand Champion: Cameron Alexandar
Reserve: Sam Grauer
3rd Overall: Hannah Winegardner
4th Overall: Hannah Winegardner
5th Overall: Zach Henthorn

Breed & Performance Winners

Market beef division winners:

BPCQ Champion – Jessica Lohr, Crawford; BPCQ Res. Champion – Kady Davis, Carroll

Division 1 Champion – Brooke Egbert, Botkins; Division 1 Res. Champion – Mackenzie Shuey, Springfield

Division 2 Champion – Seth Miller, West Unity; Division 2 Res. Champion – Caleigh Ott, Norwalk

Division 3 Champion – Andy Sloan, Shelby; Division 3 Res. Champion – Madison Clark, Covington

Division 4 Champion – Danielle Heintz, Lakeview; Division 4 Res. Champion – Amber Millenbaugh, Crestline

Division 5 Champion – Chase Watson, Cable; Division 5 Res. Champion – Aaron King, Wauseon

Champion Market Heifer – Macie Ott, Norwalk; Res. Market Heifer – Logan Shore, Springfield

Champion AOB – Jordon Mullett, Coshocton; Res. AOB – Stetson Wells, Ashley

Champion Chianina – Madison Clark, Covington; Res.… Continue reading

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Jr. Fair Market Hog Show Results

Photos of the Jr. Fair Hog Show

Light Crossbreds

Grand Champion: Haley Clinker
Reserve: Troy Elwer

Darke Crossbreds

Grand Champion: Alec Brenek
Reserve: Nathan Siefker


Grand Champion: Mason Creager
Reserve: Samantha Darner


Grand Champion: Kalie Bodey
Reserve: Christopher Nott

Poland China

Grand Champion: Jason Geer
Reserve: Samantha McAlister


Grand Champion: Kelsey Zircher
Reserve: Blair Kenney


Grand Champion:    Nick Brautigam
Reserve: Allen Lenhart


Grand Champion: Evan Argabright
Reserve: Blaine Neikirk


Grand Champion: David Devore
Reserve: Victoria Devore

Chester White

Grand Champion: Alex McCullough
Reserve: Samantha Norman


Grand Champion: Victoria Devore
Reserve: Chelsea O’Diam


Grand Champion: David Devore
Reserve: Levi Stauffer

Gilt Show Results

Grand Champion Gilt: Grant Gehret
Reserve Champion Gilt: Riley Wendt
3rd Overall: Zach Anderson
4th Overall: Madelyn Ferron
5th Overall: Skyler Marker


Age 9 – Dakota Zurface, Clinton; Age 10 – Alexus Burkhart, Crawford; Age 11 – Josie Chaddock, Stark; Age 12 – Hunter Frobose, Wood; Age 13 – Samantha Norman, Fulton; Age 14 – Nicholas Fowler, Guernsey; Age 15 – Kyle Kisamore, Portage; Age 16 – Jordan Mullett, Coshocton; Age 17 – Tonya Fender, Highland; Age 18 – Kyle Kissick, Brown; Overall – Jordan Mullett, Coshocton

Record Books

Age 9 – Christina Norman, Fulton; Age 10 – Jason Cook, Union; Age 11 – Caleb Horn, Fairfield; Age 12 – Ellie Chaddock, Stark; Age 13 – Samantha Norman, Fulton; Age 14 – Cole Riddle, Union; Age 15 – Leanna Bachman, Fairfield; Age 16 – Emily Herring, Fulton; Age 17 – Amanda Coe, Greene; Age 18 – Joel Hamric, Coshocton

Barrow Showmanship

Champion Senior: Tonya Fender, Highland; Champion Intermediate: Gus Mitchem, Fayette; Champion Junior: Tyla Voight, Miami; Overall Champion: Tonya Fender, Highland… Continue reading

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Jr. Fair Lamb Show Results

Photo gallery of the lamb show

Breed Champions:


Grand Champion: Madison Banbury
Reserve Champion: Audrey Neal


Grand Champion: Rachel Overs
Reserve Champion: Jordan Barns


Grand Champion: Mattew Walen
Reserve Champion: Austin Springer


Grand Champion: Audrey Neal
Reserve Champion: Logan Harvel


Grand Champion: Kyle Rowe
Reserve Champion: Colin Gump


Grand Champion: Eric Nichols
Reserve Champion: Christy Wildermuth


Grand Champion: Logan Harvel
Reserve Champion: Morgan Melvin


Grand Champion: Logan Harvel
Reserve Champion: Kaitlyan Stillion

All Other Breeds

Grand Champion: Emily Overs
Reserve Champion: Taylor Harris


Grand Champion: Taylor Banbury
Reserve Champion: Trey Miller


Grand Champion: Colin Gump
Reserve Champion: Logan Harvel


Grand Champion: Rachel Overs
Reserve Champion: Madison Banbury

Lamb Sale Results


Age 9 – Sarah Young, Highland; Age 10 – Jacob Fowler, Guernsey; Age 11 – Jacob Wenner, Delaware; Age 12 – Meghann Winters, Guernsey; Age 13 – Taylor Banbury, Knox; Age 14 – Nick Fowler, Guernsey; Age 15 – Adam High, Union; Age 16 – Zak Avers, Ottawa; Age 17 – Emily Limes, Wood; Age 18 – Amanda Price, Lorain; Overall winner – Amanda Price, Lorain

Record Books

Age 9 – Maribeth Pozderac; Age 10 – Haylee Followell, Clark; Age 11 – Milan Pozderac, Knox; Age 12 – Matthew Wallen, Champaign; Age 13 – Abby Pozderac, Knox; Age 14 – Tristan Heidl, Erie; Age 15 – Hallie Sue Hiser, Greene; Age 16 – Brandi Heidl, Erie; Age 17 – Kelly Guthrie, Marion; Age 18 – Darrell Hague, Washington

Market Lamb Showmanship

Age 9 – 1: Chase Eisenhauer, Huron; 2: Brennen Morman, Putnam; 3: Sarah Young, Highland; Age 10 – 1: Olivia Wood, Clinton; 2: Brock Martin, Huron; 3: Brooke Kline, Ross;Age 11 – 1: Renee Schroeder, Putnam; 2: Emma Newsom, Jackson; 3: Brittany Schaefer, Coshocton; Age 12 – 1: Tara Eisenhauer, Huron; 2: Alison Sprang, Holmes; 3: Matthew Wallen, Champaign; Age 13 – 1: Colin Gump, Miami; 2: Jessica Millenbaugh, Crawford; 3: Logan Harvel, Fayette; Age 14 – 1: Ali Pond, Clinton; 2: Maggie Neer, Champaign; 3: Morgan Himes, Tuscarawas; Age 15 – 1: Delanie Wiseman, Madison; 2: Elysha Thoms, Clermont; 3: Rachel Schroeder, Putnam; Age 16 – 1: Cierra Jordan, Hardin; 2: Mackenzie Fruchey, Fulton; 3: Jordan Marx, Shelby; Age 17 – 1: Mark Wallen, Champaign; 2: Megan Hiatt, Darke; 3: Emily Limes, Wood; Age 18 – 1: Emily Shellhouse, Delaware; 2: Trey Miller, Fairfield; 3: Dylan Newsom, Jackson… Continue reading

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