Ohio Crop Tour

Day 1 Summary

The first day of the OCJ/Ohio Ag Net 2020 Virtual Crop Tour got off to a solid start with a number of counties already entered. The low for corn yields was in Wood County where dry weather has been a concern. Just to the south, in Hancock County rain has been more plentiful and it showed up with a 237-bushel estimated yield — the highest reported for the day. The average corn yield in the Day 1 reports was 191.5 bushels.

The soybean reports were much more consistent. Disease levels were generally low, though there was some insect feeding reported. The 50- to 60-bushel yield range was a common estimate for Day 1 soybeans.

For a summary of each corn report from Day 1: Click here.

For a summary of each soybean report from Day 1: Click here.… Continue reading

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Day 1 Crop Tour Submissions: Soybeans

Darke County

This was a very clean soybean field with no disease or insect pressure planted on May 1. The canopy height was at 46 inches and there were six inches between nodes. There were a number of three- and four-bean pods and a yield potential of 50 to 60 bushels.

Hancock County

These May 8 planted beans were bushy and a nice height with no noticeable disease pressure but some Japanese beetle feeding. Canopy height was 34 inches with 3 to 3.5 inches between nodes. There were a few 4-bean pods and a 50- to 60-bushel yield potential.

This field was planted May 9 and included some grasshoppers and Japanese beetles. The canopy height was 44 inches with nodes spaced 3.5 to 4 inches. The later beans were still developing pods and they have had good rainfall recently. The guess here for yield was 50 to 60 bushels.… Continue reading

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Day 1 Crop Tour Submissions: Corn

Coshocton County

This was a good bottom field that looked really good from the road but many of the sample ears were only 14 rows around — possibly due to stress at the row set time. It hurt the yield check. It was planted May 5. The actual yield will be better than the samples that showed 182 bushels. There was also some bird damage in the field. Otherwsie there was no disease pressure or insect issues. Ear fill was excellent.

Darke County

This corn was planted on April 20 and froze off to the ground Mother’s Day weekend but has come back strong and is very even. We were dry in June but have had greater than an inch of rain per week since July 1. There is no disease pressure at all. Yield did not calculate out as strong as it looked from the road, though, at 151.3 bushels per acre.… Continue reading

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How will they yield?

By Dusty Sonnenberg, CCA, Ohio Field Leader: a project of the Ohio Soybean Council and soybean checkoff

As we enter August, Ohio soybean farmers find themselves in various stages of abnormally dry to moderate drought conditions. The Ohio’s Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net 2020 Virtual Crop Tour is asking farmers to evaluate their crops this week, and estimate the yields. Ryan Noggle, a soybean farmer in Paulding County, will be one of the participants on the virtual tour this year.

“I just love growing soybeans,” Noggle said. “It is a crop you can manipulate and it responds to so many different things during the growing season. It is interesting to see the yield difference.”

Noggle, who farms with his father Randy, is part of a multi-generational family farm in southern Paulding County. Noggle Farms, LLC. raises soybeans ranging in maturity from 2.9 up to 3.8.

Ryan Noggle, Noggle Farms, LLC.,
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Virtual Ohio Crop Tour overview

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ohio Ag Net and Ohio’s Country Journal crop tour is moving to a virtual experience for 2020! We are inviting growers from across Ohio to send in their yield data using the form below. This data will be posted completely anonymously, however, we are asking you to enter your contact information to be eligible for a drawing for a $500 gift card to Rural King. Each field entry is another entry for the drawing. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ohio Ag Net and Ohio’s Country Journal crop tour is moving to a virtual experience for 2020! We are inviting growers from across Ohio to send in their yield data using the form below. This data will be posted completely anonymously, however, we are asking you to enter your contact information to be eligible for a drawing for a $500 gift card to Rural King.… Continue reading

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Plenty to learn in the 2020 Virtual Crop Tour

Brett Barton loves working with farmers to help them become more efficient in what they are doing and making the most of available resources.

“We are a consulting company. We scout and write recommendations for farms. We represent the Maximum Farming System from Ag Spectrum along with other companies and other products,” said Barton, with Ohio Crop Performance, LLC based in eastern Ohio. “We are headed down the road of regenerative agriculture. Everybody talks about it and that is what we have honed in on. I work with things like using cover crops to your advantage and the efficient use of dairy manure and using other resources like pastures and grazing cornstalks. We are trying to do more with less and make use of the resources we already have.”

Barton’s work fits right in with his sponsorship of this year’s 2020 Virtual Crop Tour. The effort will hopefully generate quite a bit of useful information that can be used to make better crop management decisions in the future.… Continue reading

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2020 crop tour goes virtual

By Matt Reese

There are some really great things that happen on our annual crop tours. Ask any former participants and they will tell you there is great value in seeing how Ohio’s landscape, soils and various crop production challenges shift from east to west and north to south while traveling the state over the course of a few days. Meeting with the farmers at many of the stops provides great insights into the challenges and successes from farm to farm. It is also easy to see vast differences, but also many similarities, in farms on opposite ends of the state, or even one county apart.

It is also really fun for me to see the differences in how crop tour veterans view the experience (that they have deemed worth repeating) compared to the impressions of first-time crop tour participants. I love to overhear (and sometimes participate) in the extensive agronomic banter that transpires in the often-lengthy road trips between stops.… Continue reading

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2019 I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour summary

Since last fall, incessant wet weather plagued every sector of Ohio agriculture and made the planting season among the most difficult ever. Ohio’s staggering 1,485,919 acres of prevented planting ground sounds bad, but looked even worse when passing by on the 2019 I-75/I-71 Crop Tour sponsored by AgroLiquid. The many empty fields in the state served as a stark and sobering reminder of the challenging spring throughout Ohio, and especially in the northwest where no farm on the tour planted all of their intended corn acres. Sadly, in many cases, the fields that were planted were not much better off. Much of the corn in northern Ohio was a solid month behind developmentally, making yield estimates very difficult and not much more than educated guesses. Many planting dates north of I-70 were in June, which leaves a long road ahead for the corn crop that had not even finished pollinating.… Continue reading

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The 2019 Ohio Crop Tour – I-75 Leg – Day 2

Click on images for a closer look

Greene County:

Corn: The plants were short with thin stalk and good nitrogen status. There was light gray leaf spot and some insect feeding on silks. We had pollinated kernels and unpollinated silks on the same ear, but also fresh silks. There was some yield variability because of the pollination challenges. We are guessing a yield of around 160.

Soybeans: The field was planted May 28. There was a lot of volunteer corn that had been sprayed and was dying. The canopy height was 32 inches. There were nodes around 2 inches apart. There was no disease pressure and minimal insect feeding. We counted, conservatively, 42 pods per plant in 30-inch row beans with a low population of 60,000.

Warren County

Corn: This corn was planted May 25 with small diameter stalks and a short hybrid. There was moderate disease pressure with gray leaf and some northern.… Continue reading

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The 2019 Ohio Crop Tour – I-71 Leg – Day 2

Click on images for a closer look

Clinton County

Corn: The potential in this field is hurt with the amount of bird damage. Some GLS and NCLB. Nice ears with good kernel depth, though some tip back was occurring. The yield estimate came in at 149 bpa.

Soybeans: The eastern leg ended the tour in style when it came to soybeans – the nicest on the tour. Canopy height was at 27” and 2” between nodes. Absolutely no disease or insect pressure in field, plus the beans are heavily podded. The field came in as an excellent rating and is expected to yield 50-60 bpa with rain.

Highland County

Corn: This corn has a long way to go and not much time to get there. A unique piece to this field is every single stalk has two ears, and unfortunately, ear fill is just blistered. We are concerned as to whether or not the second ear will make it, and come harvest whether or not it will pass through the snapping rolls or end up in the grain tank.… Continue reading

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The 2019 Ohio Crop Tour – I-75 Leg – Day 1

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Van Wert County

Corn: This corn was planted June 4. It was pollinating. There were quite a few double ears and one plant with 4 ears. We saw some gray leaf spot. There was no insect pressure. The yield was 183 bushels. This was further along than most of the corn we’ve seen. They got most of their intended corn acres planted.

Soybeans: It looked like about 140,000 population. There was a rye cover crop in these beans after beans. There were some uneven spots in the 18-inch canopy. There were very few disease issues with a little frogeye and Septoria. This was the lowest insect feeding we have seen. The yield is maybe 40 or 45, which is among the better beans we’ve seen today.

Paulding County

Corn: The farmer made a late herbicide application that really cleaned up the field.… Continue reading

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The 2019 Ohio Crop Tour | I-71 Leg – Day 1

Click on images for a closer look

Marion County

We have progressed back into an area of the state with considerably less prevented plant acres than our peak earlier today.

Corn: This field was planted in early June. 20-inch row corn with a population of about 35,000. Stress was evident – corn was planted wet and turned dry. The root system has recently taken off, but overall pretty compact. 177 bpa estimate.

Soybeans: We did not enter the bean field because the farmer had sprayed immediately before we arrived. The farmer commented he is rolling the dice that he can grow a crop. He thinks the potential is there. R2 at about a foot tall. A long, long way to go. Full of flea beetle and bean leaf beetle from the edge looking in.

Wyandot County

Not as much prevented plant acreage as we head from Wyandot into Marion County.

Corn: 178 bpa with an overall nice field.Continue reading

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2019 I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour preview

Wow! What a year it has been. The 2019 I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour presented by AgroLiquid Fertilizers promises to be the most interesting yet. With some of the worst planting conditions Ohio has ever seen — particularly in the northwest — we had to make some changes this year. Several of our usual stops in northwest Ohio did not even get any corn planted this year so our tour route will be significantly different than in the past. In addition, this is by far the latest crop we have ever sampled. Some of the earliest planted corn we will be sampling this year was planted in mid-May!

Because of the incredible number of prevented planting acres this year we will also be asking the farmers about the planting dates on the farm and if they got their intended corn acres planted in 2019. As always, the Tour will include two teams of farmers, agronomists and OCJ/OAN staff will be crisscrossing I-75 and I-71 reporting crop conditions and yield estimates on August 14 and 15.… Continue reading

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2018 I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour summary

After an almost ideal growing area for some and not so much for others, we were not sure quite what to expect in the 2018 I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour. We had heard about a wet start to the growing season followed by a long dry spell, but we weren’t sure just what the state’s corn and soybean fields would have to offer.

There were certainly some examples that showed up in fields on the 2018 I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour displaying evidence of some challenging conditions, but for the most part what we found was a crop that might just meet what USDA has suggested, a record crop. The 2018 Ohio Crop Tour was sponsored by AgroLiquid.

In the West, the I-75 group had an average corn yield of 180.3 bushels on Day 1 and 191.8 bushels on Day 2. The Eastern leg of the Ohio Crop Tour averaged 188.07 bushels on Day 1 and 182.3 bushels on Day 2.… Continue reading

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