Financial crises has indirect effects on ag

While the uncertainty on Wall Street directly affects the financial sector, a Purdue Extension agricultural economist says it’s the indirect consequences coupled with weather concerns that has the agriculture industry on edge.
Agriculture, with the exception of livestock, has been more resistant to recession, said Mike Boehlje. Much of the demand for U.S. grain comes from the mandated use of ethanol and in the form of exports, which have recovered more quickly in recent years than has domestic demand.
“The Chinese economy is growing, and that has increased demand for U.S. grains, especially soybeans,” he said. “We’ve also had short supply problems with grains.”
High demand means higher grain prices. While that benefits crop farmers, livestock producers tend to suffer. More expensive grain means higher feed costs and tighter profit margins for animal agriculture.
Boehlje also said because now is not the borrowing season for grain farmers, they’re unlikely to see much increase in interest rates.… Continue reading

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Annual weed seed prevention in fallow fields

By Mark Loux, Ohio State University Extension herbicide specialist

There is still time to control weeds in fields that were not planted to crops this year due to wet weather. A major goal of any control implemented at this time should be prevention of seed production by summer annual weeds. It’s not always necessary or practical to kill weeds, especially large ones, to prevent seed production. Summer annual weeds that are mowed now, or substantially affected by herbicides, should produce few seed even if they are able to still reach maturity. The choices for control are probably limited to mowing or herbicides at this point. Tillage is certainly an option, but control of the large weeds in many fields would require more than a shallow tillage pass.

As much as we would like for growers to avoid glyphosate applications in order to minimize further selection for glyphosate-resistant weeds, a glyphosate-based herbicide program may still make the most sense here.… Continue reading

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Ohio and the Canaan Fir

By Matt Reese
As the last glaciers advanced south into what is now Ohio, there is evidence that a continuous stand of beautiful fir trees extended from Canada south to North Carolina along the Appalachian Mountains. As the climate warmed, much of this unbroken forest of fir was replaced with other tree species in the lower elevations, leaving only isolated pockets of fir stands on the mountaintops and in mountain bogs.
These trees stood, unknown by mankind for thousands of years, until Jim Brown, who would later become a professor and associate chair of forestry at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) took notice in the late 1960s. Over the next two decades Brown conducted extensive research into this newly discovered type of fir tree with the hopes of finding a tree suitable for Christmas tree production. He found this unique tree that was not a balsam fir and not a Fraser fir, but with characteristics of both, in four separate and isolated areas within around 50 miles of each other in West Virginia.… Continue reading

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Ohio State Fair Sale of Champions Results

Watch the video of sale of the champion cheese

 Watch the video of the sale of the grand champion goat

 Watch the video of the sale of the grand champion meat chickens

 Watch the video of the sale of the reserve champion meat chickens

Watch the sale of the grand champion lamb

 Watch the sale of the reserve champion lamb

 Watch the sale of the grand champion barrow

 Watch the sale of the reserve champion barrow

 Watch the sale of the grand champion steer

Watch the sale of the reserve champion steerContinue reading

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2011 Jr. Fair Steer Show Results

Purebred Champion: Curtis Harsh, Delaware County (Maine-Anjou Champion)
Purebred Res. Champ: Austin Trbovich, Carroll County (Maine-Anjou Res. Champion)

Champion Angus: Jordan Mullett, Coshocton County
Res. Champ: Brook Roberts, Morrow County

Champion Chianina: Hali Lake, Greene County
Res. Champ: Clayton Wildermuth, Shelby County

Hereford Champion: Samantha Norman, Fulton County
Res. Champ: Skyler Plank, Clark County

Maine-Anjou Champion: Curtis Harsh, Delaware County
Res. Champ: Austin Trbovich, Carroll County

Shorthorn Champion: Cole Foor, Licking County
Res. Champ: Brandon Klehm, Stark County

Shorthorn Plus Champion: Jake Parkinson, Licking County
Res. Champ. Meghan Reed, Sandusky County

AOB Champion: Lauren Ott, Huron County
Res. Champ: Kelsie Hinds, Tuscarawas… Continue reading

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Jr. Fair Barrow Show Results








Grand Champion Junior Dark Cross Barrow: Levi Stauffer, Forest
Res. Grand Champion Junior Dark Cross Barrow: Thorpe Connolly, Urbana

Grand Champion Junior Light Cross Barrow: Troy Elwer, Delphos
Res. Grand Champion Junior Light Cross Barrow: Connor Rayburn, Orient

Grand Champion Duroc: Frank Reithman
Res. Champion: Andre Miller

Grand Champion Yorkshire: Craig Schiff
Res. Champion: Katie Siegel

Grand Champion Berkshire: Nick Topp
Res. Champion: Christina Norman

Grand Champion Chester White: Bailey Creager
Res. Champion: Mitchell Scott

Grand Champion Poland: David Devore
Res. Champion: Tyla Voight

Grand Champion Hampshire: David Korb
Res. Champion: Leighann Shanklin

Grand Champion Landrace: Zachary Zeedyk
Res. Champion: Garth Ruff

Grand Champion Spot: Mykenzie Neanen
Res. Champion: Cierra Whitesel

Grand Champion Tamworth: Victoria Devore
Res. Champion: Kyle Stiver

Grand Champion Hereford: Victoria Devore
Res. Champion: Levi Montoya… Continue reading

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Jr. Fair Lamb Show Results




Breed champions

Hampshire – Madison Banbury, Danville
Res. Champ- Andy Sloan, Shelby

Shropshire- Cierra Jordan, Belle Center
Res. Champ.-Kyle Barton, Camden

Southdown-Brennen Morman, Leipsic
Res. Champ.-Alyssa Muhlenkamp, Celina

Suffolk- Logan Harvel, Mt. Sterling
Res. Champ.-Taylor Banbury, Danville

Dorset- Meghann Winters, Old Washington
Res. Champ.- Leslie Small, Gallipolis

Montadale- Logan Harvel, Mt. Sterling
Res. Champ.- Brock Martin, Attica

Oxford- Shawnie Pendleton, New Holland
Res. Champ.- Kyle Burton, Camden

AOB- Matthew Smith, Fostoria
Res. Champ. -Peyton Caplinger, Eaton

Brockle- Mikaylie Morman, Leipsic
Res. Champ.- Emily Johnson, Casstown

Natural Colored- Mark Wallen, St. Paris
Emma Newsom, Jackson

X-Bred Champion-MacKenzie Fruchey, Fayette
Reserve: MacKenzie Fruchey, Fayette

OSF Roger High

Ohio Sheep Improvement Association Executive Director Roger High touts the bright young people in Wednesday’s Lamb Show and discusses the industry’s growth throughout Ohio.


 … Continue reading

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