Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast, September 23, 2022

We’ve got a cool start here over Ohio this morning. 

Temperature is a little nippy out there this morning. 

The first taste of fall temperatures are going to try and moderate a little bit here through the day today. 

As we get south winds to kick up, we should turn out partly to mostly sunny all the way through tomorrow. Although I do think there’s a little bit more cloud cover trying to pop up tomorrow, midday and afternoon. I won’t even rule out a spitter or sprinkle, but I think that’s going to be highly unlikely. 

To me, the next round of moisture shows up on Sunday. We’re looking for scattered showers, not much more than that. 

A few hundreds to likely four to five tenths maximum. Coverage will end up being about 90% of Ohio though, so that’s going to make it so that we don’t drive very much.… Continue reading

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