Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — November 17, 2017

Ryan Martin 11-17-17

We should stay dry for the entire day today over the state. Warmer air will try to emerge this afternoon as south winds start to develop. Scattered showers begin after sunset, and will intensify from the midnight hour through the day Saturday. We think precipitation will ultimately linger through the first half of Sunday, and rains can end as sloppy wet snow over the northern half of the state. We won’t even rule out some minor accumulations in NE OH, although this is not going to be a big deal. We turn much colder on Sunday behind the frontal passage. We are increasing the top end of our forecast just a bit, putting rain totals at .25”-2” over 100% of the state from tonight through about early afternoon Sunday. However, we do not think the 2 inch rain totals will be as widespread as this model map suggests.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — November 16, 2017

Ryan Martin 11-16-17

Cloudy skies are seen over a large part of the state today, and we are still dealing with some lingering shower action this morning in northeast and eastern parts of the state. Sloppy wet snowflakes will be seen in spots, particularly in NE OH, influenced by the lake. Clouds can break later today, especially over southern and western parts of the state. Colder air will filter in to our area through the day.

Tomorrow clouds will be on the increase, especially midday and afternoon. We may get lucky and be able to start the day with some sun. Scattered showers develop tomorrow evening and overnight in the north (particularly NW) and spread south and east through the day Saturday. These rains can end as some lake effect snow Sunday morning in Northeast OH, and even a few wet snowflakes farther south. Warmer air comes in with the most intense rains through the day Saturday, and we wont rule out a thunderstorm in spots, although the best chances stay farther west.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — November 15, 2017

Ryan Martin 11-15-17

Clouds are on the increase this morning and we still expect to see some rain in here later this afernoon and evening. This system brings a few hundredths to .4” moisture to the state through midnight tonight. It will be somewhat spotty, with coverage at 70%, but many areas will be on the low end of the range. The best rains likely happen earlier in the afternoon back to our west in Indiana. Behind this front, breezy conditions are in tomorrow. Clouds may hold on longer due to strong northwest flow, but we at least get by with no new precipitation tomorrow.

Our strong frontal complex is still on the way for the weekend. Clouds increase Friday afternoon and we see rains from Friday night through the day Saturday. They start light, but pick up intensity through Saturday and can lead to some pretty good totals. We are leaving rain totals at .25”-.75” over 90% of the state through sunset Saturday night.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — November 14, 2017

Ryan Martin 11-14-17

No change in our pattern this morning. We still see 3 systems moving through Ohio over the coming 10 days. The map below shows cumulative rain potential through those 3 systems. We do expect today to be better than yesterday, as we should have better potential for sunshine. High pressure is moving off to the east, and south winds will allow clouds to break up.

A front moves into the area tomorrow and brings some minor rains with it. The arrival is tomorrow afternoon and action goes up to midnight tomorrow night. We are keeping our rain totals at a few hundredths to .4” over 70% of the state. The rains look light and gentle.

A slight pause brings dry weather for Thursday, but clouds likely hold on thanks to colder air pushing in. Our next system is moving a little faster, and may start to bring rains as soon as Friday late afternoon.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — November 13, 2017

Ryan Martin 11-13-17

An active pattern settles in over the next 10 days and will allow no more than 2 to 3 days of dry weather in-between weather systems. The map below shows cumulative rain totals from the next 3 systems over the coming 10 days. We outline these below.

We have high pressure off to the west this morning, and are still dealing with some lingering rains in far eastern parts of the state. Those will move out and that high will slowly track into NW Ohio into this afternoon. This high will bring cooler air today, even with sunshine, but on the backside tomorrow, south winds should allow for some minor moderation. However, our thoughts from last week of temps potentially getting above normal are long gone, and a move back to normal will be about all we can do. Either way, sun the next two days will feel better than the dreary close to the weekend, or even the start to the day today in the east.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — November 10, 2017

Ryan Martin 11-10-17

Two and a half more fully dry days over the region today and tomorrow as sunshine remains the dominant player. Clouds will likely start to increase tomorrow evening, although a full thickening of clouds will hold off until we get to Sunday morning. Temps will be cool, but should start to really build up tomorrow ahead of our next frontal boundary arrival on Sunday.

Rains arrive Sunday mid-afternoon and will continue off and on through the overnight Sunday night. We expect showers to give a few hundredths to up to .4” over about 70% of the state.

Dry weather is back for Monday afternoon and Tuesday. Sunshine should be dominant for the period, particularly on Tuesday, with south winds start developing Tuesday ahead of our next potential wave coming in Wednesday. Those south winds will moderate temps for at least midweek, and we think even most of the balance of the week.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — November 9, 2017

Ryan Martin 11-9-17

Sunny, cool and dry air will remain in place today as strong high pressure finds itself positioned right on top of us. The dry pattern holds over the state today through the first part of Sunday. We may actually be able to see south winds sneak in tomorrow as this first high moves off to the east, which would allow for some moderation in temps as we finish the week, but it will be a short lived south push. A second high pressure dome will re-emerge for Saturday. Look for a chilly start today, and a similar chilly start to Saturday.

We continue to see our next chance of moisture coming Sunday, but the system looks to delay about 8-12 hours coming in from the west. That means we should start to see clouds build Sunday mid-morning, and precipitation trying to develop mid to late Sunday afternoon. The best showers will be Sunday evening through to early Monday morning.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — November 8, 2017

Ryan Martin 11-8-17

Colder air will be in over the state for the balance of the week. The coldest air of this incoming air mass will be here today through Friday. We look for temps to be below normal through that period, even with good sunshine. We should be precipitation free through Saturday.

Our next weather system looks stronger for late this weekend into early Monday. It also looks to spread farther south. We are adding clouds over the entire state for Sunday afternoon, and will put rain coverage at 80% from late Sunday afternoon into early Monday. Rain totals can be from .05”-.4”. This looks to be a much better rain producer for the region, but precipitation will be rain; we have no concern about snow at this point. The map above shows the precipitation set up near midnight Sunday night.

Behind that system, we swing back to drier weather for the balance of Monday and Tuesday.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — November 7, 2017

Ryan Martin 11-7-17

No change in the pattern or the forecast this morning. We are dry and cool through the rest of the week and the weekend. We may see a few clouds sneaking into extreme southern OH this afternoon and evening as a stronger system passes by south of the Ohio River, but we do not see any major precipitation threats. By the same token, a few clouds may work in late Sunday as the remains of a front coming out of Indiana work in here. But, all moisture from the front will be used up by the time it gets here, so we are keeping our forecast basically dry. Temperatures today will be several degrees cooler than yesterday, and we will see cooler weather still tomorrow. In fact, we see our coolest air in over the state for the second half of the week. This will come as dominant high pressure settles over the region.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — November 6, 2017

Ryan Martin 11-6-17

Heavy rains will be exiting the state through the first half of the day today. We can see an additional half to 1” or more over central and eastern parts of Ohio this morning, but by noon, we should be done with rain in almost all areas. Clouds will try and break for sun in western parts of the state already before midday, but will take longer to break in the east. Overall, today will begin a transition to a pattern dramatically different to the warm temps and heavy rains we have seen over the past 24-36 hours.

Tomorrow, we continue to see temps pull back a bit more, and we should see more sunshine. In fact, temps continue to stair step down into midweek, when we hit a below normal level that we find ourselves staying at through the rest of the week. The good news is that we should see sunshine dominate too, right on through the weekend, and we have a nice, dry weather pattern setting up for the week.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — November 3, 2017

Ryan Martin 11-3-17

We will work through a little bit of a lull today, but we are nowhere near being done with rain from this system yet. Action today looks to be limited to far southern Ohio, where we can see a few hundredths to a tenth or so. Most of the state will just see clouds, mild air and not much else through the day. Winds may try to work higher in the afternoon.

Rains are back with more frequency and intensity tomorrow. We continue to look for scattered showers through the day bringing .1”-.5” but are raising coverage to closer to 70% of the state. Rains continue for Sunday, scattered through the first part of the day. But, then late in the afternoon and evening, we have our strong cold front, the final wave of action, starting to move into NW parts of the state. The front continues its march south and east through the overnight Sunday night and through Monday midday.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — November 2, 2017

Ryan Martin 11-2-17

No major changes this morning to the overall set up today through next Monday. We may be able to actually see a few slightly bigger lulls in action particularly tomorrow for 12-18 hours, but that is it.

Scattered showers will be moving over the state this morning, and may linger in NW parts of the state this afternoon into this evening. However, we likely see lesser elsewhere this afternoon. Rain totals can be a few hundredths to about a quarter of an inch over 50% of the state today. Tomorrow we still have plenty of clouds but only a few sprinkles to .1” of rain over 40% of the state through the day, and that will be over southern Ohio.

Better rains are back for the weekend. Saturday will be an active rain day, with showers bringing .1”-.5” over 60% of the state. Then we take a slightly break with plenty of clouds still for a good chunk of Sunday.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — November 1, 2017

Ryan Martin 11-1-17

While the past couple of days have been cloudier and colder than we would have liked, the pattern has been pretty stable. Now, we are moving into a much more active and unsettled pattern over the remainder of this week, the weekend and the early start to next week. We cannot keep precipitation out of the forecast any of the next 6 days, but it will not be raining constantly. Temperatures stay cold today, but will bounce nicely to normal and above normal levels tomorrow through Sunday. Next week, it’s back to the cold air again. Variability and volatility is the key to the forecast this morning.

We have an upper level disturbance pushing across southern Indiana this morning and we will see some of that moisture move into our state as well. With cold air in place this morning as the upper low moves in, we have to keep some chances of scattered snow showers in the back of our minds, at least over SW parts of the state.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — October 31, 2017

Ryan Martin 10-31-17

Sunshine should be a bigger player in the forecast today with high pressure in control. However, we are making some changes to the forecast for later this week, and those changes are for a wetter forecast solution. So, let’s dive right in!

Today looks just fine. Sunshine will help boost temps slightly, although strong southwest flow will have a bigger effect on temps the next two days. We still think we see the warmest air in here ahead of our first cold front Thursday. Still, today, we see nice improvement in the pattern, and it may actually be the best looking day for most of the state.

Tomorrow, clouds and moisture build up from the south and west. This may actually trigger minor spits and sprinkles over the central and east-central part of the state along with southern OH. Rain totals will be a tenth or less. By contrast, sun may be able to hold on most of the day in NW Ohio.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — October 30, 2017

Ryan Martin 10-30-17

We are looking for a better weather to start the week. We have a warm front sitting off to the west in IL and WI that will try and move east through the day today. We don’t think this will yield a full out warm front passage all the way over here in Ohio, but it will be a nudge in the right directions. Winds have a hard time doing more than turning west today, and we will not see significant warming, just temps moderating a bit today after the cold weekend. . Sunshine probably plays the biggest role in getting us a little farther away from those cold temps. We have no significant weather action today or tomorrow outside of sunshine.

We had been looking for our next front to move in here for Wednesday. That front is slowing just a bit, and the rains could be drawn out.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — October 27, 2017

We have a nice finish to the week here today. Another cool start over the state, but in general we see sunshine as a big player through the day. Winds have shifted to the southwest, so that will help moderate temps a bit.

Our next front is on the way for tomorrow. Rains will range from .25” to .5” over about 80% of the state, although we may have to allow for slightly higher totals (up to .75”??) in Darke, Shelby and Preble counties, an offshoot of some of the better rains coming out of Indiana overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. But, in general, these will be fairly gentle, easily used showers. They should be done by late afternoon or evening.

It will be mostly dry to finish the weekend Sunday, and that dry stretch continues through next Tuesday. A minor upper level disturbance dragging across the Great Lakes may push a few clouds down into northern parts of the state late Monday afternoon and Monday night, but this is not a concern at this time.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — October 26, 2017

Another chilly start, but we have sun on the way today! And, we should see winds start to shift around to the south tonight, allowing temps to moderate more as we finish the week.

Sunshine will be here for tomorrow as well, and clouds wait to increase until late. Our next front is accelerating some, but we still look for our rain to be here through the day Saturday. Now, last weekend, the front we were expecting slowed, and we told you that was not a good thing for us. The opposite is true here. An accelerating front means that we have chances of seeing our rain totals diminish somewhat. We are dropping the top end of rain totals range so now we look for .1
-.6” over about 80% of the state.

Dry behind the front for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. We continue to look for a chance of frost Monday morning, but temps don’t look to be quite as impressive.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — October 25, 2017

Ryan Martin 10-25-17

The forecast pattern looks more active this morning, and we are making some changes to our forecast going forward from this weekend. The changes do not bode well for getting back into the field for any significant harvest push.

Nearby, we have no changes to our forecast. It is chilly this morning as the coldest part of our air mass is here today. Rains are done, however clouds are still going to be a dominant feature. The end is in sight…our neighbors to the west (Indiana) should see more sun developing today. Our time is coming tomorrow. Winds will keep a very cool feel in over the state through the day, and we won’t rule out a bit of drizzle from time to time in east central parts of the state. Clouds break up overnight.

The partial clearing will lead to the potential for frost over a large part of Central Ohio tomorrow morning, with temps dipping into that 31-32 degree range tomorrow morning.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — October 24, 2017

Ryan Martin 10-24-17

The worst of the precipitation is done over the state this morning. However, that does not mean we have all that nice of a forecast for you. On the contrary…there is no change in our thinking this morning that we are looking at cloudy, damp, cold batch of nasty in here over the next 48 hours, at least compared to the glorious summer extension we found ourselves in last week. The front is through the state. But we are seeing strong winds circulating around the low off to our north and east this morning and that will keep plenty of cold air pushing into the region. Moisture still can get wrung out. In fact, we can’t completely rule out spits, sprinkles drizzle and a shower or two over northern areas. The worst will be over Lake Erie and north of there, but we are keeping eyes peeled farther south, perhaps over at least the northern most two rows of counties across the state.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — October 23, 2017

Ryan Martin 10-23-17

Our cold front slowed in its eastward progress significantly over the weekend, and that is not a good thing for us this morning. If you are needing a silver lining, it would be that we were able to squeeze a completely dry day yesterday since the front slowed, and harvest rolled on without a hitch. However, a stronger front brings more rain potential, something that we will see manifest today. Today we have rains lasting for a longer period, and we have to bump our rain totals higher now since the front has been able to pick up more moisture. Right now we are putting rain totals at .5”-1.5” over nearly all of the state. Thunderstorms are what we need to watch today, as they would really have the ability to bump totals up quickly. At this point, the thunderstorms seem to be more of an issue farther west, over Indiana, rather than here.… Continue reading

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