Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – August 24, 2020

August 24, 2020 -- After some hit and miss moisture toyed with Ohio over the weekend, we are back into a mostly dry pattern for a large part of the next week. However, near the end of the 10 day window, we will have slightly better chances of precipitation, if a front holds together...

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – August 21, 2020

August 21, 2020 -- Not much exciting to discuss this morning. We remain mired in a mostly dry forecast pattern. To be clear, there still is some moisture circulating over the deep south and Appalachia that is going to try and throw some clouds and a few showers this way. However, coverage from any of that will be be minor...

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – August 20, 2020

Ohio weather shifting drier here in the days to come. We’re looking at completely dry weather today and tomorrow – sunshine blue sky. I actually think humidity values are we’re going to creep higher slowly. We’re probably not to the oppressive window yet. Especially with temperature, staying normal to just slightly above, but we aren’t going to be seeing things ramp up just a bit. I do think that you’re going to be seeing good evaporation here through the day today and tomorrow at this stage of the ballgame, probably not something you’d necessarily want to hear.

Is there any threat of moisture right on through the weekend? Well, I’ll say slightly. It’s mostly just for folks in far Southern Ohio. Look, as we go through tomorrow night into Saturday, we’re watching a little bit of this moisture that’s down over Kentucky, Tennessee, the deep South area kind of shift North.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – August 19th, 2020

Dry weather for the next 10 days and dominating our discussion this morning. I’m Ryan Martin. Let’s take a look at what’s impacting Ohio weather. We have no rain in the forecast at all today, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. I think as we go through that next four day window, we’re going to be seeing temperature’s normal a bit above normal humidity values, low, and we should see some decent evaporation across the region. This weekend looks interesting. I think a couple of days ago, we maybe trying to bring some decent showers in here on Sunday. It’s not a front now that really is grabbing my attention, but more, some more shit trying to come up from the South and South East. I believe Saturday turns out partly to mostly sunny in all parts of the States. Then you go through Sunday, we’re going to be seeing some moisture come up across Southern Ohio.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – August 18th, 2020

Limited moisture chances over the next 10 days in Ohio. Let’s take a look at the longer term discussion. Basically here today, we’re looking at scattered showers over Southern Ohio. A lot of this is going to be down near the Ohio river, but I still think that early this morning, we’ll see a few scattered showers trying to move along and South of the I-70 corridor, all told we’re looking at moisture totals, a few hundred seven inch to probably a few tenths, no more than half an inch in the far Southern most tip of the state, but still it’s moisture that’s around.

You go North of 70 today, we’re looking at sunshine and blue sky for most of the day. Fair weather clouds is probably all that we have. For tomorrow, Wednesday, on through Saturday, we are sunny and dry, no threat of moisture whatsoever. Temperature slowly gaining in that period.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – August 17, 2020

Ohio is looking at a mostly dry forecast pattern for this week. Going forward. I’m Ryan Martin. Let’s take a look at the update here. Generally speaking, we have limited moisture for your Monday could see a popup shower or thunderstorm may be in far North Eastern Ohio. But the rest of the state turning out partly to mostly sunny humidity values, a little bit lower in the wake of the front that came through yesterday afternoon and into Alaska.

And that was removed through the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, period. We’re going to be seeing the predominant part of the state be mostly sunny, warm, and actually turning more humid. However, I draw your attention to how last week finished out. Remember last Thursday and Friday, we had plenty of moisture to ourselves, down into Kentucky, Tennessee, the Tennessee Valley, the deep South in general and on occasion.

And we’d see some surges of that moisture up across the Ohio river into Southern tier Ohio.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – August 11, 2020

August 11, 2020 -- Going forward, today, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday we see a mix of clouds and sunshine, but not a lot of moisture. In fact, the best chances for scattered to isolated showers during that period will be in far southern OH near the river, today and tomorrow.

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – August 10, 2020

August 10, 2020 -- Our weather pattern tries to turn a little more unsettled this week but we end up with the best coverage rains falling a little farther west. We still are bringing some scattered showers into the region this week but they will have a decidedly southern skew...

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – August 7, 2020

August 7, 2020 --   Nearby, we see dominant sunshine today through the weekend. Temps today will be a few degrees warmer than yesterday, and temps tomorrow a few degrees warmer than today. Humidity values start to climb Sunday. But, we do it all with no threat of rain through the period...

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast, August 3, 2020

August 3, 2020 -- Showers and thunderstorms around today as another frontal complex works across the state. The best rains will likely be this afternoon and overnight, but we can see moisture potential anytime from this morning through tomorrow morning...

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast, July 31, 2020

July 31, 2020 -- Much like our forecast 24 hours ago, we continue to look at an on-again-off-again type of forecast when it comes to moisture. Today we may see some lingering action in far southern OH, near the river, but generally we will be partly to mostly sunny over most of the state.

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