Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — March 23, 2018


Dry, sunny and cool today. A pretty simple forecast

The next system to watch moves across the eastern corn belt tonight and tomorrow. This system still looks to miss most of Ohio, but it does pose a bit of a challenge. The storm complex is on s NE to SE track, moving from the upper Midwest later today to eastern KY and WV by the end of tomorrow night. Moisture here is unchanged from our previous looks…mostly a quarter to three quarters of an inch, but also only in the south, and mostly southwest part of the state. The numbers given are liquid equivalent, and that is important, because cold air is racing in across the state tomorrow. So, we believe there will be snow in SW Ohio tomorrow. Right now we look for this only in the far southwest, and south central part of the state, and coverage is less than we saw earlier this week.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — March 22, 2018


Dry and chilly today and tomorrow. However, we should see ore sunshine statewide, and temps may moderate just a touch for tomorrow.

Our next system noses into SW Ohio Saturday around midday. This system is diving southeast, and will end up missing a large chunk of Ohio. At this time, we think rain finishes the day from I-70 southward to the tune of .25”-1”. North of I-70, we see nothing. The map at right shows cumulative precipitation by Sunday midday. Cold air blasts into the state overnight Saturday night and Sunday morning. That means there is a very real chance that the precipitation will end as some sloppy wet snow. Again the better chances for accumulation will be in southern Ohio, where the liquid is moving through, but even there, you see the best precipitation be outside of the coldest air. Still, we have to leave the door open to minor accumulations of a coating to an inch over about 30% of the southern part of the state.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — March 21, 2018


The biggest story this morning is the snow that is flying across the state. Plentiful cold air is blasting into the region, and we have snow moving through associated with an upper level low pressure circulation. This wrap around moisture holds over the state through this afternoon, although the heaviest snows in western and SW Ohio are already winding down, having happened overnight. Snow accumulations of a coating to 3 or 4” are likely with 80% coverage through today, and we may even see some slightly higher totals, as more moisture has wrapped into the upper low. The map above is cumulative snow totals from last evening through this evening. Snow ends this evening as the nor’easter for the east coast moves north and out to sea. Temps remain cold for tomorrow and Friday, though. Sunshine will slowly return, and we should be dry through Friday.

Our next system is still on track for a Saturday midday arrival, and it will linger through the first half of Sunday.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — March 20, 2018


Some slight changes to the outlook this morning, as moisture seems to be bent on drifting a bit farther north. We still do not see anything working north of I-70 this morning, but we have to allow for a better spread of moisture from I-70 southward. Rain this morning will try to end as snow early this afternoon, particularly from central Ohio east toward the PA line. NW Ohio sees nothing today, and most of north central Ohio is devoid of precipitation as well. However, northeast Ohio can pick up some light snow later this afternoon.

Cold air stays over the state behind this system for tomorrow through early Friday morning. Wrap around cloud cover and moisture will be in overnight tonight through tomorrow and likely brings accumulating snow to a large part of the state. Accumulations of a coating to 3 or 4” are likely with 80% coverage through tomorrow.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — March 19, 2018


Wild swings in temps and precipitation will be seen this week as Mother Nature and old man winter just refuse to be sent home yet. We will see both spring like and winter like weather this week, but eventually, we should finally work our way into more stable, spring-like action next week.

Today, strong east winds will be seen over the state in advance of our next storm complex. This storm system will pass by mostly to the south the Ohio River late tonight through tomorrow. However, we do still see some precipitation working into far southern Ohio tomorrow, mostly in the central southern tip of the state. WE will allow for scattered action all the way up to I-170. But, coverage up near I-70 will be only 20%-30%, while down closer to the river, we see 80% coverage. Rain totals near I-70 will be a few hundredths, but down in south central areas near the river, we can see closer to half an inch.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — March 16, 2018


Another dry but cool day today as sunshine dominates once again. Enjoy it, because we will see some changes to the weather pattern as we go into the weekend. Winds will start to ramp back up later this afternoon.

Precipitation for tomorrow is farther north and may end up impacting a good half of the state. However, the best action remains in SW Ohio, where we can see a few hundredths to .4”. Some of this heavier moisture runs from Cincinnati up towards Dayton and even over closer to Columbus. With cold air in play we still feel that we have to allow for some wet snow in there, mixing with some rain. Minor accumulations can be seen, especially north of I-70. Everything looks to be done by late tomorrow evening.

We are dry for Saturday night, Sunday and Monday, with sunshine and blue sky back in over the state for Sunday.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — March 15, 2018


Our forecast pattern is basically unchanged this morning for the near term. We have at least 2 more dry days statewide, today and tomorrow. Temps will be near normal, but winds stay brisk enough for us to feel a chill. We should see temps climb into the 40s and low 50s.

Our weekend wave is trending a little farther north this morning. Generally, this is part of a low pressure circulation that’s moving from IA and northern MO into the OH and TN valleys, on its way to becoming yet another potential “nor’easter” for the east coast early next week. But its track is farther north, and so we have to allow for a few hundredths up to a quarter of an inch of rain up into SW Ohio, perhaps up to the I-70 corridor through Columbus and toward Zanesville. The action will not be all that impressive, but with this move north, we can expect clouds to be more dominant Saturday morning and midday over the rest of the state.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — March 14, 2018


Light snow is exiting to the east today, and drier weather settles in over the state. This drier pattern should hold through the end of the week. West winds today will be a bit brisk, but they will also allow temps to bounce a good 5-10 degrees over yesterday. WE should see temps in the lower to middle 40s for most of the period in the north, 50s in the south, while sunshine is the main component of the forecast today, tomorrow and Friday.

The weekend at this point looks pretty good. We stay dry and sunny here while a wave dives through southern Indiana off to our west. This may throw a few clouds into SW Ohio on Saturday, but in general, we stay mostly sunny with near to slightly above normal temps both days.

Our next strong low is on the way, but still looks to have most of its impact come late Monday through Tuesday.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — March 13, 2018


Light snow and flurry is back today, as strong north winds have continued to bring cold Canadian air across the Great Lakes. Our snows today will definitely be enhanced by the lake, and will likely reach its peak this afternoon and evening. We won’t rule out a fresh coating to and inch, maybe two in spots near the lake. Most of this will be on grassy surfaces, cars or anything else similar, so we do not expect travel problems. We expect coverage at nearly 80% of the state, even in southern Ohio, where temps are more likely to push into the upper 30s…we just will see sloppy wet snow flakes in the south. Even without snow, areas will deal with plentiful clouds. Sunshine today should be looked at as a bonus. Today should be the coldest day of this week.

Winds turn west tomorrow, and that should swing us to more of a dry pattern.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — March 12, 2018


Not a lot of moisture around over the next week or so, but we can’t sit back and call our forecast completely dry either. Clouds will be on the increase today, and we can see a couple of waves of very minor moisture trying to move through from tonight through early Wednesday. Our next good chance of precipitation does not arrive until early next week, but this week will feature several minor boundaries moving through and the big key will be very pesky cold air.

Today we see clouds this afternoon build as an upper level trough dips into the region after passing through NW Great Lakes. This trough has very little useable moisture with it, but it will bring clouds and slightly colder air. Precipitation is most likely tonight. We can see light snow and flurried in NW Ohio near sunset, and there may even be potential for a fresh coating in a few spots the closer you get to Toledo.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — March 9, 2018


Light snow and flurry action holds on over parts of Ohio today. Generally, we are seeing the best chance of snow flying in north central and northeast Ohio, and the best chance of accumulating snow will be in northeast Ohio, due to lake effect help. We can see a couple of inches up there through the day. The rest of the state stays cold, but should also be dry, with sunshine trying to break free in SW OH. We are watching a drier forecast pattern emerge for the weekend an most of next week. High pressure moves into Ohio late this evening and will dominate through midday tomorrow. Ahead of the high, winds will be out of the north and northwest, drawing down cold air (like today). But, as winds turn south on the backside of the high, we should see temps moderate a bit over the weekend, moving to normal levels and even slightly above as we move into next week.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — March 8, 2018


Cold air holding over Ohio puts us in a position to see some lingering light snow and flurry action not only today, but on through tomorrow. Moisture over the state is not all that spectacular, but there is enough to keep us on our toes. A fresh coating is possible over about 50% of the state today, and intermittent flurries can be seen tomorrow. We have to keep a chance of heavier accumulations of an inch or two in northeast Ohio today as well, due to strong north and northwest winds still interacting with the Lake to produce snow. Now, while the cold air dominates into the start of the weekend, the precipitation does not. We look for a much drier pattern to emerge this weekend and early next week. High pressure will be working across Ohio tomorrow afternoon and Saturday. The north winds around the front of the low bring the cold air in, but we finish the weekend, with south and southeast flow up the backside of the high.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — March 7, 2018


Cold air holds over Ohio today. Moisture kicked off late last evening and overnight will see some strengthening in the next 24 hours over Ohio. Today, we are cold enough to see mostly light snow and flurry action through the morning into early afternoon. We look for 70% coverage, and there is the potential for a coating to an inch or two of general accumulation, while north central and northeast parts of Ohio can see 2-5 inches due to lake effect and enhancement.

Dry conditions move in tomorrow, but clouds will still cast a wide footprint across the state, with significant wrapping around the low that is moving off to the east. Temperatures struggle to break the lower 30s tomorrow and will only do a few degrees better for Friday over the northern half of the state. Down south, we can push toward the lower 40s tomorrow and maybe toward 50 on Friday.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — March 6, 2018


Wet snow showers are moving across the state for the first part of today, but we should see some improvement by this afternoon. Clouds will dominate the region today, and cold air is not going anywhere, so we won’t rule out some wet snowflakes here and there this afternoon, although the most organized action is going to be off to the east.

Cold air will be the main feature of the rest of the week. That cold air mixes with a little bit of moisture coming in from the NW tomorrow, and will trigger some light snow and flurry action statewide. We look for 70% coverage, and there is the potential for a coating to an inch or two of general accumulation, while north central and northeast parts of Ohio can see 2-5 inches due to lake effect and enhancement. The snows for midweek look better here than to our west, and that is a testament to the cold air that sits over the top of us.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — March 5, 2018


Not a bad start to the week. It’s a little chilly, but we have a nice batch of sun once again. Do not be deceived, though: this week will feel much more like winter than spring. A strong storm complex moving out of the northern plains this morning, tracking across the upper Midwest and Great Lakes, bringing some moisture and significantly colder air to the region. In fact, we will spend most of this week below normal on temps over a majority of Ohio.

So, running through it, we start with plenty of sunshine across the state today. Winds will slowly move more to the southeast this afternoon and should increase in magnitude which may allow for a few more degrees on the topside of our temperatures than what we saw this past weekend.

Clouds thicken up tonight and we see scattered precipitation breaking out over the state after midnight.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — March 2, 2018

We are leaving the forecast pretty much along in the short term this morning, and will make just a few minor chances for the intermediate and extended period. In fact, the extended window has the most uncertainty this morning, because longer range models can’t seem to make up their minds. Still, we have a pretty nice set up here over the next week, with limited moisture, and temps that will be mostly seasonal.

We are dry and colder today as cold air comes in out of the north behind the front that passed yesterday. There can be some lingering light snow in NE Ohio this morning, aided by some lake enhancement, but it looks to move quickly off to the east. Most of the major headlines today will be about the storm as it hits the east coast, with weather weenie’s new catch phrase “bomb cyclone” making another appearance. This is just an over sensationalized storm complex…but we digress.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — March 1, 2018


Rains move across the state today with good rain totals likely. Low pressure moves from Central IL across through northern Ohio. We look for rain amounts of .25” all the way through 1.25” with coverage at 80% of the state. The best chance for the upper end of that range will be in the half to northern third of the state. Rains will be winding down this evening, but we won’t rule out action ending as some sloppy wet snowflakes well to the north in Ohio, closer to the Lake. We can see a coating to 2 inches from US 30 northward in north central and NE Ohio. In the northeast, where the lake enhancement is the greatest overnight tonight, we cans see some bigger snow totals. But, in general, the snow coverage and amounts look to less significant than what we feared 24 hours ago. At this time, we think most of NW Ohio will dodge significant accumulation, as the coldest air does not make it in fast enough to work with good moisture to trigger bigger snows.… Continue reading

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