Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — January 31, 2018


A few changes to the near term forecast this morning, but the rest of the pattern remains unchanged. Today we have strong southwest winds that bring temps well above normal. We expect highs this afternoon to be 10-20 degrees above normal statewide. Winds will average 15-30 mph and will be very gusty. This is just indicative of a dramatic temperature and pressure change, something we see easily with a strong front.

However, the front continues to shed moisture, and it now looks like we see little to no precipitation in Ohio from the frontal passage. We have a wind shift and a drop in temps tomorrow, but basically no moisture, only clouds. There may be some action in far south and southeast Ohio after midday today, but it will stay close to the river, and by the same token, we can see some snow develop after sunset tomorrow night, but it will be near the river as well.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — January 30, 2018


Snow is trying to exit eastern Ohio this morning, and clouds will be slow to break up behind the action as it leaves. Cold air will hold over Ohio for most of the day. High pressure will set up in over the state this afternoon, and even though we should see some sunshine, temps will stay below normal. Still, late this afternoon and evening, we should be on the backside of the high, and we will see winds go more southwest. Winds become very strong tomorrow, averaging 15-30 mph and that will take temps well above normal. We should see highs tomorrow afternoon a good 10-20 degrees above normal. The strong wind will also signal a strong front moving closer from the west.

That front slowly works south and east across Ohio through Thursday. Precipitation kicks off in NW Ohio ahead of daybreak and then we see this slow sagging front progressing through the state through the rest of the day.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — January 29, 2018


Colder air finally moves in to the state today, after we were able to get an unexpected extension of mild air through the day yesterday. There is a minor clipper moving through the great lakes today as the cold air comes into Ohio, and it will be enough for us to continue talking about some light snow, mostly over the northern half of the state. US 30 northward in north  central and northwest Ohio will be where we focus this morning through midday, and then eastern Ohio this afternoon and evening. In the east, we can see several inches of accumulation in NE Ohio, and even some good accumulations down closer to the OH-WV border in southeast Ohio. All action should be done by shortly after midnight tonight. SW and south central Ohio south of I-70 will be areas most likely to miss out today

Tomorrow high pressure sets up over the state and that will keep us chilly through most of the day.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — January 26, 2018


TGIF. Warmer air builds over Ohio today and tomorrow. We will see very mild air in play and most of the state will be above normal for the period. This does come with a bit of a disclaimer, though: we also have to deal with some strong southwest winds, averaging at least 12-25 mph, and likely higher. These winds will be what brings the warmer air in.

Rains start tomorrow afternoon and goes through midnight. By 2-3 am Sunday morning, we will be done with all action. The rain has a very light start in. We are trimming our rainfall forecasts a bit to now a few hundredths to half an inch maximum. Coverage will be about 80%. The map shows rain totals through Sunday morning.

Drier, cooler air is in for Sunday as high pressure moves in. However, this is not a bitter cold arctic air mass, just a typical cool push behind a weak system.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — January 25, 2018

Temps begin to moderate a little bit today as southwest winds slowly emerge. Winds today will relatively light, but winds tomorrow will ramp up and be rather gusty. Tomorrow will see the biggest jump in temps, and we will see all areas of the state above normal.

Rain develops late Saturday afternoon and continues through the overnight into early Sunday. However, the heaviest rain potential looks to stay farther south, likely south of the Ohio River. So, we are taking our rain totals down some this morning, calling for .1”-.6” over 70% of the state. In fact, northwest parts of Ohio may even completely miss out on the moisture this Saturday. Cooler air will move over the state Sunday, as Canadian high pressure returns and temps go below normal.

We still have relatively strong north and northwest winds for Monday that can trigger some lake enhanced snow, but generally speaking, this event looks pretty weak this morning too.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — January 24, 2018


Today should be the coldest day of the week over most of the state. We saw cold air start to blast in behind a second cold front yesterday, and today, Canadian high pressure drifts right over the top of Ohio. This will keep temps mostly below freezing over a majority of the state, but down south we can see temps do slightly better. We also expect more sun through the day today than we have seen this week so far.

Tomorrow will not see good southwest winds develop until late in the day. So, we likely see temps a little better than today, but will put full moderation of temps off for 1 more day. The winds pick up in intensity going into Friday, and that will be where we see the biggest temperatures jump. Friday temps will be well above normal statewide, followed by similar conditions Saturday

Rains move into Ohio later Saturday in the afternoon, although clouds build sooner than that.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — January 23, 2018

Very few changes this morning, as cold air looks to take over the state. We still have some minor moisture holding over Ohio today, and that may trigger some light snows from time to time. The best chance of these will be from US 30 northward, but the moisture set up looks much more unorganized than yesterday. So, we are going to look for a coating to an inch in spots, but have coverage of snows today limited to 40% of the state. Areas south of I-70 see little to no action today and far southern Ohio will deal only with clouds.

Cold air continues to intensify tomorrow, and we likely reach our peak of cold tomorrow afternoon, where a large part of the state struggles to hit freezing. We do expect some sun, though, and winds will turn to the southwest for late Thursday. This will allow temps to moderate again for the last part of the week.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – January 22nd

AUDIO: The Forecast


Keep the umbrella handy today. Rains start around noon in western Ohio, and will push east through the afternoon, evening and overnight. The front that is working through originated in the plains this weekend and has quite a history behind it already. For us, we see rains from .25”-.1” likely here through sunrise tomorrow. Temps probably stay warm enough, even overnight, that we see mostly liquid. That being said, we won’t rule out some sloppy wet snowflakes in NW Ohio and west central Ohio early tomorrow morning as temps pull back into the mid to lower 30s. .  A second, minor wave of action comes in over northern Ohio tomorrow morning and will look see rain changing to snow. Minor accumulations can be seen, mostly from US 30 northward.  The rest of the state will see plenty of clouds for the balance of tomorrow and through tomorrow night.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – January 19th, 2018

West-southwest winds will help temps climb today, and that moderating push holds through the weekend. . We see the entire state above freezing today and tomorrow and most of the state should be well above normal all weekend. Tomorrow, temps should do a little better than today, but still we fall short of last week’s thaw levels. We still look for a lot of snow melt in the coming days

Clouds build for Sunday, but precipitation should be somewhat limited. Scattered light moisture should slowly overspread the state, particularly Sunday afternoon and evening. Spits, sprinkles and drizzle may amount to a few hundredths to .1” over 50% of the state, and the best chances will be over the northern half to third of Ohio. This will be enough to make for a bit of a damp feel, and to keep us from feeling warmer than Saturday. Our cold front finally arrives midday Monday and brings rain through midday Tuesday.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – January 18th, 2018

AUDIO: A Weather Update for January 18th, 2018


Another chilly day over Ohio today, although not as cold as the past couple of days. South and southwest winds will be in for tomorrow on through the weekend, and that is where we see the big time warming statewide. We should see fully normal to above normal temperatures in over the entire state Friday and Saturday, with 50s likely in most areas for Saturday and perhaps Sunday. We still expect Saturday to be the warmest day of the next several with Sunday a close second. We just feel that better sunshine potential Saturday will give it the edge.

Plenty of clouds blanket the state for Sunday with scattered, hit and miss light rains developing and running right on through midday Monday. Moisture totals will be a few hundredths to a tenth or two maximum with coverage of these light spits and sprinkles at 60% of the state.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — January 17, 2018

Today we have cold air parked right over the top of the state as high pressure moves across Indiana. This high will try and slide off to the east and slightly south tomorrow, allowing west winds to develop, followed by southwest winds for Friday. That means we should see gradual improvement in our temperatures as we finish the week. Today will still face a slow grind up from some single digit and subzero temps this morning. However, there is a much better chance of seeing widespread sun across the state today, versus what we saw yesterday.

West winds tomorrow take temps closer to normal, but it will take into Friday to see a fully normal temperature profile statewide. We expect highs to approach and exceed freezing on Friday. With the full on southwest winds, Saturday will likely be the warmest day of the next several, with temps a good 10-20 degrees above normal.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — January 16, 2018


No change in our outlook this morning. Snow will be leaving east and southeastern parts of the state this morning, and we should see sunshine work its way in through the day. Do not let it fool you, though…we have some very cold air in here, with temps in the single digits and subzero in some areas. A similar set up will be seen 24 hours from now. Dry air holds through the day tomorrow and Thursday, and on Thursday we see winds go more west and slightly southwest. That will bring the first signal that we are seeing a change. Friday we may get back closer to normal for this time of year.

Winds really pick up out of the southwest over the weekend and that will take temps up dramatically. While we expect to see all parts of the state above freezing and a very mild push to be in for the period, we do not think it quite reaches the levels that we saw at midweek last week, when records fell in many parts of the eastern Corn Belt.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — January 15, 2018

A clipper system moves across the Great Lakes today and should trigger some snow in Ohio as we move through midday and afternoon. Snows can continue overnight tonight and may take into early tomorrow to finally exit the state. Snows are not all that impressive at this time, but we are expecting a coating to 2 inches over about 80% of the state. The good news is that we don’t think winds will be much of a factor during the event, so significant blowing and drifting is not likely. Most of the state will be done with snow by midnight to 3 AM tomorrow, but far southern and southeast areas may take through sunrise tomorrow to get through it. The map above shows snow totals through just after midnight tonight.

180115_1Behind this clipper comes a reinforcing shot of cold air that holds through most of the rest of the week. We can see some subzero temps tomorrow night into Wednesday morning as skies clear, and we see highs doing no better than mid-teens to mid-20s through Thursday.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — January 12, 2018


Rains continue this morning in Ohio, and likely will wait until early afternoon to begin to switch over to snow in all areas. Rain totals are impressive, and we are raising our rain totals across the state to .4” up to 1.1”, with the heaviest rains around the Youngstown area. Those rain totals are for the entire event, meaning they go back to any of the light action that tried to develop late yesterday and then overnight. Rain coverage this morning will be upwards of 70%. AS we move toward midday, we see the changeover to snow happening rather quickly in most areas. A small corridor from Columbus up to Youngstown may see a brief period of freezing rain and minor ice accumulation. But, snows come quickly and can be rather significant. We are lowering the bottom end of our previous range a bit, but keeping the top end, looking for 4”-10” snows over the state with the exception being NW Ohio, where 2-5 inches are possible.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — January 11, 2018


Warm air surges into the state today. But, it’s what is coming after the cold air that has our entire attention this morning. Sure, it will be quite mild today. A good part of the state was in the 50s yesterday knocking on the door of 60, and we should do about 4-6 degrees better today, even in northern Ohio, where snow kept clouds and fog top of mind through the day yesterday. Still, we have some serious weather headed our way.

Rains start late this evening and continue through the overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. Rain totals across Ohio will range from .15” in NW OH to .6” or better in central and southwest parts of the state. Rain coverage will be pushing 70% tonight and early tomorrow. Then, tomorrow morning we see rain change over to snow. Ohio is set up to see the heaviest snows out of this system, while our neighbors to the west deal with some ice that came in overnight.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — January 10, 2018

Well, we have no significant changes to our forecast. First, we will address the next 2 days, which in general, nobody cares about, giving the coming winter storm! Seriously, today and tomorrow will feature mild air again, although the northern part of the state continues to experience what we warned of to start the week…which was the potential for temps to be held in check by the cool snowpack. That cooling may be mitigated a bit more today and tomorrow as south flow picks up, but still, it definitely something to pay attention to. But, the next two days are as we have had them advertised…above normal in most areas, with some well above normal temps.

Now, to what everyone REALLY wants to know about! We have made absolutely no change to our outlook for this coming winter storm. Track is still being handled in a tug of war fashion between two major computer models, and our thoughts are unchanged.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — January 9, 2018

Warm air ramps up its move into Ohio today, and we see this mild push through Thursday.  South winds are fueling the warming, and that is leading to some decent snow melt, even over the northern parts of the state. We will have to deal with low level clouds and fog the next several days, thanks the relatively warm air coming over a cold surface, but still, the mild push will be significant. Thursday will be our warmest day.

Our next front remains on track to bring rains into Ohio Thursday and evening into Friday morning. Liquid precipitation will range from a few hundredths to about a third of an inch over no more than 60% of the state. The initial liquid precipitation break out looks slightly better and more frequent to our west in Indiana Thursday afternoon. It just seems to run out of gas here.  Then, cold air comes rushing back in behind the cold front on Friday, as a strong, powerful low lifts up along it.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — January 8, 2018


A roller coaster ride is the best metaphor for the weather as we start off the week this morning. We have a front bringing snow to Ohio this morning, and it looks to hang around through at least midday. This is a much wetter snow that what we have seen recently, as temps are trying to moderate somewhat. Still, we can see some good accumulations. Now, temps do look like they will warm enough over south central and southeast Ohio to mitigate the highest part of the snow band that we talked about last week. This morning, we are looking for total snowfall, by early to mid-afternoon, of 2”-3” over about 60% of the state. The best snows will be in NW Ohio, followed by north central. Southeast areas have the best chance of seeing rain mix in or even take full control.

Milder air is in over the state for tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday, as the arctic high gets bottled up farther north into Canada.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — January 5, 2018


Today looks very similar to the past two days over Ohio .Wind chills are a factor this morning as yet another wave of bitter cold air has settled in. Temperatures will struggle to work through the teens today. Tomorrow we should see temps start to work a little higher, and full south flow will bring temps up to near normal levels for Sunday ahead of our next system.

We have no changes to the outlook of that system, short of knocking its arrival time back just a bit this morning. WE think the precipitation from our next storm complex waits to develop in earnest until after midnight Sunday night. Then precipitation continues through the overnight, and through most of Monday. The track still suggests mostly snow over Ohio, with a little bit of light rain trying to mix in well south. Our official snow totals are as follows: 2-5” over 90% of the state.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — January 4, 2018


Lake effect snow is still a story in NE Ohio today. In fact, we won’t rule out lake snows in these typical areas right on through tomorrow and into the start of the weekend. We can see accumulations north and east of Cleveland, and light snow and flurry action can pop up from time to time over the next couple of days along the south shore of the lake. In general, this action will not make it any farther south than US 20. The rest of Ohio will see mixed clouds and sun, with no major weather issues. A cold front worked in overnight, so we look for colder temps the next couple of days, and subzero temps are not out of the question, particularly tomorrow morning, over northern and central parts of Ohio.

Temperatures will moderate dramatically this weekend. Strong south winds kick up later Saturday afternoon and continue through Sunday.… Continue reading

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