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  1. I am the reporter for the Felicity-Franklin FFA Chapter. We would love to have some articles published on your website if possible. Please get back to me about this! Thank you in advance.

  2. Thank you for coming to the Auglaize co fair yesterday, nice to see you.

  3. My family and I have lived in Ohio our entire lives. My son worked for a landscaping company for approximately five years. Every single day, all summer long, he sprayed the weed killer Round Up on people’s lawns. He was, by far, the healthiest of my three children. And a very health conscious adult. Eats well, runs, works out all the time etc. He developed non Hodgkin lymphoma from the use of Round Up. This is a factual statement. How dare you say you know for a fact glyphosate isn’t harmful. Shame on you! I know, personally, for a fact that it most certainly is.

  4. My friend has a trail cam pic of a what looks like a mountain lion from Norwalk ohio
    Taken last week
    Odnr says it could be one missing from zanesville Ohio from 2016
    Still on the loose

  5. Enjoy the variety of ag content from the all sectors of the state. Need a cartoonist with farm background and farm humor.

  6. Back in the late winter, spring you posted about a person planting soybean in February. I was curious how that ended up. Was it worth it or did they just replant/tear up the field. Thanks for any information.

  7. Small german shepherd(35 pounds) our cat weights 15, like animal disturbed our wild turkeys this morning. Had the gait of a predator, not sure what the coloration should be on a coywolf. 3 turkeys made it to the trees, the other 5 froze, he was close to our house and he/she moved through the woods with the lower back position unlike the movement of a dog.

  8. Sorry, we are North Bend, Ohio down by the Ohio River.

  9. To the editor of the Ohio’s Country Journal , I have a suggestion for you . Before giving someone recognition in your publication , why not check with the ODA to see if they have any complaints filed against them ? Your publication in the front page tells of a farmer from my area , that is addressing a BASF event at this past Commodity Classic in Orlando . How special ! To me a little ironic , because on the same day I received your fine publication , I also received the file from ODA on his violations to my farm . I first open the letter from ODA and read all of the listed violations of ORC and then the decision of ODA to issue a warning to this individual . My take on this , it appears the first year of violations , everybody just gets a warning ! I put that letter aside , with the thought going thru my mind ” isn’t that special” ! Then I pick up your publication and he’s on the cover of your publication ! I can only assume telling everyone at the BASF event how great the BASF products worked on his farm ! I would kinda like to know Mr Matt Reese Editor of the Country Journal , how do you feel now ? Do you feel remotely like me , ” kinda used ” ? Now before you rite me off as some mind of crack pot , look into this person’s file at the ODA and if they will divulge count the number of complaints lodged against this one operation . Then you might understand my lack of tolerance for someone who thumbs their nose at the regulations that we are all asked to comply with ! Do a little more editing and proof reading in the future ! Thank you for time Kenny Williams

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  12. You people really should look hard into the Monsanto Roundup mess! Google “The Price of Shining Light on The Dark World of Corporate Espionage” at by investigative reporter Christian Stork.

  13. The name needs changed on my subscription
    Chris Tinnerman’s name needs to come off and the new name is
    B Lucke Farms LLC
    Jill Tinnerman
    5500 Wierwille Rd.
    New Knoxville, OH 45871

    Thank you.

  14. When will we be able to attend auctions live again in Ohio.

  15. I’m trying to renew on line but it keeps saying the date format is wrong. I tried multiple ways nothing works. I put date in first box and middle name in second box. Just HOW do you guys want the date formatted!!! Give an example please if it is so important. Everything else was ok.

  16. The first female is working as a gate assistant at the KD on 5/7. AND SHE’S FROM OHIO!!!!!
    Cassie Dempsey….are you covering this?

  17. I filled all the fields that pertain to my farm and would not accept my renewal.

    • We apologize that you had a problem. One of our staff members will be reaching out to you through email to help you renew your subscription.

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  19. We receive 2 of your magazines every month. Please stop sending one to Ray Fliehman Fliehman Family Show Cattle. The number above the name is 18136 and the address is 4185 US TR 27 S, Richmond, IN 47374.

  20. How can I find the article about the shepherds seeing baby Jesus first.
    Thanks, Sam

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  23. We are looking for nutrient stewardship farmers that might be interested in On Location Nutrient Runoff Capture, Recycling and Repurposing Pilot Test at farm-edges to reduce runoff entering waterways. Grants are available to crop farmers.

  24. i would like to discontinue the subscription to the ocj newspaper that was sent to my father Gary Peart
    at 4995 Roberts Mill Rd , London, Ohio 43140 and also to 5020 Roberts Mill Rd, London, Ohio 43140.
    He passed away on February 21, 2023.

  25. We would like to be removed from your mailing list. It’s under Paige Peterson at Trillium Farms 10513 Croton Rd Johnstown, OH 43031

  26. Hi! I am FFA Reporter at Liberty-Benton. We were hoping we could send out some articles through the “Country Journal” if you are interested.

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