Lane Osswald

Farm: Growing Acres Farms

Watershed: Twin Creek

Conservation Practices:

  • Waterways
  • Cover Crops
  • Nutrient Management (4Rs)
  • Variable Rate Technology
  • Soil Nutrient Testing
  • No Till

Water Quality Improvement Summary:

Lane Osswald and his family utilize several conservation practices, including no-till and cover crops to protect the soil from erosion and prevent nutrient run-off. They also conduct soil tests and use variable rate technology to apply the right nutrients and fertilizers at the right time. As a certified crop advisor, Lane combines initial recommendations from the local co-op and adjusts them based on historical knowledge and farm data. He sees results from these agronomic practices paying off in his field because the soil holds more moisture and withstand dry spells in the summer.

“Overall I think we’re using less nutrients to grow a better crop and the nutrients are going in the right places,” explained Lane. “I’m a fifth-generation farmer, my son is pretty convinced he wants to farm, my nephews will probably want to farm. I believe I can leave the soil in better shape then I found it so they have a better start.”