Nate Douridas, Farm Manager

Farm: Molly Caren Ag Center

Watershed: Deer Creek Watershed

Conservation Practices:

  • Buffer Strips
  • Waterways
  • Cover Crops
  • Drainage Water Management Control Structure
  • Variable Rate Technology
  • Soil Nutrient Testing
  • No Till
  • Strip-Till
  • Vertical Till

Water Quality Improvement Summary:

Nate Douridas is the farm manager for the Molly Caren Agricultural Center, which is home to Ohio’s annual Farm Science Review. Conservation efforts playing a major role in operations. No-till, strip-till and vertical-tillage are all utilized in different areas of the farm along with buffer strips in fields intersected by the Deer Creek. Regular soil testing helps him create the plan for nutrient management, which is applied using Variable Rate Technology (VRT).

Planting dates are critical to ensure crops are ready for harvest during demonstrations at the Farm Science Review in mid-September. Cover crops include reduced rate wheat, oats and Lynx winter pea for easy spring burn down. Water control structures help manage soil moisture as part of the Edge of Field research program. VRT is used for spring planting prescriptions based on soil moisture and drainage capabilities.