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Looking back at crop marketing in 2019

By Jon Scheve, Superior Feed Ingredients, LLC

Corn and beans remained range-bound through the holidays as everyone waits for the Jan. 10 crop report and Phase 1 completion of the trade deal. Basis has also stayed strong as farmers aren’t selling, most likely because futures are lower than what farmers would like, given the year we had.

Like nearly every farmer, I wish I would have sold more corn in the summer rally of 2019. But, as we all know, unpredictable weather conditions generated a lot of surprises and uncertainty throughout the year, which had a big impact on the market.

That’s why this week I reviewed my notes from the year to revisit market conditions and my decision-making rationale along the way. Re-evaluating past decisions can bring better perspective and help me build stronger grain marketing plans in the future. Following summarizes my insights and trade decisions.



The March USDA report indicated that U.S.… Continue reading

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Why are basis values so different by geographic area?

By Jon Scheve, Superior Feed Ingredients, LLC

I’ve often been asked why basis is so high in some areas but lower in others. There are many factors contributing to these variances, but it’s important to realize that basis values across the U.S. also correlate with each other.

Land values and basis values

While local yields can impact land values the most, basis values have a strong relation to those values as well. I’ve seen social media posts recently with farmers comparing basis values across the U.S., specifically that Ohio is getting +50 while parts of North Dakotas get -80. While this might frustrate some farmers, it’s important to realize that average basis values are actually “baked” into land values and cash rents. For instance, Ohio usually has a +20 basis in a normal year; but Ohio’s land costs are typically double of North Dakota’s, where -70 basis is common.

Basis values move together

When basis values in one area move in any price direction, other areas shifted similarly.… Continue reading

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Final reminder: 2019 Yield Survey

By Elizabeth Hawkins, Ohio State University Extension

Normal planting dates for Ohio range from mid-April to the end of May. This season was quite different when planting for both crops was delayed until late May and stretched into June and even July across many parts of Ohio. We found ourselves grasping for any information we could find including 1) how much of an effect late planting dates would have on yield, and 2) what, if anything, we should change in management of these late planted crops. The historical planting date information we did have was somewhat helpful, but we did not have any data on what could happen when planting is delayed into the second half of June nor July.

While it may be tempting to write off this year as a fluke from which there are no real lessons to be learned, there is a growing body of data from climatologists that suggest that this is a beginning of a trend.… Continue reading

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A bitter Christmas and an unhappy New Year for Argentina

By Daniele Siqueira

Although this column is called “South American Crop Update”, as a Brazilian I usually write about… Brazil. This time, however, I ask my Argentine colleagues for permission to say how sorry I feel for their country and especially for their farmers. No, I am not being ironic. Although the measures recently announced by their new government are likely to benefit Brazilian agricultural exports (and the US exports as well!), that is definitely not the way farmers should be treated by any government – especially farmers who do so much for their country’s economy as a whole.

Leftist Alberto Fernández, the new President of Argentina, took office just a few days ago, but is already making history in Argentina’s long record of presidents who specializes in bad agricultural policies. Among other measures aimed to start fighting a serious economic crisis, his emergency bill sent to (and approved by) Congress last week raises export taxes on agricultural goods such as soybeans, soy meal, soy oil, corn and wheat.Continue reading

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A variety of factors shaping the basis

By Jon Scheve, Superior Feed Ingredients, LLC

The U.S. and China indicated last Friday they are close to completing a deal to end the 19-month trade war. Potentially, China could buy $40 billion worth of agricultural products in 2020, up 50% from $27 billion in 2017. However, which commodities and how much of each would be purchased are unclear and nothing has been signed.

The market didn’t react well to all of the unknowns in the news. Initially corn was up 8 cents and beans were up 16 cents, but by the end of the day corn was only up 3 cents and beans were up just 8 cents. Perhaps the market still remembers last month’s trade deal that ultimately fell apart. Still the news is probably more bullish than bearish for both crops.



There has been a lot of discussion recently if basis will remain strong or if it’s time to sell.… Continue reading

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Roselyn’s last wreath

By Matt Reese

Louise was in a snit. And, an ugly snit it was. Regarded as a living saint by all in the small town community, Louise had rarely been known to be in such a state.

Louise had dedicated her life to service to others, most notably her handicapped elder sister Roselyn. Louise was talented, beautiful and extremely intelligent in her youth. She’d had unlimited potential, and she’d lived up to much of it.

She’d had a successful career in business, from which she was now retired. She had tirelessly cared for and supported Roselyn beyond what could be reasonably expected of anyone. And it was said Louise shone the brightest every year in her service to the local church. This level of service reached its pinnacle at the start of Advent. Louise coordinated the magnificent Advent Service each year four weeks prior to Christmas in the beautiful, small town church her family had attended for generations.… Continue reading

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39th Annual MVCTC FFA Charity Auction Raises over $8,500 for Ronald McDonald House Charities

This year marked the 39th Annual Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) FFA Charity Auction for the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) of Dayton. The auction, planned by the MVCTC FFA chapter, is made possible by the dedication and hard work of the FFA members, MVCTC staff, MVCTC retirees, and the magnificent alumni that return each year to support this great cause.

Retired MVCTC Ag Educator, Waid Lyons, started the event in 1980 the same year the Dayton Ronald McDonald House was built.  MVCTC FFA has been supporting the Dayton Area Ronald McDonald House since its inception.  The original FFA Auction, organized by Mr. Lyons, was a hat auction that raised $250. This year the students were able to raise $8,500, bringing the total of money donated over the last 39 years to over $160,000.

The proceeds from the event go directly to the local Ronald McDonald House on Valley Street in Dayton, Ohio, so that families of hospitalized children have a place to rest, sustain their strength, and be better able to support the healing of their child.… Continue reading

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Shining a light on service during the holiday season

By Meredith Oglesby, OCJ FFA reporter

The FFA sets students up for success through “learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live and living to serve” — that is exactly what Ohio FFA members are doing as they prepare for the holiday season. Chapters across the state engage in a number of service projects to give back to their local communities.

The Shelby FFA chapter in Richland County donates fruit from their chapter’s annual fruit sale to the Shelby Help Line each year. The goal of this project is to provide the local community access to fresh food. This project started in 2012 when the chapter received a donation of $1,000 worth of fruit from an anonymous supporter.

“It’s important to give back to the community because they support us as much as we support them,” said Shelby Evans, a Shelby FFA chapter reporter.

Evans said this service project aligns with the FFA motto as the chapter helps those in need and promotes healthy lifestyles.… Continue reading

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Genetic excellence a family tradition at Bunker Hill Farm

By Matt Reese

Whether through on-farm production, the show ring or industry service and leadership, the Shultz family and Ohio’s sheep industry have been intertwined for generations on Bunker Hill Farm in Logan County. The current generation on the farm — Bill and Susan Shultz — were recognized with the 2019 Charles Boyles Master Shepherd Award Dec. 14.

“The award is about being good shepherds and good sheep people, but also leadership and involvement in the industry,” said Roger High, executive director of the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association, Ohio Sheep and Wool Program and director of livestock policy for Ohio Farm Bureau. “Both Bill and Susan as well as Bill’s dad have been very involved in the leadership of the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association for what is now 70 years.”

Farrell Shultz served as the first president of the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association in 1949. His son, Bill, served as OSIA president in 1979 and Bill’s wife, Susan, served as president in 2009.… Continue reading

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Honest conversations about opioids can save lives

By Matt Niswander, a first-generation cattleman from Tennessee who works full-time in his community as a family nurse practitioner and owns Niswander Family Medicine, a hometown, primary care family medical practice

Every week in our country, the equivalent of two jumbo jets full of people die from a preventable opioid epidemic, and those deaths are often rising the fastest in farm country.

For the last 15 years I have worked in the healthcare field in rural America, from the emergency room to my hometown primary care. One thing I have seen is that anyone can become addicted to opioids that are prescribed legally for a legitimate injury. It only takes three days to become addicted and for your body to crave the euphoria that opioids produce. If you think you are immune to the possibility of addiction, you’re wrong.

I often have people come into my medical office complaining of real pain, and they know a pain pill will help them get back to work.… Continue reading

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Lackluster December report from USDA

By Doug Tenney, Leist Mercantile

No changes in U.S. corn exports or U.S. ending stocks for corn, soybeans, and wheat. Can you say, “boring”? Following the report corn was unchanged, soybeans up 1 cent, and wheat up 1 cent. Before the report corn was unchanged, soybeans up 3 cents, and wheat unchanged.

This report had zero changes in U.S. 2019 corn and soybean production, yields, and harvested acres. This follows the pattern seen in past December WASDE reports.

Continuing to be dominant in the grains news cycle are the U.S./China trade talks along with ongoing weather in South America. Today their weather is a non-issue.

The major numbers traders will be watching today included U.S. corn exports and production estimates from South America. Today USDA estimated U.S. corn exports at 1.850 billion bushels. Last month they were 1.850 billion bushels. USDA pegged Brazil’s soybean production at 123 million tons and corn production at 101 million tons.… Continue reading

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A lesson in service

By Matt Reese

Once again this year, the day after Veteran’s Day, 100 Christmas trees were packed up and shipped off to military units overseas through a partnership between the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) and the Ohio Christmas Tree Association for the Operation Evergreen Program. Christmas tree growers from around Ohio donate the trees and deliver them to the ODA where nursery inspectors certify they are free from pests and disease. Both groups come together at ODA to wrap, load up and send the trees to military members stationed overseas. This is the 24th year for the program that got its start in Ohio. The trees cost $150 a tree for shipping and the expenses are covered through donations.

“This year we are sending the trees overseas to Kuwait. They leave and get to Kuwait in two weeks and then they get dispersed to the bases in the area,” said Valarie Graham with the Ohio Christmas Tree Association.… Continue reading

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Ohio Farm Bureau highlights past success and plans the future at 101st annual meeting

The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation rounded out its 100th year with the 101st annual meeting this week where there was plenty to celebrate and discuss.

“Less than 1% of U.S. companies make it to their centennial. I couldn’t be more excited for Ohio Farm Bureau members and their organization,” said Frank Burkett, III, OFBF president. “Our members are committed to water quality in the state of Ohio, so we had a lot of discussion on nutrient management, and at the same time we are going to have a lot of fun celebrating where we are today and where we are going in the next 100 years.”

Some of the other key policy discussions included transportation and infrastructure and wildlife management. The approved policies set the direction for the organization’s activities in the coming year. A record 381 delegates representing all county Farm Bureaus participated in the debate and discussion.… Continue reading

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Ag Calls for USMCA Certainty

By Chris Clayton
DTN Ag Policy Editor

OMAHA (DTN) — With a little more than two weeks left before Congress adjourns for the holidays, supporters of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement know time is slipping away fast, and the trade deal could land right in the middle of presidential politics.

Talks continue in Washington over what it will take for House Democratic leaders to sign off on a deal, but appeasing Democrats is now causing pushback from Mexico.

As Politico reported Tuesday, Mexican officials are now resisting U.S. proposals for supervisors who would ensure Mexico upholds its labor reforms under the trade deal. The Mexican Business Coordinating Council, a major business lobby, is criticizing new labor demands as “extreme in nature and completely unacceptable.” The Business Coordinating Council includes banking, agricultural and other business groups.


Supporters in agriculture, such as the group Farmers for Free Trade, keep putting rural Democrats front and center to call for passage of the trade agreement.

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Pockets and windows: 2019 year in review

By Dusty Sonnenberg, CCA, Ohio Field Leader

Peter Thomison, Ohio State University Extension corn specialist, likes to refer to the 2019 growing season as one filled with “pockets and windows.”

There were pockets of Ohio that had windows of opportunity to plant on time. There were pockets of Ohio that never had a window to plant. There were pockets that had short windows, and pockets where the windows that came too late. Ohio experienced both pockets of flooding and drought in 2019. Wood County led the state with over 52% of the acres never planted due to wet soils. By the end of the growing season, over 80% of the state was considered abnormally dry, or in some level of a drought according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

“In spite of all the tremendous variability in the 2019 growing season, the yields that are being reported are surprisingly good,” Thomison said.… Continue reading

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E. Coli Outbreak in Lettuce

By Jerry Hagstrom
DTN Political Correspondent

WASHINGTON (DTN) — Be careful about that salad you might eat in the coming days and take some time to know what kind of lettuce is in it and where it was grown.

A romaine lettuce outbreak has now spread to 19 states with 67 reported cases and 39 hospitalizations as the Centers for Disease Control continues warning consumers not to eat romaine lettuce from the Salinas Valley in California.

The Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control updated details initially late last week, telling consumers to avoid romaine lettuce from the Salinas Valley due to illnesses from E. coli O157. A map released Tuesday by the CDC shows Wisconsin, with 21 cases, and Ohio, with 12 cases, have been hit especially hard by the outbreak. No other state had no more than four reported cases.…

The CDC stated in a tweet, “Do not eat, sell, or serve romaine lettuce from the Salinas growing region.

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Marketing results of December options

By Jon Scheve, Superior Feed Ingredients, LLC

As corn harvest finishes in many areas, and free harvest storage time is up, farmers need to decide if they will price grain now or pay for storage and wait for a rally. Given this week’s price dip, it seems some may have already “thrown in the towel” and priced some corn in commercial storage.

On a positive note, some end users across the Corn Belt increased corn basis bids 10 to 15 cents from last week. There are also some reports of free DP (deferred pricing) being offered in areas where corn harvest is finished, and farmers aren’t motivated to sell at these lower prices.

Bean futures are struggling with no China trade deal. However, since farmers aren’t selling, basis continues to climb. My local processor increased their basis bid another 5 cents this week. That makes it a 25-cent improvement in 25 days, while my local elevator is up only 7 cents in the same time period.… Continue reading

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2019 Ohio water quality update

By Harold Watters, Ohio State University Extension agronomist

Lake Erie wasn’t as bad as expected. What? We missed 1.5 million acres of crops, and from my eye mostly in northwest Ohio. But here is the deal: you did apply fertilizer last year, and probably the year before. We farm in a leaky system and I learned this week that entropy is working against us — meaning it will get more random. So, yes it’s leaky and will perhaps get a little more leaky. We did not plant as many crops and yes we applied less fertilizer in the Lake Erie basin, but the leaks still happen even without the crop because we still have rain, and rain moves that little tiny bit of phosphorus off your farm and downstream.

This from NOAA about the Harmful Algal Bloom on Lake Erie, on Oct. 31, (

  • The Microcystis cyanobacteria bloom in 2019 had a severity index (SI) of 7.3, indicating a relatively severe bloom.
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EPA Comment Period Winds Down

By Todd Neeley
DTN Staff Reporter

OMAHA (DTN) — As the final days wane in a public comment period on the latest Renewable Fuel Standard proposal, indications are President Donald Trump is aware farmers and ethanol producers are unhappy with a proposal to account for gallons lost to small-refinery exemptions.

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, during a press call with agriculture journalists on Tuesday, said he was in the Oval Office for a meeting on immigration with Trump and his advisers recently when the biofuels issue came up.

“It is a broken record,” Grassley said. “We were promised 15 billion gallons would be 15 billion gallons and that we would get it. (EPA Administrator Andrew) Wheeler was on the phone when I was in the Oval Office. I told Wheeler that he may [have] in very good conscience wrote a regulation to get 15 billion gallons, but farmers don’t have confidence in EPA and that the agency will need to take clear-cut action.”

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Ohio Farm Bureau Member Savings Advantage

Ohio Farm Bureau has teamed with a national discount provider to offer the Member Savings Advantage program. This discount program offers member-only savings at local restaurants and retailers in Ohio, as well as national brands across the country.

12 Days of Christmas Holiday Savings Promotion!

  • Members receive an exclusive deal every day for 12 days
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  • Members will also be entered to win the grand prize of a Universal Studios trip
  • Members can opt out of this 12 day promotion at any time. Opting out excludes the member from winning any of the prizes that will be offered during this time.

See how much you could save with this Savings Estimator calculator!

New — Walt Disney World Tickets: Walt Disney World Resort has released its new Date-Based Tickets and pricing platform! 

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