Ryan McClure

Farm: McClure Farms

Watershed: Prairie Creek

Conservation Practices:

  • Buffer Strips
  • Cover Crops
  • Drainage Water Management – Control Structure
  • Nutrient Management (4Rs)
  • No Till/Minimum Tillage

Other Enhancements:

  • Water Nutrient Testing / Edge of Field Monitoring
  • Pivot Irrigation Nitrogen Application

Water Quality Improvement Summary:

Ryan and his family employ a variety of conservation practices including buffer strips along ditches and minimum tillage to help retain moisture and nutrients in the soil. They also use water control structures to help prevent runoff after manure applications and utilize center pivot irrigation systems for precise nitrogen applications to crops.

Several years ago, the McClures volunteered to collaborate with the Ohio Department of Agriculture to host edge-of-field water nutrient testing stations. This helps them understand the true impact of their farm practices on water quality and make improvements for the future.

“We agreed to the edge-of-field water monitoring because we believe it’s important to understand what’s coming off our fields and how much is actually from agriculture when we talk water quality,” said Ryan.