Ryan Rhoades

Farm: Rhoades Farm

Watershed: Scioto River Upper

Conservation Practices:

  • Brush Management
  • Crop Rotation
  • Grassed Waterway
  • Manure Storage (Waste Storage Facility)
  • Reduced Tillage

Water Quality Improvement Summary:

Ryan Rhoades manages 3200 acres of land in North Central Ohio as well as a hog operation. Ryan has reduced his minimized tillage practices, installed grassed waterways, and implemented surface and sub-surface drainage systems. Rhoades also injects manure into the soil rather than spreading it over top of the ground to contain the nutrients in the soil and protect our water sources. In addition to the conservation practices Ryan has implemented on his land, he also utilizes a manure/waste storage facility for his hog operation. Rhoades recognizes the importance of containing excess nitrogen and phosphorus from hog manure to protect water quality.